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  1. Ryan

    PCE: Episode 100

    Endgame- Episode 100 Saturday, November 03, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler <HR> Port Charles begins with a continuation of a scene from the day before… "Monica, I had to see you." Kevin quickly strides into the room and pulls her into a tight embrace. He catches her face in his hands and begins passionately kissing her. He continues to kiss her until they are both breathless. "I want you to remember what we have Monica. I don't want you to forget that I love you." Kevin whispers as they break apart. Monica leans her head against his chest. She doesn't move out of his arms but eventually pushes him away. "I know that Kevin, but I can't do this right now. I need to be with my husband. Please don't make this any harder than it already is. I have to stay with Alan for now, I thought you understood that." "I understand this." He bends his lips down and touches Monica's lips softly, "And this." He kisses her again and pulls her closer as if to imprint his body with hers, "And this." Monica sighs as she gives herself up fully to the kiss. Kevin walks her backward to the bed and places her on it. He follows her down on the bed, fully intending to make love to her right then and there. Neither of them hears the door open until it slams. Both Kevin and Monica jump up as if they were burned. "Oh for God's sake Monica, how low class of you to meet your lover in a hospital bed." Emily spit out scornfully. "Lest you forget, Alan, your HUSBAND, who suffered a major heart attack is lying in this hospital down the hallway! Don't you want to know how or why I found you? Or should I leave the two of you alone for your little rendezvous?" Hatred poured out of every inch of Emily's body as she glared at the two of them. <HR> At the PCPD, Anna walks into her office and finds Mac sitting in her chair with his feet propped up. Anna tells Mac to get out, but he doesn't move. Instead he dances around walking in during Anna's little rendezvous with Lorenzo. Anna acts as if she doesn't know what Mac is talking about. Mac walks over to Anna and talks about their sworn duty to serve and protect, not serve on your back. Anna has a surprised look on her face. Mac shifts his eyes to her desk and makes a disgusted facial gesture. Anna hauls off and slaps Mac across the face for his blatant disrespect. Mac tells Anna that her extracurricular "activities" with Lorenzo has officially become a conflict of interest. Mac says Anna acts with a heir of superiority, when she's no better than the people she's supposed to take down. Mac says she's not in the spy business anymore, she can't get in so deep that she can't dig herself out of it. Mac says things around the PCPD better begin to change around here, or he'll go the mayor and tell him everything. Before Mac goes, he asks Anna if she'll be able to make the right decision when the time is right. The camera shifts the door as he closes it. Anna flops down in her chair looking worried. She reluctantly admits to herself that Mac is right. She has become too involved. Anna then hears a chime on her computer. She opens up her Outlook account and finds an encrypted e-mail. Remembering her training from the WSB, she decodes it and finds a message telling her this person has important information regarding the recent mob attacks. The e-mail instructs Anna to meet with him/her at Pier 24 at midnight tomorrow. She takes out her phone and places a call to Lorenzo, but gets his voicemail. She tells him they need to meet as soon as possible. <HR> Salem Lives: What "Days Of Our Lives" should be.....Weekdays on SONBC <HR> At Wyndemere, Nikolas knocks on the door to Michael's room. After being told he can come in, Nikolas finds Michael listening to his iPod. Nikolas asks Michael how he's feeling. Michael sits up in pain, still feeling the affects from his attack a few weeks before. Michael says he's fine, and though he's not trying to be rude, all he wants to do is be left alone. Nikolas says he'll leave after he asks Michael something. Nik asks if Michael would be interested in having a little party with some of his friends at Wyndemere tonight. Nik is surprised when Michael snaps at him. "You mean have friends here? Have them come all the way out to Spoon Island where they not only have to deal with my dad's security, but yours as well? Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, no one wants to hang out with me after what happened. They think something could happen to them. And I would feel really bad if something did." Nikolas can't blame Michael for being worried for the safety of his friends, and says he understands. He promises Michael that things won't be this way forever, saying Sonny is doing his best to protect his family. Michael snaps back, his best just isn't good enough anymore. The camera zooms in on Nikolas as he turns his head away. The camera pulls back into the next scene. <HR> Skye is shown sitting at the bar in the MetroCourt Hotel. She flashes back to only a few minutes before where she ordered a dry martini. She stares at the glass and fiddles with the olive in her glass. Skye knows she should probably call her sponsor right now, but just one sip..one taste would quell her craving. Skye's battle with alcoholism is no secret, it's been a tough battle for her to overcome but it's a battle she eventually won. The hardest part is resisting the urge to fall back into comfortable patterns. Skye is about to take a sip from her glass when she sees Jax enter from the corner of her eye. She immediately puts down the glass, gives the bartender money and exits the bar. Jax sees Skye rushing out and calls her name. When she doesn't answer, he turns and backtracks her movements, realizing she was at the bar. He begins to worry about Skye's sobriety and decides to pay her a visit. <HR> Kevin sat up and pointed a finger at Emily, "Don't you talk to your mother like that! Treat her with the respect that she deserves." Emily walks towards Kevin and turns up her nose as if she smells something badly. She looks at Kevin, tilts her head and slaps the hell out of Kevin. "Don't you ever talk to me about respect Kevin. Respect is given to those who earn it. Grandfather, Tracy and I were visiting my father…you know, her husband, your supposed close friend when he suffered another heart attack. He almost died while you were about to have sex with this jackass Monica. I heard the page and saw Kevin come flying down the hall. Locked, cocked and ready to unload right? Emily shouts sarcastically, "So sorry that I interrupted Kevin, but when my father almost dies I get a little upset." Kevin opens his mouth to protest and Emily yells at him to shut up. Monica stands up to hug Emily. Emily slaps her hands off her. "Don’t touch me. Down that hallway less than an hour ago, my father almost died and Grandfather almost lost it. If he sees the two of you together, it will kill him." Emily does a good job of keeping herself from losing control. She opens the door and whispers to Monica that she needs to begin putting her husband first. When Monica is far enough down the hall, she shuts the door and turns back to Kevin. "If you know what's good for you, you'll go home. Take a vacation, go visit your daughter, do something. Do anything that'll keep you away from my mother. As much as I dislike what she has done to my father and my family, she still is my mother, and I will do anything I can to make sure my father is happy. If I ever hear about or see the two of you together again in this hospital, or it even seems as if there could be anything beyond a professional relationship, I'll have you fired. I will ruin your career, simply because I can." Kevin warns Emily not to start something she can't finish. Emily warns Kevin not to test her patience. She once again, strongly recommends he takes a vacation for a while. Emily walks out of the room and slams the door. Kevin flops down on the bed and exhales deeply. He takes out his cell phone and places a call. "Livvie? It's dad. I'm going to be taking a little vacation soon and I wanted to know if you would be up for a visit. I know Caleb err….Stephen will be going on tour soon, so I'd like to see you before you go. I really miss you Livvie. Call me when you get this. I love you." Kevin closes his phone and walks out of the room. <HR> Skye pulls into the driveway of the Gatehouse. She bangs her hands on the steering wheel and screams in anger. Why do bad things always have to happen to her family? Alan accepted her into the Quartermaines even when he didn't have to. He adopted her knowing she wasn't his biological father. He's shown her more love than Adam Chandler ever did. She can't lose that. She can't lose the man she calls her father. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Skye falls off the wagon - Jax is there for Skye in more ways than one - Sonny has an ominous dream An unexpected tragedy will affect Nikolas & Carly. Find out this November...only on Port Charles
  2. Endgame- Episode 99 Thursday, October 25, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler <HR> "What is going on! Someone get in here!" Tracy yells as alarms started blaring. Emily starts to speak soothingly to her father and brush his hair back. Alan's eyes roll into the back of his head as several doctors, including Dr. Hayward, and nurses run into the room. Elizabeth quickly ushers Edward, Emily and Tracy out as a crash cart is wheeled into the room. Elizabeth tells the three of them to stay where they are and someone will come talk to them as soon as they know something. Elizabeth then runs back inside as the glass door closed as the three Quartermaines stand there, staring in shock. Edward reaches for Tracy. His tear stained face shows utter shock and fear as he holds tight to the daughter that he has spent decades battling. "Tracy I can't do this. A parent is not supposed to bury his own child. I've already lost Bradley…I can't lose Alan too." Edward whispers. Tracy, who's shown more emotion than she's use to, is reserved with her feelings. She stays strong for her father. In one of her rare moments, Tracy tells her father she loves him and will be strong for the family. She fiercely tells him that Alan is just like him. He's a fighter and he's strong willed. He will come out of this a bigger pain in the ass than he was before. Tracy leads Edward to a chair as Emily starts to call the rest of the family. <HR> The camera pans to the number "7" on the elevator door. When the doors open, Robin & Patrick are shown kissing passionate in the elevator. Robin goes to step off but Patrick pulls her back, wrapping his arms around her stomach. She tells him they need to get back to work, but he thinks they have some time to kill. Robin promises that she and the baby will still be around waiting for his loving arms when they get home. They step off the elevator hand in hand to find themselves the subject of many stares on the hospital floor. Lainey comes over and smiles at Robin & Patrick. The young couple exchange glances as they ask her what she's smiling about. Lainey says nothing, then giggles and walks away. Epiphany doesn't play along with the rest of the staff, coming right out and saying very loudly congratulations to the parents to be. Robin searches the room and sends and angry glare towards Dr. Kelly Lee's way. Robin can't believe Kelly told everyone she was pregnant! Kelly says she didn't. Robin asks who did, and Patrick says he did. He says he wanted their co-workers and friends to participate in their happiness. Patrick hopes she's ok with this. Robin tells him she's fine, but a part of her isn't. There's no guarantee she'll carry this baby to term, she doesn't want to jinx it, but she doesn't let Patrick know. <HR> In what felt like hours for the Quartermaines, but what was really half of an hour, David comes out, wiping sweat off his brow. The three of them rise, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. "Edward, Tracy, Emily. Alan is ok for now. He's stable, but unfortunately he has fallen back into a coma." "Why did my son open his eyes? What's going on Dr. Hayward?" An anxious Edward asks. "Alan suffered another heart attack, this one milder than the first one but a heart attack nonetheless. As for his eyes opening, that is common for patients in a coma. It is just a reflex." David glanced up at the clock on the wall. "I ordered a complete blood work on Alan." David sees Tracy is about to open her mouth to bark an order, but he cuts her off before she can begin. "And yes Tracy, I put a rush on them. The results should be back within the next hour. The important thing is that he is ok for now. Do you have any questions?" When none of them spoke up, David continued, "I will be here in the hospital for the next couple of hours. Do not hesitate to page me if you have any questions. Now, will you excuse me." With that David brushed by them. Tracy nearly succumbs to her emotion after Luke hugs her from behind. He grabs her and kisses her tenderly on the lips, promising everything will be alright. Shortly thereafter, Skye, Ned, Jason and AJ arrived. Edward and Tracy filled in the rest of the Quartermainesto what happened as Emily stood to the side. Skye is hit very heard by the news. She collapses in Jason's arms. Jason doesn't really know how to handle this, seeing as how he's only really close with Emily. He reluctantly pats her on the back and tells her everything will be ok. AJ, who's checking with a nurse mouths the words thank you to Jason, who nods his head. Emily hears a strange page over the PA System, then saw something that caught her eye. She heard a page and then saw something that caught her eye. She excused herself and slipped out of the ICU. <HR> Elsewhere in the hospital….. "Hello, it's Dr. Monica Quartermaine. I just received a page to come to this room." Monica says as she walks into a vacant patient room. She stands there and looks around "Is there anyone here?" Monica looks around and exasperated, mutters to herself, "Not my day I guess." She starts to walk out when the door opens and Kevin walks in. "Kevin, what are you doing? Did you page me?" "Monica, I had to see you." Kevin quickly strides into the room and pulls her into a tight embrace. He catches her face in his hands and begins passionately kissing her. He continues to kiss her until they are both breathless. "I want you to remember what we have Monica. I don't want you to forget that I love you." Kevin whispers as they break apart. Monica leans her head against his chest. She doesn't move out of his arms but eventually pushes him away. "I know that Kevin, but I can't do this right now. I need to be with my husband. Please don't make this any harder than it already is. I have to stay with Alan for now, I thought you understood that." "I understand this." He bends his lips down and touches Monica's lips softly, "And this." He kisses her again and pulls her closer as if to imprint his body with hers, "And this." Monica sighs as she gives herself up fully to the kiss. Kevin walks her backward to the bed and places her on it. He follows her down on the bed, fully intending to make love to her right then and there. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Emily goes off in a tirade on Monica & Kevin - Michael turns down Nikolas' offer to throw a Halloween party at Wyndemere for him - Anna and Mac square off over her ability to do her job - Skye resists the urge to fall off the wagon
  3. Ryan

    PCE: Episode 98

    Endgame- Episode 98 Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler <HR> Lucy steps out of the hospital elevator to check on Alan’s condition. Luke was keeping her informed but she had not heard from him that day so she decided to come to the hospital herself. She was walking past the couches and out of the corner of her eye, she could see Kevin sitting down, looking very depressed and sad. Lucy's heart softened. A part of her wanted to walk away, but the other needed to go over there because he was her doc. Sighing to herself, she straightens herself up and pastes a smile on her face. She walks over and sits down next to him. At first, Kevin doesn’t notice her until she waves her hand in front of his face. “Kevin!” “Lucy.” Kevin said sullenly, “What do you want?” Lucy asked him how he was doing. Kevin replied not well. He drags his hand through his hair and rhetorically asks Lucy what he had done to deserve the treatment that he is getting. He has become a pariah throughout the staff and most of his patients have cancelled their appointments with him. For the first time since he returned to Port Charles, things were not good. He looked at Lucy with a desperate look in his eye and asked if she would go to dinner with him, have coffee with him, something. For a moment, Lucy considered his offer. “You know Kevin, I pleaded with you for another chance when I came to back Port Charles. You told me no, that you were in love with Monica. I feel sorry for you Kevin, I really do. I know you Kevin, more than you think I know you. You want me to listen to you go on about Monica, but you wouldn’t listen to me when I needed you the most. I don’t think so. You knowingly got into an affair with a married woman, Kevin. What do you expect Kevin?” Lucy stood up and brushed her hair off her shoulders. “I’m going to go see how Alan is doing. I’m sorry I even stopped.” With that, Lucy walked away. Kevin, dismayed, watched her leave. He didn’t see David walking up, confident and cocky. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Dr. Collins. Hard Day?" he asked innocently. “It’s not every day that your married lover leaves you and your ex leaves you in the dust.” David watches Lucy in the distance. “You know, she and I have been seeing a lot of each other. She is one fine lady. I have a lot to thank you for Dr. Collins. Because of you, not only do I have Monica's job, but I'll end up with Lucy too.” Kevin jumped up from the couch and warns David to keep his distance from Lucy. David scoffs at Kevin, telling him that he blew his chance when he started sleeping with Monica. He never knew how well he had it, but now it was David’s chance to win Lucy. Kevin clenched his fists and told him to leave Lucy alone. David responded that he would think it over and get back to him about it. David then left Kevin and walked away laughing to himself, leaving Kevin alone fuming. <HR> On the other side of town, Lucas enters the penthouse as Harbor View towers. He slams the door so hard is bounces back open. He walks over to his desk and takes out a picture of himself and Brandon. He looks around the apartment and flashes back to his wonderful Christmas with Brandon. A tear slowly falls from Lucas cheek. He slams the picture down and walks over to the bar area. He's tempted to drown his sorrows in liquor, but doesn't want to fall into the pattern Bobbie did. Instead, he takes out his cell phone and places a call to his father Tony Jones, currently living in Arizona. He reaches Tony's voicemail. He hangs up instead of leaving a message. Soon after he hangs up, he notices he has a message from Lucky on his cell. Lucas checks his message and seems to be cheered up by the message his cousin left him. Lucky tells him that he knows he's going through a hard time right now. It may seem like he has no one in the world, but he has family. He tells his cousin that he loves him and asks him to stay at Wyndemere with him, Carly and Nikolas for a while. <HR> The scene fades to later in the day. Edward, Emily and Tracy wait outside Alan's hospital room. Tracy gets a call from Luke, who informs her of what went down with Bobbie at the PCPD. Tracy tells her husband she'll place a call to Justus, who lives in Boston, to see if he can represent her. David examines Alan and comes outside to tell them there has been no change with Alan. He is still in the coma. The three Quartermaines file in and take their places around Alan's bed. Tracy's guard starts to crumble as she starts to tear up looking at all the wires coming out of her brother. "I wish, God Alan just wake up! We need you Alan, I need you." cries Tracy. "There are so many things that I want to tell you that I never got a chance too and I am afraid I will never get a chance too." Edward places his arm around Tracy's shoulders and pulls her close. While Edward hugs Tracy, Emily gingerly picks up Alan's hand and kisses it. "Emily, you studied this medical stuff, when is Alan going to wake up?" A frustrated Tracy asks. Emily sighs, "Tracy, you heard Dr. Hayward. He's in a coma. He could wake up at any time. He most likely can hear everything that we say." Tracy shrugs off Edward's arm and gently places a kiss on Edward's forehead. Tracy starts to pace around the room and grows increasingly agitated. "Jesus God Almighty Alan, wake up!" Tracy half shouts as she walks close to Alan. Her shout turns into a full scream as Alan's eyes fly open. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - The Quartermaines can't seem to catch a break - News of Robin's pregnancy spreads around the hospital - Alan has another setback - Monica's tempted to give into temptation
