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1. Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder) - 15

2. Martha Byrne (Lily Walsh Snyder) - 13

3. Ellen Dolan (Margo Montgomery Hughes) - 12

3. Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily Stewart) - 12

5. Dylan Bruce (Dr. Chris Hughes) - 11

5. Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan) - 11

5. Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder Montgomery) - 11

8. Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery) - 10

8. Wally Kurth (Sam Hutchins) - 10

8. Michael Park (Jack Snyder) - 10

8. Maura West (Carly Tenney) - 10

12. Mick Hazen (Parker Snyder) - 9

12. Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan) - 9 Last Appeared on January 29

14. Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti) - 8

14. Cady McClain (Rosanna Cabot Ryan) - 8 Last Appeared on January 28

14. Austin Peck (Brad Snyder) - 8

14. Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan) - 8

18. Scott Holmes (Tom Hughes) - 7

18. Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh) - 7

18. Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck Munson) - 7

18. Chaunteé Schuler (Bonnie McKechnie) - 7

18. Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) - 7

18. (Uncredited Infant) (Hallie Munson) - 7

24. Justine Cotsonas (Sofie Duran) - 6

24. Marie Masters (Dr. Susan Burke Stewart) - 6

24. Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart) - 6

27. Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt) - 5

27. Ryan Serhant (Evan Walsh) - 5

29. Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman) - 4

29. Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) - 4

29. Agim Kaba (Aaron Snyder) - 4

29. Wolé Parks (Dallas Griffin) - 4

33. Ellery Capshaw (Natalie Snyder) - 3

33. Allie Gorenc (Sage Snyder) - 3

33. Ashley Marie Greiner (Faith Snyder) - 3

33. Kathryn Hays (Kim Sullivan Hughes) - 3

33. Daniel Manche (J.J. Snyder) - 3

33. James Riordan (Dr. Hearn) - 3

33. Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer) - 3

33. Zach Sorrow (Dylan) - 3

41. Reathel Bean (Minister) - 2

41. Sarita Covington (Krista) - 2

41. Eileen Fulton (Lisa Miller Grimaldi) - 2

41. Rebecca Kaasa (Nurse Jan) - 2

41. Chance Kelly (Joe Rossiter) - 2

41. Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes) - 2 First Appeared on January 29

41. Brayden Julian & Declan Patrick Schenck (Ethan Snyder) - 2

41. Lauretta Vaughn (Kit Fowler) - 2

49. David Bishins (Doctor) - 1

49. Hope Chernov (Dr. Seidman) - 1 Recast

49. Scott Decker (Coach) - 1

49. Mark Dold (Stan) - 1

49. Holter Graham (Manny) - 1

49. Christian Hogarth (Doctor) - 1

49. Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes) - 1

49. Michael Izquierdo (Neil Perkins) - 1

49. Mark Jacoby (Trip Baker) - 1

49. Leah Johnston (Grace) - 1

49. Keith Keaveney (Contractor) - 1

49. Anne L. Nathan (Ginny) - 1

49. Anne Marie Nest (Audrey) - 1

49. Peter Richards (Jay) - 1

49. David Rossmer (Promoter) - 1

49. Sam Stone (Daniel Hughes) - 1

Not featured this month:

Alex Charak (Elwood Hoffman)

Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes McClosky)

Kathleen Widdoes (Emma Snyder)

(actors in italics are non-contract)


Holden has his biggest month since May 2005! And Lily has her biggest since March 2007.

Noah with just three appearances? And Luke with four??

Gwen and Will are no longer shoved down our throats -- they are now usually in the middle of the pack.

Margo and Tom got decent air-time. Expect it to stay that way with Casey's return.

It looks like Emma is at another farmer's convention...

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She has never made the top 3 since I have been doing the counts (spring-'06). She did have 13 appearances last January when Tom had his heart attack. She also had a month with 15 appearances during the Slasher storyline from the Summer of '06.

