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  1. floves the term "flove"

  2. Still waiting...LOL..haha

  3. you naughty little boy...LOL...hehe

  4. You are too much Mike and in a good way...LOL

  5. I love ya too Mike..hehe

  6. I am expecting an answer.

  7. I got my first comment! I didn't even notice until a month later. Yes, I'm just that lame. THANKS, MAN!

  8. Jen, I don't know ANY of the details, but from your graphics and everyone else's response, I will happily say: CONGRATS!!!!!! Hope he's screwed two years from now!
  9. The worst part in all of this? My landlord hasn't raised my rent in TEN YEARS. Two bedroom. For the same price as it was TEN YEARS AGO. There's NO WAY I can part with this place. Okay, sorry. Done bitching. Just...GRRRRRRRRRR
  10. Never mind the construction... WHAT ABOUT THE EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DRUNK FANS DURING BASKETBALL SEASON?! And yes, that's how many the stadium will hold.
  11. They've been talking about it (and fighting it) for about a decade. I knew it was going to be somewhere in my 'hood. But not DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET. Seriously. SERIOUSLY?! Seriously.
  12. They. Are. Building. A. Basketball. Stadium. Twenty. Feet. From. My. Living. Room. Window. I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!! (And not in a good way) (Oh, and GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK, JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  13. Waves and says Hi to Mike.

  14. He praised how much he enjoyed writing those episodes. I don't remember him ever praising the actual decision. I could be wrong though. But I thought it was more about the ripple effect it had, how he got to mix so many characters at the hospital, how it played out over the next few months, had so many different emotions to explore. He's also said he hated the Colson story, but loved writing those episodes for similar reasons.
  15. Now Rock Band? THAT'S love!!! :-)
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