  4. Endgame- Episode 97 Monday, October 22, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith <HR> Lucas stands in front of Carly and Luke. "Is someone going to tell me what's going on? Lucky called me and told me to come down here that Mom was here. She's ok, isn't she?" Carly's gaze quickly flies to Luke's. Carly tells Lucas that they need to tell him something, but now wasn't the time or place. Angry, Lucas said he wants to know what is going on right now. The door to the interrogation room opens and Noah walks out "Noah, will you tell me what is going on? Why is my mother being held here?" Lucas demanded of his stepfather. "No one is telling me anything." Noah walks over to Lucas and leads him over to the interrogation room. He tells Lucas to remember that whatever his mother tells him, that she loves him very much. Noah opens the door and confused, Lucas walks in. He sees Bobbie sitting there, crying softly. <HR> Luke paces back and forth waiting for Mac to return to his station. When Mac enters the room, Luke runs towards him and begins asking him for a favor. "Come on Scorpio. I need you to go easy on Barbara Jean. She didn't know what she was doing. She needs help." Luke says, attempting to appeal to Mac's goodness. "Bobbie wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone kill a man." Mac slams down the file he's been keeping on the Brandon Wexler case. "Had you come to me sooner, I might have been able to do something. But instead, you chose to cover it up from the beginning!" "I didn't even…" Luke grabs Mac's arm and pulls him into one of the hallways. "I didn't even find out until recently. I immediately spun into big brother mode and did what I have always done, that is protect my little sister! I'm beginning you man, please don't go through with this." "That's not Mac's call," says a voice from behind the door. "That's mine." Alexis walks out soon after and calls Luke & Mac into the observation room. "Bobbie's in a hell of a lot of trouble." "Natasha my dear, I didn't know you were going to handle this case." Luke forces a half smile. He knows Alexis hates it when he calls her by her birth name, but can't help it. "Tell me you'll go easy on her." Alexis pushes her glasses back onto her face and begins looking at the case notes. "I can't promise you anything Luke. I'll do what I can legally, but we must remember there are victims in this." Alexis asks Luke to leave the room so she and Mac can observe Lucas speaking with Bobbie. <HR> Lucas sits down, asking her what is going on. Taking a deep breath, Bobbie says, "Lucas, I'm sorry for hurting you so much over the last several months. You are my son and I love you very much. I don't always show it but I am very proud of you." She stops and looks all around the room, everywhere except at Lucas' confused eyes. Frustrated, he asks her again, what is going on? She reaches across the table and grasps his hands, "Lucas the night of the frat party, the night that Brandon was killed," Lucas tries to interrupt but Bobbie holds up her hand, "Oh God Lucas. I swear I didn't know this at the time but I know it now. This is why I am here. I was the one driving the car. I was the one that killed Brandon." Bobbie then flashes back to the accident Lucas jumps to his feet, sending the chair flying to the floor. "What? How long have you known? Is this why you took off?" Bobbie starts to sob uncontrollably and Lucas slaps his hands down on the table, "Answer me!" Bobbie tries to control herself and stop crying. She starts to tell him how that night she had been drinking and when Georgie came over and told her about the frat party, she became upset. She got in the car and all she could think about was wanting to talk to him. She was close to the frat house and didn't see Brandon in the road until it was too late. She stopped, but didn't really know what had happened. Soon after the accident, the memories started coming back. How she got home, she really wasn't sure. She was drunk and that was no excuse. She begs Lucas for his forgiveness. "Forgiveness? You want my forgiveness!" Lucas starts to pace the room, raking his hands through his hair and kicking the chair across the room in anger. "Does Noah and Carly know that you are a murderer?" His anger filled eyes train on his mother. "Wait a minute, Noah had to have known. That's how you probably got home and why you two got married, so he can't testify against you!" Bobbie shook her head and whispered, "Carly doesn't know. At least, she didn't. She might now, but I didn't tell her. I swear to you, Carly didn't know." Lucas glares at his mother as he flashes back to the immediate aftermath of Brandon's accident. "That's about the only thing I can believe, because I know that Carly wouldn't lie to me, unlike you who is ashamed of me and has been ever since you found out I was gay!" Lucas leans close to Bobbie's face and when he speaks, his voice is filled with rage. "I want to make myself very clear to you. I never….ever want to see you again. Don't you ever try to call me or get in touch with me. If I hear your name, it will mean nothing to me. I want nothing to do with you ever again. Do you understand me?" Lucas stands up and walks to the door, looking at his mother with hatred in his eyes, "I hope they lock you up and throw away the key." <HR> Alexis turns to Mac and tells him to prepare the tape for evidence. They have their confession. Alexis and Mac walk out of the room and see Luke. Alexis shakes her head and tells Luke she'll do all she can, but this is not going to be cut and dry. Luke asks what the most Bobbie can get. Alexis tells him she can't answer that right now. Bobbie is brought out in handcuffs. Carly walks up to Lucas and puts her hand on his shoulder. Bobbie mouths I love you to her family as she's led away. Lucas hugs Carly tightly as the scene fades to black. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Lucy rejects Kevin's dinner invitation - David and Kevin almost come to blows over Lucy - Alan's condition changes
  5. Endgame- Episode 96 Sunday, October 21, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Tishy Smith Jennifer Snyder <HR> Bobbie sits in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Across from her is Mac who listened without saying a word as she recounted the events leading up to the night of Brandon's death. When she finished, he asks if Noah had any involvement and Bobbie looks away, not answering. Knowing that she doesn't have to incriminate her husband, Mac then asks her why she was coming forward now. She replies that it was the right thing to do. She needs help to stop drinking. She asks Mac if he would please call her family. Mac tells her Lucky made some calls and Noah was on his way. Mac stands up, saying he needs to type up her confession and he would send in Noah in when he arrives. <HR> Alexis is shown working at her desk when someone knocks on her door. She gives permission to enter. The door opens and Sam enters the office. She looks around and comments on how nice her mother's office looks. Alexis gets up and walks over, asking if she can hug her. Sam reluctantly agrees and an awkward hug soon follows. Neither woman is quite comfortable around the either. Alexis offers Sam some coffee but she kindly turns her down. After a short silence, Alexis asks what brought her by. Sam admits she was hoping she could spend a little time with her, seeing as how they have a lot of catching up to do. Alexis remarks about a good 27 years. Sam gives a half hearted laugh and agrees. Sam apologizes for her attitude over the past couple of months, it's just hard to see Alexis. She says she wants to feel like a family with her, but it's going to take some time. Sam says therapy with Lainey is helping her slowly regain some of her memory. She also says she's getting tons of support from Nikolas & Lucky. Alexis asks Sam how is it living with Carly. Sam admits it's a little tense. She knows Carly doesn't really care for her, and seems to resent the fact that she and Lucky are very nice to each other. Alexis promises Sam that things will be better in due time, and not to worry about Carly. Sam looks at her watch and says she'll let Alexis get back to work. Alexis tell her she doesn't have to go, but Sam says she should be on her way to therapy anyway. Before she leaves, she asks if Alexis could stop over some time…just to say hi. This is has been something Alexis has wanted for months. She happy says yes and asks if she can bring Kristina and Molly. Sam says she'd like that… Sam closes the door. She walks over to the elevator and pushes the button. She takes out her phone and places a call to a Helena. "It's done. I've told Alexis I'd like to get to know her better. If I can get her on my side, this could work to my advantage in the long run." Back inside, Alexis gets a call from the PCPD. She's asked to head down to the station immediately. <HR> Mac closes the door behind him as Noah, Carly and Luke storm into the PCPD. "Where is my wife Mac?" Noah looks around the PCPD in anger. Mac tells him to calm down, she's in the interrogation room. Carly demands to know on what charges she is being held on. Mac's gaze catches Luke's and holds it. Mac takes a deep breath and tells them that Bobbie has confessed to driving the car that killed Brandon Wexler. <HR> After finding Lorenzo in the warehouse battered and bruised, Anna had only one suspect in mind. She approached the front door of the residence of Sonny Corinthos and was about to knock, but Max opened it up before she had the chance. “Max ….” she greeted him. “Commissioner …” “I’d need to see Mr. Corinthos.” She insisted as she pushed her way past him. “Um, Commissioner …” Max tried to stop her but he was met with a defensive move as Anna flipped him over and he landed on his backside. Anna barged into the living room finding Sonny was sitting at his desk. Sonny startled by her presence and quickly got up from his seat. “Max!” “I’m sorry sir, she got passed me.” Max replied when he got to his feet. Anna smirked in Max’s direction before he turned to leave the two of them alone to discuss whatever it was she was there for. “Commissioner … I assume you are here about the incident with Lorenzo that I heard about.” “Wow news travels fast doesn’t?” “What can I do for you?” “I came here for answers. I know you know more about this incident then you let on, Mr. Corinthos. You and Lorenzo Alcazar have a long standing rivalry, it’s no secret.” “If you say so.” Sonny shrugged off Anna’s questions. “Not only do I say so, but the rap sheets for both of you tell the story. I didn’t have to look much farther than you to see a prime suspect for this assault on Lorenzo Alcazar.” “Do you have a prime suspect for who killed my sister, Commissioner?” Anna hesitated … “No of course you don’t but I can tell you the bastard who did do it, Lorenzo Alcazar!” “And you have proof he killed your sister?” Sonny was silent, he had no proof, Alcazar doesn’t work like that. This business doesn’t work like that, there would be no proof of guilt. “I never said Lorenzo was stupid. Of course I don’t have proof he did it! I just know …” “Ah I see. Well Sonny, I need proof that Lorenzo killed your sister in order to arrest him. That’s how the law works. And at the rate the two of you are going, you are either going to end up behind bars or 6 feet under. That is the outcome of this feud the two of you seem to have. And I will take great pleasure in either outcome.” “Before I go, I’m sure you have an alibi for when Alcazar was assaulted?” Sonny gave her some lame excuse as to where he was that morning, but he was sure she didn’t buy it. He was sure she’d be back again with more questions. Anna started to leave the living room as Max opened the door for her and escorted her to the front door. Max still rubbing his neck that felt bruised from Anna’s defensive move she made on him earlier. “Yeah sorry about that Max. I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly.” Anna said as she stepped out onto the stoop. “I’ll be alright …I’ve felt worse.” Max looked annoyed while Anna laughed under her breath at the thought of Max on the floor looking up at her after she flipped him over. “Let Mr. Corinthos know I will be back.” <HR> Back at the PCPD… Luke swore and Carly paled, "What are you talking about? Bobbie didn't kill Brandon. Did she?" Silence descends and Carly turns towards Luke and Noah, "Luke, tell me that this isn't true?" Noah asks Mac if he could see Bobbie and Mac nods. Realization dawns on Carly as she drops into a chair. Starring daggers at Luke she snaps, "Oh my God, you knew about this didn't you? You knew what my mother did! You knew she killed the love of my brother's life and you hid it from us? How could you Luke?" Luke replies that he won't answer her questions right now but Carly needs to know that as a Spencer, he will stop at nothing to protect Barbara Jean. Carly pushes back her mane of hair and sighs, "Luke, I'm so angry at you right now. You think that you always have the answers but this time you are just wrong. Right now, my main concern is Lucas. He has gone through so much, how can I tell him this?" No one saw Lucas walk in, "Tell me what?" Luke and Carly exchange glances. The camera zooms in on Lucas' face as he tries to figure out what's going on. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Bobbie confesses what she did to Lucas - Lucas disowns Bobbie - Luke asks Mac & Alexis to go easy on his sister
  6. Endgame- Episode 95 Friday, October 19, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith <HR> It had only been an hour since Bobbie had been back in Port Charles. If it were up to her, she would have been back sooner, but due to inclement weather and delays by the pilot, she couldn't leave as soon as she wanted. It's pouring outside, but that won't keep her from doing what she has to do. First on her list is paying a visit to her little girl. Kneeling down, she kisses her fingers and trails then over the name Barbara Jean. A bouquet of flowers catches her attention, causing her to smile gently. She notices Tony still remembers to have flowers sent every week. "Oh BJ, I miss you so much baby girl. I need your help." She stays with BJ for a long time talking quietly to her. She doesn't care that the rain is pouring on her, she needs to pour her heart out. She imagines what life would be life if BJ had lived, if a drunk driver didn't tragically cut her life short. She imagines watching BJ attending her first dance, going through her first heartbreak, graduating from high school and so on. Bobbie knows she should have known better, having lost her daughter by a drunk driver and she herself was guilty of the same crime. Standing up, she wipes away her tears and says goodbye to BJ. <HR> Meanwhile, the camera shows an exterior shot of Wyndemere Castle where a pregnant Carly Corinthos is sleeping. The camera slowly pans up to her face, where she appears to be having an intense dream. Carly is shown standing on the side of the road, looking at something happening ahead. She tries to make out what it is, but the more she tries to focus on the scene, the blurrier her vision becomes. She walks slowly towards what has caught her attention. She hears people calling out her name, telling her they love her, but she can't get to them. Suddenly, she appears at the hospital, watching someone being operated on. She turns to her right and tries to make out the faces staring through the window. 4 people, crying, afraid for the person inside on the operating table. Suddenly Carly appears inside the room with the doctors. They declare the person dead. Carly eases over to the table and removes the sheet…..the camera cuts to the horrified look on Carly's face and she wakes up screaming! Nikolas wakes up and asks if she's alright. Carly tries to calm herself down and tells him to go back to sleep. He tells her he'll stay up with her until she goes back to sleep. Carly lies in Nikolas' arms and embraces his loving hold. She tries to shake her dream out of her head, but it's obviously disturbing her. It takes a very long time before Carly can fall asleep again. <HR> NOW IS THE TIME TO FALL IN...TO SALEM LIVES!!! CLICK ON THE BANNER FOR MORE INFO!!! <HR> Emily is shown sipping a cup of tea while looking at pictures of her family in the Quartermaine Study. She flips the pages of the photo album back and forth until she gets to a large picture of the immediate family. In the picture, taken shortly before Jason's accident, features Alan, Monica, AJ, Jason and herself together in the living room. Everyone looks so happy in the picture. She sighs to herself as she remembers the simpler, less complicated times. The sound of the door to the study opening causes Emily to jump. AJ enters and tells Emily to calm down. When he notices what she's doing, he comments that they have something in common. They both like to look at old pictures of the family. To say there was tension between Emily and AJ would be an understatement. Emily never forgave AJ for aligning himself with Faith Roscoe to kidnap Michael. To make matters worse, AJ faked his death and let poor Michael take the blame for it! At least that's what Emily thought. After AJ surprised the family last Christmas by showing up and revealing he wasn't dead, he explained everything. Saying that he only faked his death to end the pain he had caused…most of all to his son. He had no idea the doctor treating Jason & Michael would set poor Michael up. Emily stares at the picture of their family and breaks down. She says it's not fair that their father is having to suffer. He's a great man and if ANYONE deserves to suffer it's Monica. AJ interrupts Emily and tells her she needs to let go of her anger. If it wasn't for Monica, Emily would have never become a part of the Quartermaine Family. He tells her that we're all human and we all make mistakes. Emily knows that more than anyone, given her past indiscretion with Nikolas while married to Zander. AJ says everyone has been hurt by Monica's actions, but they can either dwell on them and make her suffer, or they can do what Alan would want them to do, and that's forgive her and try to move on. He tells her their father has spent years resenting AJ for causing Jason's accident, but eventually he has forgiven him. Emily says that Alan is a better person than she is, because she can't forgive Monica. She's forgiven too many people for too many things in the past. Everything thinks just because they say sorry, St. Emily is going to forgive and forget. Emily declares she's tired of being people's doormat <HR> Bobbie pulls her hair back under a baseball hat and secures a pair of large sunglasses on her nose. She pushes the door to the hospital open and keeps her head down, praying she doesn't run into anyone she knows. She goes to the ICU and stealthily slides her way in without being detected. Looking back and forth, she sees that no one is in Alan's room so she slips in. She sits down next to him and reaches for his hand. Quietly she offers up a prayer for Alan. She then tells him that he has always been a wonderful man and she has always looked up to him. There is no one like him in the world. She knows in her heart that he will get better. She confesses her crimes to him and says she knows that he wouldn't judge him. That he would understand. Knowing that anyone could walk in at any moment, she stands up and kisses Alan's cheek. Now she is ready for her final destination. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Bobbie turns herself in for her role in Brandon Wexler's murder - Alexis is surprised when Sam pays her a visit - Anna puts Sonny in his place You've watched them fall in love. You've watched their love grow in spite of interference. Now...watch their love reach new heights with the creation of their miracle child. Created by Ryan Chandler & d_alias
  7. Endgame- Episode 94 Thursday, October 18, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler <HR> Port Charles begins with Elizabeth kissing her son Cameron goodbye, clenching a manila envelope in her hand. She thanks her sister Sarah for coming over and agreeing to watch Cameron, admitting that she may not be in the best of spirits when she returns home. Sarah hugs her sister and wishes her well. The scene fades over to Wyndemere where Lucky is getting ready to go out. He steps into the foyer to find his brother standing in front of the fireplace with a cup of wine. He turns to his brother and offers to accompany him to his meeting. Lucky thanks him for offering, but decides to handle this on his own. He says that it's been a long year and now it's time to move on with his life. Tonight, he closes the chapter of his life with Elizabeth, and prepares to start a new one…with whoever it is. <HR> In Alan's hospital room, Monica is holding and kissing Alan's hand while talking to him about the good times in their past. She admits life with her hasn't always been easy, but they've always been there for each other when it mattered. The camera cuts to a lifeless Alan laying in his bed with a respirator. Monica's tears fall on Alan's hand. A familiar someone calls Monica's name, causing her to turn around slowly. Monica turns to see her mother Gail Baldwin standing before her, eyes loving as always. Monica gets up and walks over to Gail crying profusely. "Shush my child. I'm here for you." Gail says calmly. <HR> Lucky unzips his leather jacket after arriving at Kelly's. Elizabeth is already inside the dark diner. Lucky enters as Liz flicks the lighter, lighting a candle on the table. Lucky pulls up a chair and sits down, noticing the plate of brownies next to the manila folder. "I'm glad you came" she says sadly. "I didn't think you'd show up." "I wasn't going to," admits Lucky. He tells her for some reason, he felt as if he owed it to her, not that he owes her anything at all. His words are laced with hateful venom, something that you wouldn't expect from Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. He loves his wife and stepson with all of his heart. But his love alone wasn't enough to save his marriage. Elizabeth regrets her on again/off again affair with Jason. The affair, strictly emotional in the beginning, was a result of the renewed bond between Jason & Elizabeth, after he saved her life at Helena's compound. A case of "Hero Worship" as her grandmother Audrey calls it. Elizabeth's inability to handle the ordeal caused her to become closer to Jason, relying on him for advice and comfort, while leaving her husband feeling abandoned. Nothing will ever express how apologetic Elizabeth is for what she did to Lucky, but she hopes that one day he'll truly be able to forgive her. Lucky and Liz flashback to that November night when their relationship changed…. The camera fades in and out with Lucky and Liz recalling the fight they had the night Lucky ended their marriage. The scene fades with Lucky fighting back tears. He paces back and forth. "I loved you Elizabeth. I loved you with all of my heart….and you abandoned me. I thought I was enough for you, but I wasn't. In a time where we should have become closer than ever, you chose to be closer to Jason. I can't live the rest of my life afraid that if I take a little too long getting home from work, or if we have a fight, that you'll run off and be with him!" "He doesn't want me! And I don't want him. I want our life back. I want you Lucky. I want you!" Elizabeth grabs Lucky's face and kisses him. He slowly tries to turn his head, but can't deny the connection he feels to Elizabeth. Their noses rub together, their lips barely touch. Finally he pulls her away and shakes his head in pain. <HR> Back at the hospital, Monica opens her heart to her mother, admitting her wrongdoing in having an affair, but explains the conflicted feelings she has for loving Kevin and Alan. Gail tells Monica that she has to do what's right for her. No one can force her to be with one over the other. Sometimes, being happy isn't the most popular decision. Gail says she won't pretend to have all of the answers, and she's not going to tell Monica who to be with. All of her children are adults now, and she has to put her own happiness first. If that means being with Dr. Collins then so be it. If it means staying to her marriage, then so be it. <HR> <object width="300" height="80"><param name="movie" value="http://media.imeem.com/m/JD-Bo0vTCC/aus=false/"></param><param'>http://media.imeem.com/m/JD-Bo0vTCC/aus=false/"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://media.imeem.com/m/JD-Bo0vTCC/aus=false/" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="300" height="80" wmode="transparent"></embed></object> Montage Theme: "I Told You So" by Carrie Underwood originally performed by Randy Travis [Music begins to play as the camera fades in and out of flashbacks of Alan & Monica. Monica is shown sitting by Alan's bedside stroking his face and kissing his hand.] Suppose I called you up tonight And told you that I loved you And suppose I said I want to come back home And suppose I cried and said I think I finally learned my lesson And I'm tired of spending all my time alone [Monica envisions admitting her mistakes