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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    None of Conner's men really suited her. At least Patrick Tovatt was a good actor, but the age difference was creepy. The actor who played Mark Kasnoff was terrible, a real graduate of the "Lee Majors School of Acting". Although they danced around it, they never went with a Connor/Kirk pairing , which would have been great, especially in Lucinda's storyline orbit.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Wow, I had totally forgotten that Shannon's storyline on ATWT began with her living with John Dixon. I must have blocked that out, although they had a fun chemistry to them.
  3. Dark Shadows

    While I loved Kathryn Leigh Scott, I feel her version of the main victim/heroine was not as good as Alexandra Moltke. It has nothing to do with acting (I actually think KLS is a much better actress). AM just had that vulnerable quality that the camera just loved.
  4. The Doctors

    Whatever happened to David O'Brien? Was he ever in anything else besides The Doctors? Was he considered the lead male character on the show?
  5. Recasts

    Sorry, but two big no-nos on the list for me. Hunt Block's turning of Craig Montgomery from a complex, tortured character into a one-note cartoon is not my idea of great recasting. Similarly, Scott Holroyd made Paul Ryan into a many-layered son of Stenbeck, as opposed to Howarth, who had just two expresions during his whole run: The Blank Stare and The Blubbering Explosion.
  6. At what point can you find Edge Of Night episodes? My earliest memory of the show is when someone (Mike Karrs wife?) ran outside and was hit by a car. Then I remember a character named Orrin Hillyer who married someone who was a double for his late wife. But when I really started paying attention was when Nicole Travis appeared on the scene and the great Stephanie Martin Murder Mystery happened. I LOVED that storyline, but I guess all video traces of it are nowhere to be found?
  7. Ratings from the 70's

    Any ratings from the year 1970? I would think that Dark Shadows would still have been popular at that time.
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Wow, I can't believe how many actors have had to use the old chestnut about not getting married because "they're married to their work."
  9. I'm curious if there were any feuds on the set of the old soap "Dark Shadows"? As much as a cult show as it was, I've never heard any stories of behind-the-scenes friction.
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    This started me thinking...what ATWT recast best captured the spirit of their predecessor?
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I know there was a memorial for Ben Hendrickson, but I've never heard anything about it. I was curious about who attended, what was said, who spoke, etc. Have there been any written pieces about the memorial?
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Walters was so bland he faded into the woodwork. A hunk who was brought in for no other reason than to be a hunk. Maybe that's why they made the Taylor/Batten switch. Could anyone really believe that ART's Connor would be content with this airhead Kasnoff?
  13. ATWT: P&G to release ATWT DVD Collection

    I never understood why Ariel Aldrin was let go. She was wonderful, and would have made a good sounding board for James later on. She could be greedy and conniving, but also weirdly sympathetic (like when she found herself falling for Burke Donovan, who she initially was just using). If I'm not mistaken, didn't Karen leave after the John/Lucinda romance started up?
  14. ATWT: P&G to release ATWT DVD Collection

    Except that some of us don't view Sweden as being "a safe haven" .... not exactly safe for the innocent baby whose life is being snuffed out.
  15. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Every new writing team wants to create their "legacy family". Sometimes it works (The Snyders) and sometimes it doesn't (The Kasnoffs). The K's had several problems. One, there was no Matriarch or Patriarch figure. Two, it was built around por actors. I guess they were trying to duplicate building the family up from the hunk (Mike/Holden) involved with the heiress (Rosanna/Lily), but lightning didn't strike twice. And Sarah Kasnoff...don't even get me started.