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  1. BuckyB12

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I don't really recall anything about this reality show storyline, but many of David's lines popped back into my head upon watching this. I did love Tuc.
  2. BuckyB12

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Patricia Bruder was one of the worst victims of SORAS fallout - her son Dan was a medical student eight years after his birth in 1958, and was married with children by 1970. Ellen had been Penny Hughes' best friend, and thus was originally one of the younger generation, but by the 70s Ellen and David were essentially moved into Nancy and Chris's generation. Bruder was "aged" through makeup and wardrobe, and was apparently pretty unhappy about it.
  3. BuckyB12

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Victor's old. He always has the heat turned way up.
  4. BuckyB12

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Re: the Kiriakis living room - Ron may not be able to resist having Leo comment on shirtless Xander the next time Paul Telfer is back.
  5. BuckyB12

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    It was SO weird to see Sarah and Adrienne together in the Kiriakis living room! All those people living in that house almost never walk into each other's storylines! It's been like a stupid version of Dark Shadows' Parallel Time.
  6. BuckyB12

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    Sarah was an infant when Evan Whyland died, but yes, she was originally a few years older than Eric and Sami, who I think were born in 1987. But SORAS in Salem has always made relative ages completely impossible to justify or explain ever since Michael and David became teens in the mid-70s. Isn't the current Doug's Place the former TBD, Chad and Sonny's club, which Julie renamed over Chloe's objections? It's in downtown Salem, near the Horton Town Square, and IIRC the original Doug's Place was out by a lake or something. But location in Salem is almost as flexible as the relative ages of characters.
  7. BuckyB12

    Another World

    Well, Another World was almost entirely about the Matthews family for its first decade, which is why people didn't like them being wiped out. But the expansions of the 1970s required new characters all over daytime. Does anyone resent GL's Spauldings as much as they resent the Frames (both families were created for the same reason)? And with Aunt Liz around until 1992, (and later additions like Olivia and Josie, and Russ's brief return) it wasn't quite like the total eradication of Y&R's original Brooks family. The other families you mentioned were all much smaller and intended to be less-permanent. Joey and Rose Perrini were given to Angie for a family when AW expanded to 90 minutes (though they had been Ada's offscreen next-door neighbors for years). I don't think anyone expected Gail Brown's Clarice Hobson to stay around as long as she did (probably not even her), and though Lemay brought in her father Charlie, her brothers Denny and Leigh didn't arrive until the 80s. The Delaneys were a family on Somerset, but only Robert came to AW. His marriage to Lenore didn't last. and he left town after his engagement to Iris ended. I actually don't recall much being made of the fact that Cory Hobson was Robert's son in later years, and I don't think Cory was ever SORASed.
  8. BuckyB12

    Another World

    (sorry, I did something wrong and made this whole post a spoiler - though it's about 40-year old storylines) I wouldn't say that Lemay phased out the Matthews family at all - most of that was done in the 1980s, following his tenure. He did change the primary focus of the show from the Rachel-Steve-Alice triangle to the Rachel-Mac-Iris triangle, which made the show far more interesting, but the Matthewses were still around and involved in storylines. Virginia Dwyer and Jacquie Courtney were dismissed, but the role of Alice was recast and Alice still had stories for several years after (Sally's adoption, running Frame Construction, romances with Ray Gordon, Willis, and Dan Shearer (I think)). Pat's family, the Randolphs, were still important, and both Michael and Marianne were SORASed and stayed around for the decade. Lemay had Pat start her career at Cory Publishing, certainly a significant storyline for 70s women who found themselves in similar positions. I think Lemay really liked Irene Dailey and used Liz quite well, in opposition to Rachel and Ada and as a lonely woman who interfered in the lives of her relatives, especially Jim and Russ (it was later writers who mostly used Liz as comic relief and ignored her dislike of Rachel - remember that Liz was originally after Mac for herself, with Iris's encouragement). Lemay actually brought back Liz's daughter Susan and her husband Dan for a while. (It wasn't Lemay's fault that earlier writers had killed off Liz's son Bill, who could have fathered a separate branch of the family). Russ did eventually leave, but he had a major storyline with Sharlene first, and it was logical that he might want to leave town after that experience. John Randolph died late in Lemay's tenure to provide a major event to kick off the expansion to 90 minutes, but John's affair with Barbara, his divorce from Pat, and his relationship with Olive were all significant storylines before that time. Yes, he brought in all those Frames (as Liz would say), which rewrote Steve's history. I'd say that Sharlene, Willis, and Janice were all successful characters; Vince, and Molly Ordway less so, but remember that Lemay had to populate the 60-minute show, and so it was his prerogative to bring in a new family which would provide a contrast to the upper-middle class characters already on the canvas. But I don't feel like the Matthewses were really phased out until after Lemay left. They were eventually replaced by the Loves and the Mackinnons (and the first 1980-ish attempt at a new family - does anyone remember the Halloways?).
  9. BuckyB12

