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September 19-23, 2011


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Several soap books that are fairly reliable (Schemering's Encyclopedia, etc) said that the week of Karen's testimony (which was in '79) it climbed to number one. (It had climbed to number two for the first time in late '78 according to the same sources during the start of the story that set off the trial). Not bad considering that OLTL started off relatively well, but by the mid 70s kinda settled in the middle/lower range. After that trial for a while it was always in the top 3, till a brief drop around '83 when the show went through that weird, brief, writer merry go round--and under Rauch moved back up to constantly being in the top 3, sometimes above AMC, until the downfall of the Rauch era. Under the often brilliant Malone/Gottlieb era it did well but was always fairly middle ranked (unfairly).

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