to Alan and professing her love for him. She appears on the doorsteps of the Quartermaine Mansion is runs into Alan's arms, promising to love him forever. She pours her heart out to Alan, who graciously forgives her and kisses her tenderly.] If I told you that I realize you're all I ever wanted And it's killing me to be so far away Would you tell me that you love me too? And would we cry together? Or would you simply laugh at me and say... I told you so Oh I told you so I told you someday you'd come crawling back and asking me to take you in I told you so But you had to go Now I found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again If I got down on my knees and told you I was yours forever Would you get down on yours too and take my hand? Would we get that old time feeling? Would we laugh and talk for hours The way we did when our love first began [Elizabeth and Lucky both imagine a possible reconciliation. They relive the first time they met with re-created flashbacks. They laugh at Cameron making funny faces on the couch. Elizabeth touches Lucky's hand in the fantasy and he kisses her tenderly, reminding her of a less complicated time.] Would you tell me that you missed me too And that you've been so lonley And you've waited for the day that I'd return And we'd live and laugh forever And that I'm your one and only Would you say that the tables finally turned [Lucky & Liz's fantasy turns to a nightmare when the camera pans over to last year when Elizabeth was ready to sleep with Jason on the pool table at Jake's. In the fantasy, Elizabeth sees Lucky enter heartbroken, but decides to sleep with Jason anyway, to make the pain worse. Elizabeth and Lucky snap out of the fantasy and with tears in their eyes, they sign the divorce papers. Elizabeth's tears flow like a river as she signs her name, nee her married name. The scene blends back to the Quartermaines. Monica realizes the person Alan's been super cuddly with isn't her. She's standing on the outside of the Quartermaine Mansion looking in at a family she lost due to her infidelity.] Would you say I told you so? Oh I told you so I told you someday you'd come crawling back and asking me to take you in I told you so But you had to go Now I found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again Now I found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again.... [Monica envisions Alan telling her he's found someone new and wants to move on with her, not Monica. She awakens from her dream distraught. She glances over and sees Gail watching her, arms outstretched. Monica slowly walks over to where her mother is sitting and lays her head on her mother's chest. Gail strokes Monica's hair. Elizabeth says something to Lucky that's inaudible by the audience. He bites his lip to keep from breaking down, finally admitting that the woman he loved all those years ago isn't the same woman standing before him now. He shakes his head and turns away. Elizabeth mouths the words "I love you," and is stunned when Lucky meets Sam outside. He hugs her and takes her by the hand. Lucky turns back inside and sees Elizabeth sobbing at the table inside. He promises never again will he let his heart be broken, and walks away with Sam.] At the end of the montage….Elizabeth feels a tap on her shoulder. Through her blurred vision she thinks she sees Jason, but it turns out to be Blake Barrington. He asks her what's wrong. Just feeling the need to be close, Elizabeth asks Blake to hold her tightly….and he does just that. <HR> Next on Port Charles… - Bobbie returns to Port Charles - Carly has a strange dream about her twins - Emily and AJ have a heart to heart about Alan You've watched them fall in love. You've watched their love grow in spite of interference. Now...watch their love reach new heights with the creation of their miracle child. Created by Ryan Chandler & d_alias
  8. Endgame- Episode 93 Sunday, October 14, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler <HR> Patrick grabs Robin's hand as they stroll through the park. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and little children are playing in the park. Patrick squeezes Robin's hand and comments, "Nice day, isn't it?" Robin, growing increasingly nervous, nods. She was filled with a growing anticipation. The time had come, she had to tell Patrick now. She didn't know how Patrick would take the news. She was praying he would be as happy as she was. "So Robin, what did you want to talk to me about?" Patrick asks. Robin takes a deep breath and looks around. She spots a bench and pulls Patrick by the hand over to it. She sits down and and pulls Patrick down with her. Taking a deep breath, she stares into his eyes and blurts out, "Patrick I love you." Patrick leans over and kisses her. "Honey, I love you too. I am so happy that we have moved in together. I love having you in my life." "Patrick, I have something very important to tell you. I had a doctor's appointment that I need to discuss with you." Robin starts to say. Patrick cuts her off, immediately concerned. "Are you ok? Robin, you would tell me if something was wrong. It's not your HIV is it?" Robin starts to laugh, releasing some of the tension she was feeling. "No, no, no. It's not the HIV. That's fine." Robin looks into his eyes again and bites her lip. She doesn't notice that a small smile is playing around Patrick's lips when he leans over to kiss her and tells her that it is a relief that her HIV is ok. <HR> Anna's stiletto heels are the only noise that can be heard as she walks into her office where a badly bruised Lorenzo Alcazar is sitting. Anna looks him steadily in the eye. "I'm glad to see my officers were able to find you after you tried to sneak away. You could make my life a hell of a lot easier if you just tell me what we both know to be the truth." Anna leans in close, just barely touching in his face as she whispers into his ear, "Sonny had you beaten up." Lorenzo wipes his cuff on his face and looks unflinchingly at Anna, "I don't know what you're talking about. This was regarding a business deal gone bad. Call it a mugging if you want." Anna scoffs. "You expect me to believe that you were mugged? Don't insult my intelligence Mr. Alcazar. If this was a business deal gone bad, I would hope you would conduct your dealings with more mature people. Do you think I was born yesterday?" "If you were, then my attraction to you would be very inappropriate," Lorenzo says with a snarky tone. "Believe what you want. I'd like get home. I have some business I have to tend to." Lorenzo starts to stand up. "Sit down." Anna commands, pushing him back down. "Let me tell you what I think happened. I think Sonny was already after you because his blames you for Courtney's death. Then….after his son Michael was beaten up by a gang of thugs, it caused him to snap. He would die for children. Maybe he felt like he didn't have anything else to lose. If I were Sonny, I would certainly think you did it Lorenzo. How am I doing so far?" When he doesn't answer, she starts to walk around him, his eyes following her every move. "So Sonny had you taken to that warehouse and beaten up. We both know Mr. Corinthos would never get his hands dirty. Maybe Jason Morgan beat you up? Should I bring him in as well?" Lorenzo brought his eyes away from her legs and focused on her eyes. He spoke slowly, with authority. "If you think that, then you don't know Sonny at all," Lorenzo says, flashing back to his attack. "Like I said, I. WAS. MUGGED." Anna leans down and gets close to his face, "I don't believe you" She says sharply. Lorenzo jumps out of his chair, "What do you want from me Commissioner? Do you want me to lie and say yes, Sonny beat the hell out of me even though that didn't happen?" Lorenzo raises his arms up, "What's it going to take to make you believe me?" Anna is inches from his face breathing so heavily that her chest rises provocatively. "Damn it Lorenzo, tell me the truth!" Lorenzo grabs her upper arms and kisses her roughly. He ends the kiss and pushes her away from him. "The truth is a couple of thugs jumped me on the docks and beat me up. Sonny wasn't involved!" In two steps Anna closes the ground between them and attempts to slap him. Lorenzo grabs her by the wrist and hisses, "Don't even try it." Breathing heavily and her eyes narrowed, Anna replies, "Don't you ever kiss me like that again." "Afraid you might like it too much?" Lorenzo challenges. Anna wrenches herself free as he pull her close. She pushes him into her desk and kisses him. She runs her hands up his chest but he grabs her hands and turns her around, slowly kissing her neck and lowering his hands down her waist. She kisses him back with ardor and a desire she hadn't felt in a long time. Sensing her need for him, he pushes her skirt up and slowly pulls her panties down. He takes his pants off and reaches into his wallet for a condom. He picks Anna up as she wraps her legs around his waist. He walks towards the wall. They feverishly kiss whatever exposed flesh their lips can find. Lorenzo drives into her as she clings to him. Anna moves with him, biting his shoulder. Lorenzo thrusts hard into her as she gasps his name. The camera cuts multiple times between the action and reaction of Lorenzo & Anna. It's been so long since either person has felt the touch of another. Both are so into it that they forgot to lock the door! Mac enters the office with a report for Anna is surprised to see the two of them going at it! Mac shakes his head in disbelief and slowly closes the door. Meanwhile, Anna pulls on Lorenzo's hair and nibbles on his ear as the scene fades to black. <HR> At the Harbor View towers, Emily steps off the elevator and bumps into Carly. The two women stare at each other before saying hello. Emily asks if Carly was visiting Jason. Carly tells her no, she was looking for Lucas, explaining that Lucas moved into her and Sonny's old penthouse. After an awkward silence, Emily congratulates Carly on her pregnancy and hopes she's happy with Nikolas. Carly has a surprised look on her face and doesn't say anything. Emily tells her that she has no hard feelings towards Carly. When she left town last year, she was in a very bad place. Her relationship with Sonny was over before it began. She laughs before saying it's funny how she left Sonny because he was in love with Carly, but Carly moves on with Nikolas. She says that she needed to be alone and feels that she's a much stronger person than she was before. She wishes Carly well and leaves. <HR> Back at the PCPD, Lorenzo holds Anna tight as they both begin to climax. Anna catches her breath, then pushes Lorenzo into the chair. An awkwardness begins to set in for them after their intense session. Without saying a word he puts his pants on. He watches as she calmly straightens her skirt. Lorenzo looks towards Anna, who gives him a look as if "thanks for shopping, come again!" and looks over to the door. Lorenzo turns and slams the door out of her office, never saying another word. <HR> In the park, Robin takes his hand to her lips and kisses his fingers. God she loved this man. "So Patrick, I went to the..." "I can't believe I finally got to meet Brenda after all this time!" Patrick interrupts Robin again. Patrick leans back on the bench, gathering Robin in his arms. He buries his face in his shoulder to hide his smile. "You always talk about her so it was great to finally put a face to the name. I mean, I have seen pictures of the two of you together but I always pictured her with darker, longer hair, more like your color. I also thought she was very petite. Not that she isn't thin, she is. She just isn't what I expected." Not really sure where Patrick was going with this conversation, Robin looked at him funny. She says slowly. "Yeah, Brenda's changed a bit since she left but inside she is still the same person." "We'll have to have her over for dinner one of these nights as like a 'Welcome Home' to Port Charles. Do you think she will like that? Since she is one of your best friends, I really want to get to know her better." Patrick said with a sparkle in his eye. Again, Robin took a deep breath and starts to tell Patrick about how she went to see Kelly today but Patrick again interrupts her. "Robin, I've been thinking." Patrick moves forward so he could look at Robin, "I think we should get a puppy." He points to the Golden Retriever playing in a pile of leaves with a group of children. "I never had a puppy when I was a child and I really want one." "Patrick, I don't think this is the time for one." Dumbfounded, Robin raises her voice. "I really need to tell you something," she says getting ancy. Patrick smiles impishly. "Robin. I think we should get one. I love Golden Retrievers. I mean look at him, you can't tell me he isn't cute." He repositions himself on the bench, trying to hide his smile as he could sense that Robin was starting to get aggravated. "Patrick, we are not going to get a damn dog." Robin says sternly. "Now will you just be quiet please? I have to tell you something." Patrick smiles broadly, "You're right, we should probably wait until the baby is at least three, maybe four years old. Then we can think about a dog. But then we might want another baby so really, who knows when we can get a dog." A beat of silence hangs between the couple as Robin stares in disbelief at Patrick, who is now grinning from ear to ear. "You know? How do you know?" Robin punches him in the arm. "I can't believe you went on and on about everything under the sun and you knew! I was practically dying here." "Well honey, I was looking for my favorite shirt and I had searched everywhere. I ended up looking in your bureau. I saw the pregnancy test box. Honestly, I was a bit freaked out but after I thought about it, I came to terms with it. I am really happy you're pregnant…we're pregnant." Patrick looks searchingly into Robin's eyes. "But Robin, you should have told me and I would have gone with you to see Kelly. I don't want to be left out of any decision involving our child." He hugs Robin close and kisses her repeatedly. He cups her face in his hands. "I love you so much and there is only one thing I want to do this afternoon." Content in his arms, Robin beams. "Hmmm. what's that?" "I want to make love to the mother of my child for the rest of the day." Patrick picks Robin up and spins her around. He carries her over to the car. Before they get in, Robin asks if they can stop by McDonalds to pick up a McFlurry, some cookies and 2 apple pies. Patrick smiles and says she can have anything she wants. <HR> Next on Port Charles… - Elizabeth & Lucky finalize their divorce - Patrick promises to love Robin and their child unconditionally - Monica's mother Gail pays her a visit and gives some advice You've watched them fall in love. You've watched their love grow in spite of interference. Now...watch their love reach new heights with the creation of their miracle child. Created by Ryan Chandler & d_alias
  9. Endgame- Episode 92 Friday, October 12, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith <HR> Port Charles begins with Patrick walking down the corridor playing with his stethoscope. Steven Webber says hello in passing, but Patrick ignores him, on a mission to find his father. After getting directions from one of the nurses, Patrick finds his father moving into his new office. "I need to talk to you," Patrick says anxiously. "I don't know who else to turn to." Noah stops what he's doing in order to talk to his son. Patrick rarely comes to him for anything, so this must be big. "What's wrong Patrick? Is everything alright?" "Yeah yeah, it's fine…I guess. I mean…I don't know. Something's happened that's gonna chance the rest of my life…and I don't know how to feel about it." Patrick runs his hands through his hair before flopping down on the sofa next to Noah. The excited, yet worried smile on Patrick's face begins to fade. "I think Robin is pregnant." Noah wonders how this could have happened, knowing that Patrick and Robin use protection. Patrick admits that one night a few months ago they got a little carried away…..The camera fades into the next scene. <HR> After a leaving General Hospital, Robin decides that she is starving so Brenda takes her to Kelly's for a late lunch. The restaurant is a little busy as Robin and Brenda sit across from each other talking and eating. Brenda picks at her salad while Robin devours a turkey club, french fries, and steamed vegetables. She told Brenda that she couldn't help it, she felt like she hadn't eaten all day and vegetables were good for the baby. Dante comes over and introduces himself to Brenda & Robin. He says he's new to working at Kelly's and hopes their lunch was ok. Brenda compliments him on how cute he is, saying he has a model look. Dante blushes and asks if there's anything else he can get for them. Robin quickly responds that she wants a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream. An amused Brenda sips at her iced tea and raises her hands, "I'm not saying a word. However, if you eat like this on a regular basis, Patrick is going to figure out your pregnant all on his own…especially if all of a sudden your bras don't fit and you can't fit into your clothes." Robin threw a french fry at Brenda and giggles. "Shut up Brenda." Robin sipped her water and lamented, "I know I have to tell Patrick and I have to tell him now. I am just so stressed out about this. I don't know how to break it to him. How do I tell a guy who has made it known in the past that he didn't want children, that I'm pregnant. Do I just come right out and tell him? Or should I ease into it, like maybe something romantic? I don't know. I'm nervous on how he will take it." "Well have the two of you ever spoke about children?" Brenda asks. "Kind of. I mean, I let him know that one day I may want children, but I wasn't thinking of it at the time. He was honest and told me that he didn't want any children. I'm so scared because my heart has been broken so many time. When I lost Stone I never thought I would love again until Jason came along. We all know how that ended." Robin twirls her spoon around in her ice cream. "I know that sounds corny Brenda, but Patrick broke down my walls and he healed my heart. He has helped me learn how to love again. I love him so much." She pulls out the necklace that Patrick gave her. "See this?" The camera cuts to the beautiful necklace given to Robin. "He gave this necklace to me a little while ago. He said it was the key to his heart. I know he loves me, I just don't know how to tell him that we are about to be three." <HR> The camera pans over to the other side of the restaurant, showing Jason Morgan sitting at one of the tables awaiting the arrival of someone. Elizabeth enters Kelly's soon after walks over to Jason's table. Jason is happy to see Elizabeth, who asked him to meet her there. The look on Elizabeth's face is a sad one. Elizabeth apologizes for always coming to him when she has a problem, but at his point he's the only person who she trusts completely and knows he won't judge her. He strokes her hand and tells her that he's her friend, and all he can do is offer her support when she needs it. Liz reaches into her back and pulls out her divorce papers, telling Jason that once she and Lucky sign these, their marriage will be over. Liz blames Helena for destruction of her marriage, admitting that she feels the sociopath orchestrated all of this. Liz vents that if Helena had never kidnapped Sam & Alexis last year, if she wouldn't have played mind games during the rescue, none of this would have happened. She wouldn't have lost focus on her marriage, she wouldn't have abandoned Lucky and attempted to pursue a relationship with a guy who was in love with someone else. <HR> Noah listens carefully as Patrick speaks openly about his feelings, getting a rare glimpse into his son's soul. "I don't know if I'm ready to be a father. I mean if she's pregnant then of course I'll be happy, but I don't know if I'm ready." "I don't think anyone can be 'ready' to be a father," Noah says choosing his words carefully. "The fact that you seem genuinely happy is a good thing. Too many times one wants a child and the other doesn't….and it doesn't come out until after the woman is pregnant. Why don't you think you're ready?" Patrick tells his father that no offense, but he (Patrick) didn't really have the best example growing up. He doesn't want to do that to his children. He wants to be there for everything. The first step, the first word…everything. Failure is not an option in anything that Patrick does, and truth be told, he isn't sure if he won't fail when it comes to raising a child. Noah asks Patrick if he can love the child unconditionally, faults and all. If he can provide a safe and loving home for the child. Patrick says of course. Noah tells his son then he's already on the right track. There isn't a guidebook to being a good parent, it's a system of trial and error. Some try harder than others. Unfortunately, he (Noah) couldn't be there for Patrick when he needed him the most, instead choosing to drown his sorrows in a bottle of liquor. The camera alternates between Noah's face while he's speaking, and Patrick's face reacting to Noah's statements. Noah painfully admits that Patrick's biggest fear is that his children will resent him the way that he (Patrick) resents Noah. Patrick takes in the conversation with Noah and thanks his dad for talking to him. Before Patrick walks out of the office, Noah grabs his son and hugs him, telling him that he loves him very much and is proud of the man he has become. Patrick thanks his father and admits that though he wasn't as close to Noah as he had hoped to be, he is glad they're making up for it now. <HR> At Wyndemere, Lucky comes down the stairs and walks into the foyer looking for something. He's started when a familiar voice calls his name from the shadows. The camera moves over and shows Luke sitting in a chair with a glass of scotch in his hands. Lucky asks when Luke returned. Luke tells Lucky a few days ago. Lucky sarcastically says he guesses he's glad Luke is back in town. Luke is angry a little and tells Lucky so. He says that he wants to know why he had to find out from a third party that his son is possibly going to pursue a relationship with a Cassadine! Lucky scoffs and says if Luke paid attention to anyone but himself, he would have known that he's been kind of involved with Sam since the beginning of summer! I mean he has been keeping her safe from Helena all this time. It was bound to happen. Luke's longstanding hatred for anything Cassadine begins to come to the forefront. "The Cassadines are leeches. They'll latch on to you and suck you dry…and when you have nothing left, they'll kill you. It's bad enough that your brother is a Cassadine and that I've had to tolerate him, but now I'm gonna have to accept Sam too? I don't think so cowboy." Lucky snaps to his father that it doesn't matter whether he likes Samantha or not. Lucky likes her and that's it. He calls his father on his hypocrisy, saying that the friendship between Luke and Alexis has lasted for years, why is it that he (Lucky) can't have the same with Sam? Luke says that Sam may be Alexis' daughter, but she doesn't have any of the qualities that made Luke interested in a friendship with Alexis. Secondly, Luke has more experience dealing with the Cassadines than Lucky, and he can notice a crazy from a mile away. The fact that Sam spent months held by Helena, and no one knows what was done to her, yet people just accept that she's back is a problem. Lucky tells his father to butt out of his life. Where was he when he was shot last year trying to save Sam? Where was he when his marriage began falling apart? Where was he when Lucky needed someone to talk to? UNAVAILABLE! That's where he has. So don't try to come in now and give unwarranted advice because he needs something to do. <HR> Jason tells Liz to calm down and asks her to face some hard truths. While Helena did set events into motion, the fallout was all their (Jason & Liz's doing). Jason felt closer to Elizabeth after Sam's supposed death and welcomed her friendship. He tells her that she (Elizabeth) could not help but feel close to Jason after he saved her and that their friendship has always been one close to his heart. He says their decision to almost sleep together in their pain and grief is what caused her marriage to Lucky to end. They are the responsible parties and you know what, he feels bad for it. In his pain, he led Elizabeth to believe their might be more between them, but he couldn't and still can't deliver. He asks Elizabeth to decide whether she truly wants her marriage to end. If she doesn't, then she needs to fight to repair the rift between her and Lucky. If she does, and is truly ready to move on with her life, the best thing she can do is make peace and honor what she had with Lucky, and agree to be friends and do what's best for their son. <HR> The conversation between Robin & Brenda becomes so intense that neither woman hears the door the Kelly's open. Brenda leans forward and she pushes her brown hair out of her eyes. "I know you will be able to tell him." "Tell him what?" Robin turned around in her chair to see Patrick standing there. Patrick leans down and kisses Robin. He pulls up a chair and sits down, smiling at Brenda. "I take it you are Brenda? It's nice to finally put a face to the name. I have heard a lot about you." "And Robin just can't stop talking about you." Brenda stands up and smiles at the two new parents. "I will let you be. It was nice meeting you Patrick." Before either of them could get a word out, Brenda had swept out of the diner. Patrick grins at a sheepish Robin. "So, what did you have to tell me?" Robin looks around at the full tables surrounding them. She really doesn't want to tell Patrick she was pregnant while they are sitting in Kelly's, but she knows she can't put it off. She suggests that they take a walk in the park. Patrick smiles to himself as he follows Robin out. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant - Carly & Emily have an awkward moment - Anna's argument with Lorenzo turns passionate
