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100 Greatest ABC Couples

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I can't wait to see the ABC list. I just saw the CBS one, and I think they're top 25 picks are pretty good. In fact, I don't think I would have published anything after that. It's like the BCS rankings. Once you get out of the top 25, it's pretty much a wash.

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Saw this posted on SOC..They posted the top 3 and only the AMC couples. Sorry I dont have the others.

..I figured L&L would be one and I thought T&D would be 2 with Zendall following and then Sonny/Carly

#1 Luke & Laura of GH

#2 Sonny and Brenda of GH

#3 Tad & Dixie of AMC

Also from AMC:

5. Hayley and Mateo

7. Jack and Erica ** WHOO!!!! The only one of Erica's pairings in the Top 10 and I thought they'd be in the Top 20 but to be Number 7 :D:wub::wub::wub: Now Pratt needs to get a clue

11. Zach and Kendall

17. Greg and Jenny **

18. Edmund and Maria **

21. Noah and Julia **

23. Greenlee and Leo **

31. Ryan and Kendall

35. Adam and Brooke

40. Ryan and Gillian

43. Bianca and Maggie

44. Cliff and Nina

47. Trevor and Natalie

49. Ryan and Greenlee

51. Dimitri and Erica

52. Nico and Cecily

60. Joe and Ruth

65. Palmer and Daisy

69. Phil and Tara

76. Brian and Hayley

79. Adam and Krystal

90. Adam and Liza

94. Charlie and Cecily

95. Jeremy and Natalie

99. Langley and Phoebe

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Jesse/Angie deserve to be on there but not in the Top 10, sorry. The right couple's are in the top 10 and where they should be :D J/A left the show for a lot of years and I think that's why they weren't mentioned but they should have been in the 25-50 grouping at least.

Jerica has lasted 21 years and even if they weren't together all of those years, their fanbase never went away and just grew stronger and larger. GO JERICA! :wub:

I thought Zendall would be number 3 and Tad/Dixie number 2. Considering Zendall doesn't have the years together yet than I can see why SID placed them where they did.

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I thought Angie & Jesse would have placed somewhere on the list. People loved them together. I'm surprised at the oversight, considering they've been back on screen for almost a year. They don't place at all? That doesn't seem right.

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25. Nikolas & Emily (GH)

24. Jax & Brenda (GH)

23. Leo & Greenlee (AMC)

22. Ben & Viki (OLTL)

21. Noah & Julia (AMC)

20. Sonny & Carly (GH)

19. Patrick & Marty (OLTL)

18. Edmund & Maria (AMC)

17. Greg & Jenny (AMC)

16. John & Natalie (OLTL)

15. Ned & Lois (GH)

14. Anna & Robert (GH)

13. Todd & Blair (OLTL)

12. Jason & Liz (GH)

11. Zach & Kendall (AMC)

10. Bo & Nora (OLTL)

9. Lucky & Liz (GH)

8. Cord & Tina (OLTL)

7. Jack & Erica (AMC)

6. Clint & Viki (OLTL)

5. Haley & Mateo (AMC)

4. Frisco & Felicia (GH)

3. Tad & Dixie (AMC)

2. Sonny & Brenda (GH)

1. Luke & Laura (GH)

I think that the right list

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