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Endgame- Episode 91
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Written by: Jennifer Snyder & Tishy Smith
Ryan Chandler

The police sirens were getting dangerously close to the warehouse as Max tried to get Sonny out. Much to no avail, Sonny wasn’t leaving, quite the opposite.

“No! Max we’re not leaving, not until this bastard is dead!”

“Mr. C the cops are going to be here any minute we have to get you out of here! We can’t be here when they arrive or we’ll be arrested and you don’t want that!”

Lorenzo struggled in the chair to get free but one of Sonny’s men noticed and knocked him down to the ground, chair and all. Lorenzo feeling the pain, he lay lifeless on the floor, still tied in the chair as Max tried desperately to get Sonny out before the PCPD arrived.

“Let’s go boss, there’s a way we can get out of here alive but we gotta hurry!” Max shouted as he guided Sonny quickly to the escape tunnel, leaving Lorenzo battered and bruised on the floor of the warehouse.

Sonny reluctantly leaving with Max and his men through the hidden door just as Anna Devane and her swat team storm the warehouse. Guns drawn and aimed at anything that moved in the darkness of the empty warehouse, the officers quickly cleared the area and Anna followed close behind. Lorenzo squirming and struggling on the floor, gagged and bound to the chair, he was discovered by one of the men in black from the PCPD.
"Sorry Robin!" Brenda yells while running up to her friend. "I got stuck in traffic. How are you feeling? Any morning sickness?" Brenda leans over and hugs Robin. "It's so good to see you!"

Robin laughs, she is so happy that her best friend is back in town. "I am so glad you are here Bren." When Brenda looks at her quizzically, she adds, "I haven't told Patrick yet. I want someone to be with me at the appointment. Because what if I'm not, I don't want him to worry or anything until there is good reason too." The two friends start to walk down the hall towards the ob gyn department and Robin shares her joy at the thought of being pregnant, and the fear of being pregnant. Brenda assures her that she would be there every step of the way. Brenda puts her arm around her as they walk together to Dr. Kelly's office.
At Lucy's, Serena comes downstairs and hands Lucy a stack of papers. Lucy suspiciously picks up the papers and begins reading them over. Her face lights up as each paper reveals what wonderful work Serena is doing at the hospital. Serena is glad Lucy's happy about her praise, and says that even though working at the hospital is supposed to be "punishment," she feels like she finally has a purpose and is enjoying her work.

Serena tells her mother that after much thought, she's decided to enroll at Port Charles University and do something with her life. Lucy is obviously proud of her daughter, but doesn't get too excited. Serena has a tendency to make big grandeurs and do nothing afterwards. When asked what she would be interested in studying, Serena thinks she'll get into medical studies…or go into law like her father, Scotty Baldwin.
“Commissioner! Over here!” One of them called out to let Anna know they had found Lorenzo.
Anna rushed over to the where the police officers found Lorenzo and asked them to untie and un-gag him from the chair. She saw he was badly battered and bruised and asked for the paramedics to be called.

“Thanks but no, I’m not going to the hospital. I’ll be fine.” Lorenzo refused as he took his index finger and wiped away the blood from his mouth. "I take it you got the call from my company."

“Yeah we did. And you look like you’ll be fine.” Anna said sarcastically as Lorenzo tried to walk away but buckled to the pain in his legs and ribs.

Two police officers picked him up and sat him back down in the chair as Anna approached him. “Sit there and wait for the paramedics.” She instructed as she turned away and gave instructions to the officers who were with her.

As Anna’s back was turned, Lorenzo quietly slipped away from the scene. He found a dark corner and pulled his cell phone from his jacket to make a call. He was startled after Anna comes up form behind and snatches the phone from his hand.

“What the …” he snapped as he turned around to see Anna flip close the phone.

“Don’t be so stupid Mr. Alcazar. Whatever you just did, call it off!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Anna.” Lorenzo replied coyly.

“Of course you do and I’m warning you now, if a dead body turns up in the next 24 to 48 hours, you will be my prime suspect!”

