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  1. Postings being done by Gilbert, his partner. Please don't get scared or excited.

  2. I guess performers from here on out need to fill out a form stating all their beliefs. If they don't line up with everyone in America, they don't get to work anymore. Because something they belief in won't agree with someone. Who gets decide which beliefs are okay and which aren't? The dog who barks the loudest.

  3. I have been totally shocked in the last few days by the response to Obama basically groveling to the Muslim religion. I am a firm believer in separation of church and state and I find it hard to get behind our President who claims to be a Democrat - a party that has tried to separate itself from religious and moral issues - going out of his way to apologize to the people of a religion. And that is all that being a Muslim is. It is not a nation like the others that he has apologized too. What does he hope to gain from this? Espeically as a gay man I find it offensive for him to go to them like he did. Because let me tell you it is not just the extremist in the Muslim religion who believe in putting gays to death - that is all of them. They are one of the strictest on homosexuality. I also agree with the people on GMA Friday morning who points out the hypocrisy in Obama on this issue. The whole time he is trying to get to be our President he takes and downplays his whole ties to the Muslim religion and points out they are not as great as his opponents said they were. And then he gets in front of a group of Muslims and he points out and brags about all his ties to the Muslims. And he wonders why I never have been able to take him at his word and trust him. I just wonder how he would be viewed if he stood in front of a group of Catholics or a group of Baptists and delivered the same type speech.
  4. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Julie Williams (Days)
  5. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Margo Hughes (ATWT)
  6. Rachel Hutchins (AW) vs. Vanessa Reardon (GL)
  7. Lucinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Julie Olson Williams (Days)
  8. Lucinda Walsh (by a mile) vs. Tabitha Lennox (Passions)
  9. Luncinda Walsh vs. Myrna Clegg (Capitol)
  10. This is so another reason I am jaded to the whole politicial process. Note to all politicians if you make a promise you better jump on it the day you get into office. Because it doesn't matter what else is going on in the world, all that individual groups see is the picture right in front of them - not the big picture. http://www.asbarez.com/2009/05/26/demonstr...roken-promises/
  11. How ironic that someone so high and mighty would have that statement about moral supremacy in her signature. What kind of supremacy to you have?

  12. Deleted by me. I need to double check some facts and then will come back later.
  13. I think it has something to do with the censor thing. It goes back to like on regular TV now the censors allow you to say "[[email protected]#$%^&*]" or "Fucked" if you don't use them in a sexual meaning. Like we fucked up or we're fucked But they won't allow you to say we just fucked I have read on a few Internet sites who use the censor say that it has a hard time with the word fucked in deciding when it is dirty and when it is not. Of course the word with the ing is more or less sexual in nature so it blankets it. That is the only thing I have ever heard. So not sure.
  14. Oh goodness folks why can't we discuss without the attacks on each other. That is what I hate about this thread and have to take breaks from it. When we all discuss the issues it's fun and we accomplish stuff. All this [[email protected]#$%^&*] back and forth calling each other names and judging one another gets us no where. And GD it is easy to fall into. I am quick to respond to some of the other remarks too. That is the reason I have someone on ignore. I don't get mad and my life doesn't go into freefall. And I can enjoy SON and this thread. Because people like GregGL and so many others have constructive stuff to say and add so much to the conversation and I do not want to miss that. Oh and the thought of all those boners is making me horny too.
