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  1. Leilene had her new cut during her one on one interview but Saaphryi didn't which makes me think they knew who the winners were before the makeovers.
  2. Well I am not complaining about the winner but I was just disappointed in how they set up the final two ceremony.
  3. Nope How many states have you been to?
  4. Please Allow Ross In Sir MARKS
  5. Damn I wish I was your Lover -Sophie B. Hawkins
  6. Some Maids Don't Launder Apples FIVES
  7. She-Ra, Princess of Power Do you collect anything?
  8. Gary Read Every Even Number SOMBER
  9. The Little Mermaid Who is your favorite member of X-men?
  10. Heart of Rats Slip Easily MARKED
  11. No Have you ever been to a foreign country?
  12. I was reading people magazine today and I had no idea Justin Chambers(Alex) has five kids.
  13. Its either Jeremy or Jason London. They are identical twins so who knows. Jeremy was the skinner one at one time so it may be him.
  14. So what happens now to George? Can he still practice Medicine just not be a surgeon? I am a little unclear on the rules. I am satisfied with Callie telling Izzie about trying for a baby that day. Izzie just needs to move on. I am so disappointed with Alex. I think I liked him better cold as ice with his patients. I really wanted Addsion and him together. Bailey not getting chief was interesting. I want to know the chief's logic in that. And did I miss the part where he tells McSteamy, why he wasn't named chief? I wonder if McSteamy will hook up with the new Grey?
  15. I am not surprised to see Darra and Saphari get into a fight on the previews. They must of picked up a clue or two when Mo'Nique kicked off Courtney for not causing drama.
  16. My mouth dropped open when Larissa started calling Leilene a slut for stripping. Um didn't she bend her ass over and wiggle it in Flav's face to get her nickname and she also did that for his buddies, too. There isn't much of a difference in what Leilene does and what Larissa did.
  17. All I wanna do is make Love to you -Heart
  18. Why isn't that girl that crapped all over the floor on here? She would of been my number one choice to have on this show If I had been in charge of casting. LOL!
  19. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne Say it Right - Nelly Furtado Since you been Gone - Kelly Clarkson What goes around/Comes around - Justin Timberlake
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