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Movies you wish you never saw


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-Catwoman, that movie was awful. I laughed during the first 30 minutes, it was so corny.

-Hulk, he looked like shrek on steroids, and he was way too big. I hated all the jumping around.

-The village, just so stupid and waaay too predictable.

This is why I now listen to critics/user reviews on yahoo. This is what happens when you go against them, because in most cases they are right about the movie, all of these movies got a c or below on yahoo.

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Ancorman: Legend of Ron Burgandy

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

CGI and robot duplicates and Disco-style dance songs for the Oompa Loompa's? And Johnny Depp's weird portrayal of Willy Wonka? I know the character is supposed to be a crazy eccentric, but he was never this cold and almost creepy. Ewww!

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I'm one of the rare who actually liked Hulk. And I thought Charlie & The Chocolate factory was terrific, better than the original at least.

-Titanic (piece of CRAP essentially except for the last hour)

-Matrix Revolutions (WTF was this?? I barely understood it!)

-Van Helsing (worst movie ever)

-Hidalgo (cute movie but not worth $10)

-The Lord of the Rings movies (OVERRATED)

-Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (well I was intoxicated when I saw this and don't remember anything really, so I'd like the money back lol)

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The Grudge--horrible movie

Boogie Nights- stupid porn flick!!!

Godzilla- didn't pay for it, but I still want money for having to see it!!

Prime- It so wasn't worth $, agaimn didn't pay for but I would like my free movie pass back!!

The 13th warrior- no plot what so ever!!! Horrible movie (Antonio Bandaras sucks)

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    • Tom King did a relatively good job writing for Lemay's existing characters.  But King's new characters were terribly ill conceived, and his writing for them was awful.  Had King been smart, he would not have written-off so may of Lemay's characters.  King eventually dedicated at least one fourth of the cast to badly written crime drama, which did not fit the style of Another World.  All soaps occasionally do crime plots, but King over-did it, plus the plots were not compelling.  And for some reason, the next two or three head-writers continued with the bad crime stuff.  
    • Oh, how I laughed at that.   You're not. Some people have been saying the same. And Twitter definitely has been arguing that very point along with the potential return of Mary to SLC given she skipped the second season reunion. It sets a standard and people are going to wonder...especially the housewives themselves.   Perhaps he will ask on that one on one. Please register in order to view this content
    • We can also add Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R; Steffi, Loving/The City), who acted with Debbi and Darnell on both soaps. Billy Miller/Jeff Branson/Elizabeth Hendrickson/Eden Riegel (Richie/Jonathan/Maggie/Bianca, AMC; Billy/Ronan/Chloe/Heather, Y&R) You can swap out Eden for Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC; Chelsea, Y&R). They almost overlapped as well. I suppose Debbi and Darnell overlapped with most of them on both shows. 
    • A couple of thoughts on today's episode: 1. The whole BLQ scene seemed like a rerun of Friday's episode.  I know soaps like to repeat scenes so that viewers can keep up with the story, but I actually had to check the date to see if I wasn't watching the prior show. 2.  Liz exiting the scene with Finn to go to the wedding rehearsal was amusing.  First because it was like she was saying 'I am going to turn myself into the police, but first I must go to this rehearsal for a wedding that I'm not going to be able to attend if I'm arrested.'  And second, why are they still having the rehearsal an hour after Britt's memorial service?  Talk about day-to-night, how does one figure out what to wear for a day when they're going from work to a funeral to a wedding rehearsal? 3.  Laura still blames herself for not being around to raise to Nikolas?   He's been in Port Charles since 1996, 27 years, more than half his life.  She's had plenty of time to be a good influence since then...
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