  10. Endgame- Episode 91 Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Written by: Jennifer Snyder & Tishy Smith Ryan Chandler <HR> The police sirens were getting dangerously close to the warehouse as Max tried to get Sonny out. Much to no avail, Sonny wasn’t leaving, quite the opposite. “No! Max we’re not leaving, not until this bastard is dead!” “Mr. C the cops are going to be here any minute we have to get you out of here! We can’t be here when they arrive or we’ll be arrested and you don’t want that!” Lorenzo struggled in the chair to get free but one of Sonny’s men noticed and knocked him down to the ground, chair and all. Lorenzo feeling the pain, he lay lifeless on the floor, still tied in the chair as Max tried desperately to get Sonny out before the PCPD arrived. “Let’s go boss, there’s a way we can get out of here alive but we gotta hurry!” Max shouted as he guided Sonny quickly to the escape tunnel, leaving Lorenzo battered and bruised on the floor of the warehouse. Sonny reluctantly leaving with Max and his men through the hidden door just as Anna Devane and her swat team storm the warehouse. Guns drawn and aimed at anything that moved in the darkness of the empty warehouse, the officers quickly cleared the area and Anna followed close behind. Lorenzo squirming and struggling on the floor, gagged and bound to the chair, he was discovered by one of the men in black from the PCPD. <HR> "Sorry Robin!" Brenda yells while running up to her friend. "I got stuck in traffic. How are you feeling? Any morning sickness?" Brenda leans over and hugs Robin. "It's so good to see you!" Robin laughs, she is so happy that her best friend is back in town. "I am so glad you are here Bren." When Brenda looks at her quizzically, she adds, "I haven't told Patrick yet. I want someone to be with me at the appointment. Because what if I'm not, I don't want him to worry or anything until there is good reason too." The two friends start to walk down the hall towards the ob gyn department and Robin shares her joy at the thought of being pregnant, and the fear of being pregnant. Brenda assures her that she would be there every step of the way. Brenda puts her arm around her as they walk together to Dr. Kelly's office. <HR> At Lucy's, Serena comes downstairs and hands Lucy a stack of papers. Lucy suspiciously picks up the papers and begins reading them over. Her face lights up as each paper reveals what wonderful work Serena is doing at the hospital. Serena is glad Lucy's happy about her praise, and says that even though working at the hospital is supposed to be "punishment," she feels like she finally has a purpose and is enjoying her work. Serena tells her mother that after much thought, she's decided to enroll at Port Charles University and do something with her life. Lucy is obviously proud of her daughter, but doesn't get too excited. Serena has a tendency to make big grandeurs and do nothing afterwards. When asked what she would be interested in studying, Serena thinks she'll get into medical studies…or go into law like her father, Scotty Baldwin. <HR> “Commissioner! Over here!” One of them called out to let Anna know they had found Lorenzo. Anna rushed over to the where the police officers found Lorenzo and asked them to untie and un-gag him from the chair. She saw he was badly battered and bruised and asked for the paramedics to be called. “Thanks but no, I’m not going to the hospital. I’ll be fine.” Lorenzo refused as he took his index finger and wiped away the blood from his mouth. "I take it you got the call from my company." “Yeah we did. And you look like you’ll be fine.” Anna said sarcastically as Lorenzo tried to walk away but buckled to the pain in his legs and ribs. Two police officers picked him up and sat him back down in the chair as Anna approached him. “Sit there and wait for the paramedics.” She instructed as she turned away and gave instructions to the officers who were with her. As Anna’s back was turned, Lorenzo quietly slipped away from the scene. He found a dark corner and pulled his cell phone from his jacket to make a call. He was startled after Anna comes up form behind and snatches the phone from his hand. “What the …” he snapped as he turned around to see Anna flip close the phone. “Don’t be so stupid Mr. Alcazar. Whatever you just did, call it off!” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Anna.” Lorenzo replied coyly. “Of course you do and I’m warning you now, if a dead body turns up in the next 24 to 48 hours, you will be my prime suspect!” Anna walked away from Lorenzo and headed back to the area that the officers were still searching, leaving Lorenzo the opportunity to leave the warehouse undetected. <HR> Elizabeth finally makes it over to the waiting lounge after an extremely long shift. Her feet ache, her body aches and she misses the hell out of Cameron. It was Lucky's weekend to have him. She sighs to herself as she reminisces on the good times she had with Lucky. To think…if only things were different between them after the horrific tragedy last summer. In the end, she felt that she needed to bond with Jason after he saved her. She laughs at herself angrily when she realizes her hero worship cost her her marriage. She's gets up, puts her hands on her hips and walks over to the Nurse's Station. A young woman in a power suit soon steps off the elevator and asks for Elizabeth. Curious, Liz dodges her questions at first before admitting she's the one she's looking for. The young woman hands over a manila envelop. Elizabeth asks what's inside; the woman tells her it's the final draft of her and Lucky's divorce proceedings. Once they're signed, their marriage is officially over. Liz thanks the woman for bringing them by. Liz slowly walks into the staff area, opens the envelope and begins to cry. <HR> Robin's exam is over and Brenda is filling her in on her new job at Titan and also about seeing Ned and Jason. She is doing anything and everything she can to make Robin laugh, but Robin's face is clouded with fear and anxiety. The door opens and Dr. Kelly walks in, a grin on her face. "Congratulations Robin! You're going to be a mother!" Brenda squeals with delight and Robin smiles in relief. The happiness doesn't last long, as Robin's mind immediately begins to spin to worst case scenario. "How far along am I? What about my protocol? I know my baby runs the risk of getting HIV, but how much do I have to worry about it?" Robin beams with delight. "Oh Kelly, I have so many questions and I really don't know where to begin." Kelly pulls a chair close to her and says in a soothing voice, "Calm down ok? Judging from what you told me I would say you are about ten weeks along. Yes, your baby does run a risk of contracting HIV but there is a three-drug cocktail that we will put you on." Kelly takes Robin's hand and reassures her that things will be ok. "When the baby is born, within 72 hours, your baby will be put on the same protocol to prevent HIV and the success rate is very good. We will obviously keep a very close watch on you and your baby." Kelly smiles and looks down at her Robin's test results. "Now, you have no signs of kidney infection and your Pap smear was normal. I would like to schedule an ultrasound for you in two months. We can then tell if you are having a girl or a boy. I would also like to see you every two weeks instead of every month just to see how everything is going. Oh and I have a prescription for some vitamins" Robin expels a deep breath. "So my baby and I are going to be alright." It was more of a statement than a question. "Your baby has every chance to be healthy. With the advances that have been made in treating HIV there is every reason to believe that your baby will not have HIV. You know if you have any questions, you can track me down any time. Day or night you can call me, ok?" Kelly stands up and smiles at her friend, "Of course, I want to know the good stuff. How did Patrick take it when you told him you were pregnant?" Robin shook her head, her ponytail flying over her shoulders. "Oh Kelly, you can't talk to Patrick about this, promise me that you won't." A panicked Robin says vehemently. "Are you telling me that Patrick is mad that you are pregnant? He should know that no matter..." Kelly crosses her arms and starts to say indignantly. Robin cuts her off before she can finish. "Kelly, I haven't told him yet. I wasn't sure if I was really pregnant, and I didn't want to get his hopes up…or scare him away for no reason. Trust me…when the time comes, I'll tell Patrick everything." <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Patrick talks to Noah regarding his suspicion Robin is pregnant; Confiding in his father that he doesn't know if he's ready to be a father - Jason can't give Elizabeth what she wants and urges her to fight for her marriage (though it's a bit late) - Robin fears Patrick's response to her pregnancy - Luke is furious when Lucky admits he's interested in Sam
  11. Endgame- Episode 90 Monday, October 08, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder Tishy Smith <HR> Please The Previous Episode Before Reading This: Click Here To Read <HR> Sonny’s men brought Lorenzo to him as they were instructed. Lorenzo was sat down in a chair, in the middle of a dimly lit, empty warehouse. The blindfold placed on him inside the limo still resides on his face. His hands were bound behind the back of the chair, he wasn’t going anywhere. His mind racing as to what was about to happen to him, he figured it was Sonny’s doing, there was no one else he could think of for this ambush. The only person with the balls to do so is Sonny. He heard footsteps coming up from behind and he tensed up waiting for the worst. No one spoke, but he could hear he wasn’t alone. The blindfold was pulled off his head and he was able to see who had him abducted from his car. “It’s so nice for you to join the party, Lorenzo,” Sonny scowled. Lorenzo looked around and noticed there were six other men with Sonny, not including Max & Milo. He realized then he was in a very bad way and there was no fighting his way out of this mess. “What do you want Sonny?” Lorenzo questioned as he squirmed in his chair. “I want some answers. You either give me the answers I'm looking for, and if you're a good boy I'll let you live." Sonny stalked around Lorenzo contemplating his next move and he noticed the more time he wasted, the more nervous Lorenzo became. “Tell me Lorenzo, are you sweating bullets right now because you’re scared or is there another reason why there is sweat dripping from your brow?” taunted Sonny. “Why don’t you tell me what you want, Sonny?!” “Well, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is that you admit you were the one who killed my sister…and you were the one who…" Sonny's voice trails off. "The one who had my son attacked last night." "What? Michael was hurt? Sonny I don't know what you're talking about. I would never hurt Mich—" "Shut up!" Sonny yells. "Don't you lie to me! Face the consequences of your actions you bastard! You wanna do this the hard way? Go ahead and deny it! Deny you killed my sister. Deny you had my son beat up! I swear to god one way or another, I'll beat the truth out of you, you sick son of a bitch.” Sonny threatened. <HR> In the car on the way to Carly's house, Nikolas can't help but notice how distracted Carly is. "What's wrong?" he asks. "Besides the obvious that is." Carly stares at the passing trees through the window. "Michael says Sonny believe Lorenzo was behind his attack. I don't believe that." Nikolas gives a sideway glance to Carly before shifting his attention back to the road. "Why not Carly? He's hurt your family before." "Because Lorenzo's not the same man he was when he came to town in 2003. He's a different person. I married the man for Pete's sake. I know he loved me…and he loved my children. He wouldn't hurt them. No matter how much he hates Sonny. He would never hurt my children. I can promise you that." Nikolas takes Carly's hand and assures her that everything will be fine once they get back to Wyndemere. <HR> Back at the warehouse, Sonny continues to interrogate Lorenzo. “Look I don’t know who killed Courtney. I don't know who attacked your son, but it damn sure wasn't me Sonny!” Lorenzo replied and received a right cross from Sonny for his lie. “You're lying! I can see it in your beady little eyes. I won't tolerate you blatantly lying to my face. You've structured yourself to come after me and my family for months now. You had my sister killed when you blew up her apartment." Sonny gives a nod to have the bodyguard punch Lorenzo in the face. "You gave the word to have my father and I beat up in the park…" Sonny gives another nod to the bodyguard, who proceeds with a powerful punch to the jaw. "And now….now you have my SON….beaten like an animal!" Sonny nodded towards his men, which gave them the clue to force the truth out of Lorenzo. A beating may clear his head and make him admit all the things he's done against the Corinthos family. A few punches to the ribs and to Lorenzo’s jaw maybe knock some sense into him, so Sonny thought. The three men carried out the order, and stepped back from Lorenzo when they were through giving him a beating he’d not soon forget. "Tell me the truth!" Sonny demanded, punching Lorenzo across the face again. Lorenzo turns his head and collects the blood in his mouth. He spits it on Sonny and curses at him in Spanish. "I would never hurt innocent women and children Sonny. You should know that by now. But I can promise you one thing…if you think I'm gonna let this slide by, just because you happen to be the father of Carly's children, you've got another thing coming. You'd better pray I don't get out of here alive…." The anger in Sonny builds more and more. He hasn't felt this much pain and anger since his last breakdown. Max notices the strange look in Sonny's eye and asks his boss to head home, they can handle things from here. Sonny ignores Max, takes his pistol and hits Lorenzo in the stomach. He cocks the gun back and puts it to his head. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now!" Sonny yells, hands shaking, sweat pouring from his head. "Why shouldn't I end this right now? Why shouldn't I rid the world of Lorenzo Alcazar." Lorenzo stares at the barrel of the gun, refusing the blink or be afraid. "Go ahead! I dare ya! Just know this, if you think you had a problem with me, you don't want to know what my associates will do you if I die. They won't try to maintain peace with you. They'll kill you, your family and anyone remotely associated with you. Have that blood on your hands. Set the example for your children!" Lorenzo knew there was no way out of this, either he admitted he did the things he's accused of and end up at the bottom of the river, or he could deny what isn't the truth and end up with cement shoes anyway. He was facing death by the hands of Sonny Corinthos and he was now living on borrowed time. He had to think fast, and hope that some way he could talk his way out of this bad situation he found himself in. Just when he thinks things could be over, the sound of sirens blaring towards the warehouse could be his saving grace. <HR> Next on Port Charles… - Anna and the PCPD storm the warehouse - Robin and Brenda head to the OBGYN - Elizabeth is saddened when the final divorce papers come through - Lucy is pleased when Serena decides to enroll in PCU
  12. Endgame- Episode 89 Monday, October 08, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder Tishy Smith <HR> Port Charles begins with Sonny ordering a few of his men to find Lorenzo and bring him to the warehouse for a chat regarding Courtney and the recent attack on Michael. Sonny wants answers and he knows Lorenzo has them. He was going to get them one way or another. As Sonny is wrapping his meeting, Carly & Nikolas storm into Greystone demanding to see Michael. "Where is he Sonny? Where's Michael," asks the worried mother. "I need to know he's ok." "He is ok. He's upstairs resting. I wanted to take him to the hospital last night but he didn't want to go. If you want to see him go ahead. But he's just fine." Nikolas rubs Carly's back. "With all due respect Sonny, he's not alright. No kid would be alright after being jumped by a group of thugs." "Now is not the time to start with me." "I'm not starting anything with you, I'm just pointing out the obvious. What kind of man lives the kind of life where his kids could be attacked at any time. People always get hurt around you Sonny! I mean look at Lily. Your kids have been kidnapped before. Your sister, the mother of my child Spencer, died in an explosion meant to kill you! So tell me Sonny, why wouldn't we be worried?" Sonny gets ready to blast Nikolas when his phone rings. Alexis is calling…she must have learned about Michael's attack. "What is it Alexis?" <HR> "Hold on for just a minute……Viola!” Alexis bellowed from the master suite as she tried on a dark suit her closet. "I'm not going to take too much of your time. You know why I'm calling. I'm suspending your visitation with Kristina. I can't have her being exposed like Michael was. Your biggest claim is that you can protect your children but you can't. So…….until this threat is done, she won't be seeing you." Alexis tosses her phone on the bed. As she tried to button up the blazer, Kristina came running into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, all out of breath. Alexis looking at herself in the mirror, disgusted with the way she looked in the outfit she used to love so much. She noticed Kristina’s expression in the mirror. “What? It doesn’t look right does it?” Alexis asked the teenager. “Uh, no. Mom you need to find something else to wear, that suit just isn’t it anymore.” “Well gee thanks for the honest, yet brutal opinion, Kristina.” “You asked …!” Kristina replied and stormed out. “I’m going to Dad’s!” she hollered from the foyer and left the lake house. "No! Not today" Alexis tells her daughter. "Something happened and….just not today ok." Kristina walks back into the room and sees the look of fear on her mother's face. She almost follows her first instinct, which is to argue, but instead she backs off. She decides to head back to her room, but before she does, she tells Alexis that suit is very unflattering. As Alexis stood in front of the mirror trying to adjust the suit she was wearing, she heard the footsteps of her littlest. “I think you still look pretty, mommy.” Alexis turned around to see Molly standing in the doorway. She went to her and knelt down in front of her child. “Thank you sweetheart, Mommy needed to hear that.” Molly jumped into her mother’s arms and held on tight. “I love you mommy.” Alexis smiled as she heard the words she could never be tired of hearing. “Mommy needed to hear that too.” <HR> Back at Sonny's, Carly goes into Michael's room and cries when she sees her sons bruised face and body. Carly turns to Nikolas who offers her a shoulder to cry on. "Why would they do this to him. Michael's only 16! He has nothing to do with Sonny's business. Who would do this to him?" Michael wakes up and sees Carly & Nikolas. "I'm ok mom…really. As far who did this…dad thinks it was Lorenzo." "Michael you just get some rest. Nikolas & I are going to go back to our house to get some more of your things to bring over to Wyndemere." Carly kisses her son on his forehead. "With things heating up, I think we should spend more time at Spoon Island. We're a lot more protected there with a state of the art security team. Nikolas will keep us safe. I promise." Nikolas pats Michael's shoulder, then grabs Carly's hand and leads her out of the room. She blows one more kiss before closing the door and heading downstairs. "This [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] is ridiculous. My son….my son was attacked for no reason! I don't need to be going through this stress." "No you don't," Nikolas says stroking her hair. "You're pregnant. You need to rest. Don't you worry about a thing. I'll send someone over to your house to get Michael's things. I won't let anything happen to you or your children. You guys mean the world to me." <HR> Lorenzo’s limo pulled into the parking garage of his building and his driver parked in the normal spot. As the driver got out of the car and went to open the back door for Lorenzo, six burly men approached. The driver tried to fend off the men but to no avail. Three of the men overpowered him and knocked him to the ground. Lorenzo, inside the car didn’t have time to react and pull his 9mm that he kept in his jacket, and before he knew it, the other three men had pulled him from the backseat of his limo. He tried to fight them off but it was 6 on 1, he succumbed to their request to go with them. <HR> To Be Continued..... Next on Port Charles… - Sonny demands answers from Lorenzo - Carly doubts Lorenzo's involvement in Michael's attack