  15. I agree that if he don't move to appease the minorities like the gays who are getting restless that yes he will be in trouble. But I also have to give him credit that he has tried to deal with the problems that affect more poeple first - the most important being the economy of course. It would have been easy for any one to come in and try to appease the minority groups who had such hope with him being elected. But things like the economy are more pressing and things like that affect all groups even the gays etc. So at least he has seen where his priorities lie and I hae to commend him for that - even if I don't agree with all of his approaches. Now if and when the economy gets better and some analysts are saying it will by the end of this year at least stabilitze - then if he doesn't move - he could be in trouble. When things get better for folks that is when they get restless. And people very quickly forget how tough things were and how much someone was there for them when things get better. ********************* I found a story on Good Morning America this morning very interesting in regards to the economy. Someone on staff there noticed that the lowest unemployment rates now are on the coast of Mississippi down to Houma, LA - the places hit by Hurricane Katrina. The economy there has been hurt less in that area than any where in the US. So much effort in the last few years has gone into rebuilding the area that the jobs there are secure and there are so many construction jobs that hardly anyone is out of work. The highest unemployment rate in the area was someone in the low 5's. Some places in Tennessee now are in the 10's with our county gone from 5.3 in January to 15.6 as of March. Tennesse's overall is 9.9 as of March. Our area has had so many businesses to close. We are near the Saturn GM plant and with it down for a majority of this year and last year, so many of the minor businesses that have supplied stuff to them have now gone completely out. We have lost a seat manufacturer. Another plant that my sister worked for supplied the glass for them. They emplyed in the 1000's. The plant shut down and will not reopen. And so many more just like them. Our town has lost 6 restuarants including Burger King. Now we are losing Circuit City, Goody's clothing store, our mall is down to about 7 stores total now. It is just weird to look around and see so much gone.
  16. It's Fox news why should that surprise you. I have just come to understand and expect that Fox is going to be against him while other channels are never going to say anything bad about him. It is just the way it is. I don't even watch most of the news channels anymore because they are all biased one way or another - so I just don't trust them for my news at all. I look at what they say from time to time but as far as relying on it. No way in hell - they are all too biased.
  17. Correction - not just Republican governors. Tennessee has a Democratic Governor who was almost made a member of Obama's cabinet and he has been talking in press conferences about not accepting the stimulus money. I am against it as I said before on the church/state thing too. Plus as I said the fact of giving equal time to other religions which is what will happen. I agree that every religion has radicals just like every political sect and even the gays have radicals. Sadly 99% of the time every sect of society gets judged by it's radicals. I don't how many times on boards I have read blanket statements about Muslims, blanket statements about gays, blanket statements about Christians. This last election on one board there was never anything good that could be said about any Christian. It was all bad because they were judging all Christians by a group of radicals. Same with gays, I have heard so many make blanket statements about gay people as if all we are concerned about is where we are going to get laid next and all we are concerned about is whether or not we can get married. Each one of these groups have so much more to them than the general perceptions made by the majority of people. As to Islam Day I agree with you - these people were on crack or smoking something. I just wish they would share - I need a good high.
  18. That really shocks me and it is not so much the 9/11 thing but the Democrats seem to be wanting to move away from being tied to Religion of any kind but yet here you have a State Senate with only 2 Republicans and they choose to name a day to honor one particular religion. I am glad to see the one Democrat remain true and vote against it due to separation of church/state. I would love to know more about this. Was it a thing of trying to be politically correct that made them want to do this? Or what did they hope to gain from this? Are they going to give equal opportunity to other religions now. Will there be a Catholic Day? A Baptist Day? And of course we can't forget the Atheists day and the Agnostics Day. This is really weird and totally out of left field. Just when you think politicians can't surprise you anymore they turn around and do something like this.
  19. This keeps coming up all the time in many cities where the African American community have been some of the largest in opposition to Gay Marriage. I know on several boards I have gone too it has sparked many conversations about one minority denying equal rights to another minority. Of course when you look at the idea of "down low" first coming out of the gay community or at least from my understanding that is where the title first came from, you can understand. It is not that there are not gay men who are black - it is just that for a black man my understanding is - it is just more of a social issue for them. I know SVU did an episode on it a few years back where one of the guys on the down low was a famous black football player. He or Finn talked about how black men - even more than white men - are pushed into this idea of being a real man and being gay is not that. He is supposed to marry and better himself and his family. So many black men who are gay marry and end up on the "down low" where they don't even use condoms when they have sex because buying condoms to use is admitting what you are going to do. So I can understand where even for a black man it is harder even for him to stand up for gay marriage and I imagine some of them are even part of these who say they are against it.
