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  1. I could be completely off about this (it's been more than 40 years) but as I recall it, Iris wasn't in the room when Mac blurted out that Amanda was his first child - she was in the hallway outside or perhaps the doorway, but Mac didn't know she was within earshot. I believe Dave Gilchrist was one of the gang of characters who moved to Bay City from New York when the show expanded to an hour, so he knew the Lamontes, at least some of Iris's hangers-on, and probably Mac's succession of attorneys (Scott Bradley/Keith Morrison/Brian Bancroft). He never had much to do. Lema
  2. I always thought that Marlena was Don's consolation prize after Julie and Doug finally got married. Like, he wasn't ever going to be a serious rival for Doug in the future (the function he served between Julie's divorce from Bob and the eventual Doug/Julie nuptials) so why not pair him with Marlena? I don't think anyone at the time, on either side of the camera, thought that Marlena would become the central heroine of the show over the next decade and would still be around 40 years later. Or, for that matter, that a few years later, Don would just vanish from Salem without a trace -- and no o
  3. Poor Joan thought she was going to be the star of the show, but once the character of Barnabas took off, and the mystery of Paul Stoddard was solved, she rarely had much to do. I think she generally had more fun in the other time periods, where she got to play other characters. My own favorite was Flora in 1840, the flighty lady novelist who didn't resemble Elizabeth at all. Judith was fun too, particularly when she turned on Trask and was no longer a victim.
  4. Isn't it true that most (all?) surviving episodes from the 50s and 60s are kinescopes, which were recorded in New York for same-day transmission on the West Coast (3 hours later)? So a California or Seattle broadcast wouldn't be "live."
  5. Carol Lamonte didn't die, she left Bay City in October 1976 after breaking up with Willis Frame, her lover after Robert Delaney dumped her. Her mother Therese was still living with Iris, and died in late November 1976. I was probably too young to really appreciate her death scene, but it was definitely a memorable one. (Thanks to the Another World Home Page for refreshing my memory on some of the details.)
  6. Wow, I have absolutely no memory of that Blackthorn nonsense, and I too stuck it out to the end of the show. I have a very vague memory of feeling sorry for Stuart Damon having to play such a dumb character, but by that time, soap "stars" had to take what they could get. And if you had asked me yesterday what role Damon played on ATWT I would probably have thought it was a trick question. Hated Lindstrom as Craig (though not as much as I hated Block in the role). Hated McCouch as "Dusty Donovan" who shared a name but absolutely nothing else about that character. Always
  7. Watching that I had a sudden recollection of Paul Ryan's "internet shopping" enterprise which bore no actual resemblance to anything on the internet. Can't remember exactly when that was, or whether it was John Howard or Scott Holroyd in the role.
  8. Steve and Alice had a house in St Croix. Jim and Mary were vacationing there when Mary died. Lemay has said that he didn't think about putting Mac and Rachel together until he saw Douglass and Wyndham together on screen, but who knows? Iris was pushing for Mac and Liz to get together, and Liz, at least, believed it would happen (and practically had a breakdown when she learned that Mac and Rachel had married - actually attacking Rachel one day when they met at the hospital).
  9. Interesting but not surprising that The Hollywood Reporter thought it was ok to mention that she wrote for Guiding Light years later, but not that she had a role on OLTL in the sixties, which might have spoiled the "she coulda been a contendah" narrative of her overlooked acting talent by the film industry.
  10. It gets worse. The last six months or so were an endless succession of "WTF was that?"
  11. A little pre-DAYS news from the New York Daily News - November 15, 1959.
  12. Not sure exactly when that interview took place, but Penberthy was coming off a several-year dearth of story in late 1975. When Lemay started "in training" at AW, under Irna Phillips, Pat was being poisoned by crazy housekeeper Caroline, who wanted John for herself -- the kind of storyline Lemay absolutely hated. I think he avoided writing much for the Randolphs for quite some time after that, though of course John had more to do as the all-purpose town lawyer. When Penberthy says "the ratings go down, you write in an abortion," she's probably referring to Marianne's abortion which was in Dece
  13. It's a good thing we didn't actually have to watch the missing year because it would be incredibly stupid that the Salem PD couldn't solve Jordan's murder or Jennifer's "fall" in that amount of time (or have someone figure out that Princess Gina is sill running around). Then again, it's the Salem PD...
  14. Well, I just hope that the time jump gives us a break from Loons of Our Lives, the show we've actually been watching for the last two months. I realized the other day that nearly all the story we've seen since September has been generated by one crazy person after another - no, actually multiple crazy people at the same time and overlapping: Kristen, Vivian, Dr. Shah, Dr. Rolf, Jordan, Princess Gina, Claire... (I feel like I'm forgetting someone, but maybe not). I think it must be some kind of record for the number of contemporaneous nutjobs on any soap during a 2-month period, but it's just
  15. While I have seen a few soap actors on Broadway, I generally didn't know they were in the cast until I got there. One that I did know beforehand was Burke Moses (ATWTs first Sean Baxter) in Kiss Me, Kate. I also went specifically to see Van Hansis in Charles Busch's off-Broadway Die, Mommie, Die! But when I saw Titanic I didn't know that John Cunningham (SFT's Wade Collins), Larry Keith (AMC's Nick Davis), and Judith Blazer (ATWT's Ariel Aldrin) were going to be in it. In San Francisco I saw Kathleen Widdoes in The Rose Tattoo. When I was growing up in lower upstate NY there was a
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