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  1. Vee, take a seat. If you cannot handle people asking questions, voicing concerns or treating each and every person here with at least a modicum of respect, how about YOU stay out of the threads? All of them, preferably. There's so much more I could say about how rudely and dismissively I've seen you treat people on this forum over the years, but I won't. Others reading this post know exactly what I'm talking about. Oh, and you can spare me your "witty" (i.e.caustic) reply to this post. I won't be back to read it. Maxine - I really did not intend to upset you or passive-aggressively address the frustration I have with the Youtube embeds. And so, I hope you will accept my apology for that. I did not want to "call you out" in a post, not knowing how you would feel about that. Nor did I think a private message to you would allow any others experiencing the crashes I experience to comment. Sigh. I have received 8 private messages from other members thanking me for my post and echoing my frustrations, just as you have received several comments from members thanking you for the YT vids. But in speaking only for myself, all I can say is that with two Apple iPdads and an iPhone, my browsers frequently crash as the pages with several YT videos try to load - and that's if they load at all. I am not sure if my brand new apple products are considered "ancient" or "slow" by others who have responded to this issue, but they seem to do fine on other websites. I don't visit this site using a PC that requires system updates on my part or, nor do I have a desire for anybody to accommodate me. I am quite mobile and so I only use mobile devices and I regularly trade up for the newest and latest models. In any event, I wish to reiterate that it was not my intention to upset you and I do hope you accept my apology in the spirit in which I offer it.
  2. DRW 50-thank you for your reply. I had not noticed any videos posted by you. Most of the threads in "Canceled Soaps" seem to be laden with YouTube videos posted by one person. In my case, the frustration stems from the pages constantly crashing on my tablet or extremely slow page loading due to so many videos posted. Maybe links could be posted rather than the actual videos? Just a suggestion… 🙂
  3. Is this the soap opera network or YouTube? Does anybody else experience very slow loading and even page crashes due to the amount of videos posted on each page?
  4. I've never been a huge young and restless fan per se, but I have to admit being drawn into the Suzanne lynch storyline in 1979. Although she went on to wreak holy terror on guiding light as a writer years later, I thought Ms. Weston was quite watchable on Y&R. But much like her abilities as a head writer,I never did mistake her for an actress. 😉
  5. Here are some ratings for 1979 - they are the first time I can remember Y&R hitting #1. I recall there being a lot of interest in the Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Leslie alliterative quadrangle as well as the Kay/Derek/Suzanne gas lighting story. Tarantulas, anyone? First up, the ratings from the July 1979 issue of Daytime TV. Given that there was a three month gap between the ratings and the issue date back then, these must be from around April 1979 From the August 1979 issue of DTV. These ratings would be from May 1979 From the October 1979 issue of DTV, These ratings would be from July 1979:
  6. When CBS moved ATWT into direct competition with OLTL in March 1987, OLTL countered with its iconic Viki In Heaven sequences for two weeks.
  7. The Wade Meecham murder on Edge is one that comes to mind. Was Winter Austen the first and last defendant in a soap opera murder mystery who actually turned out to be guilty? I thought it was brilliant! The defendant is NEVER the guilty party on a soap!
  8. Actually, after weeks of flirting and heavy breathing, David and Tina were about to do the deed, and Tina said, "I don't care if you ARE my brother" and David finally confessed, "I'm not", and the two made love. I remember squirming the entire time the two shared screen time before that - Tina was actually willing to and wanted to have sex with her brother! Contrary to other opinions, I think Tesreau did well with what she was asked to play. During her incarnation of the character, everybody in Llanview referred to Tina as stupid, an airhead clueless, etc. She played what was written - Dumb Tina. Prior to KT, Tina was always written as a liar and schemer, but she was not stupid
  9. GL's Josh and Reva - "Always" That's one of the biggies of all time! And I loved how OLTL's Asa Buchanan would call any woman he did not like a "she Devil"
  10. Ken Meeker was a likeable performer, but Rafe was the kiss of death for his leading ladies. He and Samantha were a dead end, literally, and I was not pleased when they paired Rafe and Delila because there was nowhere for them to go. Delila was watered down to a goody two shoes by that point, and Rafe was just dull as dishwater. The old mags I have say that Ken was let go in late 1991 - I don't believe he was given a goodbye scene, but it was said he left to join Sami and Delila in California. I am pretty sure that Delila never mentioned Rafe when she returned in 2001 for Asa's Ex-wives reunion at his pretend funeral. I could be wrong on that.
  11. Yes, she did, and she was very funny! There were some good scenes between Wilma and Alex. Played way over the top, in my opinion, but in a good way.
  12. Just to give the man his due - he actually started in 1978 and first appeared during the David Hamilton murder investigation.
  13. From the March 1972 issue of Daytime TV - ratings are from the week ending November 12, 1971 http:// http://
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