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100 Greatest ABC Couples

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50. Viki & Joe (OLTL)

48. Trucker & Trisha (Loving)

46. Barnabas & Angelique (Dark Shadows)

45. Jason & Robin (GH)

42. Robert & Holly (GH)

41. John & Evangeline (OLTL)

39. Jason & Courtney (GH)

38. Nash & Tessica (OLTL)

37. Max & Gabrielle (OLTL)

36. Sean & Tiffany (GH)

34. Caleb & Livvie (PC)

33. Max & Luna (OLTL)

32. Alan & Monica (GH)

30. Stone & Robin (GH)

29. Sonny & Kate (GH)

28. Patrick & Robin (GH)

27. Jake & Megan (OLTL)

26. Duke & Anna (GH)

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How in the hell can Vicki and Joe who were OLTL's premiere super couple and carried the show for 10 years be only at 50 and people like Ryan/Kendall, Ryan/Greenlee, Sonny/Kate, Max & Luna, Nash & Tessica and Zendall among others be higher than them.

That sucks big tiem.

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Totally agree....except I reallllly liked Max/Luna.

Anyway - its obvious they don't want to put all the older, greater couples all up in the front. They want to attract the 18-40ish group and put the most 'popular' couples at top so they'll buy the magazine issues. Its lame.

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Got this at SOC

50. Viki and Joe-OLTL

49. Ryan and Greenlee-AMC

48. Trucker and Trisha-Loving

47.Trevor and Natalie-AMC

46. Barnasbas and Angelique-Dark Shadows

45. Jason and Robin-GH

44. Cliff and Nina-AMC

43. Bianca and Maggie-AMC

42. Robert and Holly-GH

41.John and Evangeline-OLTL

40. Ryan and Gillian- AMC

39. Jason and Courtney-GH

38. Nash and Tessica-OLTL

37. Max and Gabrielle-OLTL

36. Sean and Tiffany-GH

35. Adam and Brooke- AMC

34. Caleb and Livvie- Port Charles

33. Max and Luna- OLTL

32. Alan and Monica-GH

31. Ryan and Kendall-AMC

30. Stone and Robin-GH

29. Sonny and Kate-GH

28.Patrick and Robin-GH

27. Jake and Megan-OLTL

26. Duke and Anna-GH

Rylee, Rendall, Jip????? WTF are these people at SID smoking, are they that hard up for couples to put on this list? :rolleyes:

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This list is so biased toward the last 10 years it is a disgrace.

Maybe I am too set in my ways but it seems to me ABC's top couples would be

Luke and Laura

Frisco and Felicia

Robert and Holly

Sonny and Brenda

Viki and Clint

Cord and Tina

Greg and Jenny

Jessie and Angie

Cliff and Nina

Alan and Monica

Tad and Dixie


I think the above is a pretty solid and fair list of the most significant couples from all the shows. Phil and Tara is before my time so I cannot speak of them but as AMC's first couple they probably should be included along with Jessie and Phil from GH. I don't understand how any couple not on the above list could rank higher than Robert and Holly or Alan and Monica, and I hated Sonny and Brenda.

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I won't even comment on Sonny & Kate being so high. That's just a big WTF, or the fact that flipping Jason and Courtney are on this list. Cliff and Nina, Robert and Holly, Duke and Anna, Viki and Joe, and Lucy and Kevin all should have been higher and definately before Sonny and Kate. Im also surprised- as much as I LOVED them- that Sean and Tiffany are so high, so that was kind of a nice surprise.

my guess as to who will be in the top 25:

AMC- Jesse and Angie, Zach and Kendall, Tad and Dixie, Leo and Greenlee, Greg and Jenny, Erica and Jackson maybe (I can't think of anyone else)

GH- Sonny and Carly (barf), Sonny and Brenda, Robert and Anna, Luke and Laura, Liz and Lucky, Frisco and Felicia, and god help us, probably Nikolas and Emily

OLTL- Viki and Clint, Todd and Blair, Bo and Nora, Cord and Tina

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I do think couples coming from GH will be Robert/Holly,Luke/Laura, Liz/Lucky, maybe even Liz/Ric, Sonny/Brenda, Frisco/Felicia...

Why the hell is Skate ahead of Stone and Robin? Viki/Joe at 50 and two of Ryan's pairings are ahead of them... :angry:

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