  13. Endgame- Episode 88 Sunday, October 07, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith Jennifer Snyder <HR> Looking like she hadn’t showered or eaten in days, Monica was keeping vigil in Alan’s hospital room. She looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks. She didn’t even notice anyone approaching when AJ knocked gently on the door. Monica looked up, her hair falling out of its bun and smiled weakly “Hi AJ, if you are looking for everyone, they just left to go home and change and eat I think. Your grandfather needs to rest or he will get sick too. I’m worried about his heart, not that anyone listens to me anymore.” She looked down at her hands. “I expect that they will be back soon.” She looked over at Alan lying in the bed, thinking that J would leave but she was surprised when AJ put his hand on her shoulder and lightly squeezed. Alarmed, she immediately asked him what was wrong. AJ assured her that nothing was wrong. He just wanted to be there for her, to sit with her for a while. He explained that he knew that every parent makes mistakes. Lord knows he has made plenty with Michael. He told her that yes, he was angry with her at first, but he understands that this isn’t her fault. He wants her to know that he has forgiven her. Monica burst into tears and throws her arms around AJ, hugging him close. AJ just holds his mother close, letting her cry until exhausted, she finally falls asleep. <HR> Michael shifts his knapsack from one shoulder to the other. He can't believe his mother sent him to school when he wanted to stay by AJ and Alan. This day couldn't get any worse he says to himself. Not only did he fail his English test, but he screwed up 10 plays at football practice. Michael is so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't notice that a dark sedan is following close behind him. <HR> By the time Stan came to pick up Lainey, Kelly and Steven had already left for the restaurant. Stan was still a little confused as to what they’d be doing on their date. This was Lainey’s idea and he wasn’t sure what she had planned for their night out. Stan and Lainey walked down to the car. Being the gentleman that he was, he opened the door for her and she climbed in. He walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in behind the wheel. “So, where are we going?” He asked as he started the SUV. “There’s this new Indian place I heard about that I thought we’d try out. If that’s okay with you?” “Sure, sounds great.” <HR> The sound of a key entering the lock to Patrick & Robin's apartment startles Patrick. He rushes to put the pregnancy test box where it was and acts as if nothing wrong. Robin enters the apartment and calls Patrick's name. He casually makes his way into the living room and sits down next to Robin. He can tell something is bothering her, and is tempted to ask her outright about the pregnancy test, but decides against it. Robin just asks Patrick to hold her and rest on the sofa. The two hold each other, each keeping something back from the other. Patrick kisses Robin's head and reminds her that she can tell him anything. Robin thanks Patrick for always being there for her, especially when she feels so down. Robin decides to take a shower and then head to bed. As she walks into the bathroom and closes the door, Patrick walks into the bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed. He grabs a picture of him and Robin sitting on their dresser and tries to imagine life as a father. <HR> Stan and Lainey arrived at the Indian restaurant and the host seated them in a dark corner of the dining area. Lainey sat down in the chair that would give her the best view of Steven and Kelly who she spotted when they followed the host to their table. Stan didn’t notice that she was already eyeing Steven and Kelly as he opened up the menu that was handed to him by the host. “Hmm … this all looks so good. I’m not sure what I’m going to choose. Lainey, what are you going to order?” Stan asked and he noticed her a little distracted. “Lainey?” “Oh I’m sorry, Stan. I guess I’m a little distracted.” “Yes I can see that. What is so interesting over there?” “Oh nothing, I just thought I knew someone.” Lainey covered as she looked over the menu and tried to enjoy the company she was in. As the evening progressed, Stan and Lainey were enjoying each other’s company, and enjoyed their dinner of Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka. She surprised herself by enjoying her night out with Stan, she certainly didn’t expect to have such a wonderful time. After paying the check, Stan and Lainey started walking out of the restaurant together hand in hand. Lainey completely forgetting why she and Stan were at that restaurant and on the date in the first place. They approached the SUV and she and Stan stood at the passenger side door of the vehicle. “I just have to say that I really enjoyed dinner tonight.” He said as he opened the door for her. “I did too.” She replied as he leaned closer to her to give her a kiss. For a brief moment her soft lips met his and she quickly pulled away and climbed into the passenger side seat. He smiled and closed the door. He climbed in the driver’s side behind the wheel and started up the SUV. He thought it might be nice to end the evening with some dessert at Kelly’s. “Would you like to stop off at Kelly’s for a scoop of ice cream?” Lainey smiled like a school girl, “Sure, I’d like that.” <HR> Michael is a block from home when he hears several car doors slam. He looks up and sees three or four men rush him. One of them pulls his backpack off him and throws it into the street. The men begin circling around Michael. The first man charges after Michael, who moves out of the way and kicks the guy in the stomach. Another tries to grab him, but Michael jumps out of the way and punches him in the face. Michael gloats a little and revels in having the upper hand. That celebration is cut very short after he's punched in the face. Michael falls to his knees, his shirt is pulled up over his head so that he can't see and is then stood up. The leader of the men slaps Michael across the face and is then pushed from one guy to the other. He is pushed to the ground and one of the thugs leans down and hisses, "Tell your father that Miami say's Hello." With that, he kicks Michael in the stomach and the car speeds off, leaving a bruised and shaken up Michael. Michael slowly gets up holding his stomach and cries out in pain. He grabs his bag and begins making his way home again. <HR> Steven and Kelly enjoyed their time together and had a wonderful time on their date. As they walked out of the restaurant together Kelly had to comment about seeing Stan and Lainey. “I hope Stan and Lainey had a nice time on their date. She deserves a nice night out on the town.” “She’s out tonight with Stan? I thought she had to work?” “I guess she got off of work early ….” Kelly replied knowing her mentioning Lainey’s date with Stan just got her in trouble with Steven. <HR> Robin gets out of the shower and puts on one of Patrick's oversized shirts. As she's tying up her hair, Patrick is watching her the entire time. He almost asks her if she's pregnant, but changes his mind yet again. Robin walks over and climbs into bed, turning off the light on her side of the bed. Patrick gets in as well; Robin lays her head upon Patrick's chest. He strokes her hair until she falls asleep, all the while thinking about what his like could be life as a father. <HR> Sonny hangs up his phone when he hears Michael walking in the house. "Where the hell have you been?" Sonny asks sternly. "You should have been home a long time ago. Practice doesn't until 10:30 Michael." Michael doesn't turn around, making sure he doesn't look at Sonny. "All I wanna do is go to bed. I'm sorry for being late. I'll take my punishment later. Please dad, just…I wanna go to sleep." Sonny realizes something is wrong with Michael and asks him to come down and talk to him. Michael comes down the stairs and still avoids looking at Sonny. Sonny asks Michael to take off his hood, so he can look him in the face. Michael refuses and just asks if he can go to bed. Sonny steps towards Michael, who gets out of the chair and heads towards the stairs again. Sonny grabs Michael's arm, who winces in pain. Sonny takes off Michael's hood and is shocked at his son's bloody face! Sonny demands to know what happened, but Michael tries to blame it on a fight at school. Sonny calls Max & Milo into the room. Sonny appeals to his son, telling him he can trust him with anything. With tears in his eyes, Michael reveals he was attacked on his way home. Sonny orders Max to take Michael to the hospital, but Michael protests. He asks if he can just take a shower and go to bed. Sonny reluctantly agrees, and tells Michael he doesn't have to go to school on Monday. When Michael is far out of ear shot, Sonny tells Max and Milo that in this business, children are supposed to be off limits. Lorenzo made the wrong move by going after Michael….and he's going to pay. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Sonny and his men teach Lorenzo a lesson - Carly & Nikolas finds out about Michael's attack - Alexis forbids Kristina to visit Sonny
  14. Ryan

    PCE: Episode 87

    Endgame- Episode 87 Saturday, October 06, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith Jennifer Snyder <HR> Jason stares at Brenda, appearing to be happy to see her. "What are you standing over there for? Come give me a hug!" Jason says opening his arms. Brenda slowly walks over and hugs Jason, he tucks her head under his chin and he squeezes tightly. Brenda rests comfortably in Jason's arms, though feeling a bit of awkwardness at the familiarity of it. After they let go of the embrace, Jason admires Brenda and comments on how great she looks. Brenda smiles and says Jason isn't looking too bad himself. Jason tells Brenda how Alan's doing; Brenda says she'll pray he gets better. An awkward silence then ensues, neither one wanting to bring up the person neither are too keen on seeing right now. Brenda asks Jason if he'll do her a favor. "Sure, anything for my favorite ex-wife," Jason remarks laughing. Brenda smiles and tosses her hair back. "Of course I'm your favorite, it's not like you had any other wives…..legally anyway," she shoots back. She gets right to the point and asks him to not tell Sonny that she's back. She explains that she wants to focus on rebuilding her life back in PC, and doesn't want Sonny interfering with that. Jason sympathizes with Brenda and agrees to keep this to himself. Jason tells her that things aren't too good between he and Sonny. Tired of his selfishness and arrogance, Jason finally told him off. Brenda lauds Jason for standing up to Sonny and promises to meet up with him again later. Shortly after leaving Jason, Brenda gets a call from Robin, telling her Dr. Kelly Lee had to reschedule Robin's appointment. <HR> "Here's everything," Mac says throwing a file onto Anna's desk. "We're just about ready to close the file on the death of Brandon Wexler. I've heard that our suspect will be in custody within the next 72 hours." Mac shuts the door to Anna's office and sits in the chair in front of it. "Thank you," Anna says sharply. "You can close the door on your way out." "What's your problem?" asks Mac angrily."You have no reason to have a chip on your shoulder. You've got the good job. You get all the credit. You weren't the one ridiculed in front of others within the department. You weren't demoted so an outsider can come in and "fix" things." Mac pounds his fist on the desk. "Damn it Anna what else do you want? We're supposed to be family." Anna looks up from her paperwork and leans back in her chair. "Whatever animosity you hold towards me for replacing you is your own personal issue. I didn't politic my way into this position. I was the best choice for the job." Anna gets up and pours herself a glass of water. "You act as if I did this on purpose. You're a great cop Mac." "Then why don't you give me back my old position," Mac asks, trying to appeal to Anna's respect for their friendship. "You know I can do the job." Anna puts her hand on Mac's shoulder and gently turns him down. She explains that she would definitely make him her equal if she could, but it's not her decision. She reports to the mayor and no matter how they got into this situation, she is the Commissioner and Chief right now. Mac, who's more hurt than he is upset, lashes out at Anna, accusing her of using this to further her own political agenda. He storms out of her office slamming the door. <HR> Lulu walks into the sitting room in Wyndemere. She begins shouting for Lucky, and is asked by Alfred to keep her volume down, due to Spencer sleeping. Lucky comes from upstairs and thanks Lulu for coming over. Lucky explains that now that Carly & Nikolas know what they're having, he thinks they should throw a party for him at the MetroCourt. Lulu agrees that it would be a great idea and asks if she can coordinate the party with some of the staff at Deception. Lucky thanks Lulu for all her help and asks if she wants to hang out with him and Sam today. Lulu tells Lucky that it's gonna take some time for her to get used to Sam. She says that she's uncomfortable knowing that he and Liz broke up because of her infatuation with Jason, and now he's dating Jason's ex-girlfriend and fiancée. She says that no offense, but to her, it appears that Lucky is obsessed with Jason. Lucky says there's no hard feelings. <HR> Meanwhile, Patrick is tearing apart his apartment looking for his favorite shirt. He figures Robin may have washed it with her clothes last week on laundry day, and decides to look through her dresser to see if it's there. He carefully opens drawer after drawer, making sure he puts all of her belongings back the way they were. He doesn't want Robin to think that he just goes through her stuff while she's not home….but this time it calls for it. As he opens the last drawer, he finds his favorite shirt folded next to one of Robin's blouses. He smiles and takes it out of the drawer. He goes to close the drawer back but something catches his attention. He moves the pair of jeans covering part of the object he's focused on. Much to his surprise, Patrick finds an opened E.P.T. Pregnancy test box! "There's no way….." he says to himself stunned. "Robin's not…pregnant is she?" Patrick's mind begins to race a mile a minute. He takes out his phone and places a phone call. As usual, Noah's not around when Patrick needs him. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - AJ shows compassion for his mother - Michael is attacked on his way home from football practice - Lainey goes on her date with Stan; Kelly's on her date with Steven - Robin avoids telling Patrick about her possible pregnancy Two episodes will be posted tomorrow
  15. Endgame- Episode 86 Sunday, September 30, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler Jennifer Snyder <HR> Port Charles begins in the sunroom of General Hospital. Brenda walks up behind Ned and places her hands over his eyes, "Hey stranger. One of the nurses told me I could find you here." She whispers. Ned whips around and grabs Brenda in a bear hug. "Oh Brenda, you are a sight for sore eyes. I am so glad you are here." Brenda flicks her hair over her shoulder and smiles serenely. "I could say the same for you, but you look like you haven't slept in a week." Brenda tilts her head and says quietly, "How is Alan?" Ned sighs and replies that Alan is not doing well. Brenda asks how the family is doing and Ned tells her that they are doing as well as expected, considering the circumstances. He briefly tells her about Monica and Kevin, and how Tracy was arrested. He is worried about Edward and his heart. Brenda grasps his hand and squeezes it. She asks him if it would be ok if she visited Edward since the Quartermaines were like family to her. Ned agrees that it would be nice and tells her to stop over at the house that night. <HR> Lucas walks up to the counter at the coffeehouse in the Student Union and orders a coffee. He had about fifteen minutes before his first class. He's not paying attention to the people around him and doesn't notice the person next to him. Lucas grabs his coffee and bumps into a strong, hard chest. "Oh, I am so sorry." Lucas exclaims as his coffee spills. "I didn't get you did I?" Dante looks down and smiles broadly, "Naww, I'm good. How's it going?" Lucas starts to walk away, Dante falling into step next to him. "Good. Just going to class. How about you?" "I'm good." Dante pauses and waves to a couple of his frat brothers. "What class are you going to?" Dante says as he sips his coffee. "I have Ethics and then American Lit. This semester I am concentrating on getting my required classes completed. I want to take it easy, you know?" Lucas confides. <HR> Maxie sits down on one of the couches in the Student Union and pulls out a notebook. She glances up and sees Lucas getting coffee and she sighs. She is still filled with guilt from the night of the Frat Party. She knows that she will have that with her for the rest of her life. She's glad that Lucas doesn't notice her when he walks by with Dante Brennan, the student body president. She catches sight of Dillon, who's looking distracted as he rushes past. "Dillon!" Dillon stops and sighs, but she plows ahead and asks him how Alan is. Dillon tells her than Alan is the same. He came to school to talk to his professors and now he is going back to the hospital. He doesn't have a lot of time and tells her that he really doesn't want to talk, especially to her. She asks him for just a minute, that she really needs to talk to him about something. He tells her fine, but when she hesitates and doesn't speak, he tells her goodbye and starts to walk away. <HR> Dante smiles charismatically as his eyes boldly check out Lucas. "Guess you and I have some classes together. " Dante walks into the classroom, indicating that Lucas sit next to him. Lucas sits down next to the attractive Dante. He is surprised by the tingle he feels growing inside him. He turns to him and easily falls into conversation. When the professor walks in and starts class, Lucas finds himself disappointed. <HR> Back at the student union, Maxie grabs Dillon's arm. "Wait Dillon. You and I haven't talked in a while and I, well, I sort of miss it. I was wondering if we could meet at Kelly's and just, talk." Maxie says, biting her lip. Dillon throws his hands up in the air and tells her that her timing is horrible. "Maxie, after everything you have done to me in the past year, why would I want to talk to you anyway? Just, leave me alone." Dillon again starts to walk away. "Dillon, I know I shouldn't say this but I can't help it. You're my sister's ex-boyfriend but….I can't stop thinking about you. I want to spend some time with you." Maxie says in a rush. Incredulously, Dillon turns back towards Maxie, "Ok, now I know I am dreaming. You honestly expect me to believe that you can't stop thinking about me? Somehow Maxie, I don't believe you." "Well it's true Dillon. I can't help it Dillon. I think…I think I'm kinda liking you." Maxie confided. Maxie places her hand on his arm. Dillon pulls his hand away sharply, looking at her dumfounded. He tries to figure out if she's been smoking something, but realizes she probably has. Without a word, he walks away in disgust, leaving a crestfallen Maxie to stare after him. <HR> Ned and Brenda start to walk towards the ICU when he asks her what she is doing in Port Charles. She tells him about her job at Titan and that she is here to stay. She has already seen Robin and Jax, but she has yet to really settle in. She can't wait to sink her teeth into this job and do well. Ned stops before the doors of the ICU. "So Brenda, you know I have to ask. Have you seen Sonny yet?" Brenda plays with her necklace and firmly says, "No. And I don't want to either. In a perfect world, I would wish that he never finds out I am home." The ICU doors open and Jason walks out. Brenda locks eyes with Jason and Ned chuckles, "Somehow Brenda, I don't see that happening." Bending down to kiss her cheek, "It's good to have you home Bren." Ned walks out the door, leaving Brenda and Jason to catch up. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Brenda asks Jason to keep her presence to himself - Patrick finds a pregnancy test at the apartment - Lulu and Lucky want to throw a party for Carly & Nikolas - Mac doesn't react too well after Anna refuses to promote him
  16. Ryan

    PCE: Episode 85

