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  1. *Removes shoes* Dayum, the Traci Quatermaine lovefest rules these parts. I *bow* to such greatness.
  2. I'm extending the olive branch...will you accept? :)

  3. Now we can switch places sshh {inside joke} lol, love you!

  4. Take care [email protected]#$%^&*] :P LOL you know I love you.

  5. Rock on with the hirllarious snark!

  6. You're my new bestest friend. :)

  7. You're my new bestest friend. :)

  8. Wow, have you turned into a fan of GA now? I recommend watching next week, the previews looked great. I already see a possible emmy reel from Sandra Oh here.
  9. LOL. I just found it alright. If it was a 'regular' episode then I would have totally digged it. But after all that hype, it just fell flat to me.
  10. OKAY show. Wasn't overly impressed, but I liked it. They could have gotten better extras for the grieving parts though. The preview with Sandra Oh, has me SCURED!
  11. Mitch is no !@#$%^&*] folks

  12. LOL, I don't know. I just remember in the beginning with Izzy and the whole "do not assume" thing. So I was thinking that something might have been on the up and up.
  13. Good theory on her being deaf Josh. I was wondering if the girl really wet herself, or if something else might have been up.
  14. Never got the McDreamy love, so I personally wouldn't mind if he left.
  15. OMG OMG OMG Addison/Alex -HOTNESS. Hook these two up already! Callie O'Malley :lol: I LOVED George standing up for his woman today. Izzie was an annoying b!tch! And the Addison/Callie friendship simply ROCKS. Christina Burke -I'm thinking Burke is going to die. Ellen Pompeo, you proved me [sigh] WRONG tonight. She was the one to watch tonight. Her performances were flawless. From her costume, to the makeup, to the acting, Ellen was great. She needs more of this material. Can I just say how much I adore Kate Burton? Excellent performances from her, and she WILL receive a "guest spot" Emmy nomination. The writing was excellent as well. Although the outbreak was a bit "ER." I frickin' LOVE our cast! THREE EPISODES? They better be goooooooooood.
  16. I give up, GA is putting me to sleep. I don't need something explosive, but I need more of those "moments" and "memorable patients."
  17. Looking forward to GA tomorrow night.
  18. Y&R fans unite. :HIGH FIVE:

  19. Thanks for the comment Juniorz. I feel honored to be one of your fav's, we need to chat sometime.

  20. Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren. Brilliant.
  21. LOL. Thanks Steve.

  22. I'm not feeling this season AT ALL. Please, don't go the way of Desperate Housewives...
  23. Sorry about the PSNS cancellation. I know it was your show, and it sucks that it was cancel for such stupid reasons.

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