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  1. Neil, I think you really hit the nail on the head. From what I have seen, the very very little, I thought Dwyer did a great job as Mary and as someone else mentioned the screw up on dialogue is clearly seen with actress's such as Connie Ford and others. You can notice this stuff now where you constantly see actors looking down back in those days (the scripts) but Lemay also critizied and had J Courtney fired over that, when I have seen VW and others do the exact same thing. Rauch should have completly dismantled Lemay wanting to fire Dwyer but I am sure since Lemay was doing such a wonderful job he did not want it to interfere with the ratings and let him do whatever he wanted. Like you said, I am huge fan of Lemays too but when I read some of his interviews or hear audio about his writing and thoughts about characters and professional actors he sounds a bit condensending and thought he was god. Irene Daily was clearly recasted as Liz Matthews with the intent to get rid of Virginia Dywer. Apparently Hugh Marlow, thanked Lemay after he fired Virgina Dwyer because he said she screwed up his lines. I thought Hugh Marlow was an awful actor..
  2. I wish there was footage of Tim Holcomb playing Jamie. I remember when he showed up. The teen Jamie was so unattractive and this hot guy shows up but only lasted about 6 months or so. He left a for a few weeks and then Richard Beckins ( is that his name?) was recasted in the role and probably was most notably knowing as Jamie Frame. DOes anyone have any Tim Holcomb video? I think we have seen everything possible AW that is out there? By the end of 1987 into 1988 AW changed course again and started to write about characters again and not stories. The Frames came back and the Corys were the emphasis. I did not care for the whole Mckinnnon family maybe because they replaced the familes I knew from the 70's
  3. I recall in the early 80's in like a 4 month span the role of Sally Frame was recasted like 3 times. From Jennifer Runyon to Dawn Benz and then finally Mary Page Keller who owned the role after that. Two years later Taylor Miller stepped in and was horrible. I dont understand either why roles get recasted in such a short amount of time and Gloria Monty was famous for never recasting.
  4. Years ago, I always wanted to write for AW because of the mistakes I saw but in reality I am not a writer. I bet if social media and technology was adavanced when AW was on the writers could rely on people like us at least as consultants for facts about the families and history
  5. Wow, words to live by unfortantely there is no such thing as a soap opera anymore and this advice won't probablly hold true to the last 3 on the air. I have no idea if there are 2 or 4. Although, GH and DOOL were the only other shows I followed other than AW and they are still on the air but have no idea what the storylines are about today . I know Marland did write for AW but for the most part he, like any other writer wrote differently for any other actor that replaced a role. Otherwise, all the other rules he believed were a receipe for a sucess make sense At least to bring him back when Connie Ford passed away. Not even a mention about Ada's brother, when she passed. Harding Lemay would have been writing at this point if he stayed and hopefully he would have made the writing to include Sam could not make it. Yeah and as much as I love Harding Lemay and his dedication to characters he had no problem with recasts. The most weirdest one was Wesley Ann Pfenning as Alice Frame #3. So odd and the actress looked nothing like her the previous actresss's. I get it, sometimes the Prodcuers that make these decisions but dont write or subscribe to rules that don't fit a character. Why wouldnt a show like AW ask VW for advise when they are writing about a past character or family. We as fans, see all their mishaps with writing..
  6. I think us, who knew and loved Beverlee's Iris just see Carmen Duncan as just different and not really Iris. I do like Carmen Duncan very much and she did a great job portraying Iris but in a different way. Even when she appeared in 1988 and I thought maybe someone else should have been casted for the role, I still thought she was great. I always say, dont blame the actor, blame the soap. They are responsible for turning someone into a completely different person when they recast. Rachel and Iris would have never gotten even rometely along if it was Bev's Iris. I believe at one time there was talk of Pammy Davis (Rachel's sister) returning. Technically she was on Somerset and not AW (spin off soap). I could be wrong. I don't recall if there was any real interaction between Rachel and her sister Pammy who was not Ada's daughter. Someone wrote that even a soap magazine wrote they were casting for the role but obvisoulsy it never happened.. They should have had Rachel's father return to town. When Connie Ford passed away, I think Jordan Charney should have returned as her brother, Sam Lucas. He was best known as Mr Angelino on Three's Company in the late 70's after he left AW around 1975. At least for the funeral anyway but AW had lost all is real family connections at this point and probably know one even knew about these characters..
  7. Ah! I think AW has numerous problems for years. We all know about the drama during the 70's with actors being fired or recasted. Makes sense that behind the scenes the same crap went on. Not sure if the same stuff went on in other soaps. AW was always considered the drabby soap filmed in Brooklyn. It showed after 1980 but I still tuned in and it had its moments sense as a good show
  8. Who is CJ? The show was terrible at this time. The big down fall that last lasted for about the next 7 years until the robust of characters and Harding Lemay in 1988 for only a few months.
  9. Titan you pretty much took the words out of my mouth. I watched DOOL, AW and GH. I never watched GH prior to the early 80's and remember people talking about the actress that played Heather or Laura or Rick. You never saw a recast on GH from like 1981- 1990 unless it was a child actor who had grown up and show years later and that is normal. I remember when Christine Jones filled in for Jane Elliot as Tracy Quatermaine and that was the first time I ever heard an intro to a character playing somone else in the 9 years I had been watching the show. DOOL never recasted either at that time except when minor characters were created. I believe Kayla and Caroline Brady were seen in a few episodes with different actresses playing them but they were so minor they never even announced they were being recasted. AW never stopped recasting. Sallly Frame had dark hair and eyes one day and the next she was blonde and blue and a completely different person. AW is still my favorite and they were not much different than most Soaps with recasting but I do remember that GH and DOOL never did until after the 90's. I do also remember I think from like 1987- 1989 the only recast I saw on AW was Anna Stuart returning as Donna Love. Very unusual for AW as there was constant recasting with characters.
  10. I did not know that Virginia Dywer and George Reinholt were fired on the same day. So that means the Matthews family had two deaths at the same time? Very daring move on Harding Lemay
  11. Why have not seen some of the pics in the bible? Who is the first actress sitting in a diner? Is the J Courtney? When I go to AWHP this creating of AW does not show up Kind of typical of AW recasts. All of a sudden a characater become a completely different person but I would compare this more to recast of Rachel. Robin acted a bit more like Susan and Vicky like Nancy. Still both mean but a different kind of conniviing way . Of course Rachel became a heronie just a few a few years where Cecile got worst
  12. I would say 1976is not even comparable to the 80's. 1976 was at its prime for AW
  13. I agree. I dont know how anyone could think of the early 80's better than the late 80's
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