  20. Just as long as I get to be the one that gets the special oral attention Clinton got when he was in the Oval Office.
  21. Wow I have to give that one a high five. There are so many things that need attention here. We do need to help pull the world up and give them a helping hand, but for far too long America's problems have been ignored. I think I have mentioned this before but I'll site it again just in case I haven't. But I was totally shocked a few years ago to go to Nicaraugua on a medical field trip where I worked with a medical group. We brought aid to an area that just didn't have any medical care at all. I worked in the pharmacy area counting pills all week and worked the line with another guy to pass out worm medicine to every individual that came through. We had to give each one of the infants theirs which was interesting. I got to tour the villages and some of the homes were just awful. I came back totally shocked at how these people lived and thanked God that we have it so good in America. A few years later I went with the same group into the mountains of East Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky. Boy was I surprised. The same situations that we saw in Nicaraugua existed right here inside the borders of America. The illiteracy was astounding. People living in run down houses with no floors. Very little food to eat. No medical care for miles and miles and miles. It was as if this wasn't America or at all. Or at least it was an area that time had forgotten. I mean this was not on the widespread level that we saw in Nicaraugua, but here were people - our own people - that seemed so forgotten right here in our own backyard. I've seen it both here and there. As bad as I feel for those in foreign countries I feel even worse for those right here. We have enough here in the States that if we all shared, if we reached out, if our Government just reached out, these people would not be in this dire need. And I just have a hard time justifying in my mind taking money and sending it to a 3rd world country to help their poor when we have our own citizens right here living on the streets, living in poverty, and we are doing nothing to help them.
  22. Tennessee is one of the states that finally gave in a few years ago and voted for illegal residents to be able to get a driver's license. It ended up costing them millions of dollars as every illegal resident from even all our neighboring states made a run on Tennessee to get a valid license. They had to hire extra workers to deal with it. Finally after about a year and thousands of problems they required that you had to have a valid Tennessee address to get one. All this was in the hope that if they had a license at least when they were uninsured and hit someone they could presecute them to get the money. Several studies have shown recently that they do have licenses now, but they are still driving with no insurance and as of yet insurance companies have been unsuccessful in an overwhelming majority of cases to get reimbursement on any money. Often times they either take off to addresses unknown or file bankruptcy. I have no problem at all with anyone coming here from a foreign country but I do feel that the issue is a bigger issue in this country than the majority of politicians want to admit. Our county hospital last year had to write off millions of dollars in uncollected medical bills that were all associated with illegal residents. Add to that the amount that was for uninsured residents and they almost had to file bankruptcy. They appealed to the government for help and couldn't get enough to aid them, so they changed the status of the hospital from a country hospital dependant on government aid to a regional type hospital. Now they do not have to treat uninsured patients. All they have to do is stabilize you and ship you off to the nearest hospital which is almost 50 miles away. It has left a huge amount of people in this area without a place to turn to. There is one county hospital that accepts uninsured patients about 20 minutes away but going there is seriously taking your life in your own hands. We have had to deal with school overcrowding - forcing for awhile the schools to purchase these small trailers to use as extra classrooms. They were hot in the spring and cold in the winter as they had no heat or air. They didn't have working plumbing so the kids had to go back and forth to the main buildings for the bathroom. They have had to hire extra teachers and so many other things to accomodate the illegals who have moved in here. The sad thing is that the school budget has gone up but the ones who have forced more schools to be built and more teachers are the ones who own homes and property and are not putting any money back into the county where the school board gets the money for it's budget. I just feel if a person can't come here legally and become a citizen in a proper amount of time, he needs to be sent back. And quit making allowances for them and forcing changes upon the citizens of this country to accomodate them and make it easier for them. They should worry about adapting to us instead of us adapting to them. We can meet them somewhere in the middle but lately it seems like we are doing all the moving toward them while they stand there laughing at us. I have seen many many studies in the last few years that have predicted that if something is not done to control the population of immigrants coming across the border of Mexico it won't be too many more years that the Mexican or Latino race will be the dominant race in the United States with whites being next and African American's pushed on down the line. I don't know whether those predictions are true or if they will ever become true. But it isn't hard to believe when I walk around in our Wal Mart and some other stores sometimes. I want America to keep it's open door policy. I want us to be a haven of rescue and for people to try to get the American dream. I just don't want Washington to give America away in the process.
