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  1. If Ryan gets to kill anyone else it will be that quad girl whose name I've forgotten already. This is actually kind of old school soap (but not in a good way) where (I'm assuming) several characters meet up somewhere out of town totally by coincidence. He should have pushed Griffin off the hospital roof At least Laura got to be the one to reveal the truth to everyone. I was pretty sure for a while that Spencer was going to be the one to figure out that Kevin was really Ryan. Speaking of Spencer, and Avery, who's taking care of them right now?
  2. Another thing he learned from Irna! (at least he never addressed the actors by their character names - I hope)
  3. Gil Rogers: AMC /Doctors /GL Audrey Peters: Love of Life & GL/ Search/ AMC & Loving Lois Smith: Love of Life/Doctors/ OLTL Pamela Lincoln World Apart/Love of Life/ Doctors Jacqueline Courtney: Edge/AW/OLTL Teri Keane: Kitty Foyle/Edge/OLTL We're probably just scratching the surface...
  4. Two indelible memories of Hays and Bryggman (separately) - the scene when Kim loses her wedding ring down the drain while she and Bob are separated (because of Susan). And Bryggman is absolutely heartbreaking in the hospital scene where John holds his son Johnny until the baby dies. Fortunately, LB didn't really need ATWT by the turn of the century when TPTB lost interest in the character of John, because he had a Broadway career, but it was nice that he came back in 2010 for the end..
  5. OMG - that was taped the same day that Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush was made. I remember feeling sorry for Ariane Zucker for showing up in pictures and videos with him because she was apparently sent out to meet him (wearing that same dress). NBC cross-promotion at its worst.
  6. Sadly the RobotRanger account on YouTube with uploads of Retro TV's rebroadcasts has been deleted as of this morning for copyright infringement. I had been greatly enjoying early 1968, just reaching the "seam" between the exit of John Rice, the reformation of Nathan Bunker and Danny's adoption, and moving on to the entrance of Ed Stark and the mystery of Lila Anderson. Too bad but I guess I should be surprised it lasted as long as it did.
  7. There's a Wikipedia article about "Love in the Afternoon" that will probably tell you more than you could possibly want to know about the campaign. When it claims that the phrase came from the NBC and ABC campaigns to "refer to the stories told on soap operas," it doesn't mention the 1971 novel by the same name, a BTS look at a fictional soap, written by Ed Zimmermann (the second Joe Werner on GL). It's even likely someone had used the phrase even earlier. Back when Tom Selleck was hired on Y&R, fans probably thought they were hiring a "Joel Crothers-type," though I doubt that was on Bill Bell's mind. But actually, put either of them in tight jeans and a leather vest (with, or better, without a white T-shirt) and you have the quintessential gay look of the 70's - the Castro clone.
  8. Yes, that's a young Tina Sloan as Kate. I'm guessing this promo is from 1974 [[EDIT - duh! it says so right on the clip]] , because Steve is still caught between Rachel and Alice and HTSAM is still aired between AW and Somerset (it moved after AW expanded in Jan 1975). I thought Lemay didn't really like Reinholt and his acting style any more than Courtney's, so wouldn't have wanted him as the endgame for Wyndham. Douglass Watson took over the role of Mac in fall 1974 I believe (IMDB is wrong to say 1975) and I think it's not until that time that Lemay gets the idea to pair Mac and Rachel. I wonder if NBC ever complained that ABC took over the "Love in the Afternoon" theme a few years later and really made a splash with it. Of course, it had been the title of a 1971 BTS soap novel by Ed Zimmermann (the second Joe Werner on GL), so the phrase was out there in the aether.
  9. I stream the show in the evenings and they didn't include the tribute - only the next week preview, which I thought wasn't appearing this week.
  10. I guess Ron thinks he's using history when he has Victor say the usual nasty things about Chloe, and refuse to help her when she's in trouble, but it's a little tired, especially since her children are Maggie's grandchildren.
  11. I was just thinking about this concept yesterday watching Mariah and Kyle on Y&R but I don't know their whole history.
  12. Thanks for those follow-up scenes, Vee. There's another memorable Edge scene a few episodes later but I don't think it's survived - Adam (or Nancy?) convinces Josie to "play" Serena one last time to say good-bye to her son Timmy before she goes off to the mental facility. Doug McKeon was a really strong child actor.
  13. I had forgotten there was an earlier Doreen, but I remember that I loved Pamela Lincoln in the role, partly because Doreen was such a polar opposite of the character Lincoln had played on Love of Life.
  14. The Zimmer interview is from 2006, just a fragment of the full 2 1/2 hours she spoke, for the Academy of American Television. https://interviews.televisionacademy.com/interviews/kim-zimmer There aren't a lot of soap related interviews there, but the ones I've seen are pretty good. (and I choked up too when KZ talked about Charita Bauer) I remember being annoyed too when Meta talked about Rev. Ruthledge, since the Bauers never lived in Five Points (they came in when the show was set in Selby Flats, before the eventual move to Springfield). But of course I would forgive Mary Stuart for anything! Her casting as Meta, and the few more years we had her, was probably the last thing I really enjoyed about GL.
  15. Don't think we've had any Edge of NIght in this thread yet. Here's one of Louise Shaffer's tour de force performances, as her character Serena Faraday slowly deteriorates on the witness stand at her murder trial in one of writer Henry Slesar's classic twists. Skip to the last 10 minutes if you only want to see the climax (the part that's really stayed with me all these years). It wasn't until the SoapNet reairings that I got to see Shaffer as Rae Woodard on Ryans' Hope, whom I then liked almost as much as Serena.
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