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Endgame- Episode 92
Friday, October 12, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Port Charles begins with Patrick walking down the corridor playing with his stethoscope. Steven Webber says hello in passing, but Patrick ignores him, on a mission to find his father. After getting directions from one of the nurses, Patrick finds his father moving into his new office.

"I need to talk to you," Patrick says anxiously. "I don't know who else to turn to."

Noah stops what he's doing in order to talk to his son. Patrick rarely comes to him for anything, so this must be big. "What's wrong Patrick? Is everything alright?"

"Yeah yeah, it's fine…I guess. I mean…I don't know. Something's happened that's gonna chance the rest of my life…and I don't know how to feel about it." Patrick runs his hands through his hair before flopping down on the sofa next to Noah. The excited, yet worried smile on Patrick's face begins to fade. "I think Robin is pregnant."

Noah wonders how this could have happened, knowing that Patrick and Robin use protection. Patrick admits that one night a few months ago they got a little carried away…..The camera fades into the next scene.
After a leaving General Hospital, Robin decides that she is starving so Brenda takes her to Kelly's for a late lunch. The restaurant is a little busy as Robin and Brenda sit across from each other talking and eating. Brenda picks at her salad while Robin devours a turkey club, french fries, and steamed vegetables. She told Brenda that she couldn't help it, she felt like she hadn't eaten all day and vegetables were good for the baby. Dante comes over and introduces himself to Brenda & Robin. He says he's new to working at Kelly's and hopes their lunch was ok. Brenda compliments him on how cute he is, saying he has a model look. Dante blushes and asks if there's anything else he can get for them. Robin quickly responds that she wants a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

An amused Brenda sips at her iced tea and raises her hands, "I'm not saying a word. However, if you eat like this on a regular basis, Patrick is going to figure out your pregnant all on his own…especially if all of a sudden your bras don't fit and you can't fit into your clothes."

Robin threw a french fry at Brenda and giggles. "Shut up Brenda." Robin sipped her water and lamented, "I know I have to tell Patrick and I have to tell him now. I am just so stressed out about this. I don't know how to break it to him. How do I tell a guy who has made it known in the past that he didn't want children, that I'm pregnant. Do I just come right out and tell him? Or should I ease into it, like maybe something romantic? I don't know. I'm nervous on how he will take it."

"Well have the two of you ever spoke about children?" Brenda asks.

"Kind of. I mean, I let him know that one day I may want children, but I wasn't thinking of it at the time. He was honest and told me that he didn't want any children. I'm so scared because my heart has been broken so many time. When I lost Stone I never thought I would love again until Jason came along. We all know how that ended."

Robin twirls her spoon around in her ice cream. "I know that sounds corny Brenda, but Patrick broke down my walls and he healed my heart. He has helped me learn how to love again. I love him so much." She pulls out the necklace that Patrick gave her. "See this?" The camera cuts to the beautiful necklace given to Robin. "He gave this necklace to me a little while ago. He said it was the key to his heart. I know he loves me, I just don't know how to tell him that we are about to be three."
The camera pans over to the other side of the restaurant, showing Jason Morgan sitting at one of the tables awaiting the arrival of someone. Elizabeth enters Kelly's soon after walks over to Jason's table. Jason is happy to see Elizabeth, who asked him to meet her there. The look on Elizabeth's face is a sad one.

Elizabeth apologizes for always coming to him when she has a problem, but at his point he's the only person who she trusts completely and knows he won't judge her. He strokes her hand and tells her that he's her friend, and all he can do is offer her support when she needs it. Liz reaches into her back and pulls out her divorce papers, telling Jason that once she and Lucky sign these, their marriage will be over. Liz blames Helena for destruction of her marriage, admitting that she feels the sociopath orchestrated all of this. Liz vents that if Helena had never kidnapped Sam & Alexis last year, if she wouldn't have played mind games during the rescue, none of this would have happened. She wouldn't have lost focus on her marriage, she wouldn't have abandoned Lucky and attempted to pursue a relationship with a guy who was in love with someone else.
Noah listens carefully as Patrick speaks openly about his feelings, getting a rare glimpse into his son's soul.

"I don't know if I'm ready to be a father. I mean if she's pregnant then of course I'll be happy, but I don't know if I'm ready."

"I don't think anyone can be 'ready' to be a father," Noah says choosing his words carefully. "The fact that you seem genuinely happy is a good thing. Too many times one wants a child and the other doesn't….and it doesn't come out until after the woman is pregnant. Why don't you think you're ready?"

Patrick tells his father that no offense, but he (Patrick) didn't really have the best example growing up. He doesn't want to do that to his children. He wants to be there for everything. The first step, the first word…everything. Failure is not an option in anything that Patrick does, and truth be told, he isn't sure if he won't fail when it comes to raising a child.

Noah asks Patrick if he can love the child unconditionally, faults and all. If he can provide a safe and loving home for the child. Patrick says of course. Noah tells his son then he's already on the right track. There isn't a guidebook to being a good parent, it's a system of trial and error. Some try harder than others. Unfortunately, he (Noah) couldn't be there for Patrick when he needed him the most, instead choosing to drown his sorrows in a bottle of liquor. The camera alternates between Noah's face while he's speaking, and Patrick's face reacting to Noah's statements. Noah painfully admits that Patrick's biggest fear is that his children will resent him the way that he (Patrick) resents Noah.

Patrick takes in the conversation with Noah and thanks his dad for talking to him. Before Patrick walks out of the office, Noah grabs his son and hugs him, telling him that he loves him very much and is proud of the man he has become. Patrick thanks his father and admits that though he wasn't as close to Noah as he had hoped to be, he is glad they're making up for it now.
At Wyndemere, Lucky comes down the stairs and walks into the foyer looking for something. He's started when a familiar voice calls his name from the shadows. The camera moves over and shows Luke sitting in a chair with a glass of scotch in his hands.

