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Soap Stars Who Need A Makeover

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Did Melody Thomas Scott get something done to her eyes a couple years ago? I remember around 2005 when my mom would catch Y&R and she'd mention that Nikki looks a little tired or whatnot, but she doesn't have that look anymore. MTS is able to still look sexy with a few extra pounds, though.

Kristoff St. John ages like fine wine, and his body just gets better & better.

Wait a minute, those were *positive* comments! Back to the nitpicking... :P

It seems like so many daytime men who are getting older are using the exact color of hair dye! From Drake Hogestyn to John Callahan to Frank Dicopoulos to Bob S. Woods... they all have that turd-brown color that looks flat and lifeless.

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I think Katherine Kelly Lang looks great! So does Dee Hall.

MTS's eyes always look a little baggy for me, like she's tired. It worked in certain storylines, but it isn't working for me now.

This is coming from someone who used to think Eileen Davidson was an absolute dog, but damn does she look good. She's aged very well. I also think Tonya Lee Williams looks great! Her skin looks so soft. Ditto for Renee Jones.

Kim Zimmer has always needed a total overhaul as far as I'm concerned. I saw her on SB. Trust me, the woman let herself go years ago, in the early 90s. She's just gotten progressively worse is all.

Robin Strasser looks fabulous.

Hunter Tylo is such a wreck for me. She used to be so soft and now it's WAY harsh.

Jack Wagner looks terrible.

Antonio Sabato Jr is adorable as ever.

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Melody always looks sexy once she wears flattering clothes to compliment her figure. There were too many times she looked frumpy and those skin tight skirts looked painful to get into at times.

Definitely agree here. His character may be a bore but Kristoff seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Except Ronn Moss who thinks grey is always the way to go :D

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