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  1. It probably also had something to do with the fact that Maria was an incompetent, inexperienced, petty, egotistical socialite who had no business taking the job in the first place. Josh Griffith isn't perfect as a writer but to compare him to Sheffer and Hamner is insulting. The same B&B that has lost 60% of its veteran cast members in the past year (and Brad did little if anything to try to keep them), among numerous other issues? B&B still has its classic background music but that is the ONLY area in which it is superior to Y&R.
  2. I don't see why the Bells wouldn't push for that. She was Bill's clear successor and they're obviously still friendly with her. Is it completely out of the realm that CBS is taking her out of B&B and putting her back into Y&R?
  3. Wow, Brad Bell is smoking some really nice stuff lately. Hopefully Angelica McDaniel can get her back at Y&R in some capacity.
  4. Because the last Bell-installed EP/HW was such a success...
  5. Y&R Lily Genevieve Daisy Adriana Tyra Emily Harmony Alistair Eden Riegel's Heather B&B Hope Caroline (before she went crazy) Aggie Constantine
  6. You're right. I take that back. Though I personally thought Y&R was boring much of the time when I started watching in the 90s. The only times I was ever glued to the show was when a psycho was running around (Mari Jo, Phyllis, Veronica).
  7. Josh Griffith is easily the best head writer currently in daytime. Those who dismiss his writing as boring seem to have forgotten that Y&R was frequently boring in the Bell years.
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    But LML didn't do any damage that a skilled HW couldn't fix. Let's take a look at MAB's track record: - Retconning Jill and Cane's parentage 57 thousand times - Killing off perfectly good characters, including young characters like Colleen, Jana and Ricky, who could have lead the show into the next generation - Further ruination of Sheila's back story, making it damn near impossible for Sheila to ever return - Screwing up the timeline with ridiculous SORASing (Abby being 21 while Kyle was only 10? PUH-LEASE!) All of those things (save for maybe the Abby/Kyle thing) are almost irreversible. The only major deaths under LML were John, Sheila and Dru (and the latter two could easily have been reversed). And let's not even touch some of the other things MAB allegedly wanted to do (killing Lily from cancer around the same time Colleen died; killing Sharon in another murder mystery).
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Oh no, that honor belongs to MAB.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    Just came across this article. It's pretty old, but an interesting take on the LML years. http://brightlightsfilm.com/71/71soaps_chow.php
  11. With Y&R I don't really notice a difference in dialogue from one day to the next. Overall I think Y&R has pretty good dialogue writers. Not like with B&B where a Patrick Mulcahey episode and a Jack Smith episode feel like two completely different shows.
  12. Generic? I'm not crazy about the music but the show looks better than it has since Ed Scott was there. I'm sure the history will be kept intact as long as Griffith is HW. I still don't understand why some fans think JFP is so determined to harm the show and I think some are overestimating the power she has. She's there to do CBS and Sony's bidding.
  13. Wrong move. If anything she should be promoted to co-HW.