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  1. The Bold Ones Episode 13 Ashley Abbotts House Paul What do you say Ashley, will you marry me? Ashley Please tell me I am not going to regret this. Paul I promise. This will help me out so much and I promise all I am looking for is a wife on paper. We can sleep in separate bedrooms and everything. Ashley Oh, Paul I’m not worried about that at all. I know you would respect me and my space. Paul So, I haven’t heard a yes or a no yet. I’m sorry to rush you, but I am desperate. Ashley Wow, thanks. Paul I didn’t mean it like that. Ashley I know. (she takes a deep breath) Okay. I will marry you, on one condition. Café Russe Thorne Donna? Care to explain that voicemail you just left for Jackie? Donna Thorne, it isn’t what you think. It isn’t what it sounded like. Thorne Oh, well good, because it sounds like you were plotting with Jackie Marone to destroy my brother’s marriage to your sister. Donna Thorne, its no secret that Jackie or myself are big fans of Ridge. But, we had nothing to do with Ridge and Brooke’s marriage crumbling. Your brother took care of that all on his own. Thorne Yeah, that may be, but I heard everything you just said to Jackies voicemail. You two had a plan cracked out, only you didn’t need to follow through with it. I cant believe you would be so selfish and spiteful. Donna Now Thorne, wait a minute. Thorne No you wait and let me finish. How would you like it if someone was scheming to break us up? Huh? You know as well as I do that not many people like us being together, but we fought them and now you have the nerve to pull this? Donna Thorne, of course I would hate it if someone would do that to us, but I know Brooke so well I know that Ridge is not the one for her and now she knows it too. I know people don’t like us together, but I also know that we are meant to be together just like I know Brooke is meant for Nick, not Ridge. Thorne I wish I felt the same. Donna Of course you feel differently than I do. Ridge is your brother. Its no wonder you want what he feels is best for him. Thorne No, Donna, you misunderstood. Yes, I don’t feel the same way about Ridge and Brooke as you do, but I wasn’t talking about them. I was talking about us. Donna Thorne… what are you saying? Thorne I’m saying, I think we are over Donna. I can’t be with someone who goes behind my back and does something like this. I can’t do it to me and I cant do it to Ally. (he leaves with Donna having tears running down her face) Ashley’s House Paul What’s the condition? Ashley We sign a pre nup. I know that you would never do anything that would hurt me, but just for security reasons I think… Paul Ash, its not problem. No offense taken, I completely understand, and I will have the papers drawn up tomorrow, when we go by the courthouse to get our marriage license. Ashley Tomorrow? Don’t you only have a certain amount of days to get married before the licence expires. Paul Yeah I thought we would get married as soon as possible. The trial will be starting soon, is that going to be a problem? Ashley No, no problem at all. Paul Great, I am going to call my lawyer and tell her the good news. (he goes to the back of the house) The doorbell rings, and Ashley answers it. Ashley Jack what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t expecting you tonight. Jack Yeah, I just swung by to tell you that I am leaving town. Ashley What? You’re leaving so soon? Jack Relax. I am only going to be gone for a few days, I will be back, I’m not through with my business meetings. Ashley Well good, because I am going to need someone to walk me down the aisle. Jack I am sorry did you say aisle? Ashley Yes. I have agreed to marry Paul to better his case against his ex-brother-in-law. Jack Look we will have to talk about this when I get back, I promise I wont be long. By the way I am going on my trip with Paul’s… Ashley’s phone rings. Ashley Hang on Jackie. It Abby, I haven’t talked to her all day. Go ahead answer it, I will let myself out and I will see you in a couple of days. The Next Day Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition Offices Thomas Rick you can’t do that. Rick Well my Executive Producer credit says otherwise. Thomas Grandpa, Dad, you and the other producers, and myself have already decided on principal casting. All of the contestants have been contacted, they meet here tomorrow. Your going to call somebody at the last minute and tell them they have been replaced? Rick Yeah, I just don’t like this girl. Thomas Well, I do! Rick I think you like this girl. Thomas What? Rick You are pathetic, Thomas. You only meet this girl at her audition and you fall head over heels with her. Here you can take her picture home with you and have sweet dreams. It will be the last time you see her. Thomas I like this girls sketches I see good things in them. Rick You cant see nothing you are so green it’s sickening. Thomas A lot of people would disagree with you Rick, after all that’s why I am here as a judge and you got a producer credit. Everyone knows it is only a title, you do not have the creative control to make a decision like this without consulting everyone else involved. Rick We will see about that Thomas Yeah we will. Hospital Stephanie visits Massimo in the hospital Stephanie Hey Mass, how are you, silly question I know. I kind of like this, I can talk all I want and you cant interrupt me with your overbearing tone. I am kidding, but you know it’s true. I just got in from Chicago, I went to visit Angela’s grave. I can’t believe it had been forty-five years since my baby was taken from me. You were there to comfort me remember? You helped me pull through, and damn it I am going to do the same for you. Wake up Mass, a lot of people need you. Our son needs you, I need you. There is so much more time to be had, don’t give up, don’t give up. That’s what you told me all those years ago and now I am telling you, don’t give up. She walks out of the room and her cell phone rings Stephanie Hello James Stephanie, its James how are you are you back in town? Stephanie Yes, I am at the hospital, visiting Massimo. James What a coincidence, I am here consulting with a patient. I was wondering if you were free for lunch. Stephanie Yes I am, I would love to catch up, say meet me in hospital lobby in half an hour and we leave from there? James Sounds great, see you then. James hangs up and walks down the hall, a mystery person is following him everywhere he goes. Next on The Bold Ones Paul Williams’s mother and brother arrive in Los Angeles. The Mystery person is revealed. Taylor continues to be out of control. The cast of Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition meets the Judges.
