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  1. Never really listened to much 2PM before because they haven't had a comeback since I started listening to kpop last summer, but I decided to check them out more with Gentlemen's Game coming out (and since I've loved what I've heard from Junho & Jun.K). I've been obsessed with A.D.T.O.Y the last few weeks as a result. Hadn't planned on buying the album (just the title track) until I heard the album spoiler and now that I've gotten it on iTunes I freaking LOVE IT. I think Uneasy is my favorite song on the album. As a result, I just ordered the physical album to support.
  2. I'm such a horrible kpop fan. I'm still trying to learn all them members of my favorite groups (EXO included). I still have trouble telling Lay, Chen, Sohu, & Sehun apart. I do have to say that D.O's little head bob in the live stages gives me life! And blonde Kai does thing to me.
  3. Taemin's solo album is quite possibly one of my favorite K-Pop albums of this year. I had it on constant repeat when it first came out. IMO, every single song on that album is a standout. I really, really, REALLY love Soldier. YG has started releasing announcement images of their new girl group (as yet unnamed) which is supposed to debut in July. They haven't even said how many girls are in the group, but Jennie & Lisa are the two girls announced so far
  4. I just saw it mentioned online that James Douglas who played Grant Colman (in addition to numerous other roles including Peyton Place) passed away earlier this month.
  5. Oh? BEAST's new Japanese album is actually on iTunes? I didn't think the Japanese releases ever got iTunes releases here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/guess-who/id1091883660 And, out of curiosity, I checked on the new BTOB Japanese EP, as well. The whole EP isn't on iTunes, but the single "Dear Bride" IS! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dear-bride-single/id1087665990
  6. LOVING VIXX's new Japanese single "Depend on Me"!!!
  7. I'm hit or miss on Zico primarily because I'm really not much of a rap person. I liked "Boys & Girls" & I liked "Eureka", but I didn't like some of his other stuff. That said, I freaking loved "I Am You, You Are Me" & I've had it on heavy rotation in my playlist since it came out. I'm eager for the announced Block-B comeback next month since it'll be their first comeback since I got into k-pop last summer.
  8. Apparently online reaction for Hate has been very mixed with a LOT of people hating it (well, primarily hating the beat-drop chorus). I, personally, LOVE IT. In between WINNER (who I'm just now getting around to checking out with the release of EXIT:E, but I'm loving EVERYTHING I'm hearing), 4Minute, & now Taeyeon's new single, my k-pop favs chart for this week is WRECKED. And I totally agree about the entire 4Minute mini-album. Every. Single. Track. Is FIRE!
  9. I've always been amused by Rosa's enunciation of Santanna's name - SsanTANNA.
  10. 2NE1 rose up out of that floor after CL did Hello Bitches & just stole the whole show & slayed everyone in site.
  11. CL rapping in Korean is still easier to understand that Iggy Azalea rapping in English, tho...
  12. Minho.my.god. This (and the music, really), is one of the reasons that SHINee is one of my favorite groups.
  13. I'm seriously going to go broke on itunes with all of these November comebacks.
  14. Um... I think I'm absolutely totally head over heels in love with Oh My Girl's "Closer". Simply fantastic & gorgeous. I especially like the almost old school trace like quality of the backing track.
  15. All I've heard since I first got into kpop a few months ago on the various kpop blogs/site is "iKON's coming iKON's coming!" and I was prepared for something spectacular and... well... I was underwhelmed, to say the least. Granted, I know this is a "pre-debut" release (whatever that really means, I'm not entirely sure), so I'm hoping the actual debut has some punch to it. Really, REALLY like "Fire" by Junho. And that MV for "So Good" is, well, SOOOO GOOD! Meanwhile, did anyone catch the special release of "Amen" by Monsta X?!? They're marketing & promotion & style is so totally bad boy hip hop-ish, but this video has to be the cutest, most adorable "off brand" thing I've ever seen. And, back to Seventeen, I actual bought that entire EP and every single track is good. They've quickly become one of my favorite boygroups to watch.
  16. Yeah. Apparently JYP's youtube account got hacked (or something) & the video got deleted & they had to reuploaded it. And I totally agree about Dumb Dumb. I wasn't sure what to make of all the teasers (and the video is still whack as f-ck), but I cannot get that "dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb" out of my head. Seventeen's new song "Mansae" just dropped & (as to be expected based on the awesomeness of Adore U) it is FABULOUS!!!
  17. Ok. I'm am SO TOTALLY HERE for this. Holy [!@#$%^&*]. Thanks to the internet, I've already listened to the whole EP (the first time I've EVER listened to a whole kpop EP/Album) and this is really THE [!@#$%^&*]. These boys are going to be HUGE. DAY6 - Congratulations
  18. OMG! I watch EVERY single music show performance of MTTM just for that flying in move alone. That entire dance routine is one of my favorites out of all the boyband routines I've watched. Now that I've gotten acclimated to the new releases, I've been digging to back catalogs & I love every single single EXO has put out, so much so that I went and bought all of them on itunes. lol I really, REALLY love Mama. And I just downloaded a bunch of T-ara stuff the other day because I kept finding hits of theirs that I freaking loved. Rolly Polly is the silliest song ever, but I couldn't get it out of my head. TOTALLY agree about Hyuna's new song. Catchy as all get out. But I'm never quite sure what the song's actual title is because I've seen both "Roll Deep" as well as "Because I'm the Best." lol I've also been feeling the 2 new Girls' Generation songs, "Lion Heart" & "You Think" B1A4's "Sweet Girl" is simply a smooth, discoy confection Of course, I then had to go looking back at older B1A4 songs & found "Solo Day" WHICH I LOVE!!!
  19. my favorite boyband songs at the moment... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAn6KvsnP3E
  20. Currently, my favorite girl group songs.
  21. That's Australian itunes. It's not available in the US yet. Trust me. I keep checking. The new T-ara song isn't on there either, yet.
  22. TOTALLY loving this song at the moment Love, love, LOVE this song! It's pissing me off that it's not on itunes.
  23. Just surfing around the k-pop nether-sphere & stumbled upon this song for the first time. Oh. My. God. I'm an emotional wreck. Her voice is phenomenal. I need tissues.
  24. Accidentally stumbled down the rabbit hole of K-Pop a few weeks ago thanks to an article on Billboard about K-Pop boybands. I'd never listened at all before that, but now I am OBSESSED. Quite literally, K-Pop is just about ALL I've listened to for WEEKS now. It started with MVs on youtube, progressed to buying songs on itunes, now watching reaction vids, countdown vids, & performance vids from the various K-Pop music shows. This has become a sickness. I am not seeking an antidote.
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