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  1. Wasn't the Rosanna/Mike story (and before that Rosanna/Hutch) an attempt to duplicate the success of Lily/Holden?
  2. I never thought Lily and Holden would have any serious competition until Damian arrived.
  3. Tad Channing was great. Didn't he suffer a particularly gruesome demise?
  4. For me, it will always be Stephanie Martin on "The Edge Of Night". Her reign of terror was so overwhelming that when she was finally done in, you knew everyone in Monticello would have been justified to kill her.
  5. The most ridiculous SORASing I ever saw was Bonnie McKechnie on ATWT.
  6. The Colleen Zenk / Hillary Smith feud actually worked out well for ATWT. Barbara and Margo hated each other, and this probably carried over from their portrayers personal issues. Barbara/Margo scenes (as well as Barbara/Shannon scenes) were must-see-TV for me. Turning Barbara from perpetual victim to bitch was the best move ATWT ever did.
  7. Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows murdered how many women, but became the show's lead hero?
  8. And no mention of the ultimate matriarch, Earth Mother of 6 problematic kids.....Saint Emma Snyder of ATWT?
  9. This may sound strange, since she wasn't a major player in Oakdale, but...Vienna Hyatt. I know she was just brought on as a limited-run Paris Hilton, but she ended up having a fun storyline with Henry Coleman, and was the only scene partner who could make Henry seem straight. I get that they wanted to pair Henry with Barbara, but they could have given Henry and Vienna some final scenes where they have a true break-up. Vienna's last scenes were with Chris Hughes in some laundry room, as I recall.
  10. What ticks me off about Meg Ryan is how she can be so ungrateful, when she was given opportunities the average actress would kill for. As a complete newbie, she was made the center of ATWT for two years with (how should I put this) very limited acting skills. She could play cute and had a quirky style which made her popular with viewers, but that can fade over time. What worked in her favor was that unpredictable quality called chemistry, which she did have with Frank Runyeon (and that the better actress Lindsay Frost clearly did not). From what I've read, Marissa Tomei isn't much
  11. As The World Turns: The Good: - I loved Margaret Colin, and swore I'd stop watching when she left, but replacement Hilary Smith ended up being my favorite Margo Hughes. - Everyone knows Julianne Moore was fantastic as Frannie Hughes, but I also enjoyed Mary Ellen Stuart when she took over. Very natural acting style. - Scott Holroyd was perfect as Paul Ryan, combining all the hero qualities with all the conflicts of having The Devil as his father. The In-Between: - Kelley Menighan(?)-was very durable and long-lasting as Emily, and usually a good a
  12. Pelphrey was the worst. Oops, second worst...no one beats the awful Roger Howarth.
  13. Remember when Maura West had that REALLY short hair as Carly? Just. Too. Much.
  14. A small part of me thinks Goutman was good at maintaining "the look" of the show, since he was dealing with a dwindling budget. ATWT never got to the ultra-cheap production values that Wheeler's GL did. Everything else about him was terrible. He had more time to wrap up his show than any of the other canceled soaps, and he wasted it all. Instead of giving the viewers a chance to honor and say goodbye to 50-plus year show, he kept introducing disposable characters and plots that no one cared about. Why not bring Martha Byrne back at the end, reunite Katie and Simon, have some temp
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