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Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

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Ron pretty much wrote Johnny into a corner when he made him responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope. It was a long walk to the exit over the next year from there. They did keep bringing him back so they clearly liked him, but as usual it was something where he shouldn't have taken Johnny so far in the first place.

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I've never been a fan of BB but yeah, he's better than TC who always looks bored and bloated. 


But the character of Stefan is such a dud and he's been tied to Chad and Abby who are both leaving so whats the point? Given Vivian's past obsession with Lawrence and Nicholas (and to a lesser extent Philip), it never made senese to give her two sons (Quinn and Stefan). At the same time, I kinda like the idea of Stefano and Vivian sharing a child. But Stefan/TC is not what I had in mind. Use BB to tie up the story, reveal Stefan to be a conman and send him off.

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4 hours ago, Bright Eyes said:

It would be much better if this was permanent. Barash is a better actor, sexier, and almost anyone can have more charisma than Tyler Christopher. If this was a UK soap, his ass would be gone forthwith.

I couldn't agree with you more. Can't wait to see Barash on air. Now if only they were to pair BB Stefan with CM Will.....Lawd.....heaven.....

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