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  1. Thank you. Just when I think we have seen everything that is out there, another piece comes out of the woodwork
  2. What about Nancy Wickwires run playing the role of Liz? I have never seen any footage of her on AW. Was she as vicious as Audra or more like Liz or something in between? I would love to see some footage of her portrayal of Liz Matthews. It seems when we think of Liz, we think of Audra and Irene in the role and mostly because they both played the roles the longest but Nancy did play the role I think for over 2 years..
  3. Yes. During Audra Lindley playing the role of Liz Matthews she destested Jim and his children and frankly could probably care less if Rachel wanted to throw Alice out. Does anyone recall what Liz and Rachel's relatioship was like when Lindley was playing Liz and Strasser was playing Rachel? However, I thought I read a snyposis when Daly Took over the role as Liz and Lenore saw her for the first time, Liz attempted to be friendly with her and Lenore would not have it. Liz mentioned to someone why cant people leave the past behind and more or less stated she was a changed woman. Maybe at least, he was attempting to show the audience that Liz was a changed woman
  4. Wow, that sounds like an awesome story line. J. Courtney was also visiting at this time during the anniversary and Macks death. If the 3 of them were bak in action with that storyline I bet ratings would have skyrocket but I think there were also many new fans at this time and the that love triangle may have already been put to bed and current writer D Swajeski and Exec Producer were not interested in revisiting that. At this point, Rachel, Steve and ALice were now much older and love story was probably more geared for a younger audience
  5. I always thought it was kind of the opposite or my take on Harding Lemays version in 8 years in AW. I thought Lemay stated Rauch wanted Reinholt off the show and H Lemay did not like J Courtneys acting and Rauch decided to recast her? Vana Tribby was the 3rd recast of Alice. Susan Harney (the first and most succesful and liked), Wesley Ann Pfenning was the 2nd and only lasted a few months. Nothing wrong with the actress but it was a weird re-cast as personality, looks and Alice in general turned in a flop and she was only on the show for about 5 months. Vana Tribby I thought seemed like a reasonable recast for Alice but she also did not even last a year. Linda Borgorsen was the 4th recast and I thought she was so dull and a bad actress
  6. Pretty sad considering the Cory Publishing was one of the biggest attractions of the show from the 70's. I really liked the Michael Liabson really focused on that in the late 80's. The Office was often almost showed daily with Liz Matthews . I never saw the last years of AW. From time to time, if I was home sick from work, I would tune in and pretty much turn the channel afer a few minutes. I guess they had to stay with the times of the lunatics of DOOL.
  7. Hi Paul, Thank you for verifying that. That was my understanding too. AW was already declining prior to the 90 min episodes. In fact, I think it went from like #2 to #8 in just a few weeks. I guess my question is still, why? Harding Lemay left pretty fast too once the 90 mins episodes started. I am sure he was burned out but he had to have know in late 78 in early 79 that that show was decliing in ratings. I think he is a very proud writer and kind of egotisical that he wanted to bail knowing the show was heading in a downward spiral but the irony is, the storylines, production, acting, etc was consistent with the previous successful months and years with high ratings. NBC, P&G and Rauch response to fix this issue was to create a new show, Rauch was so successful with AW I am sure the network thought it was a great idea at the time. GH had become such a big success and a completely different kind of drama than AW was and honestly believe Lemay knew that and decided it was time to retire from the show. As much as I loved his stories, I still think if he remained on the show for the early 80's, AW would have still remained low in the ratings. Just my thoughts!
  8. I think the 90 min episode was the John Randolph dying in the fire. I am almost positive, AW was already in the back of the pack of #8 before this episode even. I could be wrong but if you look at the ratings a few months prior to March it was at the top but rapidly declined and even if the 90 mins was a downer, I dont understand how in such a short amount of time a top rated rated show would be one the least rated in just weeks.
