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  1. And this has been JFP's only major blunder to date. I still say we should inundate Angelica McDaniel with our concerns about the music on Twitter. She does listen to fans. Not only did she not fire him - she renewed his contract!
  2. Monday July 22. I think people are unnecessarily harsh toward Hartley Sawyer. He's not a bad actor and IMO, he's attractive - just not in the traditional Ken doll way. He seems very much like the type of actor Bill Bell would have cast to me. (And I liked Blake Hood too.)
  3. Maria was without question the worst thing ever to happen to the show. The horror began with Phillip's return and Colleen's death and only worsened over the next 3 years.
  4. Jamie Luner looks COMPLETELY wrong for the part. Red hair alone does not a Phyllis make.
  5. It probably also had something to do with the fact that Maria was an incompetent, inexperienced, petty, egotistical socialite who had no business taking the job in the first place. Josh Griffith isn't perfect as a writer but to compare him to Sheffer and Hamner is insulting. The same B&B that has lost 60% of its veteran cast members in the past year (and Brad did little if anything to try to keep them), among numerous other issues? B&B still has its classic background music but that is the ONLY area in which it is superior to Y&R.
  6. Is there any reliable source actually stating that Carmine is dying or is this all just speculation?
  7. I don't see why the Bells wouldn't push for that. She was Bill's clear successor and they're obviously still friendly with her. Is it completely out of the realm that CBS is taking her out of B&B and putting her back into Y&R?
  8. Something must be in the works for her to say that, and specify Y&R, considering she was last on B&B.
  9. I thought this might happen eventually. Griffith loves her.
  10. I would LOVE an Amber return right now!
  11. Wow, Brad Bell is smoking some really nice stuff lately. Hopefully Angelica McDaniel can get her back at Y&R in some capacity.
  12. Y&R: Sharon Case Interview

    Didn't the show do a similar story with Cole and Victoria? Where the audience was lead to believe that Cole was Victor's son and Victor had to rush to keep Cole from sleeping with Victoria or marrying her or something, and then it turned out Cole wasn't Victor's son after all? Correct me if I'm wrong - this was before my time.
  13. Steffy Forrester Spencer is a character too integral to lose at this point, especially with the ever dwindling number of actual Forresters on the show. If Jacqui Mac is indeed out for good, who would you suggest as a replacement?