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  1. Harmony233

    DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I can’t see them making Ben good again even if they rectonned his story.He works as a bad guy and the show needs young villains and the fact that he is mentally unstable and who knows what he will do next which makes it interesting.
  2. Harmony233

    Classic GH Thread

    I Remeber an interview where CL said that she had planned making Karen scottys daughter all along and decided to go ahead with it even though Kin left. I do Remeber Scotty running into Rhonda and them mentioning they went to high school together.It was around the time Scotty was falling in love with Dominquie.
  3. Harmony233

    GH: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    I def hope they do something for lee's death or mention it even though it will probally end up being about Franco.
  4. Harmony233

    GH/PC actress returning?

    Yes unfortunately I think were getting courtney lol.
  5. Harmony233

    GH/PC actress returning?

    I don't really think it means anything either.I know theres some spec going around about it but Carly and Kin have always been close so them having lunch together doesn't really seem out of the ordinary to me.
  6. Harmony233

    Classic GH Thread

    Personally I've never been able to take Carly no matter who played her.I loved old school Heather and lucy who were bad girls but I remeber during the baby mickey saga waiting for carly to get her deserts but it never happened.Somehow AJ ended up being the evil one in that whole mess.I'm still bitter about the whole thing.
  7. Sonny and Seans plan is stupid.I don't even understand it. Nina has done the impossible.Shes making Heather look sane and look more rewritten history since when did Bobbie break up Heather and scotty? How long is ava going to be in pain geeze feels like its been forever lol.
  8. I think these child actors suck compared to the child actresses they had in the 80s and 90s.
  9. Harmony233

    New GH Casting Call

    LOL why do you say that for?wonder how RC is going to recton serena's childhood you know its coming lol.
  10. Harmony233

    New GH Casting Call

    Thanks Does anyone remeber serena getting all of Katherine's money when she died because I certainely don't lol.
  11. Harmony233

    New GH Casting Call

    These teens sound horrible.Do we know why they didn't get CS? I'm just asking because a few weeks ago Kin was in SOD and they was asking him about her and he said she would like to play serena again.
  12. Harmony233

    Port Charles Discussion Thread

    It seems like all the soaps in this time slot never could make it loving the city ect It also felt like the beginning it was more family oreniated and had more of an ensemble.I feel like the time it ended it became the Alision/Rafe/Livvie/Caleb show that said I thought it was stupid of RC to have all the vampire crap be an hallcanation in lucy's mind.
  13. Harmony233

    Port Charles Discussion Thread

    I've been watching early PC and I think I really liked it better before it went all about vampires and crap although Lucys baby obession is annoying.
  14. Harmony233

    Classic GH Thread

    wacthing the susan moore mystery man Heather/Scotty were so great together I had no clue they had even been together lol.Why did they break up anyways? Now I'm wishing they would have scenes even if Heather is a lunatic these days lol