  23. Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate all of you in here. Greg, about 2 or 3 pages back there is a link about how the tax time thing will play out. I did have it in my favorites but I can't find it now. Basically if you work 2 jobs - like my boyfriend does - or both the husband and wife work 2 jobs - next year at tax time you will have to pay back the amount of the tax break you got this year for one of the jobs or for one of the taxpayers in your home. Apparently the IRS and the government were aware of this but released the tax tables anyway with hopes of trying to fix it before next year. As I said back in January or February I think it was in here - when my BF went to get his taxes filled out this year his accountant told him about it then and warned him that next year he would have a substantial amount to pay back. He is trying to get it fixed to where he is having a whole lot more taken out to lessen the amount he owes back next year. But in figuring with the amount he is now having taken out, he is not seeing any extra on his check at all. Plus with me since I still work part time and draw my social security I am going to have to pay back next year too. My pay back will be a lot less than Gil's will but I will pay back this time - for the first time in many years. ***************************** As to how far government should go and how far government should be involved in our lives, I guess I am still a product of being raised during some of my formitive years during the hippie movement of the late 60's and early 70's. I just have a big problem with government being involved in our daily lives that much. I don't like them telling me to wear a seat belt even if it is for my benefit, or telling me who I can marry and who I can't, who I can [[email protected]#$%^&*] and who I can't, and I especially don't like them telling what part of the body I can do that in either, or if I choose to smoke where I can and can't smoke at, and on and on. And I guess you can say I am heavily influenced by being rasied by parents who were big on State's Rights. I don't have a big problem with a lot of what the State does and governs. It just really bothers me when big brother steps in for some reason. There are just certain things I feel should be left to us as individuals to decide or if they are regulated let it be on the State Level and not the government level. For one thing I think Government has gotten way too involved in some issues that it is distracted them for the things they should be dealing with. It is an idea of spreading yourself too thin and things suffering in the process.
  24. I don't remember ever denying that I was a moderate with a slight conservative lean. Back about 10 pages ago I explained and put onto paper my stances and where I stood on things. So that is no problem for me to admit - I admit it happily and feel no shame in it at all. As to the other I guess I am different than most gays or bisexuals - I am an oddity even though I know a few others. Yes I am a bisexual man living in a relationship with a man but there is more to me than that. I don't wear it on my sleeve and make every decision in my life based on it. There are principles I stand for that are more important to me than my being gay or bisexual. There are issues that I feel are far more important to the welfare of this country that have nothing to do with who I prefer to screw in my bedroom or whereever we choose to screw at. Those principles I won't sacrifice for anything. As to your last comment I have to laugh - not at you - but just at the statement. I hope to goodness that you honestly don't believe that if it came down to it that the Democrats would not throw the gays under the bus to win an election. They would do it in a heartbeat. Winning the election is the most important thing to them - gay rights, abortion, whatever the issue is can be damned if it costs them the election. They are politicians. They do it in a heart beat. If you don't believe so call a psychic and call up the old friend of the Clinton's who killed herself because she so believed in the Clintons that she devoted her life to them. When they began to sacrifice the beliefs she felt they never would she lost hope and killed herself. I forget her name but she was huge part of the movie Primary Colors that was written by a Clinton insider. That woman was a real character from early in their political careers. Almost every politician will back off on issues, change stances, etc. to win an election. In my almost 50 years of living - almost 32 now as a voter - I haven't seen one politician - both Republican and Democrat - who wouldn't do that. And I have no doubt in my mind that the Democratic party would throw the gays to wolves if standing with them started costing them votes. As I have said I stand on the outside looking in at both parties. I hear both sides say they won't do this or they won't do that. I see this side say the Democrats are the bad ones and the Dems turn around and say the Repubs are the bad ones. This side says they don't do this and the other side says they don't. While at the same time both sides act just a like. The right persecutes folks and the left does too. And they both believe they are right in doing so. The right says they are persecuting folks for the good of the country while the left say they persecute folks because they are judgemental and try to take away the rights of others. Persecution is persecution no matter what reason you do it for. It's just like as I stated before - look at what the conservatives