    Endgame- Episode 85 Saturday, September 29, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Jennifer Snyder Tishy Smith Lainey in a strange way was looking forward to her date tonight with Stan. She finished her rounds and was ready to head home so she could get ready. She signed out and was heading to the elevator as she came upon Kelly, who was also ready to leave the hospital. “So, are you going out tonight?” Kelly asked her friend. “As a matter of fact, I am. Stan and I are going out tonight.” “Stan …?” Kelly surprised to hear that name cross Lainey’s lips. “Yeah Stan … what’s wrong with Stan. He’s a nice guy, good looking ….” “Oh there’s nothing wrong with Stan. I just thought him not your type.” “And how do you know what my type is, Kelly?” “Well, he does work for Sonny Corinthos, I mean, he’s a little dangerous for you, isn’t he?” Lainey just rolled her eyes at Kelly as the two of them boarded the open elevator together. The two talked more about Stan as they rode the elevator down to the parking garage. “So if you’re going out with Stan, then am I to assume you’ve given up on Steven?” Kelly asked hoping Lainey would say that she had. “Steven is a nice guy and I like him, but I don’t get involved with co-workers, you know that.” “So you’re okay with us going out tonight?” “Sure.” Lainey lied. “Good. I just wanted to be sure.” Kelly smiled. Lainey returned a smile but underneath she knew that in the long run Kelly would end up hurting Steven. He’d be better off with her but it was a too late to go back on her word. “I hope the two of you have a good time tonight, Kelly.” “Thanks. I hope you and Stan have a good time too.” <HR> At the Quartermaine Mansion, Luke brings Tracy a cup of tea and kisses her forehead. Tracy tells Luke trying to be sweet doesn't make up for him disappearing for a few weeks. Luke covers, making sure to keep Tracy in the dark regarding why he left (to keep checking in on Bobbie on Sonny's island). Luke says he just needs to get away sometimes, but he's here now and that's all that matters. Tracy bellows for Alice to bring her different kind of tea, saying she requested chamomile, not breakfast tea. Alice takes a sip and tells her it is chamomile. Luke apologizes on Tracy's behalf and asks Alice to give them some privacy. Tracy snaps at Luke not to apologize for her. She can speak for herself. Luke gives a look of concern to Tracy, who turns away, trying to mask her pain and fear of possibly losing Alan. Tracy admits that Alan's heart attack threw her off her game and though she doesn't want to admit it, she doesn't think she can focus on business when her brother is laying in a hospital bed. Luke promises to support Tracy in whatever she decides to do, saying his only concern is her. Tracy thinks if she abandons ELQ, Edward will see it as a weakness. Edward, who's been eavesdropping, interrupts and disagrees with Tracy. Family comes first. He says he has seen Tracy's leadership at ELQ since she maneuvered control earlier this year and thinks the company is better because of it. Edward tells her daughter he loves her, and that Lila would be proud of her putting her family above business. Tracy hugs her father, kisses Luke and says that at the next ELQ board meeting, she'll be taking an indefinite leave from the company. AJ secretly listens as this is going on, smiling before walking away. <HR> At the islands, Bobbie is on the phone with her guard, who asks that he arrange a flight for her to return to Port Charles. The guard, under strict orders from Sonny & Luke to watch over Bobbie in case the police show up, refuses to comply. Bobbie looks carefully at the guard, sure that she's seen him before. Suddenly it hits her that this guard has watched over Carly before, so Bobbie pulls out her trump card….Carly. She threatens to tell Sonny that he hit on Carly when they were married, professing his feelings for Carly, who promised not to tell Sonny. The guard doesn't think Sonny would believe that, but Bobbie convinces him otherwise. The guard, afraid of what might happen, caves and tells Bobbie he'll have the pilot prepare a flight back to Port Charles. Bobbie thanks the guard, but reminds him this is to stay between them. After the guard leaves, Bobbie begins packing her things. She's hid from her problems for too long. It's time to own to what she's done. <HR> Lucy storms into David's office at General Hospital and flops on the sofa in the room. She sighs loudly before tapping on the desk to get his attention. David stops writing his report, lies back in the chair and smiles. Lucy begins venting about her encounter with Kevin, talking a lot and not letting David get any words in. David finally interrupts and tells her to take a deep breath. Lucy apologizes for ranting to David about Kevin, but he tells her not to worry. He tells Lucy that he's enjoyed getting to know her these past few months, even though it wasn't under the best of circumstances (David found out about Monica & Kevin's affair, then blackmailed Monica into resigning so he can become the Chief Cardiologist). Inside, Lucy's conflicted about her feelings for David. She's done her research on the guy. She knows the kind of person he is, but his good qualities outweigh his faults. Plus he helped her track down Serena when he didn't have to. Lucy decides to take her mind off Kevin by asking David to lunch. David clears his schedule for the day and decides to spend time with her. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Lucas finds himself attracted to Dante - Maxie throws Dillon for a loop when she tells him she likes him - Brenda visits an old friend…and runs into one she didn't expect to see
  17. Endgame- Episode 84 Friday, September 21, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder <HR> Kevin lets out a deep breath while walking over to his desk. He reaches inside and finds a picture of him and Lucy from a few years ago. After being overcome with memories, he flings the picture towards door, barely missing Lucy, who entered the house uninvited. "I see I came at a bad time," said Lucy with a look of sadness. "I'll come back later." "Wait," said Kevin. "Please stay. I could use a friend right now." For a moment, Lucy sees a flicker of the man she once loved with all her heart. Then, as if she had awakened from deep thought, she remembers the man she fell in love with stop existing years ago. "I don't think you're going to like what I have to say Doc. She carefully makes her way down the stairs walking into the area where Kevin is. <HR> Alexis knocks on the door of Mayor Floyd's office, prepared for her meeting with him today. It's been about a month since she was suspended, and she's ready to return to work. The mayor lets her in and asks her to take a seat. The last time they met, Alexis was on the receiving end of a tirade from the highly stressed mayor. "Mayor Floyd it's good to see you again." Alexis extends her hand. The mayor never looks up from his desk, instead choosing to take a lackadaisical approach. "I take it you used your time off wisely." "Yes sir, I did." "I wasn't asking," the mayor says. "It's called making a statement. I don't have much time to speak with you. I am lifting your suspension. You can return to work tomorrow. You'll be paired up with new ADA Darin Palmer. Now leave." Floyd raises his arm and points towards the door. <HR> Michael Park first airs as ADA Darin Palmer District Attorney Ric Lansing greets his secretaries while on his way into the office. One of the girls try to give Ric a message, but he's too happy this morning. Alexis is finally returning to work, the his kids are doing great and all he wants to do is enjoy life. Ric opens up the door to his office to find the mayor's newest hire, ADA Darin Palmer laying back in his chair smoking a cigar with his feet propped on the desk. "Well, well, well," says the man getting up from the chair. "If it isn't Slicky Ricky himself. Still getting by on other people's hard work I see." Referring to the tons of case notes Ric's assistants have left for him. Ric takes a deep breath, closes his door and tells Palmer to get out. He may be forced to work with him, but he doesn't have to be in the same room. Palmer gets up from Ric's chair and walks in front of his desk. "I just figured I'd put you on notice Ric. Your time here is running out. Mayor Floyd recruited me to do the job that you can't do. How great is it to come into a new job and be the lead prosecutor, jumping over people who've been DA for years?" Ric leans back in his chair tapping his pencil on the table. Ric tells Palmer to enjoy his time as the mayor's puppet. As soon he can't deliver what he's expected to, he'll be out of here. Palmer laughs and says that he's always delivered, usually when Ric can't, all he has to do is look what happened in law school to get his result (Darin Palmer stole Ric's girlfriend). <HR> At General Hospital, Carly is laying on the table in a hospital gown waiting to see Dr. Kelly. The happy couple have spent the last few weeks debating whether or not to learn the sex of their child. The two decided that it couldn't hurt to find out the truth. So here they are, anxiously waiting to learn the truth. Nikolas notices how nervous Carly is and gives her a loving hug. Carly wishes her mom could be here with her, but since Bobbie is out of town, she jokingly admits she'll just have to settle for Nikolas. Nikolas takes her hand and kisses it. He promises everything will be ok and as soon as they learn what their having, they can go out and buy everything at the Million Dollar Pier shopping center. <HR> Back at Kevin's, Kevin tells Lucy he isn't in the mood to hear any unsolicited advice. He tells her that unless she's there to be a friend she can get the hell out. "I am being a friend Kevin," Lucy says emphatically. "Like it or not, I still care about you. I always have. I never stopped. I'm saying this to you as someone who was once the love of your life…Walk away. Walk away before you get hurt." Kevin rolls his eyes and flops down in his chair. "You mean the way you walked away from me and right into Ian Thornheart's arms! Save your 'compassion' Lucy, it's beneath you." A stunned Lucy reels from the venom laced statement made by Kevin. "I thought we were over this. You make it seem like I ran off with Ian on my own choosing. You pushed me away Kevin. You turned into someone I didn't even know. So yes, I went with Ian and I had a happy life but you know what, I missed you. And I wanted to start over with you, but you were too busy trying to break up Alan & Monica." Lucy gets close to Kevin and touches his face. "I'm saying this because I don't want you to get hurt. Monica will not choose you Kevin, she's going to choose her husband. Monica and Alan are destined to be together, it's written in the stars." "Did the universe tell you that," asks Kevin sarcastically. "Yes, yes it did. And it also told me that if you continue on with this path, you're going to end up alone…again." Lucy shakes her head and walks toward the door. "You wanna know something Lucy," asks Kevin getting up. "I wish he would have died alone! At least then Monica could grieve and then move on with her life, instead of being torn in the middle of two men that she loves dearly." Lucy looks upon Kevin with disgust, flashing back to memories of Kevin after his personality change in 2003. "Now there's the Kevin I remember. The one who was so filled with hatred and anger. The Kevin who ruined every shred of love that we shared." Lucy grabs the door handle. "Keep it up, and you won't have to worry about walking away from Monica, she'll walk away from you, just as I did." <HR> Back at the hospital, Dr. Kelly Lee runs a sonogram on Carly. Kelly points out what's on the screen to an amazed Nikolas. Carly watches in awe as Nikolas sucks up everything she's talking about. She remembers Nikolas missed out on all of this because Courtney left town while she was pregnant. Kelly puts a little more gel on Carly's stomach to run one final test. She looks at the screen and notices something quite interesting. "Are you both ready to learn what you're having?" "Of course," Nikolas says. "Don't keep us in suspense." Carly reaches out her hand for Nikolas to hold. "Come on Kelly, tell us." "You'll both be happy to know that your boy is developing quite well." Carly with tears in her eyes. Nikolas cries tears of joy as it sinks in that he's having another son. He hugs her and kisses her forehead. Kelly smiles as the two hug. "And you'll also be happy to know that your daughter is doing just as good." "What" says Carly in shock. "Our daughter?" Nikolas mouth forms the shape of what he's trying to say, but no words come out. Finally, he forces sound out. "We're…we're having twins?" Dr. Kelly confirms and gives them a picture of the sonogram. She points out where the boy is, and where the girl is. The floodgates open for Carly as she's unable to hold back her emotion. The proud parents to be wipe each other's tears and kiss passionately, eagerly anticipating their future. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Kelly and Lainey talk about their upcoming dates - After a conversation with Luke, Tracy takes a leave of absence from ELQ - Bobbie books a flight back to Port Charles - David comforts Lucy after her visit with Kevin
  18. Ryan

    PCE: Episode 83

    Endgame- Episode 83 Monday, September 17, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder <HR> Bobbie is sitting on the lanai in the early morning, sipping some coffee and watches the sun rise. Sleep escapes her most nights, she’s lucky if she sleeps more than a few hours. She wonders how Noah is, how Carly and her pregnancy are coming. Most of all, she thinks about Lucas and the pain she has caused him. Tears form in her eyes as she thinks of her boy. She closes her eyes and sees Lucas’ life pass before her eyes. She wonders if her children miss her as much as she misses them. In Port Charles, Noah pours himself a glass of orange juice and reminds himself to call Lucas. He has been trying to keep an eye on him. Since he is working the early shift, he decides to ask him out to dinner, make sure he’s doing ok. Noah knows Bobbie, wherever she may be, would like that. Noah downs his orange juice and scans the room. It’s so empty without Bobbie there. He hasn’t been able to find her and Luke seemed to have taken off as well. Not even Carly knows where her mother is. <HR> Kevin sitting in the living room of his house, staring at a picture on the wall. Monica comes down with some of her belongings, ignoring Kevin. Kevin turns to an angry Monica and asks her is this how things are going to be from now on. “I’m sorry I can’t give you what you want right now Kevin. I need to be by Alan’s side. He needs me, and I can’t allow myself to get sidetracked.” “Why Monica? Because getting sidetracked would mean you would have to address our relationship…or do we even have one anymore?” <HR> A sharp buzzing sound awakens Tracy from her slumber. As she opens her eyes, the presence of the 6 foot 5 muscular officer startles her. “Mrs. Quartermaine” the officer begins, “you’re free to go.” Tracy stands up, tosses her hair back and buttons her jacket. “It’s about damn time. And don’t you think I’m going to forget the way I was treated in here.” “No offense, but with the way you were acting last night, you couldn’t pay us to bring to back here,” the guard sneers to Tracy. ”I’ll have you know I was a model prisoner…even though I was wrongfully arrested. That damn Monica. I should-“ “Hold on there spankybuns!” shouts Luke, running to Tracy’s side. “We can’t have you incriminating yourself in the presence of our wonderful, hardworking police offers.” “Shut it Spencer” Mac says coming from his office. “You just get her outta here.” Luke pulls in Tracy close and tells her not to say anything else until they get home. Luke thinks he’s home free until Mac calls him back to the desk. Mac says to Luke he knows he had something to do with Bobbie disappearing. He suggests to Luke that he bring Bobbie back home so she can be questioned regarding her involvement in Brandon’s death. Mac gives Luke one week to bring Bobbie back, or he’s going to publicly issue an APB out and name her as an official suspect in the hit and run death of Brandon Wexler. Mac’s warning seems to shake Luke a little, who tells Mac to just back off. Luke exits the police station and heads back to the Mansion with Tracy, making sure she doesn't do anything that could land her back in jail. However...Luke can't shake the feeling that Bobbie's gonna get herself into trouble. <HR> Bobbie rises out of her chair and goes into the living room. She flips on the TV to the Port Charles station to watch the morning news. The lead story was bout Alan’s heart attack. She listens in horror as the newscaster told what little information that they had about Alan’s condition and also about Tracy’s arrest for assault. When the newscast ended, she turned the TV off and sat in silence. After several minutes, she picked up the phone. In Port Charles.... Glancing at his watch, Noah realizes that he has to get to the hospital or he will be late for his surgery. He picks up his keys and locks the door behind him. He never hears the phone ring or Bobbie’s voice on the answering machine calling his name. <HR> Back at Kevin’s, he and Monica argue regarding her devotion to Alan. “I told you that I am not ready to deal with this right now. I owe Alan this. He stood by me through the death of my daughter, through my breast cancer, through everything. It’s not a matter of me wanting to do this Kevin, it’s because I have to.” Monica puts down her purse and begins walking towards the closet. Through more of their argument, it seems that Kevin is upset because Monica told him last night she's going to be staying at the hospital indefinitely. Kevin wants Monica to choose between him and Alan right here and now. “I chose you didn’t I? That’s why we’re in this mess in the first place, because I chose you. After months of cheating on my husband I told him our marriage was over. That I didn’t love him anymore…even when I knew it wasn’t…” Monica lets her voice trail off. “Even when what Monica? When you know it wasn’t true?!” Kevin yells. “I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you, why is that so hard for you to grasp.” Monica’s anger is too much for her to hold in. She lets out a yell filled with pain and anger. “It’s so hard for me to grasp because I don’t love you!” she puts her hand up to her mouth, realizing what she just said. “I didn’t mean that." Monica pushes her hair back with both her hands. "I do love you…I enjoy spending time with you Kevin, but I’m not ready to go from one marriage right into another. You and I have fun. I can relax with you. I thought you understood me better than Alan did, but I’m beginning to see that I was mistaken.” Monica steps closer to Kevin, who turns away from her. She tenderly touches his face, telling him that she does care about him, but she’s a wreck right now. And it’s hard to expect anything of her, that he wouldn’t expect of himself if this were Lucy lying in that hospital bed. Kevin kisses Monica and pulls away, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry. I am afraid that I’m going to lose you. Our relationship wasn’t started with pure intentions. It was a dirty secret that blossomed into so much more and I don’t want to lose that. To lose my connection with you.” Kevin grabs Monica’s hand. “I know that your connection to Alan is deeper than anything either of us as has ever experienced, and I’m sorry for trying to make you choose. You have family obligations and I won’t come between them.” A teary eyed Monica thanks Kevin for understanding and apologizes for her outburst. She kisses him on the cheek and grabs her bag, exiting the house to make her way to the hospital. Kevin lets out a deep breath while walking over to his desk. He reaches inside and finds a picture of him and Lucy from a few years ago. After being overcome with memories, he flings the picture towards door, barely missing Lucy, who entered the house uninvited. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Lucy asks Kevin to walk away from Monica - Nikolas & Carly learn the sex of their child - Alexis returns from her suspension - Ric comes face to face with his old rival Darin Palmer
  19. Endgame- Episode 82 Sunday, September 16, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Tishy Smith & Jennifer Snyder <HR> Port Charles begins with Sam storming into the den of Wyndemere and grabbing a drink. Why is she feeling this way? Why does she feel like she needs to comfort Jason? WHY!!?? Especially after what happened last summer… Sam takes a deep breath and is hit with another memory. It seems like it just happened yesterday…Sam & Alexis fighting for their lives to escape Helena's compound when Jason, Ric, Liz and Lucky show up to save them. Sam's grip on her glass tightens when she thinks back…back to that night….. Sam throws her glass at the wall, barely missing Helena, who enters from one of the tunnels. "Control your temper" Helena snaps. "I can't have you ruining my plans." <HR> Jason enters the coffeehouse for his meeting with Sonny. The irritation on Jason's face is very obvious. He didn't want to leave the hospital but as usual, Sonny doesn't care about that. "What do you want Sonny? I need to be near the hospital in case something happens." "Look, I'm sorry about Alan, but we need to focus on business. Alcazar's gaining support from his allies in Miami and we can't afford to look weak. I want you to take him out." Jason angrily rolls his eyes, telling Sonny that he has other things he needs to focus on right now. Jason doesn't feel that Alcazar is behind the recent attacks, on the simple reason that Alcazar doesn't act this way. If Alcazar wanted to hurt Sonny, he'd go after him. Not kill Courtney, not beat him and Mike up in the park, scaring his children. Say what you want about Lorenzo, but that's not his style. "What is wrong with you Jason? You question everything I do, you don't do ask your told, you've been off your game for months now. I understand that you've been going through some stuff, first with Sam and now Alan, but I need you 100%. I need you FOCUSED! Our business is being threatened. The people we love have been hurt because of this. I can't afford to have you half ass your job just because you're having some issues." Jason breathes in, then asks Max, Milo and the rest of the guards to leave for a minute. Sonny looks puzzled as the others walk out of the room. When they're gone, Jason walks over to Sonny, grabbing him and pushing him against the wall. "Let me explain something to you. I value our friendship and everything you've done for me, so I'm only going to say this once." Jason leans in close, never raising his voice above a whisper. "Don't you ever, ever speak to me like that in front of the others. Do you hear me? I'm not some punk kid you can bully around Sonny." "You might want to take a step back Jason, and realize what you're doing. We don't need to be fighting with each other! This is what they want!" "Most of our issues are your fault. You expect me to jump and your beck and call, well I'm sorry, that's not gonna happen anymore. I'm so SICK of this bullshit! Do you know how much I've missed because I put your wants and needs over my family? Do you know how much time I've lost with Alan because of this damn business?" Jason's emotions begin to overflow. "My father is lying in a hospital bed right now, but instead of me being there supporting him, I'm here arguing with you. Did you even bother to stop over to the hospital and give your best wishes? Of course not!" Jason grabs his keys and heads to the door. "I'm going back to the hospital. Unlike you Sonny, I actually care about my father." <HR> Brenda steps off the elevator at Patrick & Robin's apartment building, excited to see her friend. It's been a while since they've last seen each other. Brenda knocks on the door three times. "Hold on! I'm coming!" says Robin, putting down her laptop. She's spent the last 2 hours planning her schedule for the next week. Doctor's appointment with her gynecologist on Wednesday…don't forget. She opens the door and screams joyfully at Brenda! The two longtime friends open their arms and scream happily, hugging one another and talking a mile a minute. Robin pulls Brenda over to the sofa and begins chatting her up nonstop. "Wow, you look so different than the last time I saw you" Robin says playfully. "It's like you've turned into a completely different person." Brenda laughs cheerfully. "I guess I have turned into a new person. Even I feel like I'm someone else." Robin stares and Brenda and laughs again. She tells her friend that it's just so good to see her. She's glad she came for a visit, she really needed her now. Brenda implies she's not here just for a visit, but will be here for the indefinite future, careful not to reveal her new job at Titan. Brenda can tell something is bothering Robin and asks her if everything is ok. Robin apologizes for spilling this on her right away, but……..she thinks she's pregnant, and not sure whether she should be happy or not. Brenda hugs Robin and offers to be there in whatever way she needs her to be. <HR> Downstairs in the lobby, Patrick is checking his e-mails on his PDA when he accidentally bumps into Blake Barrington. "Dude, what where you're going" says Blake. "Well maybe if you opened your eyes you would see" Patrick stops short when he sees who it is. "Blake? Is that you?" Blake takes a step back and looks at Patrick. "PattyD! Man it's been forever since I last saw you." Blake extends his hand for a handshake and hug. Patrick follows suit and seems happy to see his old friend. Through their conversation, it's revealed that Patrick & Blake attended college together and were in the same fraternity. <HR> Back at Wyndemere, Helena has just entered the room with Sam. "Get out of here Helena" Sam scoffs. "I don't need this right now." "What you need is to remember why you're here. I didn't spend all of those months crafting the perfect plan only so you could be distracted by some stupid agenda you have against Jason & Elizabeth." Helena walks over to Sam and grabs her to get her attention. "It's always about what you want isn't it? Well what if I don't want to do what you want anymore?" Sam turns and walks away."I'm remembering more and more each day. Each day I hate you more for what you've done to me. I am so sick of playing your games Helena. I will NOT do this anymore. I hate you for taking me away from the life I loved. I hate you for –" Sam is cut off midsentence when Helena takes out a necklace with a crystal on it. "You were sent to do my bidding. Do you remember now Sam?" "Yes" says Sam in a trance. "I'm here to serve only you Helena." "That's a good girl" Helena says smiling. "Take this necklace and wear it as a reminder of why you are here. Remember your mission. Remember your goal." Still in a trance, Sam places the necklace around her neck. She grabs her hair and flips it back. "Yes…my mission." "What is your mission Samantha. Tell me, what is your goal?" An evil smile begins to form on Sam's face. "My mission is to get Lucky to fall in love with me…then kill him." Helena laughs evilly before asking Sam one more question. "And should anyone interfere with your plans?" Sam turns to the camera and crosses her arms. "Kill them." Helena sends Sam out of the room. After she's sure she's gone, Helena puts the accompanying crystal back into her pocket. "Luke took away my Stavros, my Stefan. Now he will feel the pain of losing his son, the same way I did. And should Jason or Elizabeth get in her way….too bad. Hell hath no fury like a woman under my control." Helena exits through the passageway she entered as Port Charles comes to an end. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Bobbie learns of Alan's heart attack - Noah misses Bobbie's call - Tracy is bailed out of jail - Monica doesn't give Kevin the answer he wants
