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  1. *wave*

    Now's the time to come back...Carly's coming home.

  2. Hey Dru, we miss your commentary, please bless us with your presence again!

  3. Dru, I sure do miss ya!!! Come back!

  4. Hey. Noticed you haven't been posting lately. Hope you're well. :o)

  5. Ok.......not sure what I did but...it was fun posting with you I guess.

  6. CO-SIGN. Except I just begun to like Alex...
  7. There's a difference between bitc/hy and petty IMHO. Stacy and Lisi were being petty, juvenile, and snooty teens. Orrrr 'mean girls.' I didn't even find it slightly amusing. That was just horrible IMO. And for pete's sake now I'm feeling sorry for Dreamz. Bloody Hell. Ooohh as for Dreamz, NEVER say 'Genocide' again. Eeek, bad choice of word there. BEST PART: Lisi takes a NICE face plant on to the ground :D Earl still ROCKS. Earl's spin on Moto being "Fresh Prince on Bel Air" and his tribe being "Good Times". SO many women are getting the BOOT. Okay and Boo is OFFICIALLY on my sh!t list. And BTW would it HURT Moto to atleast give them some food/equipment. FOR FUKCS SAKE THEY HELPED Y'ALL BUILD THAT LUXURY SHELTER. Talk about @$$holes. Oh and producers, I'm calling straight BS on your pillow challenge. Anyone can tell that the physical match up was UNFAIR.
  8. HOLY CHICKENS. That was GREAT. But, but, buuuutttttttt APRIL 23?!?!?!?! Nooooooooooooooo :(
  9. *Removes shoes* Dayum, the Traci Quatermaine lovefest rules these parts. I *bow* to such greatness.
  10. I'm extending the olive branch...will you accept? :)

  11. Now we can switch places sshh {inside joke} lol, love you!

  12. Take care [email protected]#$%^&*] :P LOL you know I love you.

  13. OMG. She's DEAD. Simone is DEAD. I hated the character so I'm thrilled. But that was TENSE.
  14. Rock on with the hirllarious snark!

  15. I was CRINGING during Dreamz sad story. I HATE when they do that. And now Rob 2.0 is starting to get on my nerves. Erika :( One thing I learned from last Thursday show is that 'Boo Boo' is a hottie He had me LMAO too. The hammock will go down as a favorite. Great shot there.
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