  2. The Bold Ones Episode 12 Café Russe Donna is waiting on Brooke to arrive to join her for dinner Brooke Hey sorry, I got here as soon as I could. Donna No, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have called you at such late notice. Brooke I am glad you did. Since Ridge and I split up I have been eating take out every night. I don’t think I can stand it anymore. Donna Well I figured you needed a night out, and since Thorne had to work late, I hated giving up this reservation. Besides we never get to spend any time together anymore. So tell me how was your meeting with James? That is if you want to talk about it. Brooke No I don’t mind at all. It went really well. We just talked about how I was feeling and he said it was perfectly normal to feel the way I did. Donna Did? Brooke Yeah. James helped me realize that my life is not over. It is only beginning a new chapter. I am going to devote my time to being a great mom to Hope and R.J. and I am not going to search for love or a man. If it or he happens to find me then great, if not that’s fine too. Donna Wow, I am impressed. Brooke What you think I need a man in my life to be happy? Donna Well Brooke that is kind of how it has always been. Brooke But, that’s it Donna. That’s how it was. James helped me see that I don’t need to be in relationship to have a life. There are so many other things to appreciate in life. I am no longer searching for approval of man. The only approval I need is from my children and family and friends. Donna I think I am going to like this new Brooke. Brooke I like that. “A new Brooke”. This new Brooke is going to be a great mother and sister and career oriented person. Donna That is great and all but promise me one thing. Brooke What’s that? Donna That you keep the old Brooke somewhere back there, just in case she is ever needed. They laugh Ridges office at Forrester Originals Ridge You what? Thomas I said I want to drop out of the reality show. Ridge Why son? You were so looking forward to it. Thomas I just got to thinking, who am I to place judgment on these people. Most of who I am sure have more fashion experience than I do. Ridge Thomas you have something better than experience. You have raw talent. A God given talent. The things I see in your sketches, I wish I had that potential at your age. Thomas Grandpa wasn’t impressed with my initial sketches. Ridge Your grandpa has a different style. He is more classic style and I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. I learned everything I know from that man. He is a genius. And besides he loved your latest work. So much so, we are discussing making a line of it. Thomas Are you serious? Ridge As a heart attack. Thomas This is so awesome! I cant wait to tell.. Ridge No, no, no, you can’t tell anybody. One it hasn’t been fully green lighted and second I know your grandfather is going to be the one to want to tell you. Thomas This is so great. Ridge See, does that make you change your mind? I think a young up and coming designer with his own burgeoning clothing line would make an excellent judge on fashion geared reality show. What do you say Thom? Thomas I say yes. I am in! Ashley Abbott’s house Paul Ashley, thank you so much for inviting me over. Ashley No problem. You said you wanted to talk so… Paul Ashley, I need your help. Café Russe Jack and “Patty” have just been seated at there table. Hostess Enjoy your meal. Your server will be with you shortly. Jack I am so glad that you were able to meet with me, Patty. Tawny (as Patty) Oh, no problem Jack. Jack Thank you again for rescheduling this dinner. My meeting yesterday ran later than I had hoped. The waitress enters Amber Hi my name is Amber, I will be your server this evening…. Ah! Jack Amber? Amber Jack ah… Tawny (as Patty) (to Jack) You know this woman? Jack Yeah, she lived in Genoa City for a little while. Amber I came back to L.A. a few weeks ago. What can I get you to drink? Jack Bring us a bottle of your best wine. Amber Right away. Jack (to Tawny) That’s odd, running into her like that. Although, I’m not surprised after what happened with her in Genoa City. Tawny (as Patty) What happened? Jack Let’s not waste our time talking about Amber, how have you been? Have you seen Paul yet? Tawny (as Patty) Paul? Oh right my brother yeah we reconnected, it was great. Jack, you seem a little preoccupied. Jack Yeah, I’m sorry, where are my manners? I haven’t seen you in years I just can’t get my business meeting off my mind. Tawny (as Patty) Do you want to talk about it? Jack I would love to. But I would rather keep it under wraps. I don’t want to jinx it. Tawny (as Patty) I see. Not until all of the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Jack That’s right. Hey I just got a crazy idea. Tawny (as Patty) What? Jack What are you doing for next few days? Tawny (as Patty) Nothing big planned. Jack Are you working? Tawny (as Patty) Not at the moment. Jack How would you like to go away with me for a few days? Someplace warm and tropical. Tawny (as Patty) I say… Yes! Amber Okay here is the best wine in the building.. Now what can I get you for your meal.. Jack Don’t bother, Amber. We won’t be eating. Amber You won’t? Jack No, my good friend Patty and I are about to embark on a tropical vacation and I would be willing to bet that Patty could use a new beach wardrobe. Tawny (as Patty) Could I! Jack Here you go Amber, (drops cash on the table) that should be enough to cover the wine plus a tip. As he and Tawny leave, Tawny turns and looks at Amber, who motions “call me” with her hand. Café Russe Brooke and Donna are eating their meal and talking. Brooke So have you talked to Storm lately? Donna Not lately. With his new job and seeing Felicia, he doesn’t call much. Brooke Felicia really? I knew they were close, but are they dating? She hasn’t peeped a word at work. Donna He says they are taking is slow, and he really doesn’t have time for a relationship right now with his new job and working for that witch D.A. Tartaro. Brooke I can’t believe storm voluntary took a job working for her after what she did to Ridge on the stand and all. Donna Speaking of have you talked to him? Brooke Ridge? Not much only when I need to for work or something about the kids. Donna So you two are definitely over? Brooke Yes. There is so much history between us, but I can’t be with him anymore. Donna So changing the subject… Brooke Thank you. Donna Did you hear about Massimo? Brooke Yeah, I was actually there when Nick and Jackie got the news. Donna You were? Brooke Yeah, I swung by the hospital after my session with James and thought I would talk to Bridget but she wasn’t on a break and then I ran into Nick and just sat with him and talked to him, you know tried to get his mind off things. Donna What did you two talk about? Brooke Well you can’t tell anyone. Donna I wont I promise. Brooke Nick and Taylor are over. Donna What! Brooke Apparently Taylor has been acting out since she lost the baby and Nick says he cant control her anymore all they do is fight. He wants to see her get the help she needs and everything, but he says he can’t be with her anymore. Donna Brooke that is great! Brooke Donna! Donna No, I mean I hate that about Taylor and everything. But you and Nick were so great together. Brooke Donna stop! What did we talk about earlier? Maybe the old Brooke would be running back to Nick, but I am not. Ashley Abbott’s House Ashley: My help? What is it? Paul I am just going to spit it out and cut the chase. Ashley Please do. Paul Ashley, in order to better my case against Javier I need to be married. Ashley Paul, no don’t even. Paul Ashley, please. Please marry me. Come on you are a mother, you know what it is like to be a parent. I really never have. My lawyer says it will help my case, since Javier isn’t married. Café Russe Brooke Look at the time. I have got to go. I have an early meeting in the morning. Donna Okay sis, thanks so much for eating with me. Brooke I had a great time. We need to do this more often. They hug goodbye. Donna gets out her cell phone Hello you have reached the voicemail of Jackie Marone leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Donna: Jackie, its Donna. I know you are going through a lot right now, but I have some info that might make you feel a little better. It looks like we didn’t have to go through with our plan after all. Fate took care of everything and it worked like a charm. Brooke and Ridge are over. And now that Nick and Taylor have hit a rough patch it is a clear shot for Brooke and Nick to reunite. Call me back when you can. Thorne walks up behind Donna. Thorne Donna, what was that about? Next on The Bold Ones Stephanie returns home Ashley gives Paul her answer A mystery person is following James