    Another World

  10. There have not been that many actors that have played the same character for 50 years, but I'm pretty sure that none of them appeared in 12 episodes during the month of their anniversary! I hope they know at DAYS how much we have enjoyed seeing Susan in December.
  11. BuckyB12

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, now SOD can talk to him about his fiancé instead of his buddy Michael Mealor.
  12. BuckyB12

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    It certainly is a good run of 1950 episodes, but it's so unfortunate that almost nothing earlier still exists. And there are so many other long-running radio soaps where only a handful of episodes survive. As for recommendations, I really liked Candy Matson (girl detective in San Francisco).
  13. I don't know that Susan Flannery has ever said anything publicly, but professional lesbian Rita Mae Brown wrote about Flannery in her 1997 autobiography Rita Will, referring to Susan's long relationship with Fannie Flagg and some of her career trouble over the lesbian issue (Brown apparently didn't consider Susan's B&B tenure to be much of a career). Alec Baldwin writes very fondly of David O'Brien and their friendship in his memoir Nevertheless. Also amused by the surprise here about PAS - Danny Santos was the least-convincing mobster ever portrayed in soaps. Who hasn't been mentioned yet on this thread... Louis Edmonds and Keith Prentice of DS Farley Granger (and his partner Robert Calhoun, a producer for P&G) Robert Drivas (Young Dr. Malone and Our Private World) Danny Pintauro (though he only played Paul Ryan as a child) Some very short-term soap actors, for the sake of completeness: Keith Christopher (Wyatt on GL, a dayplayer in their horrible HIV test-switching storyline) Victor Garber (GL) Michael Jeter (AW) Jm. J. Bullock (B&B) Stepping outside the actors we have writers Frank Provo and John Pickard, partners both professionally and personally who worked on radio and TV soaps. Apparently someone is working on a documentary about them, The Bachelors of Broken HIll Farm. Almost certainly dozens more that we may never know because they were closeted (and sometimes married for the sake of their careers). Certainly there are a number of "single gentlemen" in the field. And the rumors, oh lord the rumors that have abounded about soooo many soap actors over the years...
  14. BuckyB12

    Y&R: Old Articles

    From a few days ago, regarding the Soaps & Serials paperbacks published by Pioneer: There were seven shows originally covered: Y&R, DAYS, GL, ATWT, AW, Dallas, and Knots Landing, and they all started in 1986, all shipped together to bookstores (I worked for Waldenbooks during these years so I saw them all). Each of those ran for 14 volumes, and IIRC, they came out monthly. Toward the end they added GH, OLTL, and AMC and released the first two volumes of each as a double sized pb. I think there were #3s of these three but then the whole line was cancelled. It's not clear to me exactly how faithful they are to the original scripts/storylines. I definitely remember that the novelized ATWT scene where Ellen kills the blackmailing housekeeper Frannie was nothing like the actual episode which I had watched at the Paley Ctr. It probably varied somewhat from writer to writer (I suspect many of them were writing under pseudonyms).
  15. BuckyB12

    Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I only watched the show in the mid 1970s to around 1980, and have seen a few episodes since, including the finale. When Stu was dithering about Wilma and David I said to myself in jest "they ran off together," not expecting that they really had. It was kind of funny because it had happened to Stu before, when Billie Lou Watt (Ellie Bergman) left the show in 1980, Stu had to announce that Ellie had run off with the cook (out of absolutely nowhere). Lazy writers had just not bothered to write a real exit. According to IMDb, Anita Gillette later appeared as Wilma in the finale, though I don't specifically recall that (maybe a flashback?). I remember her from ALL THAT GLITTERS, a brief, strange syndicated soap from the 70s. The baby Marge was talking about was Tom, who I remember as a young John James (pre-DYNASTY). Looking it up, that was in 1977, though I know Tom came back later at some point.