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GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

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12 minutes ago, YRfan23 said:

They will have an entire episode devoted to Sonny Jason and Carly talking about how great they are!! 🙄🙄🙄



Best line of last year was Jessica Tuck referring to Nina as "that Amazon"


Frank will have Franko, Nina and Julian in black and white as Steve, Jessie and Phil Brewer.  <gags>

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1 hour ago, Ponds said:

Just get rid of Franco!!!!!




(and Julian)


I can tolerate Finn and Nina, though I'd not care if they were gone tomorrow and we had focus on other characters


One of my biggest problems with Julian is how deVry plays him and how they write him. Julian never admits to anything and then walks around like his [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] don't stink expecting everyone to forgive him, the whole attitude of the character just irks me. Not to mention the lengths they've gone to to "redeem" him. Lawd. Soaps shouldn't have to jump through these hoops. They need to learn how to get rid of someone despite the rabid fanbase that can mobilize a twitter campaign, or just not write someone into a corner time and time again. The whole knife to the throat thing is hard to get over and I can't believe Alexis and Julian as a couple still have fans after that. They hang on to Howarth and deVry but have no problem letting Sean Kanan or Ian Buchanan or others go.



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Why is anyone surprised? Things like this has been going on for decades. Wasn't Eileen Fulton even attacked at one point during Lisa's heyday as the prime vixen of ATWT?

And crazy fans are not exclusive to soap operas. Rebecca Schaeffer and Teresa Saldana are horrible examples of what crazy fans are capable of.

I know it's sick, but let's face it, we live in a sick world.

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