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Will & Grace Revival


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I think they handled Rosario's death well. Shelley Morrison was on an electric scooter for the Will & Grace election for practical reasons and so I can understand her wanting to be retired. 


Megan Mullally did great work in that episode. As an aside, I didn't realize she's 59 in real life! 

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Last week was a good episode. Mullally and Hayes have really been the MVPs in this revival.


Sad to lose Rosario but the actress has retired, I'm glad they dealt with it instead of having her be off-screen.


Also enjoyed seeing Minnie Driver as Lorraine again.

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I agree, it was the worst episode by far this season. But Nick Offerman was hilarious and I agree he looked GOOD. I was impressed. He looked really good.


It was a weird time to relaunch shows. I wouldn't have known it was new if my DVR hadn't recorded it.


I also nearly forgot about The Amazing Race coming back this week too.

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