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  1. Yes now after watching Robin as Rachel, Liz (Nancy) and I saw Susan Sullivan too as Lenore. Also the character was her name Vera Moore?
  2. Wow. where did this footage come from? Here is who I can Identify, Ada, Bernice, Russ, Cindy, Susan?, Pat, Ernie? Alice. Most of this recollation only photos I have seen of them.
  3. Thinking the same thing. I don't understand what that comment meant. We know they are completley different soaps. Costner thinks SB is better than AW in his experience. I am thinking there was a lot less drama and control also on SB than AW during his time he spent in Brooklyn. I heard it was not easy working for P&G and AW during the 70'.s.
  4. I certainly don't disagree with AW being more iconic and far better soap than SB could ever be but Nic Costner has made it clear many times his most memorable and favorite soap he ever worked on was SB. I recall him winning the award for his character on SB back in the 80's or early 90's. I never watched the show. Was it Lionel? I clearly remember him stating when accepting the award that SB was the best show he ever worked on. Im thinking this is his emphasis. I don't he cared to much too much spend a lot of time talking about AW as it was just dust like many of the other early soaps he worked on..
  5. Amanda was actually born some years after Therese died. Didnt Therese die around 75 or 76? Amanda was born in either late 78 or 79. In soap world these are decades. With regard to Mac blurting out I finally have a daughter or a child I can see that as an unconcisous remark and then realizing afer seeing Iris's face that he said something he shouldn't have. I also agree with other members here with Lemay re-inventing the whole thing all over again. Especailly with Sylvie & Mac once having an affair. Seemed kind of stupid. This was now 1988 and Lemay came back as head writer and I thought his writing with regard to Iris now played by Carmen Duncan was nothing like his writing for Bev McKinsley I could be wrong but I believe this is part of the reason he resigned? He was presssured into writing the murder of John Randolph or something to that effect. that He stated he was not into writing characters being murdered and on the day of the 90 min episode, there was competition from another network that was airing a soap episode that they needed to lure the audience to watch AW. I believe there was a GL episode or ATWT that was the competiton that AW wanted viewers to tune into John's death
  6. Yeah. Felicia started off as being cold and then all of a sudden she is a heorine but I think AW really wanted to use the Alexis factor some years later when they bought Iris back. In fact, they made sure the name "Carrington" was used in the ending credits with Iris's name. Carrington was Iris's first husbands name. That was 4 husbands ago and Beverlee McKinsey's version of Iris was no Alexis or Joan Collins but Carmen Duncan was British with the accent and even the same wardrobe like. The producers and creators of Dynasty were actually fans of AW and they even used the characters of Crystle & Blake like Mac & Rachel with the age difference relationship and a resentful daughter and also used the name Carrington. In 1988, AW needed some hype and I believe reinveting Iris like Alexis was there narrative. I think Dynasty was probably already on its way out on primetime.. The theme should have lasted its rest of entire run. Could not stand the Crystal Gayle and whoever he is opening. The last theme from the late 90's I will admit was somewhat nice but the episodes from the late 90's were by far the worst. I actually was no longer watching the show at this time other than the occasional sick day at home from work and was so dazed and confused how different the show was. I guess just the next episode of Days of our Lives. The theme from the 70's is just outstanding and so fit for what Another World was then. The drama, the broadway, the theatrical characters..
  7. Unfortunately, I think we have seen everything that is possibly out there from the early years. What I still dont understand is why cant we see the later 80's or so on Hulu or any other network. I thought by then, all of those episodes were captured and saved. I am interested in the late 88/ 89 seasons. There is a decent amount of episodes out on Youtube but not enough. Does anyone know how I can get or see all the 88 season from June to December? I am glad Bev was so open and honest about her feelings about acting in other countries and her experience. I always heard AW was popular in Canada. I wonder why? Too bad a broadcasting company in Canada did not buy the copyrights of the show so it could continue but of course that would not work since it would have to be filmed there.. I think Lindley and Dailey had very similiar characterists with their portrayal of Liz Matthews. Lemay really did change Liz a lot. Liz could not stand Jim Matthews children under Lindley time but all of a sudden Aunt Liz under Daily loved her neices and nephew (by marriage btw). I would love too see footage of Nancy Wickwires years as Liz Matthews. Was she as evil as Audra Lindley's verison of Liz?
  8. Oddly, when Iris returned in 1988, the ending credits list her as Iris Carrington Wheeler. Carrington was her first husbands name. I can only conlude that Dynasty was popular and high rated that AW and NBC thought they would attract and audience with this. Made no sense
  9. I am kind of thinking the opposite. Since Bates was not a legit name and he was exposed being Janice Frame's son, he may have wanted to adopt the name. Also, I think the writers gave him the Frame name since it was a legacy popular family name on the show and keeping with tradition (not that the families were valued on the show much anymore). Dennis Carrington switching his name to Dennis Wheeler was stupid. Considering he returned to the show in 1989 under the name Carrington and as an adult and then a few years later his name now is Wheeler.? Alex Wheelr was indeed his real father..