  20. Endgame- Episode 80 Friday, September 14, 2007 Written by: Jennifer Snyder Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith <HR> Jason is furious when he learns of Monica’s affair with Kevin Collins, and lays the blame of Alan’s heart attack at her feet. He could have lost his father tonight because of her, and he didn’t want to hear any more of her excuses. There was no excuse for what she has put him through. This wasn’t the first time Monica strayed from her marriage to his father, but enough was enough. Alan has suffered too much because of her lies and her extra-curricular activities with other men. Jason left the waiting area where the family gathered to cool off. He just needed time to process it all. After his argument with AJ over Monica’s affair, he needed to clear his head. At least he knew he had Emily on his side, she was as fed up as he was. As he walked the dreary halls of the hospital, he felt the anger build up inside him as his fist slammed against the wall. Elizabeth witnesses this happen and is tempted to go over to talk to Jason, but resists the urge. "He's not my concern." It's one thing for her to say it, it's another thing for her to believe it. She and Jason have been so close to one another, but it's time she focus on someone other than him or Lucky. Unbeknownst to Liz, Sam opens the door coming from the stairwell and sees how much Jason is hurting as well. Not sure how to feel, she just stands there, watching as his feelings build up and build up. “What did that wall ever do to you?” Carly said as she came up behind him not knowing why Jason was acting the way he was. “Not now Carly…” Jason snapped back. “Okay, I know something's wrong. I know about Alan. Talk to me Jason.” Jason stopped and turned around to face his best friend. “My father is lying in a hospital bed, suffering from a heart attack, and Monica is to blame!” “Is he going to be all right?” she asked genuinely concerned for Alan. “The doctors don’t know …. I could of lost him Carly … “Jason replied and Carly opened her arms up to him. “Alan’s strong, I’m sure he’ll be all right, Jason.” She trying to reassure him. “I am just so angry right now with Monica for putting him through all of this. This is all her fault! Her and her bed hopping has put my father through hell and back and does she care? Obviously not because she’s been doing this to him for years!” “Wait? Monica was having an affair? With who?" “Apparently it’s been going on for a while now. Her and Kevin Collins, can you believe that? Kevin Collins?!” Jason felt the anger inside him as his fists clenched wanting to let it all out on something or someone. “Oh my God! What does Monica have to say about all this?” “Excuse after excuse from her. It’s the same old story every time, and who cares if she hurts Alan or the family! She made it seem like things were getting better between her and my dad. She even came to me and asked if I thought marital counseling could help. But it was a lie! She lied to me and the family!” “The family knows? How are they taking it?” Carly asked as she saw the scrapes and bruises on his fists. “Well, let's just say we're not united against what she's done. AJ & Skye want to forgive her for her indiscretions, Tracy's feelings are quite obvious, she got arrested for assaulting Monica. Me? Well I don't have much to say. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. “And Emily what does she say about it?” Carly knowing that Emily was the one member of the family who was closest to Jason. Elizabeth makes busy work for herself so she can overhear their conversation. She can't help but feel irritated that Carly is the one comforting Jason. Little does she know…she actually has something in common with Sam at this time. <HR> Lainey couldn’t believe her ears when Kelly accepted Steven’s dinner invitation for Friday night. Kelly knew she was interested in Steven, how could she step into her territory like that. As Lainey came upon the nurse’s station she saw Stan talking with his mother, Epiphany and an idea came to her. She hurried up to Stan with a question on her mind. “Hi Epiphany, how are you? May I steal him away for one minute?” she asked seemingly anxious. “Well … I suppose so.” Epiphany eyed Stan as Lainey lured him away from his mother. “What’s going on Lainey?” Stan asked as he took his arm back from her hand. “I need you.” Stan checked her out up and down, and Lainey playfully slapped his chest. “Not like that. I need you to out with me on Friday night.” “Friday night, huh? Hmmm… let me check my calendar.” Stan stood and thought for a second. “Sure where are we going?” “Pick me up around 7?” she asked as he still was wondering where they were going. “Sure … but….” “Great!” She gave him a peck on the cheek and before he could say another word, she was gone. He walked back over to the nurse’s station to continue his conversation with his mother. “What was that all about?” Epiphany asked. “I don’t really know, but I have a date on Friday night.” Stan replied as a huge grin came upon his mother’s face. “Now don’t go planning our wedding or anything, it’s just a date.” Stan continued. “I know, it’s nice to see you finally coming to your senses. Lainey’s a nice girl and she’s a doctor.” Epiphany grinned from ear to ear. “I hope the two of you have a nice time.” She added then moved to the other side of the station to continue her work. Stan followed her to continue the conversation they were having before Lainey interrupted. <HR> Over at Titan, Jax is more than surprised to see his former flame, Brenda Barrett standing before him. "You look shocked Jax. Aren't you glad to see me?" "Of course! Of course I am." Jax walks over to give Brenda a hug. "You look great my dear." "Thanks, so do you." Brenda smiles at Jax and tosses her hair back. It's been a few years since they last saw one another, but Jax looks the same as he did years ago, only a lot more handsome. "I am looking forward to working with you." Jax smiles and says he's looking forward to working with her as well. The two end up conversing for quite a while, trying to overcome the awkwardness of being around each other. "I wish we could talk forever," Jax says picking up his briefcase. "We have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm actually on my way to a meeting. Do you think we could meet up another time, perhaps over dinner?" "Of course. There's no need to even ask." Jax puts his hand on Brenda's back and leads her towards the door. "Listen, I don't usually do this for new hires, but I think I can make an exception. Take the next 3 weeks off. You're just now getting back into town, and you need some time to get settled in." "Thank you Jax," Brenda says smiling. "I think that'll do me some good." <HR> At General Hospital….Jason & Carly continue their conversation. “Emily is just as upset about this as I am. It’s the rest of the family who have lost their damn minds!” “Okay, let’s just calm down and take a few breaths. You need to focus all this on Alan and him getting well. Deal with Monica and the family later. Alan is more important, he needs you now, Jason.” Jason realizing he didn’t call Carly, what was she doing at the hospital? “Why the visit to the hospital? The baby is okay, right?” “The baby and I are fine. Michael heard of Alan's heart attack on news. I told him I would come down and check on Alan, I figured you would need me.” “And Nikolas?” “Oh don’t worry about him. He has a board meeting in 20 minutes. He knew he couldn't stop me if he wanted to.” She smiled as the two embraced again. “Thank you for being here with me, Carly. You always seem to pop up when I need you the most.” “Well that's because of our connection. I know when you’re hurting, I know when you need me and now I’m here to help you, so let me, please?” Jason leaned on her. “I just don’t know what to do, I mean it’s probably too late for me and Alan. We’ve traveled a long rough road, he and I.” “Jase, it’s never too late. You know that I know that more than anyone. Bobbie and I had a long hard road too, and we’ve come to terms with our past, we’ve found forgiveness. You and Alan can too.” “I don’t know what I would of done if we lost him tonight. There is a lot that still needs to be said, things that I want him to know, that he needs to know.” “Then tell him, Jason. Tell him now before it really is too late. Believe me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.” Carly gave him the reassurance that he needed to tell Alan how much he loved him, how much he needs his father in his life. Though still furious at Monica, his father needed him and he had to stay strong for him. “I’m sure Alan will pull through this, he’s a survivor. You need to go to him and be there for him. The way it sounds, he’s going to need you more than you know.” Carly hugs Jason before grabbing her coat to leave. She makes sure she takes the time to glare at Elizabeth before getting onto the elevator. Jason gets ready to head back upstairs when he gets a call from Sonny. He's asked to meet Sonny at the warehouse immediately. <HR> Next…on Port Charles - Jason refuses to put Sonny first - More of Sam's secret is exposed - Robin gets a surprise visitor - Patrick and Blake share a history together
  21. Ryan

    PCE: Episodes 78-80

    Endgame- Episode 78-80 Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Tishy Smith Jennifer Snyder <HR> Monica slowly walks down the hallway of General Hospital. People stop and whisper to their friends as she walks by. Obviously word of her affair with Kevin has gotten around now. Monica's tempted to try and do damage control, but a part of her is glad that everything is out in the open. No longer does she have to hide her feelings for Kevin, but now she can be free from the guilt she has felt these past few months. Or can she? Monica's plans with Kevin were to just take it as it went. Maybe Kevin wanted more, but Monica wanted to live life in the moment. To say Alan's heart attack has changed her outlook would be an understatement. All of the feelings she thought she no longer had for Alan began to come back to the surface. "Old habits are hard to break," she tells herself while getting onto the elevator. The doors close and Monica leans her head against the wall. "Why is did this have to happen? Why now?" Monica tries not to make herself feel guilty, but a part of her knows that she's indirectly responsible for Alan's condition. <HR> Jason enters the waiting area and brings Emily a cup of coffee. She thanks Jason for being so kind, and for being patient with her during her little tirade against Monica. Jason feels that everyone is entitled to their own feelings, and doesn't want to tell someone how they should feel. Their conversation is interrupted by AJ & Skye. "Why are you giving mother such a hard time Emily? She's not perfect, we all make mistakes. I think she should be shown the same consideration," says AJ snapping at his little sister. "We're all upset, but you had no right to off on her like that." Emily puts her cup down and stands up. "I have the right to go off on whoever I damn well please. As someone who's been cheated on, I know how it feels to have your trust betrayed. To feel as if you weren't good enough. And that's what Monica has done to our father." AJ laughs and cocks his head to the side. "You mean the way you made Zander feel when you decided to shack up with Nikolas?" AJ feels the glare from Emily's cold eyes. "I think you're in no position to criticize." Jason doesn't take too kindly to AJ talking to Emily the way that he is. "What Emily did to Zander was in the past. It's sucks, but she knows what it's like from both ends." "The king of hypocrisy himself speaks. You're not in a position to pass judgment either Jason. You stole your brother's child and gave him to a criminal and whore!" Jason tosses a blank stare towards Skye's direction. "If you wanna bring that up Skye, go right ahead. But from one kid stealer to another, maybe you should back the hell up." "Monica should not be raked over the coals for having a moment of weakness. It happens to the best of Jason," Skye says. "I don't approve of what she did, but I'm not going to hold her over the fire either." "A moment of weakness happens once. Not multiple times. That's something I don't get. We've been down this road before and I supported our mother. I'm not happy with her actions and no one is going to make me feel otherwise." <HR> At the Scorpio house, Maxie makes her way to the front to answer the door. Much to her surprise, Robin is there, wanting to pay a visit to the family. The two girls catch up on what's been going on in each other's lives. Robin shares with Maxie that she and Patrick are moving in together and that for the first time since they've been an item, she feels as if they truly have a future together. Maxie asks Robin, if that's the case, why doesn’t she look too happy? After a few moments of silence, Robin reveals that she may be pregnant. Maxie is floored by Robin's statement. She immediately goes into concern mode, wondering of the baby will be ok, given Robin's HIV status. Robin says that nothing is concrete yet, but based on her calculations, she could be about two months pregnant. <HR> At Titan, Jax is speaking with a representative from a recently acquired company. "Thank you, I'm looking forward to making this transitions as seamless as possible," says Jax with his thick Australian accent. "Don't worry, your president of talent relations will fit in quite well here. I intend to make sure that this person settles in and gets acclimated to Port Charles quickly." Jax hangs up the phone and straightens up his office. His shuttle service should have picked up the newest Titan employee by now, and will be here at any moment. <HR> Monica signs the visitor's log and prepares to make her way to Alan's room. She enters the hall that leads to his room but is stopped by security. Monica is confused as to what's going on, and demands answers from those keeping her from Alan. Security tells Monica that they've received orders from Mr. Edward Quartermaine and Mrs. Tracy Quartermaine-Spencer to bar anyone not on the approved visitors list. Monica angrily pulls her arm away from the guard and tells him off. The guard hands Monica her purse and asks her to leave. "I see you've met our security," snaps a voice from behind, "I'm glad to know I'm getting my money's worth." <HR> Back at Titan, a knock on the door prompts Jax to invite the person in. "Come on in, the door's unlocked!" Jax, with his back turned to the door, is so focused on the paperwork on his desk, that he didn't see the person enter his office. "Have a seat please, I'll be with you in a moment," Jax says without looking up. "It's ok, take your time," the familiar voice says. Jax drops the papers on the floor. "Your voice sounds very familiar." "It should….you almost married me." Jax spins around in his chair and is shocked to find that the newest member of Titan Enterprises is no one other than the former love of his life, Brenda Barrett!!! Note: Brenda will be played by Gina Tognoni <HR> Monica turns around and sees Edward glaring at her! "Edward there's no need for this. I'm Alan's wife. I have a right to see him." "You lost all rights to my son when you decided to shack up with that Kevin Collins." "You have no right to do this Edward." "Actually I do. I may not come after you the way Tracy did, but I will make you suffer for literally breaking my son's heart." It's obvious how painful it is for Edward to speak these words to Monica. She's been a part of their family for years, but enough is enough. He has to stand his ground. "If you come near Alan again, you will be arrested." <HR> Next….on Port Charles - Jax is floored by Brenda's return - Carly arrives to GH just as Jason needs her the most - Liz & Sam watch as Jason is comforted by Carly - Epiphany is thrilled when Lainey asks Stan out on a date
  22. Endgame- Episode 77 ICU Episode: "The Truth Hurts" Featuring the Quartermaines Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith <HR> Port Charles picks up where we last left off. Kevin is about to reveal his relationship with Monica to the Quartermaine Family. "Monica, it's ok. They're going to have to find out sooner or later, and I prefer sooner than later." Kevin pulls Monica close and kisses her cheek. "The reason why Monica wasn't here…is because she was with me." The Quartermaine's exchange confusing and surprising glances as Kevin continues to speak. "Monica and I are in love. And we're going to be together for a very, very long time." Everything Edward has been suspecting over the past few months is finally falling into place. The camera pans on the faces of everyone in the room, ending with alternating shots of Tracy, Monica & Kevin. "You bitch," yells Tracy as she lunges for Monica! Tracy grabs Monica by the hair and begins tugging on it. Kevin pushes Tracy away from Monica and pulls her in close. Ned catches Tracy before she can fall. Dillon taps Kevin on the shoulder and slugs him in the face with a right hand. "Don't you ever put your hands on my mother again you bastard!" yells Dillon. "Get out of here." Ned and Dillon attempt to keep Tracy from beating the hell out of Monica. Jason strong arms Kevin to leave the room while they family meets to discuss. Kevin refuses to leave, but Jason lets Kevin know he doesn't really have a choice. Meanwhile, Tracy goes into a verbal tirade against Monica. "You have no right to be here. After your affair, you have nothing else to do with this family!" “I have every right to be here Tracy and you know it.” Monica stated as she walked past Tracy towards AJ. She hugged him and pretended that he didn’t stiffen. She walked over to Emily and tried to hug her but Emily avoided her. <HR> "If you would just let me explain what happened, I think you'll understand where I'm coming from." After Tracy calms down, Edward tells Monica that the floor is hers to explain. Monica let's them know it's no secret that things have been tense between her and Alan for years. They tried to get into therapy but it wasn't working. "I've wanted to end things for a very long time now, but just couldn't go through with it. Eventually I began visiting an online dating site after I pretty much decided Alan & I had no future together. That's where I met Kevin." Monica stops to look at the faces of the family she has hurt. No one will make eye contact with her. "I didn't know that he was Kevin at first. It was just general information and whatnot. He said he was coming into Port Charles on business and thought we should meet for a blind date…which I did." "How long has this been going on?" asks Jason angrily, he looks over to his left to see Emily glaring at their mother. "Since November….when Kevin came back to town." "You slept with Kevin, and then you let Alan hire him back at GH. My god Monica, what a selfish person you are. You get to sleep with Kevin and live off Alan's money." Tracy snaps. "How typical of you." "What happened….between you and Alan," Edward asks painfully. "Are you the reason why my son is in his hospital room fighting for his life?" "No that's not what happened at all. I finally told Alan the truth. He was being so sweet to me and I couldn't take it anymore." Monica begins crying. "Here I am, having this secret life while my husband is completely oblivious to what's going on. I couldn't take his kindness towards me. I couldn't let him continue to go on believing we were going to be ok when I knew we weren't….so I told him the truth." The tears begin to fall down Monica's face faster. "I told him that I couldn't be trapped in a loveless marriage any longer. I told him.....it was over. We got into a huge fight and I left." Tracy stands up from her seat and gets in Monica's face. "Get out. Get out of this room, get out of this hospital, and then you can get out of our house," says the angry sister with a monotonous tone. "How dare you show up here like nothing has happened? You are the reason that my brother is laying in a hospital bed!" Tracy yelled, pointing her finger in Monica’s face. She could feel the anger boiling to the surface and felt like she could break Monica right now. "None of us want you here so do us all