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Will & Grace Revival

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I enjoyed this week's episode.


Loved seeing Elliot again and the kid playing his son Skip was really good. Good find.


I was LMAO at Camp Straighten Arrow with Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells playing counselors.


Karen and Grace and their vaginas was OK but clearly a filler/side story.

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Season 9 has been better than S07-08 so far, there's a breath of fresh air in the show. I'm a tad worried about how long they can keep this up, but so far they're doing great.


Sean Hayes is the best performer so far, Megan Mullally is not far behind.


I guess I'm in the minority of liking Will and Grace; they're not the most entertaining, but I don't dislike their scenes.

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It seems odd to dislike the title characters, LOL. But Will and Grace aren't always rootable (they can be obnoxious, selfish, annoying), and that's OK. Lead characters are messy. The supporting characters are usually the "fun" ones. I enjoy all four for different reasons. But I have to say this new season has been GREAT for Sean Hayes. Sean and Megan are just fantastic. I like Eric and Debra too but it feels like Karen and Jack are getting better focus.


This season has been a massive step up from the ridiculous cartoon featuring the a list guest star of the week that was the last few seasons of the show.

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Another showpiece for Sean Hayes. The guy has always turned in some great comedic work, but he's showing some very touching work in this season as well. 


Snootch. lol

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I think this may have been my favorite episode so far. The "heads up, Puerto Rico?" I died. The kid was very good and I agree, Hayes has been turning in some very touching stuff without getting too corny. Emmy Emmy Emmy.


I nearly died at two gay actors IRL playing too gay characters trying to be straight and failing. I ain't gonna lie, that kiss-off was hot.


I liked that this episode picked up the harassment arc that they started in the first episode and morphed it into Grace's horniness. It was very much a B story, but fun nonetheless. 


22 hours ago, dm. said:

I guess I'm in the minority of liking Will and Grace; they're not the most entertaining, but I don't dislike their scenes.


Oh, I love them. They can be funny but also annoying. Likeable but also infuriating. They are so utterly real and recognizable, versus the fantastical Karen and Jack (who also have recognizable, human traits but stretched to the extreme). You can't do the show with only Will & Grace but you also can't do a show with only Jack & Karen. It would be too much and grow stale very fast. That balance and back and forth gives it something special. It's one of the reasons why the show worked so well.


22 hours ago, KMan101 said:

it feels like Karen and Jack are getting better focus.


IA. I don't know how exactly to put it but I think they see them as less the wacky sidekicks and more of equals now. I'm sure, to a certain point, they already knew they were a huge draw, but it feels like the stories they're giving them are meatier, with more importance.

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Agree with most of the praise. Some of this is because of the low expectations after the dismal last few seasons of the initial run. But it is sort of settling into becoming sort of a latter-day Golden Girls, but gayer (if that's possible).


I am finding the Grace/Karen interactions less appealing than the Will/Jack ones. They don't seem to be as able to mine comedy from them. The shower bit from the second episode and the sexual harassment of the male assistant fell flat for me.  That's not a diss on Debra or Megan, who still find ways to shine. The third episode with the focus on Grace and Harry Connick Jr. (hate him) was zzzzzz.


Andrew Rannells is sexy, as was shown on Girls. He deserves his own adult-oriented series where he gets to be naked as much as possible. Like a Queer As Folk-type vehicle.


Eric McCormack looks great, and he's owning the gayness of the role much more now. For me, even more than Sean (who we all knew was brilliant), he's the revelation in the reboot.


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Eric definitely seems to be, I guess, enjoying the role more? I can also agree certain things, while still funny, are kind of falling a bit flat, the overly absurd doesn't work anymore.


@YRBB thanks for the reminder of Karen tossing the paper towels and saying "heads up, Puerto Rico" lol, I died too.


The kiss-off was definitely hot. I loved two openly gay actors playing the camp counselors lol.


I like Andrew Rannells too, he deserves something of his own. Lucky McCormack getting both Rannells and Ben Platt ...

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I've been missing the eppies.  Forget it comes on, but you damn well better believe I will be DVRing tonight's eppy!  


If you've seen the promo, you know it's must see!!!!!

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What a marvelous eppy!  Ignoring Will, everything was on point!  


Jack and Theodore are an awesome team and I'm not sure anyone can beat Sean's comedic timing. When Theo asked Jack to check the text, Sean's execution was perfection!  I had to watch that scene about 20 times!  Just perfection!  


Karen and Beverly...sigh


Karen and Beverly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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