  3. Thanks so much for the feedback. I changed the format a little- let me know how you like it.
  4. The Bold Ones Episode 11 James Warwicks office Brooke: Thank you James so much for seeing me on such short notice. James: No problem at all. Anything for a friend. Brooke: Well thank you again. James: Sure, would you like to go ahead and get started? Brooke: I guess. James: Please take a seat, lie down, whatever makes you more comfortable. Brooke: I guess I will sit here. No maybe I should lie down. No sitting up is fine. James: Brooke, please take a breath and relax. Brooke: I’m sorry. I’m just a little nervous. James: You have nothing to be nervous about. Now tell me what made you decide to come and talk to me. Marone Mansion Jackie opens the door. Jackie: Eric what a pleasant surprise, I was just enjoying a cup of coffee before I head into the office, would you like a cup? Eric: Jackie, this isn’t a social visit. I want to talk to you about getting back Forrester Creations. Jackie: Eric, I’m afraid you are talking to the wrong Marone. That is Nicky’s end of the business. I just run the fashion end of the company. Eric: I know, but I was hoping you could talk to your son and convince him to sell back Creations. Jackie: Eric I would love to see you back at the company you built, but I don’t see Nicky giving it back anytime soon, and frankly I rather enjoy working there. Eric: We could work something out, I can guarantee you a job, a great one. I just want my company back. Jackie: Maybe I can set up a meeting between you and Nick, but I’m not making any promises. Eric: Thank you. And thanks for the coffee. (Eric drops the cup as he and Jackie pick up the pieces Eric cuts his hand and Jackie grabs a napkin to stop the bleeding, Massimo wheels himself into the room, and from his angle it looks like they are holding hands and close enough to kiss, he works himself up into a rage causing him to have another stroke) Jackie: Eric, hurry call an ambulance, please. Taylor’s House Nick arrives to talk to Taylor, but discovers that she isn’t there. Nick: (to himself) That’s funny her car is here, but she isn’t. A taxi pulls up and Taylor gets out. Nick: Taylor, what’s going on? Taylor: Nick, I wasn’t expecting you to be here. Nick: I thought we needed to talk, why did in come in a taxi? Taylor: Oh, that? I am having car trouble. Nick: Why is it dropping you off here? Taylor: I umm… I was on my way to the office and forgot some papers so I had to come all the way back here. You said you wanted to talk? (she begins to unlock her door) Nick: Yeah, I think we need to discuss our relationship. Taylor: Well now really isn’t the time, I have a patient to get to. Nick: Taylor lets get real. There is no way that you are seeing a patient dressed like that, and your hair is a mess, it looks like you haven’t slept all night. Taylor: Well come on Nick, our separation hasn’t been easy on me. I haven’t been sleeping well. Have you? Nick: Taylor, are you on drugs? Taylor: What? No. Of course not. Nick: Drinking? Taylor: Nick, it really isn’t any of your concern. Nick: I think it is. I am your fiancé after all. Taylor: Not for long you aren’t. Nick: What are you saying? Taylor: Oh, come on Nick, you wanted to be real? Well how about this: We all know it is only a matter of time before you go running back to Brooke. It doesn’t matter if the baby had survived or even if we were in a great place in our relationship. That woman has a hold on you that no other woman can break. I was stupid to think I could. How about that, was that real enough for you? Nick: Where is this coming from, who are you? I don’t even know you anymore. Taylor: I am the same person I always was. Nick: until you can get a hold of yourself, I think we should remain separated. Taylor: Let’s just end it Nick, okay. Let’s just put this relationship if you can even call it that out of its misery. Nick: I can’t leave you like this; you are in no shape to be alone. Taylor: Will you stop being so condescending? Brooke may buy into that, but not me. Please leave. Nick: Fine I will, I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Taylor: You want to help somebody, don’t you have a missing child to be looking for. Nick: I told you that in confidence, how you could be so cruel. (Taylor slams the door in his face and hits the bottle again.) Nick’s cell phone rings Nick: Nick Marone. Jackie: Nicky, it’s your mother. Nick: Mother, I don’t want to talk to you. Not now. Jackie: Nicky, I am at the hospital its your father.. Nick: I will be right there. Ambers Apartment Amber and Thomas are in bed together. Amber: So how did the meeting go? Thomas: Meeting? Amber: Wasn’t there another meeting about the reality show? Thomas: Yeah it wasn’t much to it, just brainstorming ideas. Amber: You definitely are braver than I am. Thomas: Why? Amber: Well, me and you are in the same ballpark in the fashion business. Thomas: I don’t know. I haven’t had my own line yet. You definitely are more experienced than me. Amber: Well whatever, anyways are you sure you can handle critiquing the contestants. I mean I would feel bad with my experience level critiquing someone else in front of millions of people. Thomas: I know. I have been thinking about that too. But my dad keeps reassuring me that everything is going to be fine. Amber: Thomas, if you are second guessing yourself and