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  1. Postings being done by Gilbert, his partner. Please don't get scared or excited.

  2. I guess performers from here on out need to fill out a form stating all their beliefs. If they don't line up with everyone in America, they don't get to work anymore. Because something they belief in won't agree with someone. Who gets decide which beliefs are okay and which aren't? The dog who barks the loudest.

  3. I have been totally shocked in the last few days by the response to Obama basically groveling to the Muslim religion. I am a firm believer in separation of church and state and I find it hard to get behind our President who claims to be a Democrat - a party that has tried to separate itself from religious and moral issues - going out of his way to apologize to the people of a religion. And that is all that being a Muslim is. It is not a nation like the others that he has apologized too. What does he hope to gain from this? Espeically as a gay man I find it offensive for him to go to them
  4. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Julie Williams (Days)
  5. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Margo Hughes (ATWT)
  6. Rachel Hutchins (AW) vs. Vanessa Reardon (GL)
  7. Lucinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Julie Olson Williams (Days)
  8. Lucinda Walsh (by a mile) vs. Tabitha Lennox (Passions)
  9. Luncinda Walsh vs. Myrna Clegg (Capitol)
  10. This is so another reason I am jaded to the whole politicial process. Note to all politicians if you make a promise you better jump on it the day you get into office. Because it doesn't matter what else is going on in the world, all that individual groups see is the picture right in front of them - not the big picture. http://www.asbarez.com/2009/05/26/demonstr...roken-promises/
  11. How ironic that someone so high and mighty would have that statement about moral supremacy in her signature. What kind of supremacy to you have?

  12. Deleted by me. I need to double check some facts and then will come back later.
  13. I think it has something to do with the censor thing. It goes back to like on regular TV now the censors allow you to say "[[email protected]#$%^&*]" or "Fucked" if you don't use them in a sexual meaning. Like we fucked up or we're fucked But they won't allow you to say we just fucked I have read on a few Internet sites who use the censor say that it has a hard time with the word fucked in deciding when it is dirty and when it is not. Of course the word with the ing is more or less sexual in nature so it blankets it. That is the only thing I have ever heard. So not sure.
  14. Oh goodness folks why can't we discuss without the attacks on each other. That is what I hate about this thread and have to take breaks from it. When we all discuss the issues it's fun and we accomplish stuff. All this [[email protected]#$%^&*] back and forth calling each other names and judging one another gets us no where. And GD it is easy to fall into. I am quick to respond to some of the other remarks too. That is the reason I have someone on ignore. I don't get mad and my life doesn't go into freefall. And I can enjoy SON and this thread. Because people like GregGL and so many others have con
  15. I agree that if he don't move to appease the minorities like the gays who are getting restless that yes he will be in trouble. But I also have to give him credit that he has tried to deal with the problems that affect more poeple first - the most important being the economy of course. It would have been easy for any one to come in and try to appease the minority groups who had such hope with him being elected. But things like the economy are more pressing and things like that affect all groups even the gays etc. So at least he has seen where his priorities lie and I hae to commend him for
  16. It's Fox news why should that surprise you. I have just come to understand and expect that Fox is going to be against him while other channels are never going to say anything bad about him. It is just the way it is. I don't even watch most of the news channels anymore because they are all biased one way or another - so I just don't trust them for my news at all. I look at what they say from time to time but as far as relying on it. No way in hell - they are all too biased.
  17. Correction - not just Republican governors. Tennessee has a Democratic Governor who was almost made a member of Obama's cabinet and he has been talking in press conferences about not accepting the stimulus money. I am against it as I said before on the church/state thing too. Plus as I said the fact of giving equal time to other religions which is what will happen. I agree that every religion has radicals just like every political sect and even the gays have radicals. Sadly 99% of the time every sect of society gets judged by it's radicals. I don't how many times on boards I have read bl
  18. That really shocks me and it is not so much the 9/11 thing but the Democrats seem to be wanting to move away from being tied to Religion of any kind but yet here you have a State Senate with only 2 Republicans and they choose to name a day to honor one particular religion. I am glad to see the one Democrat remain true and vote against it due to separation of church/state. I would love to know more about this. Was it a thing of trying to be politically correct that made them want to do this? Or what did they hope to gain from this? Are they going to give equal opportunity to other religion
  19. This keeps coming up all the time in many cities where the African American community have been some of the largest in opposition to Gay Marriage. I know on several boards I have gone too it has sparked many conversations about one minority denying equal rights to another minority. Of course when you look at the idea of "down low" first coming out of the gay community or at least from my understanding that is where the title first came from, you can understand. It is not that there are not gay men who are black - it is just that for a black man my understanding is - it is just more of a
  20. Just as long as I get to be the one that gets the special oral attention Clinton got when he was in the Oval Office.
  21. Wow I have to give that one a high five. There are so many things that need attention here. We do need to help pull the world up and give them a helping hand, but for far too long America's problems have been ignored. I think I have mentioned this before but I'll site it again just in case I haven't. But I was totally shocked a few years ago to go to Nicaraugua on a medical field trip where I worked with a medical group. We brought aid to an area that just didn't have any medical care at all. I worked in the pharmacy area counting pills all week and worked the line with another guy to pass
  22. Tennessee is one of the states that finally gave in a few years ago and voted for illegal residents to be able to get a driver's license. It ended up costing them millions of dollars as every illegal resident from even all our neighboring states made a run on Tennessee to get a valid license. They had to hire extra workers to deal with it. Finally after about a year and thousands of problems they required that you had to have a valid Tennessee address to get one. All this was in the hope that if they had a license at least when they were uninsured and hit someone they could presecute them to
  23. Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate all of you in here. Greg, about 2 or 3 pages back there is a link about how the tax time thing will play out. I did have it in my favorites but I can't find it now. Basically if you work 2 jobs - like my boyfriend does - or both the husband and wife work 2 jobs - next year at tax time you will have to pay back the amount of the tax break you got this year for one of the jobs or for one of the taxpayers in your home. Apparently the IRS and the government were aware of this but released the tax tables anyway with hopes of trying to fix it before next
  24. I don't remember ever denying that I was a moderate with a slight conservative lean. Back about 10 pages ago I explained and put onto paper my stances and where I stood on things. So that is no problem for me to admit - I admit it happily and feel no shame in it at all. As to the other I guess I am different than most gays or bisexuals - I am an oddity even though I know a few others. Yes I am a bisexual man living in a relationship with a man but there is more to me than that. I don't wear it on my sleeve and make every decision in my life based on it. There are principles I stand for tha
  25. I am not sure if you mean bygones as far as the people in this thread or bygones as far as Reps and Dems in general. If the last is the case, I just have to ask how far do we take it. I mean do we wipe the slate completely clean and start all over. Because I don't see that ever happening. Democrats across all the boards are still bringing up things the Republicans did to the Dems while Clinton was in there. And it was brought up numerous times while Bush was in office. Again I ask when does it start. Just because Obama is now in there and people want everyone to come together - is that why
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