Anna walked away from Lorenzo and headed back to the area that the officers were still searching, leaving Lorenzo the opportunity to leave the warehouse undetected.
Elizabeth finally makes it over to the waiting lounge after an extremely long shift. Her feet ache, her body aches and she misses the hell out of Cameron. It was Lucky's weekend to have him. She sighs to herself as she reminisces on the good times she had with Lucky. To think…if only things were different between them after the horrific tragedy last summer. In the end, she felt that she needed to bond with Jason after he saved her. She laughs at herself angrily when she realizes her hero worship cost her her marriage.

She's gets up, puts her hands on her hips and walks over to the Nurse's Station. A young woman in a power suit soon steps off the elevator and asks for Elizabeth. Curious, Liz dodges her questions at first before admitting she's the one she's looking for. The young woman hands over a manila envelop. Elizabeth asks what's inside; the woman tells her it's the final draft of her and Lucky's divorce proceedings. Once they're signed, their marriage is officially over. Liz thanks the woman for bringing them by. Liz slowly walks into the staff area, opens the envelope and begins to cry.
Robin's exam is over and Brenda is filling her in on her new job at Titan and also about seeing Ned and Jason. She is doing anything and everything she can to make Robin laugh, but Robin's face is clouded with fear and anxiety. The door opens and Dr. Kelly walks in, a grin on her face. "Congratulations Robin! You're going to be a mother!"

Brenda squeals with delight and Robin smiles in relief. The happiness doesn't last long, as Robin's mind immediately begins to spin to worst case scenario. "How far along am I? What about my protocol? I know my baby runs the risk of getting HIV, but how much do I have to worry about it?" Robin beams with delight. "Oh Kelly, I have so many questions and I really don't know where to begin."

Kelly pulls a chair close to her and says in a soothing voice, "Calm down ok? Judging from what you told me I would say you are about ten weeks along. Yes, your baby does run a risk of contracting HIV but there is a three-drug cocktail that we will put you on."

Kelly takes Robin's hand and reassures her that things will be ok. "When the baby is born, within 72 hours, your baby will be put on the same protocol to prevent HIV and the success rate is very good. We will obviously keep a very close watch on you and your baby." Kelly smiles and looks down at her Robin's test results. "Now, you have no signs of kidney infection and your Pap smear was normal. I would like to schedule an ultrasound for you in two months. We can then tell if you are having a girl or a boy. I would also like to see you every two weeks instead of every month just to see how everything is going. Oh and I have a prescription for some vitamins"

Robin expels a deep breath. "So my baby and I are going to be alright." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Your baby has every chance to be healthy. With the advances that have been made in treating HIV there is every reason to believe that your baby will not have HIV. You know if you have any questions, you can track me down any time. Day or night you can call me, ok?" Kelly stands up and smiles at her friend, "Of course, I want to know the good stuff. How did Patrick take it when you told him you were pregnant?"

Robin shook her head, her ponytail flying over her shoulders. "Oh Kelly, you can't talk to Patrick about this, promise me that you won't." A panicked Robin says vehemently.

"Are you telling me that Patrick is mad that you are pregnant? He should know that no matter..." Kelly crosses her arms and starts to say indignantly.

Robin cuts her off before she can finish. "Kelly, I haven't told him yet. I wasn't sure if I was really pregnant, and I didn't want to get his hopes up…or scare him away for no reason. Trust me…when the time comes, I'll tell Patrick everything."
Next…on Port Charles
- Patrick talks to Noah regarding his suspicion Robin is pregnant; Confiding in his father that he doesn't know if he's ready to be a father
- Jason can't give Elizabeth what she wants and urges her to fight for her marriage (though it's a bit late)
- Robin fears Patrick's response to her pregnancy
- Luke is furious when Lucky admits he's interested in Sam


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Wow. She's pregnant. This is going to be good! And Sonny slipping away once again. Sounds like he has some Cassidine in him somewhere! :lol:

I knoew that all I had to do was start reading, and I would enjoy your work. This team is putting together a GH blog that would destroy the current show. Brian Frons should read your work (If he isn't already).

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Awww Scrubs having a child! I love it.

I love the closeness of Brenda and Robin. It's great.

I really don't feel sad for Elizabeth. She brought it on herself. I kinda wish Sonny finished the job on Lorenzo, but that's just me LOL.

Good work :)

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