a favor and go climb back into your lover’s bed!” “Oh shut up Tracy! You are certainly not one to talk. You refused your father his heart attack pills or are you practicing selective memory again.” "This is not about me," Tracy begins. "No matter what problems Alan and I have gone through, I have never stopped loving my brother." Monica tried to sit down when Tracy grabbed her arm. “What?” Monica started to say, turning around and facing Tracy again. Tracy reached back and slapped Monica hard across the face knocking her to the ground, all the while calling her a heartless whore. Edward yelled for them to stop it, that this wasn’t helping anything. He ordered Ned to take Tracy out of the room to cool down. Tracy barks at Ned to stay where he is. Monica gets up and slaps Tracy back, then pushes her against the wall. Tracy pushes Monica away, then punches her in the face. Tracy drags Monica by the hair and begins choking her against the wall. Epiphany walks in just in time to see the end result of Tracy choking Monica. Dillon and Ned grab their mother by the arm and forcibly dragged her out of the room, the whole time she was screaming that Monica was nothing but a whore. Epiphany tells them all if they cannot act like civilized adults, then she'll be forced to throw them out of the hospital. She asks Monica if she's alright. Once Monica is able to breathe again, she says yes, and asks Epiphany in her ear to call the police. Monica sat down, relieved that Tracy was gone. She looked around the room and noticed that no one would quite look her in the eye. In fact in was quite uncomfortable in the room. She asked what was wrong, was Alan all right? Emily remarked that it was finally nice of her to ask instead of fighting with Tracy. Monica demanded to know what she meant by that. Emily jumped up and said that maybe Tracy was right. The reason that her father was lying in the hospital in critical condition was Monica’s selfishness. <HR> Jason finally glanced up and ordered Emily to stop. This wasn’t the time for them to be fighting. They had to concentrate on more important things. Emily turned to him and said no, this all happened because of Monica. She looks coldly into Monica’s eye. “Tracy is right about you. You are nothing but a whore. This is not the first time you've done this. Maybe…just maybe I could excuse one time, but this is Pierce Dorman all over again." Emily chooses to mask her pain with anger. "You helped me deal with Nikolas' infidelity. You were the one who told me how painful it was to be on the receiving end of an affair. And yet mother, you do and do the same thing to father." Emily throws her hands up in disgust, but isn't ready to leave just yet. " In fact, <b>Monica</b>, I’m ashamed to call you mother. If my Father dies, you will be dead to me! Do you her me? Dead! Now I for one cannot stand the sight of you and want you to get out of here. Get out! " Jason grabs Emily and pulls her towards the other exit to cool her off. Monica gasped and looked round the room. No one looked at her. No one spoke after Emily’s outburst. She silently got up and walked out. <HR> Down at the Nurse's Station, Tracy finally pulls herself away from Ned. "Don't you EVER do that to me again do you understand me," growls Tracy. "You are my child and you will do as I say, not the other way around." Ned looks back forth as the visitors in the hospital begin to stare at them. "Be quiet mother, you're making a scene." "No, the scene was upstairs. I can't BELIEVE that Monica had the gall to show her face after what she's done. She's lucky I didn't beat her like the little guttersnipe she is." Ned continues to listen to Tracy rant until something catches his eye. Lt. Lucky Spencer, accompanied by 3 uniformed officers step off the elevator and make their way towards the mother/son pair. "Uh oh," says Ned. "This is not gonna be good." "What's not gonna be good?" "Tracy," Lucky says as he reaches into his pocket. "I'm sorry but I have to take you in." "For what? I haven't done anything wrong." "We got a call that there was an incident here at the hospital. You're under arrest for assault. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law." Lucky continues to read Tracy her rights as she begins threatening the officers. "You have got to be kidding me. I'm Tracy Quartermaine damn it. I'm responsible for most of the money you make." The officers cart Tracy away towards the elevator. "Ned! Ned! Get my attorney!" Ned snickers to himself as the doors shut and Tracy is taken to the PCPD. <HR> Next….on Port Charles -The Quartermaine children's loyalties divide -Robin confides in Maxie that she could be pregnant -Jax learns his new acquisition will bring home someone special -Monica is barred from seeing Alan
  23. Endgame- Episode 75-76 ICU Episode: "Family United/Secret Revealed" Featuring: The Quartermaine Family & Kevin Collins Sunday, August 19, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler Jennifer Snyder <HR> Emily, Skye, AJ and Ned return to GH. Emily shares a bittersweet reunion with Edward. Edward wishes her return would have been under better circumstances, but is glad she came home. "I'm here for my family. That's what's counts," says Emily. She makes her way over to Tracy and says hello. Tracy does something that surprises the rest of the Q's and hugs Emily. "It's good to have you back," Tracy says wiping a tear from her eye. "You have been missed." Emily goes for an extra hug and Tracy tenses up. Edward laughs and Tracy tells her not to do that again. One hug is enough….and that's the last hug she'll ever receive from her. <HR> It was early morning and the Quartermaine’s, minus Monica, were gathered together in one of the waiting rooms at the hospital. They wanted to stay close to Alan, desperate for any news regarding his condition. Edward periodically go to the Nurse’s station and get updates on Alan. Tracy watches as her father makes his way back to his seat. If she didn't know any better, it appeared as if Edward aged ten years since news of Alan’s heart attack. Tracy walks over to Edward and takes his hand. "The doctor told me he was critical, but stable. You know….I never thought we would be in this situation again. I can't continue waiting around for bits and pieces of information. It's driving me crazy." Edward takes a deep breath and looks over at his daughter. "You remind me so much of your mother right now." Tracy closes her eyes and tries to keep herself from breaking down. Edward's statement is one of the nicest things he has ever said to her. "Thank you daddy. I don't want you getting upset. It's not good for your heart either." Though Edward & Tracy had a tumultuous relationship, there was nothing but love between them when the time mattered. All of the Quartermaine's shared that kind of relationship with one another. They fight like cats and dogs but will stand united when faced with a tough challenge. <HR> Edward & Tracy returned to the other waiting room and updated everyone with the news they learned. Skye and Emily held each other quietly crying, Jason stared stoically ahead and AJ paced back and forth. Tension abounded as time went by and Monica had yet to show up. Frustrated, AJ said that he wanted to do something for Alan, to show his father how much he is loved. Emily wipes the tears from her face and readily agrees. Skye suggests that they all donate money to the American Heart Association. Jason offers his idea of holding a candle light vigil tomorrow night at the church the family attends. Ned thinks that Alan would approve of that. Ned agrees and says that he will start calling people to get it started when the door opens. Edward looks at his grandchildren with much approval, happy that they are able to come together to support Alan. Edward considers going over to talk to Jason, but Tracy pulls him back, thinking that wouldn't be a very good idea. The doors to the private waiting area open suddenly. The Quartermaine's look over to the door to see Epiphany bringing in Monica & Kevin. Monica rushes over to her children and give them all hugs. Edward seems pleased with Monica's arrival and takes her hand. The only person in the room not happy to see Monica was Tracy. <HR> "I'm glad to see that you were able to break away from whatever it is you were doing and show up at the hospital," Tracy barks. "Your absence was barely noticeable." "Hush Tracy, that's enough." Edward commands. "Monica my dear, I'm glad you were able to make it." "Oh yes, because we couldn't get along without her her." Tracy looks around, picking up on what they really want to ask. "Well since I'm the only one who's willing to ask, what in the hell took you so long to get here? Why weren't you answering your phone?" Tracy demanded of Monica. "I was unavailable Tracy. That's all you need to know," Monica remarks. "I'm here now and I want to do anything I can to help." "Don't talk to Monica that way Tracy. What she was doing is none of your damn business!" says an angry Kevin. "Excuse me, but I do not believe I was talking to you." Tracy walks over to Kevin and looks him up and down. "Why are you even here?" "Kevin's here to-" "I'm here to support Monica through this ordeal." Kevin interrupts. "Monica needs someone right now to be there for her while she deals with this….situation." Jason walks over next to Tracy and looks right at Kevin. "Well that's nice of you Dr. Collins, but Monica has her family here to support her. That's all she needs." "What she needs <b>Jason</b> is someone to love her and hold her hand while she deals with you pack of animals." "Love? Are you saying that we don't love our mother enough to help her cope?" Emily asks with an attitude. "And who are you calling an animal," chimes in Skye. "Kevin just drop it," Monica prods. "There's no need to get into this right now." "No Monica, I think now is the perfect time." Kevin takes Monica's hand. "Kevin no…." "Monica, it's ok. They're going to have to find out sooner or later, and I prefer sooner than later." Kevin pulls Monica close and kisses her cheek. "The reason why Monica wasn't here…is because she was with me." The Quartermaine's exchange confusing and surprising glances as Kevin continues to speak. "Monica and I are in love. And we're going to be together for a very, very long time." Everything Edward has been suspecting over the past few months is finally falling into place. The camera pans on the faces of everyone in the room, ending with alternating shots of Tracy, Monica & Kevin. "You bitch," yells Tracy as she lunges for Monica! <HR> Next…on Port Charles -The Quartermaine's learn the truth about what happened the night of Alan's heart attack -Tracy loses it and attacks Monica -Emily disowns her mother and blames her for Alan's heart attack -The Quartermaine Family appears to be on the verge of imploding
  24. Endgame- Episode 74 ICU Episode: "Emily Returns/News Spreads" Featuring Ned, AJ, Skye, Emily, Monica, Kevin, Elizabeth, Steven, Sarah, Blake, Carly, Nikolas, Michael, Sam, Lucky Saturday, August 18, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler Jennifer Snyder Tishy Smith <HR> 9 hours later…… Jennifer Ferrin debuts as Emily Quartermaine Ned, Skye & AJ wait at JFK Airport for Emily to arrive. As people begin piling off the plane, butterflies bounce all around in their stomachs. They wish Emily's return home would have been under better circumstances, but they have to take the good with the bad. Ned is the first to spot a visibly tired Emily making her way through the crowd. She drops her bags and runs to her cousin with tears in her eyes. Ned spins her around and mentions how good she looks. Emily downplays Ned's flattery and makes her way to Skye and AJ. Skye tells Emily it's good to see her again, and Emily says likewise. When she gets to AJ, he mentions that she looks different from the last time that he saw her. Emily laughs and makes the same comment to him. She asks how the family is holding up, and they agree they're trying the best way they can. Emily asks about Mom; AJ mentions they haven't been able to get in to get in contact with her, but they're still trying. Ned thinks they should get back to the hospital right away. AJ and Ned grab Emily's bags and the 4 head to the heliport, prepared to be taken back to GH. <HR> 2 hours later... The citizens of Port Charles awake from their comfortable night's sleep to word on the news and papers that Dr. Alan Quartermaine has had a heart attack. <HR> Kevin is in the shower waiting for Monica to join him. Today marks the first day of the rest of their lives together, and he plans to make the most of it. "Come on Monica, the water's nice and hot…and I need some company!" "I'm coming, I'm coming," Monica says grabbing a towel. She knocks over her purse in the process and notices her cell phone in blinking. "Hold on," she says getting ready to check her messages. "I'll be there in a minute." Monica picks up her phone and dials into her voicemail, but her signal drops. "Damn it," Monica says. She tosses her phone back into her purse and heads into the shower with Kevin. <HR> Elizabeth walks into Kelly's with Cam, Steven & Sarah. The group sit down and prepare to order breakfast while the news broadcast continues on the TV. Steven & Sarah compliment Elizabeth on tending to Alan while the paramedics were en route to the hotel. Liz downplays her role and is just thankful that Alan is ok. She goes to get a cup of coffee when she sees Blake reading the paper. She calls Steven over to get their cups so she can speak to Blake. "Hey you, sorry about our date." Liz pulls up a chair next to Blake. "I didn't really think our date would end that way." "Don't worry about it. You saved a man's life last night. That's a beautiful thing." Blake asks Elizabeth how she's holding up, and wonders if she's going into the hospital today. Elizabeth says her shift starts in a little less than an hour. Blake mentions that he has to go there too and offers to give her and Cameron a ride. Liz takes him up on the offer. <HR> "Mom!" yells Michael running through the halls of Wyndemere. "Mom, we've gotta go to the hospital." Michael turns the corner, runs into the den of the mansion, and is caught by Carly. "Hey, what's the matter? Why do we have to go to the hospital, what's wrong?" "Didn't you hear the news?" Michael asks gasping for air. "You know what, you probably did, and just don't care." Carly rolls her eyes and glares at Michael. "Don't you speak to me that way. Maybe if I knew what you were talking about, I could tell you whether I knew." "It's Grandpa Alan….he's in the hospital. He had a heart attack last night." Sam walks into the room with Lucky. Noticing the looks on their faces, she asks what's wrong. Nikolas tells her what happened. Carly & Sam both begin thinking about Jason. Nikolas calls for Alfred and asks him where Leticia is. They need to get to the hospital right away. Carly tells him no, everyone can't go. She tells Michael to stay with Morgan and she'll call him with an update. Lucky asks Sam if she wants him to take her to GH, but she says no. Carly, who's worried about Jason, snaps at Sam. "What do you mean you're not going? The father of the man you love…used to love is lying in a hospital bed probably about to die!" "Mom, don't" Michael interrupts. "Don't yell at her." "Why not? You can't even bother to fake an ounce of sympathy for Jason? He mourned for you for well over 8 months. 8 months! And you can't even give him this? What a waste of space you are." Carly grabs her keys and storms out of the room. Nikolas apologizes for Carly's rant and blames it on the hormones. "No Nikolas, that's just Carly being herself. Don't apologize for her. Just go….go with her to the hospital." Sam turns her back and walks over towards the window. Nikolas promises to call them all when they learn something. Lucky walks over and tells Sam he'll stay if she wants, but she tells him to go. When she's alone, she mutters Jason's name and looks longingly out the window. <HR> Back at Kevin's, Monica comes begins getting dressed. She takes her purse over to the dresser and notices that she received another new voicemail. Finally she's able to get a signal and dials in to check her messages. One by one she goes through, rolling her eyes at the "urgency" in the voice of the Quartermaine's who left messages for her. She assumes they learned of her affair and breakup and doesn't feel like being bothered with them at the time. She places her phone back into her purse and hops onto the bed while Kevin brings them breakfast. Kevin kisses Monica before turning on the TV. Both a stunned when they see a recap of the earlier broadcast and learn that Alan's had a heart attack! Monica runs back over to her phone and listens to more of the messages. She learns they've been trying to reach her all night and is completely thrown for a loop. Kevin tries to stop her from leaving. "Why are you running to him! Your marriage is over Monica. You owe nothing to him. There's nothing you can do!" Kevin follows Monica around as she tries to find the keys to her car. "Why are you doing this?" Monica ignores Kevin. The only thing on her mind is rush to her husband and making sure he's ok. Kevin demands that Monica answer him and tell him why she's rushing to Alan's side. "You want to know why I'm going? I'm going because he's my husband. MY HUSBAND. And I….and I…." "You what," Kevin says. "Come on tell me." "I owe him this," she says with tears in her eyes. "Alan had stood by me through the worst and I have to do the same for him." Monica looks Kevin directly in the eye and tells him this is something she has to do. He reluctantly gives in and decides to take her to the hospital to see Alan. <HR> Next…on Port Charles -The Quartermaine's wait anxiously for word on Alan -Kevin reveals he and Monica are together -Monica and Tracy prepare to face off
  25. Endgame- Episode 73 ICU Episode: "Panic Sets In/Where's Monica?" Featuring the Quartermaines Friday, August 10, 2007 Written by: Tishy Smith Ryan Chandler <HR> Music for Today's Episode (Press Play to activate) <object width="300" height="80"><param name="movie" value="http://media.imeem.com/m/1KVoYqvtNy/aus=false/"></param><param'>http://media.imeem.com/m/1KVoYqvtNy/aus=false/"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://media.imeem.com/m/1KVoYqvtNy/aus=false/" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="300" height="80" wmode="transparent"></embed></object> <HR> “Where is my son?” Edward yells as he led the Quartermaines into the ER. Epiphany ushers the Quartermaines into a private waiting room and explains to them that Dr. Hayward is currently examining Alan and when there was any word, she would let them know. Right now, she didn’t have anything else for them, but she would keep them up to date. Epiphany turned to leave when Tracy asked where Monica was. Epiphany explained that Monica hadn't been reached. They tried her cell phone and her hospital pager but she hadn’t called in. They were going to continue to try to call her. No one spoke as Tracy anxiously paced from one end of the room to the other. She wondered aloud as to where Monica could be. Edward was hunched over, muttering, “Not my son, not Alan.” Skye grasped Edward’s hand and held on tight. AJ spoke quietly that they needed to call Jason and Dillon. They should also call Emily in Hawaii. Ned and Skye said that they would take care of it; Tracy told them she would call Dillon. The waiting game had begun and still, Monica was nowhere to be found. <HR> “Monica, your pager is going off.” Kevin lightly shook Monica awake. “It’s the hospital.” Monica sighed and remarked that it must be important, as the hospital knew she was on vacation. Kevin takes the phone and places it back on the hook. "No need to disturb you. The hospital has plenty of doctors that can handle whatever it is that's going on. You need some you time Monica. Let them wait until your vacation is over," Kevin says rolling on top of Monica. "This is our night" Monica agrees that she needs to be selfish for once and put herself first. She pulls Kevin in for another kiss and suggests they get back to what they were doing earlier. Kevin does a sexy growl and Monica gives a fake scream, the two pull the covers over their heads and begin going at it yet again. <HR> Tracy hangs up the phone and leaves a message on Monica's voicemail, demanding that she return her call as soon as possible. Shortly after, Tracy makes the phone call to Dillon, asking him to come to the hospital right away, and to bring Lulu with him. Skye calls Emily and informs her on the things going on, asking her to come home right away. Meanwhile Ned attempts to call Jason, but only gets voicemail. Skye's phone rings with a call from Emily; the quickest flight she can get on is the 5:30 from Kahului heading to LaGuardia. Skye tells Emily that Edward will arrange for a private helicopter to take her from the airport to PC. Skye updates the family about Emily as Jason gets off the elevator. Jason gives Skye a hug and asks for an update on Alan's condition. Tracy snaps at Jason for asking a question that they obviously don't have the answer to. Edward shuts Tracy up. Tracy blasts the family for acting like now that Jason's here everything will be ok. She refuses to take part in such a farce and walks away. Edward tells Jason to ignore her and admits he's glad he came. Jason asks where Monica is, but no one can say. Dr. Hayward comes out of Alan's room with an update. He says that thanks to Elizabeth, they were able to keep Alan's situation from getting worse while he was at the MetroCourt. It's too early to tell whether or not there was severe damage, but based on early indications, Alan had a series of minor heart attacks. He's been given a morphine drip and has been placed on an antiplatelet drug called clopidogrel. Edward asks if the family can see him, but David tells them to wait until the morning. They need to be able to monitor him without any disturbance. Ned thanks David for all of his work. Edward commends Elizabeth for doing such a wonderful job; she humbly accepts his compliments. Skye thinks they should go to the chapel and pray for Alan. All of the family agrees except for Tracy who's still masking her pain with anger. As they leave, she walks over to the nurses' station and asks for them to page Monica again. The irritated nurse says they've called Dr. Quartermaine already and she isn't responding, Tracy threatens to have the nurse fired if she doesn't do what she asks. Dillon & Lulu walks in on the tail end of the argument and apologize for Tracy. Dillon demands to know what her problem is. Tracy remarks that the family is here worried sick about Alan, yet Monica is nowhere to be seen. She had better have a damn good excuse for not being here, or there will be hell to pay. The scene fades to a shot of Monica and Kevin making love, then to Alan laying in his hospital bed as Port Charles comes to a close. <HR> Next….on Port Charles -News of Alan's condition spreads through town -Monica learns of Alan's heart attack -Monica & Kevin argue due to her wanting to be with Alan -Emily arrives in Port Charles
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