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  1. There is alot of rumors flying that maggie is a goner and if she is. I will be pissed beth being the last green standing would be a big joke. Poor CR asked to be on TTD but the show / amc said no. which understandable going by the story that is going to be seen to night.
  2. This season has been short on deaths the only main cast killed this season was Hersel. The cast is to big 15-16 characters. So i'm hoping for at least 2 deaths. I'm hoping that Beth is one because EK is just awful and i thinking either sasha or tyreese are goners. I think terminus may end up being the prison 2.0 in season 5. I just hope this finale doesn't suck
  3. The US episode was boring and slow to watch I like that glen had some screen time in it and the reunion with maggie was okay. I think its funny that maggie doesn't care about beth because i'm the same. Daryl's character is completely screwed since the writers bought into his hype and made him a fangirl dream. The best thing in US was Joe / Jeff Kober. Terminus just screams set up especially with that cheesy song. It was nice to see Denise corsby / mary 4b is just bloody disappointing.
  4. The Grove was a beautiful tragic story and its my favourite of the whole season. Melissa mcbride is the show's best actress and I can understand now why SG choose this arc for Carol. The ratings for this episode are amazing and there was no hype for this episode other than Kirkman couple of interviews. The real hype for this episode came from the on line fans in UK where the episode was releasee early on virgin. it came word of mouth. The Grove showed that the show needs new writers now and that SG needs to write more episodes himself. The last 2 still and Alone where just awful.
  5. He's hair looks like crap but that show wants him to fit the emo twilght look for the fangirls. I don't feel sorry for norman he has been using the media forum for years now. he knows exactly what he is doing. it was only a matter of thim before it backfired on him. he is all for shipping when it paints him in a good light but the moment he is givin bad feedback he complain to the media. he isn't the only actor on the show to get hate Melissa mcbride has been getting it for years from his fans yet she never complains about it. If the feedback for Still and alone was good this interview won't have happened. I think the comments about Daryl being to old for beth and how fans where refering to Daryl as a pedo prevert creeper has hurt hits ego and it hits alittle close to home for him. Daryl's last 2 episode looked like some teen scene movie or bad fanfiction story. the writers messed up.
  6. Damn it looks like Norman reedus and his character have experienced their first taste of hate and backlash in the fandom. and its looks like its coming from the episodes Still and Alone. and its looks like NR is pissed about it from reading his interview in the daily beast. i get what he is saying about the shipping crap. but he is one of the biggest trolls when it comes to the shipping crap.
  7. I am so glad that Carol is back Melissa mcbride is amazing actress and it looks like The Grove is going to be a very dark. this is the big controversial episode that AL was talking about. And the promo's and teasers are creepy especially the one that has i think lizzie playing tag with a walker.. Carol arc has been the most interesting story this season even though I find the story very ooc with carol being the killer. The shipping thing is bullshit and it is one of the reasons i dislike Daryl. but i do find the beth & daryl shipping creepy as hell.
  8. The show doesn't even try anymore. Daryl and beth stuff was just weird and its looks like the writers have removed Daryl's brain. beth needs to die EK is just to awful. finally we got maggie's group and Some background on bob. don't like the Sasha & bob hook up. both characters need solo development. Carol back in week its about time. this is the big controversial episode everyone has been going on about
  9. The problem with the episode Still is it didn't tell us anything new that we already didn't know about Daryl episode felt like bad fan-fiction. They didn't need a hour to tell us that Daryl had a crappy life before the ZA. The Tyreese and Carol arc needs to be told and it looks like thats not happening until episode 14 when the group turns up again. That is to long for a arc that started on episode 2. Maggie group all need screen time and development Especially Sasha amd bob who the writers have dumped into a romance alread. Glen & Abraham group need screen and development also. I like Abraham and it looks he going to have big part in the show. And looks like we won't catch up on Rick's group until episode 14 . This week its Daryl group again and at least we get to catch up with maggie's group.
  10. Beth's 17 - 18 she is still a kid.But she did come across as a bratty idiot. And I wouldn't worry about Daryl he is the cash cow of the show and is going no where.NR already confirmed he's in season 5. If there is another death it better be Beth .EK is just bloody awful and cringeworthy to watch. I think bob and maggie are safe not sure about sasha though.
  11. Wasn't going to watch but did and now i i regret it the episode was the worse episode i have ever seen. The plot could have been done in 10-15 minutes. We didn't learn anything new about Daryl or beth and it didn't add anything to the current stories. NR did okay but EK was painfully awful there is nothing natural about her performance you can tell that she is trying to act. It looks like the only ones who really loved this episode are the daryl fans and the creepy ship fans I can't believe still no Carol and Tyreese group in the next episode. but more of beth and daryl right after the show wasted a whole episode on them.
  12. Just read the synopsis for this weeks episode and and i can think is WTF is going on Scott gimple has done something that GM never made be do and thats skip episode and this week i will not be watching.
  13. The best thing to happen to the carl character is michonne she makes him less annoying. I'm already losing interest in this show especially with the Daryl and Beth only episode next. EK is the worst actress on the show the kids are better. And Daryl has become so boring and predictable due to the show writing him as every fangirls/ boys wet dream. The show only has 4 episode to go after the ugh daryl episode rumour is he's actually getting 2 In which they have to cover all the open stories like the r at feeder. Carol & Tyreese killer arc. Lizzie killing the bunnies Bob serect box the killings in the houses The groups meeting up again Plus there are characters who need development i'm really pissed of the lack of Carol she going away in episode 4 comes back in episode 10 for 3 minutes then disappears again until i hope episode 12
  14. Looks like the new episode is on xbox already a day early. The good thing for the show is that most of the casual viewers will tune in on sunday to see the show expecting to see all the characters. The gov episodes lost them viewers going into the MSF. But saying that the show has been losing viewers since of the start of the season. The ratings for the premiere was from all the hype and new viewers checking it out 16. 2 million. But by the MSF rating dropped to 12.2 million. I think 4b is either only to be disaster or a stoke genus depending on how the new format in 4b is received by the audience.
  15. Well thats what is happening on sunday and its going to be hard on viewers who dislike Carl.
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