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100 Greatest ABC Couples

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Jason & LeaAnn should be in the top 100 worst couples, not the best. The actor who played Jason couldn't act at all, and their relationship was as boring as boring could be. One of the worst eras on OLTL. Viki and Sloane were not much better... the show rewrote Clint as a homophobic bully so they could break him up with Viki and pair her up with Sloan, who was old enough to be her father at that point.

Still, it wasn't as bad as the Jill Phelps era on GH.

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Well you're in the sharp minority to call 91-95 oen of the worse eras on OLTL history (have you even watched the past ten years?) but I agree I was surprised to see Jason and LeeAnn there--I never thought they were that popular. Jason was kinda hot but not a great actor, though I loved that he was tied to Wanda and the Woleks.

Sloane divided people a lot--I agree that they wrote Clint a bit out of character--that said I don't think ti was a big stretch that in 1992 he'd be homophobic enough that he wouldn't want his teen son to hang out with a teen gay guy--I've been surprised by a lot less storng reactions from people. Malone said he wanted to show that not only "bad people" wer ehomophobic

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Some other AMC couples I'd expect to see further up on the list: Tad/Dixie, Tad/Hillary, Joe/Ruth, Adam/Brooke, Tom/Brooke, Erica/Jack, Erica/Dimitri, Erica/Adam, Charlie/Julie, Mark/Ellen, Charles/Mona, Jeff/Mary, Phil/Tara, Chuck/Donna, Jesse/Angie, Jenny/Greg, Cliff/Nina, Palmer/Daisy, Palmer/Opal, Zack/Kendall, Edmund/Maria, Edmund/Brooke, Linc/Kelly, Trevor/Natalie, Trevor/Janet, Stuart/Cindy, Hayley/Mateo, Leo/Greenlee, Ryan/Greenlee, Ryan/Kendall. I think I've hit on most of the popular couples throughout the years.

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Seriously....Adrianna & Rex....they were only good in like their break-up scene. But they are far far better than Rex/Gigi.

But if Rex & Adrianna can make it...the huge Skye fan in me, wants Skye & Jax to make the list...those two would still be going strong if it wasn't for Brenduh....ugh. Let me stop before I get angry.

Carly & Jax....BETTER NOT MAKE THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alreday out this week


SID Top 100 Greatest Couples

100. Jason & Leanna OLTL

99. Langley & Phobe AMC

98. Stefan & Laura GH

97. Alex & Ava Loving

96. Sloan & Viki OLTL

95. Jermey & Natalie AMC

94. Charlie & Cecily AMC

93. Scott & Dominique GH

92. Rafe & Allison PC

91. Luke & Tracy GH

90. Adam & Liza AMC

89. Edward & Lila GH (OrginalEdward)

88. Johnny & Maeve RH

87. Kevin & Lucy PC/GH

86. Ric & Alexis GH

85. Cris & Jessica OLTL

84. Tony & Bobbie GH

83. Joey & Dorian OLTL

82. Rex & Adrianna OLTL

81. Mac & Felicia GH

80. Stefan & Katherine GH

79. Adam & Krystal AMC

78 Jax & Carly GH

77. Bo & Sarah OLTL

76. Brian & Haley AMC

75 Jason & Sam GH

74 Rick & Lesley GH

70 Ned & Alexis GH

68 Jagger & Karen GH

67 Steve & Audrey GH

64 Emily & Zander GH

59 Dillon & Georgie GH

56 Scotty & Laura GH

55 Scotty & Lucy GH

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73. Casey & Ally (Loving)

72. David & Dorian (OLTL)

71. Max & Blair (OLTL)

69. Phil & Tara (AMC)

66. Antonio & Andie (OLTL)

65. Palmer & Daisy (AMC)

63. Cristian & Natalie (OLTL)

62. Carlo & Alex (OLTL)

61. Frank & Jillian (Ryan's Hope)

60. Joe & Ruth (AMC)

58. Todd & Tea (OLTL)

57. Al & Marcie (OLTL)

54. Sky & Raven (EON)

53. Roger & Delia (Ryan's Hope)

52. Nico & Cecily (AMC)

51. Dimitri & Erika (AMC)

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