did to the Dixie Chicks - they made their lives a living hell. What is the difference in that than what the liberals are now doing to Miss California. Both people exercised their rights to free speech. The Dixie Chicks didn't deserve what happened to them and neither does Miss California. I agree with what a columnist said - if Perez wasn't prepared to deal with the truth of her answer then he shouldn't have asked the question. I don't agree with her at all but I damn well respect the right of her to believe the way she does. My hope and prayer is that someday she will change her mind, but I am not going to call her names or bad mouth her for her opinion in the mean time. I am not going to act like a three year old and resort to name calling and the like just because I don't agree with her. Perez again answered what he deems as exclusion with exclusion in return. He doesn't want anyone to deny him anything in life simply because he is gay, but yet he turned around and denied her a chance at the crown simply because he didn't agree with her. What is the difference? There is none the way I see it. That is just my opinion on the whole thing. I am sorry if it seems to you that I am leaning toward having sympathies with the Republicans. I have tried to point out at times how GD posts things from the conservative side and sees things through those eyes too. I guess I need to do that more. I have even tried to include people like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh who I am sick of and stuff to show how I am fed up with the leaders of both parties. I guess my point on the Republican's is just not getting through. I guess I will start bolding those names and those items so they are seen. I have no sympathies with either party. I am fed up with the actions of both. At times I think they all act worse than 3 year old children who need to be taken out to the wood shed and given a good thrashing. I am like UClan I enjoy seeing a good exchange of ideas - not just here - but in politics. But more often of the last few years we get the blame game every time they are togehter. Let's forget who's fault it is and discuss the issues. Children lay blame - adults are supposed to discuss and fix the problems. But not one of them can get in front of a microphone and not immediately start pointing fingers at the other person. I just want to reach through the TV and say get over it and move on. If we want to play the blame game believe me there is enough to go around on both sides. We could be here until next year playing that one.
  25. I am not sure if you mean bygones as far as the people in this thread or bygones as far as Reps and Dems in general. If the last is the case, I just have to ask how far do we take it. I mean do we wipe the slate completely clean and start all over. Because I don't see that ever happening. Democrats across all the boards are still bringing up things the Republicans did to the Dems while Clinton was in there. And it was brought up numerous times while Bush was in office. Again I ask when does it start. Just because Obama is now in there and people want everyone to come together - is that why all of a sudden this comes about and if Obama loses the next election and a REpublican comes back into power - does it all go away then. I just don't see that ever happening. I don't see the Republicans or the Democrats ever giving up on dogging one another and letting bygones be bygones. I didn't mean to imply that Brian was a martyr. I just used him as an example. I could have used Kwing or a whole number of other people. He was just the first one that came to mind. He just served the purpose of the example of posts from conservative sites at the time. I should have worded my problem with the ad better I guess. I thought I explained it right but I didn't. The reason I had a problem with the ad was not a problem with why he was voting for Obama but the message that it sent. As I said it further justified to me why a white person has the right to not vote for a black man because of the color of his skin. If a man can go on TV and say I am voting for him because I identify with the color of his skin then the other man can say well then I can not vote for him for the color of the skin. you identify with him but I don't because of that - so I now I am full justified in not voting for him. It just sent the wrong message to me. I would have preferred that MTV stuck with the issues in their spots and not focus on this man identifying with Obama souly because he was black. As I pointed out before in one of my posts - Americans especially spend too much time blaming race for way too many things. Yes racism exists and we need to acknowledge it is there, but one of the best ways to me to combat racism is to stop pointing out our differences in stuff like that and focus on the ways we are alike. That ad again focused on the differences and sent the wrong message for me. And to the last part after looking at how the two men stood on the issues, and if we were in agreement on both men, I would vote for the gay man too. I don't feel any shame in that at all. But as far as issues as I have said before I look at them and I have voted on the issues for so long now that it is the only way I can vote. It is just programmed in me now. As I said before I can't even vote in primaries anymore because I guess it is the same everywhere but here in Tennessee when you vote in the primary you pull one lever - all Democrat or all Republican or all Independant. I can't do that.
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