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    • Apologies Slick- not updating my somewhat disorganized lists. Michael Fairman THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS   Patrick "Murph" Murphy   2008-14  2017 recurring DAYS OF OUR LIVES  Mr Schroeder 1977
    • I sure don't pretend to have expert recall, lol.   In the first episode, Sally McGuire famously said, "Kind of a drag, isn't it.  Being stuck in a place like Genoa City.  God, I feel so restless."  In the same episode, the truck driver told Brad Eliot, "Genoa City -- nice-sized town, but I prefer St. Paul.  That's where the family is."     We were given the idea from Day One that Genoa City was a fairly *small* to *mid-sized* Midwestern metropolis, not nearly as big as a Chicago or even a Detroit or Minneapolis.   In the early 1990s, Victor Newman advised Hope Wilson that Genoa City was comparable to Wichita, Kansas -- population about 400,000 in 1990, with a metro population of around 500,000.   The high-rises that I remember being featured from early on were the Genoa City Hotel and Genoa Towers.  There was a restaurant called "The Embers" in one of them (Genoa Towers, I believe). Lorie Brooks moved into a penthouse, circa 1978, which was located at 247 East Chestnut.  Lorie's unit was #2500, indicating her apartment was on the 25th floor.  Vanessa Prentiss jumped to her death from the balcony in 1981.  During Lorie's trial, they gave the address about a zillion times -- "247 East Chestnut #2500".  This was an inside joke of Bill Bell's, because his co-writer, Kay Alden, resided in real-life at 247 East Chestnut #2500 in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago.  From Lorie's balcony, we could see a cluster of several high-rises -- not a Chicago by any stretch of the imagination, but more a Wichita.   Jabot's corporate offices were on 4th Street.  The "corporate suites" were on the 12th floor, indicating the building was likely 12 stories.  Kevin Bancroft, an architect, was hired to design a new high-rise (Newman Towers) in 1981.  Much ado was made about Newman Towers being 35 stories, among the tallest in the city.  The address given for Newman Towers was 7800 Melrose, another Bill Bell inside joke -- Y&R was recorded at 7800 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles.  Paul moved his office into Newman Towers to "upgrade his image".  As someone mentioned, Nikki took an apartment in Newman Towers to "have a place in town to spend the night" when she "didn't feel like driving back to the ranch"; instead, her apartment became a love nest with Jack Abbott.  Victor and Diane, during their marriage, lived on the top floor of Newman Towers.  The show did a few remotes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, back in the 1980s and early 1990s.  Evidently the production staff felt Pittsburgh mirrored what we were seeing on-screen -- cold and snowy, good-sized Rust Belt metropolis.  I believe Pittsburgh's population was around 500,000 at the time, comparable to the "Wichita-sized city" Victor described to Hope.   In the early 2000s, there were some "establishing shots" filmed around Charlotte, North Carolina.   Not sure why they selected Charlotte over Pittsburgh.  Probably figured found a couple of buildings there on which "Newman Towers" and "Jabot Cosmetics" could be airbrushed easily.  
    • Yeah, they played it wrong with them last time including the idiotic engagement to Jax (a go-to Ron always goes for with returning characters for no reason and did with Scott and Laura in an equally ridiculous subplot around the same time - there was no way those two would reunite again). But Brenda raising hell in town, antagonizing Carly, reconnecting with A.J. and Robin, even the Michael tease all worked for me because it was about her being central, able to be plugged in anywhere and shaking up the canvas. That is what she is best at and what she can do. Sonny has to come to her where she lives and especially after what happened to their marriage.
    • I mean maybe RH and Vanessa would pop off in chemistry lol.. I actually wouldn't be surprised.   I honestly don't need Brenda in random pairings but I need some movement on Sonny's part to not be the worst.  Because I feel like the always put them back together on popularity with zero movement in the actual lovestory.  And I do feel like the show plays Brenda as so lovelorn for Sonny..which fine, but Sonny is a actual trash bag fire with like 17 kids from 17 moms so...........
    • Janet Wood can be found on page 105. I'll add more to an updated profile in the a.m.      Bobby Doran is on page 210. I added 2 movies there.  Maybe more pics Thursday. I'll add the Bob Bailey, Paul Ford and Jeanne Bates  info  after I add movies/ Broadway to them. Researched Paul Geary  and Jack Wells   +  Stephen Kay of GH and Days newcomer Helen Day.  @Bright Eyes  I'll have Max Ehrich and Cam Gigandet tomorrow, Friday the latest
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