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Best Nick-Names We Gave Soap People

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Was it R. Sinclair who dubbed Marissa "Grandma Boring"? I remember he used to call Jesse "Jessica", while DeeeDee referred to David as "The Gut". Ahhh, the days of AMC live posting, what a (assorted adjectives) moment in time that was...

I thought "dog boy" for Gabriel was pretty funny, as well as "Jay Leno" for DOOL's ex-Cameron. Antoyne's "Folder F^ck" for OLTL's Deanna was priceless.

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KWAK- Krystal Carey

Dickolaus- Nick Newman

TGVN- Victor Newman

Slut- Sharon Newman

Aunt Jack- Jack Abbott

Mumbles- Sonny Corinthos/Maurice Benard

Ape- Daniel Jonas

Victwhoria/Vicboria- Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle)

Snaggletooth- Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)

St. Maria of the Pushup Bra- Maria Santos (that one still kills me)

Gay T- JT Hellstrom

Granny Chancellor - Katherine Chancellor- the MAB years

Wasn't there some kind of Sandwich-inspired nickname for Eddie Winslow?

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