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Y&R: Eric Braeden talks about 10,000th episode and more

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But I would love to know what colleague he's referring to here.(I can pretty much guess because there was one costar complaining about Victor and Nikki and the lack of presence such person had on screen.

What are your thoughts on how this recent storyline played out with all the women in Victor’s life? In particular; Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) battling over Victor? Several years ago, you had told me you would be interested in seeing a Victor/Sharon pairing. But it hasn’t worked out or caught fire through the writing, or with the fans watching on-screen!

ERIC: It didn’t work out the way it should’ve work out. But it’s one of those things. You saw the b**s that went down on Twitter. It was unforgiveable. Enough said. You don’t do that to fellow colleagues.

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EB needs to shut up. I hope he gets his ass fired.

Looks like SC is now on his [!@#$%^&*] list.she had every right to complain about the hook up it ruined her character and what woman wants to make out with a 70+ old a-hole.

How many characters have been destoryed for his ego sharon nikki jack kay vicky the list goes on and on its complete crap.

And yes its looks like EB did push for it which mean NB was right.

I'm dreading the 10,000th show. I have no interest in watching a puke-fest for victurd.

Looks likes nikki's character will be further ruined with another reunion with her abuser.

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