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Endgame- Episode 90
Monday, October 08, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder
Tishy Smith

Please The Previous Episode Before Reading This: Click Here To Read
Sonny’s men brought Lorenzo to him as they were instructed. Lorenzo was sat down in a chair, in the middle of a dimly lit, empty warehouse. The blindfold placed on him inside the limo still resides on his face. His hands were bound behind the back of the chair, he wasn’t going anywhere. His mind racing as to what was about to happen to him, he figured it was Sonny’s doing, there was no one else he could think of for this ambush. The only person with the balls to do so is Sonny.

He heard footsteps coming up from behind and he tensed up waiting for the worst. No one spoke, but he could hear he wasn’t alone. The blindfold was pulled off his head and he was able to see who had him abducted from his car.

“It’s so nice for you to join the party, Lorenzo,” Sonny scowled.

Lorenzo looked around and noticed there were six other men with Sonny, not including Max & Milo. He realized then he was in a very bad way and there was no fighting his way out of this mess.

“What do you want Sonny?” Lorenzo questioned as he squirmed in his chair.

“I want some answers. You either give me the answers I'm looking for, and if you're a good boy I'll let you live."

Sonny stalked around Lorenzo contemplating his next move and he noticed the more time he wasted, the more nervous Lorenzo became.

“Tell me Lorenzo, are you sweating bullets right now because you’re scared or is there another reason why there is sweat dripping from your brow?” taunted Sonny.

“Why don’t you tell me what you want, Sonny?!”

“Well, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is that you admit you were the one who killed my sister…and you were the one who…" Sonny's voice trails off. "The one who had my son attacked last night."

"What? Michael was hurt? Sonny I don't know what you're talking about. I would never hurt Mich—"

"Shut up!" Sonny yells. "Don't you lie to me! Face the consequences of your actions you bastard! You wanna do this the hard way? Go ahead and deny it! Deny you killed my sister. Deny you had my son beat up! I swear to god one way or another, I'll beat the truth out of you, you sick son of a bitch.” Sonny threatened.
In the car on the way to Carly's house, Nikolas can't help but notice how distracted Carly is. "What's wrong?" he asks. "Besides the obvious that is."

Carly stares at the passing trees through the window. "Michael says Sonny believe Lorenzo was behind his attack. I don't believe that."

Nikolas gives a sideway glance to Carly before shifting his attention back to the road. "Why not Carly? He's hurt your family before."

"Because Lorenzo's not the same man he was when he came to town in 2003. He's a different person. I married the man for Pete's sake. I know he loved me…and he loved my children. He wouldn't hurt them. No matter how much he hates Sonny. He would never hurt my children. I can promise you that."

Nikolas takes Carly's hand and assures her that everything will be fine once they get back to Wyndemere.
Back at the warehouse, Sonny continues to interrogate Lorenzo.

“Look I don’t know who killed Courtney. I don't know who attacked your son, but it damn sure wasn't me Sonny!” Lorenzo replied and received a right cross from Sonny for his lie.

“You're lying! I can see it in your beady little eyes. I won't tolerate you blatantly lying to my face. You've structured yourself to come after me and my family for months now. You had my sister killed when you blew up her apartment."

Sonny gives a nod to have the bodyguard punch Lorenzo in the face. "You gave the word to have my father and I beat up in the park…" Sonny gives another nod to the bodyguard, who proceeds with a powerful punch to the jaw. "And now….now you have my SON….beaten like an animal!"

Sonny nodded towards his men, which gave them the clue to force the truth out of Lorenzo. A beating may clear his head and make him admit all the things he's done against the Corinthos family. A few punches to the ribs and to Lorenzo’s jaw maybe knock some sense into him, so Sonny thought.

The three men carried out the order, and stepped back from Lorenzo when they were through giving him a beating he’d not soon forget.

"Tell me the truth!" Sonny demanded, punching Lorenzo across the face again.

Lorenzo turns his head and collects the blood in his mouth. He spits it on Sonny and curses at him in Spanish. "I would never hurt innocent women and children Sonny. You should know that by now. But I can promise you one thing…if you think I'm gonna let this slide by, just because you happen to be the father of Carly's children, you've got another thing coming. You'd better pray I don't get out of here alive…."

The anger in Sonny builds more and more. He hasn't felt this much pain and anger since his last breakdown. Max notices the strange look in Sonny's eye and asks his boss to head home, they can handle things from here. Sonny ignores Max, takes his pistol and hits Lorenzo in the stomach. He cocks the gun back and puts it to his head.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now!" Sonny yells, hands shaking, sweat pouring from his head. "Why shouldn't I end this right now? Why shouldn't I rid the world of Lorenzo Alcazar."

Lorenzo stares at the barrel of the gun, refusing the blink or be afraid. "Go ahead! I dare ya! Just know this, if you think you had a problem with me, you don't want to know what my associates will do you if I die. They won't try to maintain peace with you. They'll kill you, your family and anyone remotely associated with you. Have that blood on your hands. Set the example for your children!"

Lorenzo knew there was no way out of this, either he admitted he did the things he's accused of and end up at the bottom of the river, or he could deny what isn't the truth and end up with cement shoes anyway. He was facing death by the hands of Sonny Corinthos and he was now living on borrowed time. He had to think fast, and hope that some way he could talk his way out of this bad situation he found himself in. Just when he thinks things could be over, the sound of sirens blaring towards the warehouse could be his saving grace.
Next on Port Charles…
- Anna and the PCPD storm the warehouse
- Robin and Brenda head to the OBGYN
- Elizabeth is saddened when the final divorce papers come through
- Lucy is pleased when Serena decides to enroll in PCU


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Damn...just damn...I can see the blood on Lorenzo's face, and see the actual events happening to him right now. That was god-awfully intense, that it sucked me in. I honestly didn't want the episode to end. Dead serious. You did a great job on this episode, guys. Fantastic all the way through.

You really should be writing on the show. Then I would fine it enjoyable.

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Wow, lots of drama. Very edge of your seat. Very good episode!!! I really like Lorenza and Sonny. I do believe Alcazar is innocent, or am I being naive?

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That was really really intense. I could picture the entire thing in my head.

On a side note, Sonny is a tool and an idiot. He should know that no matter how much Lorenzo hates Sonny, he would never hurt the love of his life's, Carly's, kids.

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