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Best Nick-Names We Gave Soap People

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(Eg. Grandma Boring/Marissa Tasker; Janet from Antoher Planet/Janet Green)

What were your favorite soap nicknames?? Mine usually is Grandma Boring. Even though I never made the connection between a boring grandma and Marissa I still find it funny!

It doesn't' matter. People/Places/Couples/Writers/Producers/Directors/Networks. Anything with a name that we have ridiculed/laughed at.

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Ducklips/Ducklipped Heifer = the character that poor Shane Morasco had the misfortune of having as a mother on OLTL / the ignorant wretch that portrayed her

Syphillis = didn't come up with that one, but whomever did deserves a gold medal for succinctly naming that shitstain of a character and the rancid bitch that played her on Y&R

Cryptkeeper Jonas = one of the few (if ever) witty things to come from SOC about the fugly lead of DAYS, which explains why the one tgat came up with it was banned from there

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KWAK for Krystal on AMC

Shrewlu for Lulu on GH

Redzilla for Phyllis on YR

TayHo for Taylor on BB

Cujo for Carly on GH

Dr. Pubes for Daniel on DOOL

Terrorsita for Teresa on PAS

DanYella for Dani on OLTL

Spam for Sam on GH

Jasebot/Borg for Jason on GH

Dirty Granny/Stripperella/Stripper from the Bayou/Granny Pole Rider/Lizzy Borden Jr for Nikki on YR

Kung Fu Barbie for Courtney on GH

Fluff for Katie on ATWT

Swamp baby for Chelsea on DOOL

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