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  1. I remember reading LeMay in the credits during this time as a consultant and thinking this is still not AW. I guess not as a head writer he is not advising the writing team to focus on the familes and history that made the show. Frames were gone and Corys not the same. It would have been awesome if he just came back as the writer Cali Timmins makes a way better Paulina. No offense but I don't care for Judi Evans acting in any soap and of course TImmins was fired to replace her Evans which is not cool. Timmins looked and acted more like her sisters Iris and Amanda
  2. I think what most people seem to forget is recasting roles and dislike of actors who play them is not usually up the writer. That is the producers job. they either hire or fire people. With regard to JC, Harding Lemay made it clear he did not like her and I believe since he was such a success with AW that Rauch fired her just do to his distaste for her. Also, Lemay had nothing to do with George Reinholt firing. Rauch made it clear he wanted him gone and Lemay just wrote him off
  3. There were too many recasts of Sally Frame. I thought Julie Phillips did a remarkable job as coming back as rebellious teen Sally after Cathy Greene. Jennifer Runyon run as Sally was just not real and she was naive and too girly. Just not Sally Frame at all. However, I loved Mary Page Keller playing the role. The blonde who always played Sally now had dark hair and eyes and a completely different person. You gotta love soaps changing an entire person but she worked well with the audience. Taylor Miller was terrible as Sally and she should not have been killed off and I bet had she not been killed, MPK would have probably come back later in the years. I always said that and I think I even wrote it out here that they never had a scene with Steve and Alice. So Stupid that they did a scene with Jamie and Steve . Not stupid storyline but that fact the actor playing the role at the time was not the one when Reinholt was on playing Steve. No chemistry. I think the show did not want to focus on guests during the 25th anniversary and all about the current characters. The anniversary show really was all about Rachel and I think making Alice a focus was not on their agenda nor did they probably want to ruffle feathers with VW. I think I recall hearing the JC and GR had frequent run ins on the set during the 70's and VW was possibly one of them. What goes on behind the scenes no one ever knows. VW was their prime star at the time and they would never jeopardize that..
  4. Well, they are her grandchildren. I think we all know people who change after having children or grandchildren. Yes she was a socialite. However, her grandchildren mean the world to her so that is so such a believable theory. I know many don't like Shelly;s work on AW but I thought she was more convincing as a replacement than Carmen Duncan and as noted she seemed like Macs sister than daughter but the irony was she is younger than Bev Mckinsey . I remember when Shelly was temping for Mckinsey and thought she looks so old. Of course I was also in 4th grade. She tapped into Bev's behavior time to time while playing the role that i give her credit for. She even used a pencil to on the push phone to make calls like Bev did. The only clips of Shelly as Iris do not share that video. I wish they had mentioned Shellys work on AW in her obit
  5. You are indeed correct. I was thinking Mac was around when James Frame was born but he was not. I never liked the idea of introducing Paulina as another sibling it was just overkill after a long lost child (Sandy) and the whole Iris situation. I also found it funny all the actresses to play Iris were also the same age to Mac in real life.. haha
  6. That would also mean that Paulina had to be older than Jamie too if Mack did not have an affair on Rachel but yet the actresses playing the role seemed and looked much younger than Jamie. just stupid writing. Which means Mack actually found out about 3 children as being his. Sandy, Iris and Paulina Ha, I don't ever recall episodes from 1979 where Iris was cordial to Rachel. If anything, I think the Bev portray of Iris is way more evil towards Rachel than Carmens. In the 70's, Rachel and Iris could not even be in the same room together. Unless, you are looking at footage of Iris pretending to like Rachel to manipulate. However, Rachel never jumped on that bandwagon..
  7. I am surprised to hear this about Epsy considering he spent a considerable amount of years on AW. He started in 79 and lasted till the early 80's and returned again in 86 and lasted up until I think 1991. That is kind of long for daytime actors. The typical gig is only two years for most actors and characters. He obviously kept re-newing his contract with AW.
  8. Yes. I meant to mention he started in the first year of the show. He came in later months as Pat's lawyer for murdering Tom Baxter. If you look at the ending credits of 1979, he was still listed as like # 6 or so. Rachel, Mack, Ada, Pat all still credited before him. So much for seniority..
  9. As the other user mentioned, Michael Ryan was on the show from 1964-79 which at that time the longest running actor on the show from the beginning. The show started in 1964 and he was there from the beginning so he would have to have played during both actress's playing the role
  10. I always thought Meryl Streep in her Devil Wears Prada would have been a great replacement for Carmen. Def not a replacement for Bev. Dixie Carter also had mannerism and spoke much like Carmen Duncan. I would love to hear other thoughts. Carol Shelley seemed more like Iris when she temporary replaced Bev but she def has no similarities to Carmen I think the constant recasts of Jamie's were just overkill. I did not watch the show much during the 90's but would have cared less if I ever saw Jamie again. By time you got comfortable with Jamie a new actor was playing the role. However, if they were able to lure Lau back that would have worked
  11. Oddly enough, my favorite Sally is the one who looked most unlike Sally or acted like Sally Frame. MPK. It was odd when they casted her in the role . A dark hair and eye replacing a blonde blue eyed. I think Julie Phillips did a great job of replacing Cathy Greene of a young Sally to late teen
  12. Jason Frame did not exist and I think the writers did want to Robinson to play an existing sibling already. I am guessing Willis since he acted much like the character especially the blackmail to Sharlene about her past. Norman Frame? When was Norman Frame ever mentioned on the show? I recall after Dean Frame arrived he mentioned his fathers name as Henry. Another Frame never mentioned before. They never actually said either if he was the sibling of one of the original Frame siblings or maybe just a cousin. The Love/ Mckinnons were written into the show in the early mid 80's and never were they seen or talked about during the 60's or 70's. They just wrote it in as if they existed for a long time just like Jason Frame who was never mentioned or seen up until 1987
  13. I think her time was special due to her acquiring Harding Lemay's bible but I am not going to discredit her at all. I really enjoyed her years from 88-90 I thought the Evan introduction was obvisious from the beginning. Not so much he being Janice Frame's son but that there was more to him being involved in the takeover emotionally and Harding Lemay is the writer who wrote him in so it was obvious. His real name is Earl Battis. That was last name of Janice's first husband and announced back in the 70's so it was clear, after it was announced what his real name was that he was written into the show to be a Frame I always thought the best writing would have been after Mac died, why not get Rachel and Russ back together. At least it would be original old time characters back and they should have had JC come back as Alice and resurrect Sally alive. It would have put the Matthews family back on the map but it seems like many writers did not care so much about them. I would even suggest Harding Lemay did not even put a major emphasis on that family. It is too bad
  14. I am sorry and meant to state that DS was writing in the June of 88 during this episode during the writers strike. Lemay returned in Sept of 88. The Russ talk was already on the table before then
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