having doubts and don’t think you can go through with it; you need to notify everyone soon. Auditions are coming up soon. Thomas: I know. I need to think about it a little more. My dad is really looking forward to this. Amber: But at the expense of your reputation? Thomas now is not the time in your career to get negative buzz, believe me. Thomas: I have a little time, I need to think long and hard about this. Amber: Better not take too long. (she kisses him on the cheek and gets out of bed) Thomas: Where are you going? Amber: I have the afternoon shift at work. ( She goes to bathroom and gets out phone) Rick: Hello. Amber: Hey it’s me your favorite ex-wife. Rick: You are only my favorite if you go through with our arrangement. Amber: The seed has been planted and I am pretty sure it is going to grow in your direction. Rick: Good work. Amber: Our deal still stands? Rick: Yeah, you get Thomas to drop out of the show and I get you a job here at Originals. Amber: Good, because I really do like Thomas and I hate doing this to him. Rick: What to you like more Thomas or the fame of being a Forrester designer… that’s what I thought. ( hangs up phone) The Hospital Jackie: Bridget please can you give me an update on Massimo. Bridget: Jackie, the best doctors are working on him now, all I can tell you is that he is stable at the moment. Do you have any idea what could have triggered this stroke? Did you tell him.. Jackie: Absolutely not! Bridget you promised… Bridget: Don’t worry Jackie; your secret is safe with me. Nick enters Jackie: Nicky I am so glad… Nick: Not now mother, Bridget how is my father? Bridget: He is stable now; I will let you know anything as soon as I do. I have to go now. Jackie: Please do and Bridget… Thank you. She nods. As Bridget walks down the hall Dr. Solis call her name Dr. Solis: Dr. Forrester. Bridget: Dr. Solis. Dr. Solis: I see that your protector is over there (points at Nick) so I will make this quick. Bridget: Nick is a friend that’s all, now go ahead and yell at me for whatever I have done this time… Paul Williams enters Paul: (to Bridget) excuse me doctor this will only take a minute Dr. Solis: Paul what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be back in Genoa City? Paul: That’s why I am here. To let you know that I am not going back to Genoa City, not now at least, not without my son. Dr. Solis: There is no way you are going to take Ricky away from me. He is all I have left of my family my parents are gone and my dear sister is away in a mental institution, who knows if she will ever recover. Paul: Ricky is my son! Dr. Solis: My sister is his mother and when you tossed them out you lost all responsibilities to him. Paul: I didn’t toss him out, I knew he would be better off with your parents. Dr. Solis: And they knew should something happen to them that I would be his best guardian and that is what I am. Paul: I am… Dr. Solis: You are nothing to him. Nothing. You are a man who visits once a year and tries to buy his love with the best toy on the market. That’s not a father. I am his father; I have always been the father figure in his life. Paul: I have my priorities in line and I want to be in his life. I don’t want to cut you out of his life. You can visit and he can come out here in the summer. I just want my son back. Dr. Solis: The only way you will get him is if you win in court. Paul: If that’s the way you want it. (he leaves) Bridget: Wow, do you want to talk about it. Dr. Solis: What I want is for you to get back to work! Brooke enters Brooke: Honey are you alright? Bridget: Mom, what are you doing here? I am fine. Brooke: I had my first session with James and I thought I might catch you on a break, to talk about it. Bridget: Unfortunately I’m not and won’t have a break for a while. Brooke: Darn.. Bridget: If you want to talk to somebody how about him. (she points down the hall to Nick sitting in a chair) Brooke: Nick? What is he doing here? Bridget: Massimo, he had another stroke. Brooke: Oh no! Bridget: Look mom I have to go, like now. Brooke: Okay sweetie, I will talk to you later. She walks to Nick Brooke: Is this seat taken? Nick: Brooke, what are you doing here? Brooke: Never mind that, how are you holding up? Nick: I am fine. I wish I could say the same about my old man. Brooke: Hey Massimo is strong, you know that. He is going to pull through and before you know it he will be back running the company. Nick: That would be great. Brooke: I know Taylor would love that too. I know what it is like being married to the president of muti million dollar company. Nick: I don’t think she has to worry about that anymore. Brooke: What are you talking about? Nick: Taylor and I are pretty much over. Brooke: No, Nick. You two are just in a rough patch, these problems will go away. Nick: They are already gone. Taylor has her own set of problems now and I don’t think I can help her. The doctor comes out. Nick: What is it Doc? Jackie: Doctor, how is my husband? Doctor: He is stable Nick: Stable? He was stable a half hour ago, what is going on with my father. Doctor: Mr. Marone I am sorry, but I wouldn’t give your father, in his condition more than three months to live. Stable is very good at the moment for a man in his shape. Jackie falls to pieces and hugs Nick Next on The Bold Ones Tawny continues her charade Paul proposes to Ashley Thomas makes his decision.
