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GH: Fall Spoilers

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Here are some upcoming Fall Spoilers for the month of September and beyond. They are from SOD and places like TV Guide listings: 




For the week of September 6th:


Carly and Monica have an unexpected heart-to-heart. Dante apologizes to Jason and Curtis and Sam decide on the next step of their investigation. Nina is shocked by a surprise visitor in Nixon Falls.  Curtis and Jordan uncover a connection between Drew Cain and Naomi Dreyfus’ murder, Portia is unprepared for what she finds, and Nikolas learns a painful lesson. Esme and Trina clash. Also, Jax threatens Nina, Carly tells Jason how she feels before there’s no turning point, Portia admits she has a secret. Maxie makes a bold move and Ned has cause to worry about Leo. Nina tries to reason with Jax. Jason suspects Cyrus is back to his old tricks.  TJ is blindsided. Brook Lynn and Maxie clash over what is best for baby Bailey. Gladys is worried that Brando may be taking on too much.

Regarding Esme and Trina clashing Trina will tell Joss about not trusting Esme., Trina will be upset on behalf of Ava when she hears Esme refer to Kiki as Lauren. She will call Esme out in front of Spencer. 

SOD Fall Previews didn't have the most detailed spoilers but here's what they had for the Fall:

Liz/Finn-They will continue to grow closer but it will be remain to be seen how their friendship will survive an immient threat. Ava/Nikolas-Ava is willing to sacrifice her relationship with Nikolas to protect Avery. But they will have an unlikely savior in Trina.  The Teens-Esme's arrival in Port Charles and her very secret agenda is going to create a big mess for the Teens. Especially as she takes interest in someone in PC.  Anna/Valentin/Peter-Anna/Valentin are on Peter's trail and may be the force that will stop him. 

Alexis-Alexis will continue to be unnerved by Peter being at the same facility of hers. She will find an unlikely ally in Harmony who is also suspicious of Peter. Britt will still be dealing with her feelings for Jason, but will also want to find out what happened to her mother.  Sasha/Brando-They are excited about the arrival of their child, but Gladys could complicate things when a new scheme falls into her lap.

Sam/Drew/Dante/Portia/Curtis- Sam and Dante will search for Drew, who will also be determined to come back to his loved ones. Sam/Dante's search could impact their relationship. Portia and Curtis will also be apart of the search for Drew.

Chase/BrookLynn-They will get closer as Chase tries to figure out the next chapter of his life. He won't be cleared to return to the force right away and Brook Lynn will help him figure things out.

Sonny/Nina/Jax-Sonny and Nina will continue to grow closer, Jax will suspect that Sonny is alive. The mag asks how long it will take for Sonny to realize who he is and return to Port Charles. Carly and Jason will try and proceed with their wedding, though not all of the five families want to keep the peace. The mags asks what will be the biggest danger to them, mob activity on their wedding day or their repressed feelings coming to light.

Ned/Olivia-Austin has concerns about Leo which could jeopardize Ned and Olivia's relationship. Laura's won't be around but her presence will be felt by Nikolas and Spencer. 


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I need more AVA JEROME and cannot wait to see her go full-off on Spencer.

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If the storyline is what I think it is, my question is this: why would it jeopardize Ned & Olivia's relationship? I just don't see how... it could test the strength of it, but I would assume Ned would stop at nothing to assist.

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I'm looking forward to Brook Lynn and Chase getting close. He deserves happiness and love. 

Me too. And I like that it's happening with Spencer around too, lol. I wonder how he will view their showdown. I could see him defending Trina at least in private with Esme, like he did last week at the pool. Which would bother Esme and move her close to becoming more unhinged. It looks like Esme will continue to be bad news and that will have impact on the teens.

]There is a side/script for a couple of months were now that indicate that Spencer will get arrested for crimes like harrassment and criminal mischief. It looks like they will be casting someone to be a public defender for him. Also, there is another side/script in the future of him and Esme at a hotel and his credit card being declined for two nights in a row. They are supposed to find out that Nikolas is cutting him off financially. I wonder where Trina will be when all of this stuff happens and what state her and Spencer's relationship will be in. 

Yeah, I'm seeing people speculate they will do an autism storyline for Leo. Maybe their relationship is tested because one is in denial about this and the other isn't. And they clash on how they should approach things regarding Leo. 

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I too felt like they were going the autistic route with Leo. I assume Austin will be as well?


Yay to Brook Lynn and Chase


Looking forward to Esme/Trina/Spencer


NLG must be being punished now lol Alexis stuck with Peter. Lord.


And I'll never find him an 'amazing thespian' but Mathison is likeable as Drew and it works. I'm weirdly looking forward to Drew complicating Sam/Dante.

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