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September 19-23, 2011


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I hope Toups doesn't get mad due to the non-soap ratings...


"New ABC daytime talk show The Chew, hosted by Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz and Michael Symon, continued to lose steam. Based on the 56 metered markets, day three of The Chew, which stepped in for canceled daytime serial All My Children, dipped to a 1.8 rating/6 share in the overnights on Wednesday. Comparably, that was a loss of 36 percent in rating and three share points from the lead-in average (2.9/ 9, which is a combination of syndicated programming and local news) and 14 percent in rating and one share point from All My Children one year earlier (2.1/ 7 in Sept. 2010). Three telecasts to-date, The Chew is averaging a 2.0/ 6 out of a 2.9/10 for the lead-in. All My Children in Sept. 2010 was a 2.1/ 7.

As a benchmark, here is The Chew by day:

Monday 9/26 – Lead-in: 3.0/10, The Chew: 2.1/ 7

Tuesday 9/27 – Lead-in: 2.9/10, The Chew: 1.9/ 6

Wednesday 9/28 – Lead-in: 2.8/ 9, The Chew: 1.8/ 6"

Not on the terrible side for the money they're saving unless those numbers keeps on sliding for the next week or two.

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If I remember correctly, AMC hit number 1 twice in 1987...the Memorial Day week in May and then again the first week of December with the culmination of the Silver Kane-Damon Lazarre plot. In Sept 87, a new ratings system was introduced which saw the CBS soaps temporarily take a big hit for some reason. I remember there was one week that newish B&B fell to around a 3.0, just above Ryan's Hope, which was a ghastly rating back then. They quickly rebounded. I also remember that Soap Opera NOW rag. I subscribed to it and read it religiously every week. I went to Europe the summer of 86, and when I got back home, there were two months of back issues waiting for me, and I remember feverishly going thru all of them to get each week's ratings.

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It will be nice to see a number in the range of 3-4 million viewers for the AMC finale on Friday. This should boost the rest of the lineup also to some highs that we haven't seen in a while from the ABC soaps.

The Chew dropped again on Wednesday from what I heard, this is not good at all because its not done dropping. Its way below AMC now and now its just trying to stabilize. I really hope this doesn't effect OLTL's ratings next week.

I can't wait to see how DAYS and the CBS soaps were impacted by the absence of AMC next week. If their like the ATWT fans who watched OLTL then there could be some boosts in the coming year to those shows but too bad Y&R is a bad show to watch right now while B&B is gold.

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