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Whoa. Go GREYS!! It's amazing that a show has finally OUSTED CSI. Grey deserves it. This is going to be interesting to say the least, especially when the show gets BIGGER. This show has now definitely established it and all the "Desperate Housewives" lead-in talk can be put to a rest.

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Emmet from QAF (the brain tumour guy) was a hoot

OMG, I *knew* I recognized him from somewhere! Too bad he died though. :(

Another great episode. I loved how George was jealous of Callie's supposed sexy black undies incident, how Meredith decided to date both Finn & McDreamy, how Alex bedded the patient in the bathroom and I laughed at Izzy and her muffins. I'm soooo glad McSteamy showed up to take Addison's pain away. If I'm not mistaken, Derrick looked relieved! :lol:

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What was up with DC's makeup she looked pale or maybe I'm just used to seeing her in more makeup. Loved her scenes with Yang, I can't wait tell Yang attempts to tell her off, thats gonna be fire. :lol: This episode was much better than the premiere. An how did anyone buy that those were Callie's underwear, meredith is like a size 3 and callie, well I won't go there. :D Loved McSteamy returning with just a towel on, that was HOT!!!!! I hope Addison and McSteamy stay, I don't want them to leave.

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This was much, much better than the premiere episode!

I loved George's jealousy. I thought he would have figured out that Callie was covering for one of his girls and I really like how Callie has been integrated into their friendships now.

McVet bringing Izzy lunch makes him damn near perfect. What is wrong with Meredith?

I'm glad Izzy is still grieving in her own way.

Peter Paige speaking his mind was so funny.

Can't wait for Christina to win over Diahann Carroll (sorry, can't remember the character's name).

McSteamy at the end, wow!!!! I'm going to have to watch the episode again at abc.com just to see more of him. :D

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