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Incredibly weak and repetitive tune (even for a modern pop song). This is not lead single material AT ALL. And god, the way she sings this song in her already weak voice is beyond annoying. Maybe the follow-up singles will be better pop songs, but this is not an impressive effort IMO.

Yeah, it's not that great. :(

Her first single off her albums are usually good.

I hope the rest of the album is good though.

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It's kinda funny people are already calling this a comeback when it doesn't seem to be any change or progression from her last album...


I am glad she is finally getting her life back on track. But her last two albums have been pure crap. Her new single is just awful.

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I do not like this new song at all, and i love brit brit.

Blackout was such an amazing album. From start to finish. It had two weak songs, and one was Gimme More. So hopefully the rest of the album is as good as blackout. because damn, this song? is... well bad.

I srsly thought Blackout was the ebst albums hes ever done. I also loved In The Zone. I cant even listen to her odler [[email protected]#$%^&*] anymore after those albums. Some Britney ic an do, but only here and there with baby & Oops. The Remix album was great, and was her hits album.

But yewah, i just dont like this song. However its all over the radio.

I cant wait for the video tho. or the album.

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