  9. Ironically, if you look at the ratings of AW in 1979 late winter, early spring, when Harding Lemay was still writing, the ratings began to dip very rapidly. This is before Texas, Before moving Bev or changing any time slots. It makes me wonder, did Harding LeMay start to lose his touch with the audiience and he saw the writing on the wall and he decided to quit? I found the writing and production to be the same as the previous year but maybe his burnout was starting to show and the audience started to move on. I know this is when GH began to become a big attraction. If anything, I think changes Rauch made were due to AW's decline. It is odd to see how the show was like #2 and just a few months later it moved to the back of the pack and never regained that top status again..
  10. Thanks can you advise me how I post this in the AW forum? I can not and keeps defaulting to the main portal
  11. Wow, so I was even younger than I thought during this. I must have been about 4 years old and remember this... No wonder why I ended up loving the show so much.. So it is not some mix up in my head? Who was driving the car, Bernice? Am I correct that it was at night in some parking lot where she was run down? Can you also help with this question as to why I can't get this to post in the AW forum and it is just under the main Cancelled Soap portal? Thanks
  12. I think I have talked about this here in the past but does any AW veterans out here recall an episode that Pat Randolph was run over by a car? I am sure if there is an episode no one has that footage.. A hit and run. It was a deliberate act of someone trying to run her over. I believe it was probablly Olive? I must have been in maybe 1st grade/ kindergarden at this time and watching with mom and older sisters as they were glued to the tv watching AW. I remember I believe seeing this. It was almost scary but I guess when you are 5 and seeing this it would be. The scene was a real locale like a strip mall. I believe I remember it looked like a Ford Rust colored car that tried to run her over and seeing Pat with a bandage on her forehead. Can anyone recall this and was it Olive that tried to run her over? Was she even on the series at this point? I remember so many episodes like this vivid memories like when Dennis and Jamie found Rocky dead and Ada finding out Gil was dead Even a better question. Can someone explain why I cant ever post to the AW forum and always just comes back to the main forum of cancelled soaps? so annoying
  13. Neil, I think you really hit the nail on the head. From what I have seen, the very very little, I thought Dwyer did a great job as Mary and as someone else mentioned the screw up on dialogue is clearly seen with actress's such as Connie Ford and others. You can notice this stuff now where you constantly see actors looking down back in those days (the scripts) but Lemay also critizied and had J Courtney fired over that, when I have seen VW and others do the exact same thing. Rauch should have completly dismantled Lemay wanting to fire Dwyer but I am sure since Lemay was doing such a wonderful job he did not want it to interfere with the ratings and let him do whatever he wanted. Like you said, I am huge fan of Lemays too but when I read some of his interviews or hear audio about his writing and thoughts about characters and professional actors he sounds a bit condensending and thought he was god. Irene Daily was clearly recasted as Liz Matthews with the intent to get rid of Virginia Dywer. Apparently Hugh Marlow, thanked Lemay after he fired Virgina Dwyer because he said she screwed up his lines. I thought Hugh Marlow was an awful actor..
  14. I wish there was footage of Tim Holcomb playing Jamie. I remember when he showed up. The teen Jamie was so unattractive and this hot guy shows up but only lasted about 6 months or so. He left a for a few weeks and then Richard Beckins ( is that his name?) was recasted in the role and probably was most notably knowing as Jamie Frame. DOes anyone have any Tim Holcomb video? I think we have seen everything possible AW that is out there? By the end of 1987 into 1988 AW changed course again and started to write about characters again and not stories. The Frames came back and the Corys were the emphasis. I did not care for the whole Mckinnnon family maybe because they replaced the familes I knew from the 70's
  15. I recall in the early 80's in like a 4 month span the role of Sally Frame was recasted like 3 times. From Jennifer Runyon to Dawn Benz and then finally Mary Page Keller who owned the role after that. Two years later Taylor Miller stepped in and was horrible. I dont understand either why roles get recasted in such a short amount of time and Gloria Monty was famous for never recasting.
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