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  1. Cheap, AMS, did y'all watch Wiener's Cirlce? ;-D

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    2. SFK


      Hardcore Pawn, ugh, I truly love that show but the set up situations bring me much third party embarrassment. My dad and I watch every week and we're getting a little antsy with the fakeness. The show also does NO favors for black people. Ashley and Les are much better actors than Seth, and the "guest stars".

    3. SFK


      AMS, Wiener's Circle is a group of sistas (and a brotha) who work a hotdog hole in the wall on the North side of Chicago. Most of their clientele is late night drunks so the staff entertains itself by making the customers do crazy [[email protected]#$%^&*] like duel with hotdogs in their mouth or strip. Some LOL moments, and the show is new enough at this point that the stars seem unaffected and pretty naturalistic even if the situations are set up.

    4. SFK
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