  5. The Bold Ones Episode 10 Banner by JackPeyton Donnas House- Brooke wakes up with a massive hangover and headache. As she rises she looks around and takes a moment for her to realize where she is at. Brooke: Ohh… wow. Donna! Donna: Hey your up, how do you feel? Brooke: Horrible. Could you get me some aspirin? Donna: Sure. I’ll be right back. (she leaves) Brooke: (to herself) what have you done? Donna: Here you go?( she hands her the pills) Brooke: Thanks. (She swallows the pills) Donna: So what happened last night? Brooke: Obviously I got drunk. Donna: I know that much, when the taxi dropped you off you said you did something really bad? What were you talking about and by the way you owe me sixty bucks for the cab. Brooke: I’ll pay you back, I promise just as soon as I find my purse. (She looks around the bed) Donna: Don’t worry about that right now. What did you do other than get drunk that was so bad? Brooke: I think I slept with Ashley Abbotts boyfriend. Donna: What? Brooke: All I know is she walked in on us in his bed and she stormed out. Donna: Oh my Gosh, Brooke! (screams) Brooke: Donna please my head and I feel bad enough about it as it is, you have to promise not to tell anybody. Donna: I promise. Why would you do something like that and what about Ridge? Brooke: Ridge and I are over and that is why I was drinking to begin with, well that isn’t exactly why. Nobody would buy me a drink and I got to thinking that I am an old woman who is going to be alone for the rest of her life and it just went down hill from there and one drink turned to three and then there was Paul and he wanted to buy me a drink so I let him and one thing led to another and here we are. Donna: I can’t believe this. Brooke: You can’t? Try being in my shoes I mean look at what have I done. I am a mother of two small children what if he was a psycho or something, I am much too old to be acting this way, and I am not in my twenties anymore. Donna: Brooke we all slip from time to time, it’s alright. Just don’t let it happen again. Brooke: Thanks for letting me stay here. Donna: Sure anytime. Brooke: I think I am going to call Ridge and check on the kids and then take a shower, but first I am calling in sick at the office. Ashley’s House The doorbell rings and she opens the door. Ashley: Paul, what are you doing here? Paul: Good morning. Ashley: Is it. Paul: I brought bagels. (He holds up the bag) Ashley: Sorry, I have already eaten, in fact you have caught me at a bad time I need to get to work a little early this morning. Paul: At least let me explain. Ashley: There is no need to explain. Paul: Ashley, I am so sorry. Ashley: Paul, there is no need to apologize either. Paul: Yes there is. I saw the look on your face, I know I hurt you. Look I was drunk, after I left here last night my lawyer called and well it doesn’t look good right now with my gaining custody of Ricky. Ashley: I’m sorry to hear that. We have all done things we regret. Paul: I definitely regret last night. I had no clue that Brooke was a co-worker of yours. Ashley: She more than a co-worker she is practically one of my bosses. Paul: Most of all I am sorry that I hurt you. Ashley: I wouldn’t say you hurt me. It was just more of a shock to see you in bed…naked … with my boss. And you have nothing to be sorry about; it isn’t like we are a couple we are not even dating. Paul: I’d like to be. Ashley: I don’t know Paul. We have tried that before… Paul: It was never given a chance to see where it could go. Ashley: I don’t know. I have really enjoyed these past few weeks and I would hate to jeopardize our friendship. I think we should just stay as friends. Paul: If that’s the way you feel… Jack enters drinking a cup of coffee Jack: Paul, you are here early. Paul: Yeah I came by to explain.. Jack: No need to explain to me…. Ashley: Hey guys I have got to go, I will see you later Jack, bye Paul. Paul: Goodbye Ashley. Jack: Bye Ash. Paul: I blew it didn’t I. Jack: Oh yeah, big time. She cried her eyes out last night, something I haven’t seen her do since she was in high school. It was so weird seeing my now forty five year old sister acting like she was stood up at the prom. Paul: I can’t believe what I did. Jack: We all make mistakes and I know my sister pretty well, this was a pretty big birthday for her yesterday and I think she just sees her time ticking away. Right now she is at a standstill in her life and she just wants to move forward and find love again, it’s been so long since she was in a serious relationship. I think if you give her time she will come around. However she will never come around on making good coffee. (He sits his cup down) Do you know a good coffee house around here? Paul: Insomnia, it’s the best. Jack: I have got to get going I have a meeting to get to. Paul: I got to run too, I have a meeting myself, with my lawyer. Jack: Good luck and thanks for the coffeehouse recommendation. Paul: Sure and thanks for being so understanding and supportive. (they leave) Insomina Café Amber: Mother stop! You are driving me crazy with all these money making schemes! Tawny: Okay so I figured you and me claiming to be long lost heirs to a small European country would be a hard sell but how about we disguise ourselves as….. Amber: Stop it. Not another word. You kept me up all night coming up with crazy scam ideas and I’m tired of it. Look I’m sorry you have yourself in such a bind, but I am not going to run any scam with you. I am trying to start my life over again. Tawny: Then why did you come back to L.A.? Huh? Amber: What are you talking about? Tawny: Why L.A. if want to make a fresh start. You have already loved and lost here. Amber: Because mother. L.A. is where talented people flock. I am a very talented person and I am going to be famous at something. Be it designing or singing or whatever but I will be a star. Tawny: And being so close to Forrester’s couldn’t hurt either. Amber: I have no intention of getting involved with the Forrester’s ever again. Tawny: Then why were you here last night with Ridges son Thomas. Amber: We are old friends, that’s all. Tawny: Oh Amber you can fool a lot of people, but not your mother. Amber: I don’t have time for this. I need to go. Tawny: Admit it Amber. I am right. You are trying to get into that Forrester money by going after sweet, little naive Thomas. Amber: Mother, shut up. Tawny: What? I didn’t say it was a bad plan, quite the opposite in fact. I think it is a very good plan. Amber: Mother you are so far off base you are in Hawaii. Tawny: You can fool a lot of people, but not me. Just remember when you have Thomas under your spell to share some of that dough with me. Amber: If you want dough so bad, then you should be like me and try to get yourself a job, which in fact thanks to you I am going to be late for my interview. Tawny: I thought you already had a job? Amber: Well as glamorous as waiting tables is, I’d much rather have a desk job. I have to go, here you want some cash? fine here is ten bucks get yourself a coffee on me. (She leaves) As Tawny walks to the bar, she tells herself. Tawny: Come on Tawny you have to think of something and fast. Jack: I can’t believe it! It’s you! Tawny: Why yes, yes it is. (Playing by ear) And it is you…… C.J.: Jack? Jack Abbott, Double mocha iced latte? Jack: That is me. Tawny: (to herself) Jack Abbott I have heard that name before, where have I heard that before, oh yeah the lifestyle section. MONEY!!! (To Jack) Jack. Gosh Jack how long has it been? Jack: It has got to be over twenty years. Tawny: That long, wow time flys. Jack: It sure does, so Patty what have you been up to. Tawny: Patty? Oh right me.. um not much I ah.. um.. Jack: Are you in town visiting Paul? Tawny: Paul God no, I haven’t seen that creep in years… Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t know you and your brother had had a falling out. Tawny: Oh you said Paul, see I thought you said Saul, he’s an old boyfriend of mine I was thinking how in the world does Jack Abbott now my ex boyfriend Saul, but you said Paul yes that is why I am in town, visiting my good old brother Paul. He is my older brother isn’t he? Jack: Yeah he is… and I see you haven’t lost your energetic personality. You know its funny I just saw Paul this morning and he didn’t mention you were in town. Tawny: Well…. That’s because he doesn’t know… it’s a big surprise. Jack: He could really use it right now. Tawny: Boy do I know it. (To herself) What the hell is he talking about? Jack: I have go to get going I have an important meeting, but I’m going to be in town a few days, do you want to have dinner tonight? Tawny: Tonight…ummm.. Jack: I understand if you have plans… Tawny: No not at all, I would love to have dinner with you. Jack: Great where shall I pick you up at? Tawny: How about we meet each other? Jack: Sounds wonderful, I would love to eat at Café Russe before I leave town. Tawny: Café Russe it is. Jack: See you at eight. Tawny: See you then. CHICAGO- Cemetery Stephanie (to Angela’s headstone): Hi baby. It’s me mommy. I know that I haven’t been around in a while to visit and I apologize, but things have been so busy in L.A. and I know that’s no excuse, but I promised myself that I would not miss this visit, not today. Yesterday was your birthday and today… well today forty five years ago you were taken from me, from me and your father. He wishes he could be here, but as usual he is working himself silly. But you already know all this, ever since that day that you were taken from me and the rest of the family I have felt your presence like you were always there with me always there looking over me like my guardian angel, that’s why I named you Angela, you know? I love you and you are very special to me and I can’t wait to see you again. I have to go now, but I promise I will visit more often, goodbye. (she kisses her fingers and places them on Angela’s name engraved in the headstone) Next On The Bold Ones Nick and Taylor talk about their relationship Eric and Jackie are caught in a compromising position Tawny continues her charade A new meeting for Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition is held.
