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  1. Billy Miller lazy ass should be gone, but I don't want Burton back. They should kill Jason again and keep him dead this time
  2. The episode was about Jason, it was never going to be good
  3. I hope Billy Miller is one of those actors
  4. If he was trying to make her look bad, he fail by doing something unethical
  5. But he's not mad at the hackers, he's made at the people who leak the message.
  6. Becky is so powerful she'll get GH cancelled by leaving. lmao Narvi is an a** and an idiots. What kind of executive comment on an actor ongoing negotiation? Varni needs to get off social media and stop DM fans If Becky wasn't thinking of leaving, she should now.
  7. Kelly Monaco is not leaving unless Frank fired her imo
  8. They try to ruined her reputation and image and yet she's unprofessional for talking to her friends about how she was treated?
  9. She didn't publicly say bad things about NBC. She hasn't said anything at all, to my knowledge.
  10. Did Brandi Glanville Have Drama With NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey At Bravo After Party?
  11. Can someone make this into an avatar size gif for me please?
  12. Angela from Boy Meet World More pictures @ http://ohnotheydidnt...521.html#cutid1
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmqUlXQCAz8
  14. The longer election night last, the more money they make (or they just want a repeat of Gore vs Bush)
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