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Britney's 'Circus' On Track To Top Album Chart

Britney Spears

December 03, 2008 04:38 PM ET

Keith Caulfield, L.A.

Britney Spears' sixth studio album, "Circus," is on track to debut at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 next week, as the Jive set will lead Nielsen SoundScan's Building chart when it is released later today (Dec. 3).

Unweighted first-day sales of "Circus" through the close of business yesterday stood at 219,000. Billboard estimates the eight merchants who report to Nielsen SoundScan's Building chart -- Trans World Entertainment, Best Buy, Circuit City, iTunes, Starbucks, Borders, Target and Anderson Merchandisers -- comprise about 80% of all U.S. album sales.

Sources close to the project suggest that "Circus" could move as much as 450,000 in its first week.

If "Circus" arrives atop the tally, it will be Spears' fifth No. 1 album. Among female artists, only four have racked up more chart-toppers: Barbra Streisand (eight), Madonna (seven) and Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson (both with six).

Spears' last release, 2007's "Blackout," bowed at No. 2 with 290,000 behind the debut of Eagles' "Long Road Out of Eden" (711,000).


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Ehhh, I don't really see Britney in the Grammy category. She's more of a performer and I've always thought the Grammies are (supposedly) more of an actual singing/vocalist type of award. I think when so much has been done to your voice, it gets hard to tell talent. There are lots of people who could sing a song like Womanizer and do the same kind of job she did with it. How do you compare one person's electronically modified voice to another? I think she got some kind of dance song Grammy with Toxic, but again, that's not as mainstream as most of the awards. I'm not downing her, I'm just saying that's the reality of her style now.

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Anybody noticed on the "film" that her southern accent turns on and off depending on who she talks to? Lol. It's really there when she talks to her dad. But other times it's hardly there.

i did notice that.

my mother does the same thing. whenever she talks to anyone else who grew up in the south and they talk like it it comes out in her.

it only comes out in me when im drunk.

i lvoe it when britbrit drops the yalls and howdys and her southern twang comes out.

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I don't think the video is her best work. From 1-10, I call it a 6.

Much like the "Circus" video, the audio and video are off a bit, but not nearly as noticeable. Britney looks SMOKING! But the video loses "oomph" for me as soon as she turns into the 50's housewife. That, integrated with the "Amy" version of Britney, does send a powerful message, though.

No matter who she is or what time period she's from, the media's still going to have its way with Britney/her life. At least, that's the message I took from it!

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I have to give Britney a shout out. I absolutely love her and she's came a LONG way from where she was just a year ago. Circus is such a FUN album. I wish her nothing but the best. The Circus tour looks incredible, it's ashame she's not making a stop in my area.

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