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Characters and sets

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For many years a soap set was integral to a character - their history, their identity, to the point where some soaps made a big deal out of moving (GL having Fletcher say goodbye to the home he'd shared with Maeve, etc.)

Is there any particular set you always associate with a certain soap character?

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The Quartermaine Mansion & the Quartermaines on GH. That set is synonymous with them.

Bobbie and the brownstone.


Also from GH:

Sean and Tiffany and their penthouse

Lucy and Kevin and the lighthouse


The Cortlandts and Courtlandt Manor

Benny and Donna and their apartment

Phoebe and Langley and the Wallingford Estate

Erica and Linden House


The Buchanans and the Buchanan mansion

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The imposing black and white (and apparently expensive as hell) Clegg mansion was Capitol's iconic set. I wonder how it would have evolved over the years had the show lived even until the '90s.

I don't think Erica Kane ever had a set better than her '80s pink and mauve Linden House. That's the iconic Erica Kane set to me.

OLTL's Dorian had several sets and they were always just right for where the character was in life, in terms of priorities and even wardrobe. This penthouse set is my favorite:

It didn't last long, but Sydney Chase's penthouse in The City was so pitch perfect straight out of the gate.

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One of the soap sets I always associate with a character is Jack's apartment on Ryan's Hope. He got it when he was a young man, his first home, and he never wanted to leave, because it represented everything about him. Through marriage, separation, reconciliation, being widowed, raising a child, he never left that apartment.



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