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Soap Stars Who Need A Makeover

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I absolutely adored her too! She had so many great quotes, all so special and represented her personality so well. She was one of a kind, up there with my favorite Grand Dame, Brooke Astor!

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Jason Thompson can join Kirsten.

He is daytimes Caron Daily.

Of course, both could just be thin...

the GH cast looks fantastic in person, but on GH? Awful. Idk if its hair/makeup/wardrobe/lighting or what.

I agree and disagree.

Zimmer's issue is GL puts her int he wrong size. at personal apperances her clothing doesnt seem to be too tight, so it must be the wardrope at GL. I like that she isnt tryin to look 30, she isnt 30, and she knows it. More power to her, IMHO.

Flannery... hey really just need to dress her better.

Callahan is.

I think Geary looks the best he ever had now.

I think hearts isnt going to benefit from HD. In fact the only on GH who will benefit from it will be Herbst. IMHO.

He didnt gain it quickly. I seen him a year and a half ago and he was between what he was on amc and what he is on Days.

I think Ali's roundness in her face is from the baby she just had and prob eating too much salt.

reckell is aging, but hes doing it well IMHO. he looks good, not fake at all. i wouldnt want him to do anything.

Koslow's Kate hair is awful. Always has.


and yeah again.

and yes again, lol.

yes once again! i feel that everyone on B&B over 35 is either looking too old or trying to look to young.


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But damn did Nan look good in clothes, lugging around her oxygen and all. :P

But see, she had height which Susie doesn't have. Angelina Jolie (who was even hotter when she was pregnant, but I digress) has that statuesque quality that Nan possessed. I just Google imaged in vain trying to find my favorite picture of Nan which is black and white, she's in a gown, and appears to be holding an apple-like object.

I've often read fans say that Lucci should update her hairstyle, but I wonder, to what?? :P I like it when her hair is slightly wavy locks to her shoulders. They say older women should cut their hair, but Susan, Robin, Jess, they all look better with the shoulder length hair imo. I was watching some old eps of Coach with Robin, that woman was stunning in the early '90s. And even though Susan looks a bit like Elfica Kane when she does it, she is one of few women her age who looks good with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. To me that only further proves the quality of the work she's had done because I'm guessing she had a brow-lift before Botox hit the streets. No wind tunnel/fivehead.

Yes, LAD has said in print that anyone who's followed her TV career has probably never seen her natural hair. She swears by wigs because they are quick and convenient, no getting to work extra early just to sit in the chair. Of course Joan Collins swears by the wigs too, but her concern seems to be with damage rather than convenience.

I caught GL today, and that Beth is lookin some kinda good. She is aging very well, matter fact she isn't aging at all. I'm sure she's had a little help (probably just injectables), but wow. She has that late 40s/early 50s thing that Joan Collins and Diahann Carroll had going for them on Dynasty when the face starts to lose some of its fat and the bone structure just POPS but it's before the skin starts to sag. I think many beautiful women hit a second wind at that age.

Speaking of facial fat, I am convinced that it is almost singularly responsible for robbing guys of their looks. That buccal/cheek fat below the cheekbones, when that puffs up, bye bye pretty boy. Just look at older footage of Mathison, Young, Lavoisier, not saying that they're no longer good looking dudes, but gaining weight around 30 and beyond really seems to show in men's faces especially.

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Jack got a haircut (and hair darkening). Makes a huge difference. In another thread, DaytimeFan gave us the "repair plan" for Jack's face. Some cragginess is fine...sexy...for him...he just needs the hair and wardrobe to match it.

I'd love Jack back as Frisco on GH...both because I always loved that character, and because Jack's lean body and worn face just seem (to me) like he could really inhabit that character (international superspy) quite well at this point.

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