  10. Totally my bad. I do remember him in shameless.
  11. I am thinking at the time, they did not have the flashbacks as we see today. Most of this stuff is shared by our loyal fans. However, the Paley Center did have stuff. All of the flashbacks were from the early 80's. Stupid. The fight with Alice and Rachel in the cottage in 1974 should have been Alice's reminance and not the 1984/85 scene where she talks to Rachel and having amnesia. Russom was invited to come back as Willis Frame and he declined. I am wondering if Dorothy Lyman was scheduled as invitee to come as Gwen Frame or if they needed someone to fullfill the theme of a Frame going nuts on Rachel and then pursued her? I am guessing maybe but at this time Lyman was a producer in Hollywood already. Wonder why Russom declined? I never saw him again after Willis left AW. They turned the character into something she was no but then again, in real life stuff like this does happen. haha!!! I would have loved to have seen the original script but I am guessing unlikely the Janice part. Frankly, they should have bought back more past characters even if it were just for a cameo appearance. People like Elena Depulinac, Louise Goddard
  12. I have mentioned the same thing out here multiple times. You have JC, GR and VW all in the same room and you cant do a scene.? As Neil said, I am sure because JC was just a guest and I know the whole anniversary was focued on Rachel or maybe again just real sloppy writing that it ever dawned on them to bring ALice into a heaven scene with Steve. However, Donna Swajeski was writing at this time and she worked with Harding Lemay months before the anniversary so she had a good history of the characters but what a shame. I noticed a lot of things about the 25th anniversary of characters that should have ineracted but did not..
  13. Yeah the Olivia thing never made any sense to me either. Robert Delaney came came back in like in 1980 and then his ex wife now shows up? Connsidering Robert had been off the cannvas for years.. I always thought that Olivia Matthews would end up be Oliva Delaneys daughter since Russ Matthews more or less left town with Olivia Delaney in the early 80's. I think I am even confusing myself now at this point but wondering. Russ never mentioned in his return that he married Olivia but I swear they must be using some old bible to bring up characters. Thanks for pointing that out. I think I forgot about that. Somehow, I thought husband and wife were never on screentime together. Russ fell for Olivia once Tracy died and I thought that made it seem like they left togehter. Meaning Olivia and Russ. When Olivia, Russ's daughter showed up in 89 I thought for sure it was a reinvention of the Bay City babies SORAS and thinking Olivia Matthews would have to be Olivia Delaneys daughter. I really think that was going to be the storyline but Olivia Delaney was never mentioned again
  14. I am pretty sure Lemay was writing up until the middle of November. Iris's return around October 26th or so. He even talked about Duncan in interviews and sounded to me like he was disappointed the casting her in the role of Iris. His words were I had no part of the decision on hiring the actress.
  15. Yes, I think I commented recently on this as to this in another conversation. Robinson called in his contract to play a sibling that was never cast before. Why he would care, I have no idea but as noted, why not come back as Norman since he was mentioned (I think that was a write from Harding Lemay in the early 70's) but he himself never mentioed the character again in his writing. I do recall hearing Robinson was supposed to be cast as Willis Frame. Did they ever really say that Henry Frame was a sibling? Dean was always mentioned as a cousin but never specified he was Steves brother. I remember when they bought in the Frame farm into the show and thought the same thing that there was never farm from past history and they all grew up in Chadwell. Sharlene was talkng about when they were kids going apple picking in the tree house out back. By time Sharlene arrived back to the show, I think they stopped talking about the farm being Emma's and that it was the family farm they grew up on. Not sure if it is poor writing history or just reinventing stuff based on what the writers want Iris never lived in Australia. She lived in London. Tomatoe, tomato, I guess all the same. I am not even sure if her living there was any explanation why she now had an accent but if anyone noticed, Carol Shelley who played the role of Iris for 3 months was also born in England. Maybe she had a more clever idea of disguing her accent and Bev McKinsey herself had a very distintive accent. She is from the south but I would not call her voice a Southern accent. Regarding their naming, the ending credits from the 80's when Duncan took over the role always showed her name as Iris Carrington Wheeler. Why include the Carrington part since that was 3 husbands ago. Dennis's name was called and noted in ending credits in 89 for anniversary show as Dennis Carrington. A few years later when the new actor came on to play the role (not a good recast at all) he was now known as Dennis Wheeler. Again, its all what the writers want to change
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