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  1. Leilene had her new cut during her one on one interview but Saaphryi didn't which makes me think they knew who the winners were before the makeovers.
  2. Well I am not complaining about the winner but I was just disappointed in how they set up the final two ceremony.
  3. Nope How many states have you been to?
  4. Please Allow Ross In Sir MARKS
  5. Damn I wish I was your Lover -Sophie B. Hawkins
  6. Some Maids Don't Launder Apples FIVES
  7. She-Ra, Princess of Power Do you collect anything?
  8. Gary Read Every Even Number SOMBER
  9. The Little Mermaid Who is your favorite member of X-men?
  10. Heart of Rats Slip Easily MARKED
  11. No Have you ever been to a foreign country?
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