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Best Nick-Names We Gave Soap People

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I miss R Sinclair. Downside to him not being on this board anymore is that we don't get to see what he'd come up with for the new stupid characters that have been created since his departure

Um, I know what her name was. As you can see from what you posted, I put it in my original message
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As a Barbara Stanwyck fan, I SHOULD take offense. And yet...? I don't.

Thanks, Cheap, for the clarification! smile.png

I know there was a nickname for GUIDING LIGHT's Sandy -- something to do with the fact that he used a sock-puppet he called "the Mole" -- but damned if I can remember it.

Speaking of GL: Quint and Nola's son, Anthony James, came back as "J," or "NoDot," as online fans called him.

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