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  1. "The Titanic had a better Band" LOL. Leave it to Luke.
  2. I think Brooke Lynn should keep calling Tracy Granny. It's cute and funny. I know they sill have the tag line " it's my house" that Monica says, but it's not the same without Alan so maybe the My Granny and the STOP CALLING ME GRANNY!!! Could be something new. We all know that whenever Monica said "this os my house" we all cimed in with Alan in saying "I gave it to her". I can see the same thing with "STOP CALLING ME GRANNY"!! Lol.
  3. In any case it was a beautiful chan reaction that I'm glad we got to see and didn't get cut
  4. I loved these scenes LMAO winda..wha??!!!t too funny and if you notice it wasn't just Jane who cracked up NLG and AG both tried to hide laughs/smiles I think that's why Jane started to laugh. I actually liked everyone in these scenes even Nick. Maybe TC should do more scenes with this group instead of nick being on a high horse all the time. TC is actually pretty funny. IMO
  5. I agree they should bring back the nurse's ball. On another point hasn't it been said Jane/Tracy might be getting a S/L focusing on her. (I'm not holding by breath) Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I know we were trying to figure out why Tracy would have a cold. No point to it right? What if tptb are building something here. We know a lot of people got sick during the toxic outbreak, Tracy was the only one I can remember having a cough to speak of.I mean I know it was supposed to attack the lungs, but most everyone just casp for air and collapsed Tracy really was the only one who kept up the cough. It might have been good acting on jane's part,but still. Fastforward to the donegen Tracy was really sick with a cough and fever and when she was at the hospital doc said she had traces of a viral infection but she would be fine. Now the cold I know there was no cough , but she did mention cough drops. Maybe this little story we're getting is going to be a Heath scare. Bring the family together to help Tracy bring her kids back. An ecellent reason to recast Dillon. I know it just wishful thinking, but hey a girl can dream!
  6. BTW My LuNacy Board has had face lift and I really want it to be active again. so come on by and post and anybody who is new Please Join the board!http://z4.invisionfree.com/we_all_need_LuNacy/index.php
  7. LOL, like I really believe that. I understand there will always be Luke/Laura fans and that's fine, but do people have to go and cut down the best Actress in daytime because LuNacy is a couple. come on people! JE is not going anywhere(Please God) Even if GF did come back to GH the whole Luke/Tracy/Laura SL would be epic for all involved.
  8. Yay I need my luNacy fix. Glad it's tomorrow.
  9. Ewww is right. Does anyone remember in 1996 when Tracy and Jax were working together to gain control of ELQ, Brenda kept walking in when they were talking. Brenda was jelous of Tracy then, lol. Tracy would wipe the foot with that "Tart". Now I could see Ethan and Brenda getting together. At least VM would get scenes with TG. A Luke/ Tracy Ethan/ Brenda adventure might be fun.
  10. Hello all, don't know if any of you remember me. I know it's been a really long time. a lot has happened in the past two years, but i think I'm ready to get back into all the LuNacy at least on t.v., lol. Hope you guys will let me back into the club I sure do miss it. P.S. Just in case some of you don't know I'm Lacey AKA dorianfan18 on other sites and dfan18 here.
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