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  1. But LML didn't do any damage that a skilled HW couldn't fix. Let's take a look at MAB's track record: - Retconning Jill and Cane's parentage 57 thousand times - Killing off perfectly good characters, including young characters like Colleen, Jana and Ricky, who could have lead the show into the next generation - Further ruination of Sheila's back story, making it damn near impossible for Sheila to ever return - Screwing up the timeline with ridiculous SORASing (Abby being 21 while Kyle was only 10? PUH-LEASE!) All of those things (save for maybe the Abby/Kyle thing) are almost irreversible. The only major deaths under LML were John, Sheila and Dru (and the latter two could easily have been reversed). And let's not even touch some of the other things MAB allegedly wanted to do (killing Lily from cancer around the same time Colleen died; killing Sharon in another murder mystery).
  2. Oh no, that honor belongs to MAB.
  3. Just came across this article. It's pretty old, but an interesting take on the LML years. http://brightlightsfilm.com/71/71soaps_chow.php
  4. My top recasts (bearing in mind that I only watch 2 soaps) would be: 1. Jess Walton as Jill 2. Heather Tom as Katie 3. Winsor Harmon as Thorne 4. Susan Walters as Diane 5. Judith Chapman as Gloria 6. Billy Miller as Billy 7. Michael Muhney as Adam 8. Kyle Lowder as Rick 9. Peter Bergman as Jack 10. Jennifer Landon as Heather 11. Robert Adamson as Noah 12. Hunter King as Summer 13. Tammin Sursok as Colleen 14. Sandra Nelson as Phyllis 15. Ashley Jones as Bridget
  5. He played Chance as a kid. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0660653/
  6. That was Nicholas Pappone actually.
  7. I agree, except she was much more suited to Kevin than J.T.
  8. Brad Bell did a pretty good job at B&B.
  9. They tried, kind of. They recast Billy with Ryan Brown and he flopped, as did Scott Seymour. They seem to have found a keeper with Billy Miller. None of the Mackenzie recasts were well received by fans (though I personally loved Rachel Kimsey). Colleen had two reasonably well received (yet horribly written) recasts before MAB, in her infinite wisdom, decided to kill her off.
  10. I know who she was, I'm just surprised Braeden had issues with her.
  11. Dickson or Epperson? Lauren Woodland???
  12. Changing her name from Carlton to Newman overnight was insulting. Honestly, I think Doug Davidson is safe. I think TPTB finally 'get it' about the veterans being Y&R's bread and butter. I believe the hemoraging of vets has stopped.
  13. I don't think LML can be faulted for MAB's dismantling of the show. Her tenure was destructive, yes, but MAB did everything she could to erase the LML era from memory. It's not like MAB continued the reliquary/senate race/Pheila crap. She basically restored the show after LML and then proceeded to destroy it all over again (much more severely) in her own way.
  14. The Ashley thing was bad and the Colleen thing was atrocious (it was MAB's official jump-the-shark moment for many viewers), but killing Brad is one thing I can't fault MAB for. Sony said she had to cut either Brad or Paul, and (for once) she made the right decision. Plus, it ended up benefiting B&B massively in the long-run.
  15. I hope not, considering he's been schtupping Victor's daughter for the last 3 years.
  16. Penn Badgley was good but this kid still gives me nightmares.
  17. B&B's score is available on iTunes as well.
  18. I also remember how brilliantly the scene where Veronica shot Nikki was executed. The use of music and lighting made it by far the creepiest thing I've ever seen on a soap.
  19. I adored her. That's one story I'm glad MAB didn't "revisit".
  20. Those 2004 clips make me miss Jack Smith.
  21. How was B&B able to keep Sheila on for as long as they did, given the crimes she committed on Y&R?
  22. I'm partial to Susan Walters' more youthful take on Diane. But neither of those actresses deserved to be replaced by... that.
  23. I miss RealDiane (both of them).
  24. Least of all Braeden. This was back in the day when he didn't get to dictate story.
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