Lucky asks when Luke returned. Luke tells Lucky a few days ago. Lucky sarcastically says he guesses he's glad Luke is back in town. Luke is angry a little and tells Lucky so. He says that he wants to know why he had to find out from a third party that his son is possibly going to pursue a relationship with a Cassadine! Lucky scoffs and says if Luke paid attention to anyone but himself, he would have known that he's been kind of involved with Sam since the beginning of summer! I mean he has been keeping her safe from Helena all this time. It was bound to happen.

Luke's longstanding hatred for anything Cassadine begins to come to the forefront. "The Cassadines are leeches. They'll latch on to you and suck you dry…and when you have nothing left, they'll kill you. It's bad enough that your brother is a Cassadine and that I've had to tolerate him, but now I'm gonna have to accept Sam too? I don't think so cowboy."

Lucky snaps to his father that it doesn't matter whether he likes Samantha or not. Lucky likes her and that's it. He calls his father on his hypocrisy, saying that the friendship between Luke and Alexis has lasted for years, why is it that he (Lucky) can't have the same with Sam?

Luke says that Sam may be Alexis' daughter, but she doesn't have any of the qualities that made Luke interested in a friendship with Alexis. Secondly, Luke has more experience dealing with the Cassadines than Lucky, and he can notice a crazy from a mile away. The fact that Sam spent months held by Helena, and no one knows what was done to her, yet people just accept that she's back is a problem.

Lucky tells his father to butt out of his life. Where was he when he was shot last year trying to save Sam? Where was he when his marriage began falling apart? Where was he when Lucky needed someone to talk to? UNAVAILABLE! That's where he has. So don't try to come in now and give unwarranted advice because he needs something to do.
Jason tells Liz to calm down and asks her to face some hard truths. While Helena did set events into motion, the fallout was all their (Jason & Liz's doing). Jason felt closer to Elizabeth after Sam's supposed death and welcomed her friendship. He tells her that she (Elizabeth) could not help but feel close to Jason after he saved her and that their friendship has always been one close to his heart. He says their decision to almost sleep together in their pain and grief is what caused her marriage to Lucky to end.

They are the responsible parties and you know what, he feels bad for it. In his pain, he led Elizabeth to believe their might be more between them, but he couldn't and still can't deliver. He asks Elizabeth to decide whether she truly wants her marriage to end. If she doesn't, then she needs to fight to repair the rift between her and Lucky. If she does, and is truly ready to move on with her life, the best thing she can do is make peace and honor what she had with Lucky, and agree to be friends and do what's best for their son.
The conversation between Robin & Brenda becomes so intense that neither woman hears the door the Kelly's open. Brenda leans forward and she pushes her brown hair out of her eyes. "I know you will be able to tell him."

"Tell him what?" Robin turned around in her chair to see Patrick standing there. Patrick leans down and kisses Robin. He pulls up a chair and sits down, smiling at Brenda. "I take it you are Brenda? It's nice to finally put a face to the name. I have heard a lot about you."

"And Robin just can't stop talking about you." Brenda stands up and smiles at the two new parents. "I will let you be. It was nice meeting you Patrick." Before either of them could get a word out, Brenda had swept out of the diner.

Patrick grins at a sheepish Robin. "So, what did you have to tell me?" Robin looks around at the full tables surrounding them. She really doesn't want to tell Patrick she was pregnant while they are sitting in Kelly's, but she knows she can't put it off. She suggests that they take a walk in the park. Patrick smiles to himself as he follows Robin out.
Next…on Port Charles
- Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant
- Carly & Emily have an awkward moment
- Anna's argument with Lorenzo turns passionate


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You know what the great thing is, I know nothing of GH but yet I am drawn and everything makes sense to me so kudos to you 3 for that


I LOVED the Naoh and Patrick scenes. Very well written. Who wrote thos scenes may I ask? The emotions within was so rich.

The turkey club and fries made me hungry

I alos loved the Robin and Brena scenes.

Also like Luke and Lucky's scenes too. Great job. I learned a lot from what I read about GH.

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  • Members

You have Ryan to thank for the Noah and Ryan scenes. I agree, he did a very good job.

Thank you everyone for your comments, its greatly appreciated

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I read this earlier but didn't have a chance to comment on it.

It was another great episode. I love the family interaction between Luke/Lucky and Patrick/Noah. The Brenda/Robin scenes were great too. I love that Robin has all this internal conflict, its very realistic to worry about how a boyfriend will take the news of becoming a father.

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I am glad to see Patrick accepting of the Robin's pregnancy, and wants to be a good parent. Patrick has shown a growth in maturity here. I like the Luke/Lucky scenes. Way to go, Lukcy, for calling Luke out on his hypocrisy.

Greaty eppy, guys.

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must you leave me hanging here?

great writing guys.

so much core family history.

I love it!

take a note Guza/JFP/Frons

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Wholy crap how many comments does this episode need? JK. Anyway, it's funny that I would never watch the real GH but I'm addicted to this blog.

I think that it's very daring to have Robin pregnant especially since she's HIV + and her friendship with Brenda is very fitting.

Loved the new logo and check this out, Tristan Rogers friended me on myspace. So I haveto request more Scorpios!

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I love how you bounce back and forth to each set of relationship issues in this episode.....Really love talking to Luke....As much as I like Lucky, when it comes to spotting something that isn't quite right, he is weak.....Love how you brought the Cassadine history into play.

Loving Brenda and Robin's friendship.....Hope she stays long... Absolutely love the Noah/Patrick scenes.

Awesome job.

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