  6. A Bold Ones rep confirms that Andrea Evans and Peter Bergman have joined the cast. They both made their debuts on the 9th episode. The rep promises more familiar faces to pop up soon.
  7. The Bold Ones Episode 9 Banner by JackPeyton Taylor’s House Taylor and James are wrapping up an informal session. Taylor: Thank you James so much. I feel so much better. James: I’m glad I could help. What are friends for? Taylor: What are your plans for the rest of the evening? James: I am exhausted after my flight. I think I’m going to go back to my hotel room and retire for the evening. Taylor: You know that you are welcome to stay here. James: I couldn’t impose. Believe me you don’t want me here, I could sleep in the kitchen and you could hear me snore from your bedroom (she laughs) and I wouldn’t want to disturb Thomas or Phoebe. Taylor: Please those kids come in at all hours of the night and could sleep through an earthquake. James: But seriously I really would be more comfortable in the hotel. Perhaps we could have brunch. Taylor: Suit yourself and brunch would be wonderful. James: I will call you in morning. Taylor: Talk to you then. (she walks him to the door.) Ridge and Brooke’s house Ridge: So this is it? Our marriage is over; you don’t even want to fight to save it? Brooke: Ridge, how could our marriage even be saved after all the damage that has been done? Ridge: I just think that our marriage deserves a fighting chance. Brooke: Ridge there has been enough fighting in our marriage as it is. Too much if you ask me, that’s why it’s in the state it is, because all we ever do is fight. Ridge: So you’re ready to pull the plug? Brooke: Ridge, we have tried everything I don’t see any hope for us. It seems like the same endless vicious cycle. Ridge: You better be sure about what you are doing Logan, because I promise you the cycle will be broken this time, for good. Brooke: What? Ridge: If you leave me, it will be for the last time, I promise you we will never get back together. Brooke: Don’t threaten me or be patronizing. Ridge: I’m being honest. I will move on with my life once and for all. Brooke: It sounds like you want this divorce just as much as I do. Ridge: Maybe I do. Maybe I was just too naive to admit it. Brooke: Fine, then it’s settled. Ridge: I’ll have the family lawyer draw up the papers; I promise this won’t be a nasty divorce. Brooke: That thought never crossed my mind, it just didn’t work out for us and I’m glad we have both seen it. Ridge: Yeah. I’m glad the kids are away at camp, there’s no need in them getting in the middle of this. She goes to kiss him on the cheek goodbye, but he turns away. As she walks out of the room she says: Brooke: I will stay with Bridget tonight. Ashley’s House Paul and Ashley are celebrating her birthday by eating ice cream out of the carton. Paul: So, I have a little confession to make. Ashley: What? What is it? Paul: I got you a little something for your birthday. Ashley: Paul! I told you not to get me anything. Paul: Well, it’s not exactly from me entirely… Ashley: hmmm… Okay now you have my curiosity raised... Paul: Curiosity killed the cat. Ashley: Okay so where is it? What is it? The doorbell rings Paul looks at his watch. Paul: That should be it now. Why don’t you go and answer it? Ashley: Okay… now I am a little scared. Paul: Don’t be. She opens the door Ashley: Jack! (she hugs him) I have missed you so much! Jack: Hey sis, I have missed you too. Paul: Well do you like it? Ashley: Yes! I love it! It’s the best gift I have ever gotten. Thank you so much Paul. (She kisses him on the cheek) Insomnia Café Amber: So, tell me what’s been up with you? Thomas: Not much really. For the past couple of years I have been in design school in Paris. Amber: Cool, very cool and how was that? Thomas: It was really great. I feel like I really learned a lot and worked under some really great and talented people. Amber: So you’re back in L.A. for good now? Thomas: I don’t know about for good, but defiantly for the time being. What about you? Amber: I guess I could say the same. So are you working back at Forrester? Thomas: Really just interning. My dad actually called me and told me that a reality show is going to be based on the Forrester brand. Amber: Really? Thomas: Yeah and they want me to be a judge. Amber: Wow. Thomas: Yeah, it’s pretty intimidating, but also pretty cool. Amber: I bet. So tell me more about this reality show. Thomas: It’s from the producers of Extreme Catwalk. Amber: Ohhh…. Thomas: You know the show? Amber: Unfortunately. Thomas: You’re not a fan. Amber: Not exactly. Thomas: Anyways its going to be me, my dad and grandpa as the judges of the contestants. Amber: What do they win? Thomas: A paid internship at Forrester. Amber: I can’t believe your family is actually going for this, its must be hard times at the fashion house. Thomas: It’s not that bad. Amber: So who is going to be the host? Thomas: I don’t think they know yet. Amber: do you think that… um… I don’t know.. you could maybe put in a good word for me……I mean I know it would be a long… A woman comes up behind Amber. Woman: Oh Amber thank God I have found you. I have been looking all over for you. Amber doesn’t turn around Amber: Mother? Tawny: It’s me! And I need your help. Brooke is on her way to Bridget’s house when she notices a bar and decides to pull in. Joes Boat Bar and Pub Brooke walks in and sits at the bar, she waits a couple of minutes and cant help but notice that nobody has offered to buy her a drink. Brooke: Bartender, I’ll have a Cosmo. ( she turns and notices several single attractive men seemingly ignoring her) and keep ‘em coming. She begins to think about her and Ridge at better times and keeps drinking. Ashley's House Paul: Well, Jack it’s been great seeing you again, but I think I am going to go home and let you two spend some time together. Jack: You don’t have to rush off. Ashley: