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  1. *wave*

    Now's the time to come back...Carly's coming home.

  2. Hey Dru, we miss your commentary, please bless us with your presence again!

  3. Dru, I sure do miss ya!!! Come back!

  4. Hey. Noticed you haven't been posting lately. Hope you're well. :o)

  5. Ok.......not sure what I did but...it was fun posting with you I guess.

  6. *Removes shoes* Dayum, the Traci Quatermaine lovefest rules these parts. I *bow* to such greatness.
  7. I'm extending the olive branch...will you accept? :)

  8. Now we can switch places sshh {inside joke} lol, love you!

  9. Take care [email protected]#$%^&*] :P LOL you know I love you.

  10. Rock on with the hirllarious snark!

  11. You're my new bestest friend. :)

  12. You're my new bestest friend. :)

  13. Wow, have you turned into a fan of GA now? I recommend watching next week, the previews looked great. I already see a possible emmy reel from Sandra Oh here.
  14. LOL. I just found it alright. If it was a 'regular' episode then I would have totally digged it. But after all that hype, it just fell flat to me.
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