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B&B: Surprising Casting News

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I think B&B is the only soap who never had any major AA except maybe Maya. I mean, Justin has been around for years but he is basically a glorified extra. Zoe/Emma/Xander will be gone soon the same as Nicole/Zende. I wish the show has made something good out of the Avants.

Even in the 90s', AA characters were really secondary. Ruthanne, Keith, Kevin, Jasmine... they never drove any story. That is a bit sad.

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they keep trying to hammer away @ how "unstable" Taylor is, but I wonder if it's all a red herring for Phoebe to be back from the dead w/ Steffy's face and currently living Steffy's life, while the real Steffy is locked up somewhere? Like, for over a year? Meaning: real Steffy didn't sleep with Bill, real Steffy (who couldn't get pregnant... remember, y'all?) didn't have a baby, etc, etc. Hmm. 

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