Yes Paul, do stay. Paul: I really cant I’m actually expecting an important phone call from my lawyer. Jack: Lawyer? Ashley: Paul is trying to get custody of his son, Ricky. Jack: Good luck on that Paul. Paul: thanks man, I’m sure I’m going to need it. The courts frown upon absentee fathers. Jack: If anybody can sympathize with you on that, it’s me. Paul: Thanks Jack, really I gotta get going. (He kisses Ashley on the cheek bye) Goodbye. Ashley: Goodbye. Do you want me to walk you to the door? Paul: Nah, I know where it is. (She smiles) (He leaves) Jack: So what’s this? Ashley: What? Jack: don’t what me, you know what. This thing between you and Paul. Ashley: I don’t know what you are talking about. Jack: Come on Ash, I know you and you know me, you can tell me. Ashley: I don’t know what it is. We are taking things slow, for now we are just friends. Jack: You two dated back in Genoa City maybe its time to explore those feeling further. Pauls Car His phone rings Paul: Susan, the best lawyer in the world, please tell me you have good news. Susan: Sorry Paul, even if I am the best lawyer in the world, things are not looking good, there will definitely have to be a hearing. And even then I can’t make any promises; the cards are stacked against you, big time. He hangs up, upset he notices as bar off the road and decides to pull in He walks in and goes strait to the bar Paul: Bartender, I’ll take a beer. Whatever is on tap, oh and keep ‘em coming. He turns and notices a beautiful blonde Paul: Don’t I know you from somewhere? Brooke: Gee, there’s one I’ve never heard before. Paul: No seriously you look very familiar. Brooke: (hiding her identity) I don’t think so. I must have one of those faces. Paul: I guess so and a pretty one at that. Brooke: Thank you. Ashley’s house Ashley: Jacky this really has been the best present I could have asked for, well seeing Abby would have been nice too. Jack: How is Abby by the way? Ashley: Very well, she is loving the Academy and she’s counting down the days to go visit Victor and Brad in Genoa city for her break. Jack: That’s great, I want to see her too. Ashley: You will. She called today to wish me happy birthday and asked about you. Jack: She’s a great kid. Listen Ash, I have an important phone call to make with some contacts out here do you think I could use your home office? Ashley: Sure its all yours, its right through there. (She points down the hall) Jack: Thanks! Ashley: Jack, how long do you think you are going to be? Jack: It could be a while. Ashley: Would you mind if I ran an errand? Jack: At this time of night? Ashley: Well it’s important. Jack: If you want to see Paul, just say so. Ashley: It’s not Paul…. Okay maybe it is. You really got me thinking with what you said earlier and I’m not getting any younger obviously. Life is too short not to tell somebody how you feel about them. Jack: Then GO! Ashley: Do you mind? Jack: GO! Ashley: I won’t be that long. I promise. Jack: (laughs) Take your time. Joes Boat- Bar and Pub Brooke and Paul are pretty wasted. Brooke: What do you say we get out of here? Paul: I say let’s go. Brooke: Where do we go? Paul: I don’t know it was your idea. Brooke: well I am currently homeless so let’s go to your place. Paul: Let’s get outta here. As they stumble out the door….. Taylor walks in a few moments later in a tight skirt, heels, full make up and hair and looking a little tipsy herself. Taylor walks into the group of men and asks: Taylor: Which one of you hot, sexy guys want to buy me a drink? Paul’s House Paul and Brooke are in bed having sex. Ashley walks up to his door and notices it is not closed all the way. Ashley: Paul? Paul are you here? Your door was open. She hears him scream from his bed room, and thinks he is being robbed. She grabs her mace from her purse in one hand and her cell phone in the other and runs to his room she opens the door and turns on the light only to find him in bed with Brooke. Ashley: Brooke? Paul? Brooke: Ashley! (giggles) What are you doing here? Paul: You two know each other? Ashley walks out of the room and leaves. Next on The Bold Ones Brooke realizes what she has done Paul begs Ashley for forgiveness Jack runs into a familiar face Stephanie visits Angela’s grave
  8. The Bold Ones Episode 8 Banner by JackPeyton Forrester Boardroom Ridge: Logan, how are you? Brooke: Fine. Ridge: Listen I have been thinking… Brooke: No you listen, I have been doing a lot of thinking myself and I think we should get a divorce. Ridge: A divorce? Logan you can’t be serious. This separation has been killing me. Brooke: Ridge, I don’t know you anymore, it’s like you have turned into a completely different person since Rick came home. Ridge: I can change. I will change. Brooke: It’s too late for that. Ridge: Come on Brooke, don’t give up so easily. We can go to counseling. Eric: Ridge, Brooke the meeting is about to begin. Brooke: We will talk about this later. She moves to sit by Rick, leaving Ridge at the other end of the table. Eric: Everybody thank you for attending. I for once did not call this meeting, my son Rick did, so I will let him have the floor. Ridge rolls his eyes and smirks. Rick: Thanks dad. I have called this meeting because as we all know our sales are down, we are not as hot as we used to be. Eric: Go on son. Rick: So what is hot right now? Anybody? Felicia: lots of things Rick. Rick: Alright I will tell you. Reality TV. Stephanie: Reality TV? Ridge: Is this the year 2000? Rick reality tv was “hot” 10 years ago. Rick: well its still “hot” today Ridge. Brooke: Can we get back on topic please. Thorne: Rick lets move this along. Rick: Fine this is fashion critic Sarah Parkes and Jon Stanton, a very prominent executive producer. Eric: Nice to meet you two, now son what are they doing here? Rick: You asked that at the perfect time dad. Four words Extreme. Catwalk. Forrester. Edition. Forrester Break room