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Soap Stars Who Need A Makeover

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I always forget about those two, you're absolutely right, they look great and will continue to do so on HD.

I agree with whoever said Susan Lucci could stand to gain 10 pounds, she's Nan Kempner style thin, it isn't attractive with the way she dresses. The face, however, is flawless.

Suzanne Rogers looks WONDERFUL.

Lesley Anne Down needs to buy better wigs, the one she wore today was horrific. Buy human hair Lesley, I know you can afford it, synthetic always looks fake!

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DaytimeFan, I also think that Jason Cook, Brandon Brash, ,John York, Julie Berman, Natalia Livingston, and Kelly Monaco will look good on Hi Def.

I don't think that Monaco will age well. She looks like she lives hard and her face is tired and swollen at times.

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Flannery: She looks too butch. She needs a complete wardrobe change.

Tylo: I thought she looked stunning lately but something's been off in the last few episodes. Her skin is starting to look loose under all that make up and she looks really unflattering at certain angles.

Wagner: It's already been said and he needs to choose one hair color and stick with it. Not a fan of the grey mixed with whatever shades of blond he's sporting.


Joseph Mascolo: I don't even know where to begin. He has enough bags under his eyes to pack luggage. His skin looks ashy, pale and spotty and the hair is dry and brittle. Too many bad combinations.

Josh Taylor: Yikes!

Callahan: The years has not been kind to him. Or maybe it's the booze.


Thorsten Kaye: Not a fan of the scruff and he definitely looks haggard

Darnell Williams: Same as Thorsten


Kirsten Storms: Looks really unhealthy and the extensions are ugly. She looks much prettier without them.

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Ever wonder how Jackie Marone goes from auburn to brunette to blonde AND wears those hats over mousy brunette hair in the span of a week? Wigs, Lesley Anne Down seems to love them. She is one of the few women in soaps who can pull off a hat, she should wear them all the time.

Yeah, I agree with your list, especially what you say about Monaco, she's going to look like hell.

Bring it on Helmut! Nan Kempner got away with being as thin as she was because that was her thing, that was her trademark, La Lucci sometimes looks a touch emaciated.

Suzanne radiates from within, she's a lovely lady and it shows.

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