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Y&R 50th party for cast, crew, alumni

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For the Y&R 50th, they had a big party for current, former, and very early cast and crew.
Party held at  Vibiana on March 17, 2023.

Here's 5 pages of red carpet photos from the event, to get an idea of who was there!
https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/young-and-the-restless?assettype=image&begindate=2023-03-16&enddate=2023-03-18&family=editorial&phrase=young and the restless&recency=daterange&sort=best&events=775946526

That link has tabs - one for images and one for videos.

Also ... Check out everyone's social media accounts - some amazing pics. 
Those are much more fun!


Post here whatever you want

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Thanks for sharing these links. On Instagram there is also tons of great stuff…


Tom Hallick, J Eddie Peck & Victoria Rowell. They truly invited a lot of folks that are usually not around at those Y&R parties and/or have not been seen on Y&R in decades. Kudos! A lush party - and a huge one at that.


EDIT: Phill Morris, Robert Parucha and Roberta Leighton - talk about some more surprise guests

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Loren Lott looks lovely in lavender. I like how Veronica Redd’s hair matches her dress.

Bryton looks great. Stealing the wine-red suit with black shirt/black tie look.

Rory Gibson with the open shirt and flared collar is becoming a thing, and I’m not mad about it.

Not sure why Jennifer Gareis thought buying a costume in Party City’s lingerie section and wearing it to an event was a good idea.

TSJ looks the same age as Peter Bergman.

Great to see Victoria Rowell there.

TEB needs to fire her stylist. Like the great Merle Ginsberg once said, “She needs to go home and read a thousand Vogues.”

Tamara Clatterbuck looks good physically but that neon-green ensemble.

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Courtney Hope (I almost wrote Crystal Hunt) continues to make poor choices.

Christel Khalil looks good.

Jess Walton went classy and classic sparkly and looks good.

MCE looks so dowdy in that dress. Hate it.

I almost wrote MTS looked good. Then I put my glasses on. Hate the fringe.

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Loren Lott, so much wasted potential. She’s a star.

Victoria Rowell standing out amongst a crowd, per usual. I wonder how icy her former co-stars were to her. Dru’s return is the only thing that could possibly draw viewers back to this show, I’m telling you!

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It was a great party! Well organized and had a lot of people around, past and present. Probably one of the best soap events I've ever seen put together.

I got to interview a lot of people, many of whom would love to return to Genoa City if the opportunity were to ever arise.

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