Ashley is sipping on a bottle of water as her cell rings. Ashley: Hello Paul: Hello. Ashley. Paul what a pleasant surprise this is. Paul: Glad you think so. What’s up? Ashley: Not much, just working away. Paul: Oh, do I have you at a bad time? Ashley: No I am actually on a break. Paul: Great I caught you at a good time. I was wondering what your plans were for the evening. Ashley: I figured after work I would pick up some take out and lounge around the house eating ice cream in my old pair of sweats. Not a very exciting way to celebrate my birthday but.. Paul: (pretending not to know) It’s your birthday? I had no clue. Ashley: Yeah, at my age it’s just another day. Paul: Don’t say that. You are only as old as you feel. Ashley: Well, I feel… you don’t want to know. Paul: How about you pick up take out and ice cream for two and I come and join you? Ashley: (laughs) I’d like that a lot. Paul: See you around seven? Ashley: Sounds great, see you then. (she hangs up) Paul picks up his phone and calls another number Paul: Hey, its Paul, she doesn’t have a clue. You’re about to board now? Great I will meet you at the airport later today. Forrester Boardroom Stephanie: Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition? Rick: That’s right Stephanie. A reality show set in the world of Forrester. Eric: How would this reality show work exactly? Jon: Basically there would be fourteen contestants who design gowns, clothing and other accessories in weekly competitions with one contestant being eliminated each week. The winner would earn a paid internship here at Forrester Originals. Eric: I don’t know about this. Thorne: Neither do I dad. Rick: Come on dad, Thorne, it would be good for the company. It would put us back in the headlines. Felicia: It would. I think this is a very good marketing technique, and could be very cool, especially with the youth demographic. Brooke: I couldn’t agree with you more Felicia. This could defiantly put Forrester back on top. Stephanie: Or it could flop miserably and make the company look desperate. Rick: But we are desperate Stephanie. You see the numbers. Ridge: Mother is right. This screams desperation, there is bound to be another way. Felicia: What about the judges? Stephanie: Judges? Felicia: Yeah, every reality show has a panel of judges, who decide who stays and goes each week. So who would the judges be? Are there any big names that could bring in an audience? Jon: I was just about to get to that. What would Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition be without Forrester’s? Thorne: You can’t have all of us be a judge. Jon: No, that would be overwhelming. But two of you wouldn’t be. Felicia: So which two? Jon: What we have devised is to have Eric be the head judge along with Rick and a celebrity guest. Ridge: (Laughing) This is too much. Brooke: What? Ridge: Dad is an excellent choice but Rick? He hasn’t designed anything in a long time; he has been handling the business aspect of the company for the past few years. Brooke: I suppose you want to be a judge, a few minutes ago you were apposed to the idea. Rick: Forget him mom, his ego is bruised because he wasn’t asked to be the star of the show. Stephanie: That’s enough. I for one have been against this, this is not what I want to see this company become. Eric and I worked so hard to get it to the top, but if this is what it takes to regain that then I am for it. Rick: So is that the first I? Stephanie: Yes. Rick: Anybody appose? Great then Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition is a go. Brooke: Congratulations honey. Sarah: Wait a minute here… Whose are these? (She holds up sketches) Eric: Oh, that. That is my grandson Thomas’s sketches I was taking a second look at before the meeting. I am sorry they aren’t that good. He’s just now learning and getting a feel for designing. Sarah: Actually Mr. Forrester with all do respect, I have to disagree with you. I think these are quite good. Very unique, don’t you think Jon? Jon: Oh yes, very hip, very now. Wait a minute I have an idea. Rick: What’s that Jon? Jon: Three generations of Forrester’s as the judges. Rick: Excuse me? Jon: Yeah Eric as head judge along with his son Ridge and then third generation Thomas. It would be three different views on fashion. It could make for great T.V. Ridge: I like that idea. I like it a lot. (he smirks a smile to Rick) Jon: Don’t worry Rick; you can still be involved in the project, maybe as a host or something. The Hospital- Thomas and Phoebe are visiting Taylor. Thomas: How are you feeling mom? Taylor: I’m feeling a lot better honey. I think I just needed to rest. I was exhausted. Phoebe: I’m glad you’re feeling better mom. Taylor: Me too. It would have been nice to have a baby in the house again. You two and Steffi are all grown up now. Phoebe: You and Nick could always try again. Taylor: I don’t know honey. I don’t know if Nick and I even have a future. Thomas: You really feel that way mom? Taylor: I don’t know. All I do know is that we have a lot to talk about when the time is right. (There is a knock on the door) Taylor: Come in. James pokes his head in the door. Taylor: James! James: Hello Taylor, it’s been a while. Thomas: Why don’t Phoeb’s and I let you two catch up. Phoebe: Good idea. (They leave the room) In the hall Thomas: It’s great to see mom smiling again. Phoebe: Yeah it is… (Her phone rings) hold on a sec. Hello Rick: Hey it’s me. I am kind of upset and need to talk to somebody, do you think you could come by my place. Phoebe: Sure, I’ll be right there. Thomas: Who was that? (His phone rings) Now you hang on a sec. hello Amber: Hey Thom, it’s been a while…. Next on The Bold Ones Ashley gets a surprise birthday gift. Someone from Ambers past returns. Brooke and Ridge decide to divorce. Old habits die hard for Taylor & Paul meets a mystery woman.
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