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  1. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 313

    loved it
  2. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 312: Tough Love

    poor carly and micheal and morgan
  3. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode: 311

    that sucks i wouldnt have minded to have laura bak
  4. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode: 311

    poor carly and nikolas!!! r u going to bring bak laura or no with all this mention of her
  5. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 310: The Cold Hard "Truth"

    awesome episode. i am hating nik right now
  6. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 309: Tough Love/Anger

    poor robin
  7. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 308: Mystery

  8. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 308: Mystery

    will she be related to someone in port charles thats all I ask?
  9. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 308: Mystery

    who is cassie?
  10. SoapAlcoholic


    i love this show
  11. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 307 - Fallout and Questions

    loved it. nik is an idot
  12. SoapAlcoholic

    Episode 305: Confessions

    poor sam and maxie
  13. SoapAlcoholic

    PC - Episode 304: Three Months Later Part II

    poor carly and nicolas. i am so happy the mob is gone