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GH: Actress leaving

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She and her character will be missed.  I wasn't old enough to see her original run, but when she came back for her second run I fell in love with Tracy.  Back then I loved her sparring with her family, with Lucy, and her painful deep need to be loved and appreciated by Edward.  


She has barely been used, and hardly correctly and to her potential in many years.  Great actress, one of the greatest characters, and she seems like a fantastic lady.

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I'm wishing Jane the best. I hope that much like Susan Flannery that she goes back into directing as she's done it in the past. 


At this stage in the game, they might as well kill Tracey off dare I say it. Most of the Qs are dead anyways might as well kill the remaining true Q off while you're at it. 


I don't want them writing Tracey off and having her go chase behind Luke, which I bet is what they'll have her do. 

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